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Thanos | Comics

As he is known as The Mad Titan across the entire universe, his actions also doesn’t suggest otherwise as well. Among his race of eternal Titans, Thanos was born as a mutant with grey skin and monstrous form, who was able to absorb cosmic energy to use it later at his will. Although he was not very mindful of others at first yet was very mild-mannered and loner type, despite his freakish appearance because of his Deviant Syndrome. Not only he had grown a craving for power but he also was the strongest than rest of his race, who is soon exiled from society for nurturing violence within.

He then starts strengthening himself with bionic implementation and hours of meditation to surpass anyone of his race. While he became more and more powerful, he also grew a taste for conquest and starts recruiting from across the galaxy for his own army to command over cosmos. In his quest for power he eventually developed a fascination over the entity of Death and it becomes an intense obsession upon meeting her in person at one point. To win Death’s affection, Thanos nuked on his home planet Titan, causing remaining Eternals of Titan to band against him and stop his reign of madness.

thanos marvel comics
Thanos | Comics

Avengers Vs. Thanos
As Death started to take an interest on him over time, Thanos attempts to make himself truly worthy for her affection. He was keeping an eye on Earth since the first expolosion of a nuclear weapon and longing for gathering more power, he obtained a reality-altering Cosmic Cube, created by Advanced Idea Mechanics. Possession of the Cube made him a god-like being, leading heroes like Captain Marvel and The Avengers to oppose him after he wiped out a Kree fleet. He gave up the Cube when he believed that he drained it of all power but Mar-Vell took hold of it to restore universe as it was before their conflict.

This failure has him abandoned by Death and he is robbed off his power but was timely rescued by his flagship Sanctuary II, just as he programmed it. After recovering, he decided to get back to his path of earning her love once again by delivering her a total annihilation of all beings that exists. He learned about the existence of a number of immensely powerful singularities known as Soul Gems. He collected all of them except one, which belonged to Adam Warlock. To avoid losing his own soul to Adam instead of obtaining his objective, Thanos decided to observe him and learn more about him.

He also learns about Magus; a time-displaced evil counterpart of Adam Warlock, who is destined to oppose him at some point and unleash a reign of destruction upon universe. So, he went on to rescue and adopt Gamora from Earth-7528 reality as an infant, when rest of her race of Zen-Whoberis was slaughtered by Universal Church of Truth, a cult dedicated to Magus. He raised her to become deadliest assassin in entire galaxy and then allied with Adam to prevent him from becoming Magus. His plan went sour when Gamora turned against him to stop his plan and an intervention of The Avengers did the rest.

Thanos Quest
When Thanos is resurrected by Death on her own realm, he came to learn from Infinity Well that Soul Gems now belongs to various Elders of the Universe after his last defeat. Calling themselves as Infinity Gems, The Mad Titan managed to eventually gather them one by one from In-Betweener, Champion of the Universe, The Gardener, The Runner, The Collector and Grandmaster by either using force or trickery on them. To put them all to use, he wielded those gems on his gloves and then forged the Infinity Gauntlet. He faked his own death to convince everyone that he is no longer a threat and continued his work in secret.

Rebirth of Thanos
Upon having a weird dream of a massive skull, Silver Surfer ends up on Mistress Death's domain and witnessed the resurrection of Thanos. Since he has never faced The Mad Titan before, Surfer had no idea about what was going on and whether or not he should intervene. Death reveals that she brought him back to life and granted more power to do her bidding and annihilate half the lives of Universe. He assures her of that but Death is still skeptical over his last time, when he was taken down by The Avengers. She also suggests that Silver Surfer can still be a problem and Thanos then just blasts him off his way.

Infinity Gauntlet
To threaten the existence of universe by wielding all six Infinity Gems in his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos regained power of a God. He pays Death a visit to rekindle their relationship but she turned her back on him showing no interest at all, even after he created a massive shrine in her honor. He resurrects Nebula and then he wiped out half of lives from universe as promised to her earlier. As Surfer has already contacted Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange about this great reckoning, this drastic change in reality was felt by Captain America, The Eternals, Hulk, Kree Empire, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Spider-Man.

Adam Warlock meets heroes of Earth to unite them all against Thanos, who is a threat for all that exists. Even the most powerful beings of universe, including Galactus himself has joined this cause. When The Mad Titan froze everyone in time, Mephisto suggests that he should battle these heroes without using full power of his Infinity Gauntlet if he really want to impress Mistress Death and in doing so; he allowed all heroes present there a chance to fight. Finally, it took all the efforts of all assembled super-heroes of Earth just to stand against him but his overconfidence finally threw him off-balance.

Infinity War
Thanos came seeking help from Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch when he faced Magus and learned his current plan, which is to gain control over the Universe with powerful cosmic items equivalent of five Cosmic Cubes. With the aid of evil counterparts of various heroes and villains from Earth, Magus was actually trying to replace them to change reality. The Infinity Gauntlet is reassembled by Adam to match the power Magus currently wields but lost anyway. Thanos delayed the villain long enough to be taken down by Eternity and Infinity before going to his own separate way.

Infinity Crusade
The Goddess is a being of Adam Warlock's goodness, which exerted during his time of wielding Infinity Gauntlet and took a form. In order to spread peace across cosmos, she forged the power of 30 Cosmic Cubes into a Cosmic Egg and created Paradise Omega planet. She came to Earth seeking heroes who are ready to banish all evil from Universe. This caused an imprisonment of Adam Warlock and Thanos in between reality but they made out of it. Mephisto came forward to help them and as Adam kept distracting Goddess, Thanos and a band of heroes worked on destroying her Cosmic Egg.

Thor Vs. Thanos
In search of some rare cosmic artifacts, The Mad Titan stepped on Asgard with his lackey Tarakis and an unstoppable being known as Mangog, laying trash of The Warriors Three and took the Map of All-Ending from Odin Allfather. They crossed paths with an enraged Thor, who just returned home from Earth but a surprise attack from Mangog left him beaten as well. He then banded with Galactus' former herald Firelord and Rigellian Recorder to find and stop him before it is too late. Odinson took quite a beating from these villains and barely managed to take down The Mad Titan.

Annihilus; ruler of the Negative Zone decides to lead an attack on the positive matter universe and Thanos simply sided with him in his orgy of destruction, curiously watched him work. He helped Lord of the Negative Zone imprisoning Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer to use their power for his army. The Mad Titan then decided to betray him by releasing the Devourer of Worlds but before he could do so, he was killed by Drax The Destroyer who punched his heart out and he saw Death just moments ago, meaning he truly died. His spirit and Death watched Annihilus lose the battle and getting killed by Nova.

The Thanos Imperative
Death has resurrected Thanos but he cannot be killed by any means this time. Since it was untimely and his mind wasn't properly formed, he went on a destructive rampage before he could be stopped by Guardians of the Galaxy. He visits Cancerverse and when Death arrives to kill all immortal beings of that realm, he begs her to take him to but she refuses. Infuriated at this, Thanos set out to kill entire Universe with only Nova and Star-Lord left behind to face him. Drax The Destroyer also butts into that fight but the end result of the conflict is revealed many years later (Guardians of the Galaxy – Original Sin).

Sensing Illuminati secretly activating Infinity Gauntlet once again, Thanos returned to Titan and then formed his very own "Black Order" with his minions Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Supergiant. He attempted to invade Earth when The Avengers were out on a mission in space facing The Builders and sends Corvus Glaive to pay Black Bolt a visit in Attilan, demanding heads of Inhuman youths between ages of sixteen and twenty-two as a tribute to his master. This however was a ploy of The Mad Titan to seek out his lost Inhuman son, about whom he knew almost nothing about.

As Black Bolt denied paying the tribute, Thanos soon arrives at Attilan only for it to be destroyed shortly by a powerful sonic scream released by the former. Blackagar released a few more on The Mad Titan but he managed to withstand them all. They fought until he was beaten senseless and left behind. His minion Ebony Maw eventually managed to find and capture Thane; the long-lost son of Titan, leading him to go to Greenland. Shortly, The Avengers arrived from space to defend Earth from him and Maw then betrays his master by releasing Thane, who freezes Thanos and Proxima in an amber construct.

Time Runs Out
Because of his different views with his teammates on saving Earth from the Incursion of worlds, Namor leaves Illuminati and forms "The Cabal" with Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and Thanos upon freeing them. They all then took part in the destruction of alternate Earths from different realities to spare Earth. Razing those worlds and torturing the heroes belonging there with his former minions and new allies were like a picnic to The Mad Titan. However, Namor grew sick of their slaughtering of population of the colliding worlds and had a clash with Thanos regarding their leadership.

Despite Cabal's destruction of countless worlds from different realities to avoid collision, the incursion eventually occurred and Universe perished. However, a patchwork of reality was later created as Battleworld by Doctor Doom, who became omnipotent upon stealing powers of fallen Beyonders. Thanos and his allies found themselves on Doom's domain eight years after that event and got engaged with his police-force, Thor Corps. He managed to convince Ben Grimm to take his stand against Doom, who was this giant-sized Shield that protected the living from residents of Deadlands.

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Thanos is a fictional comic book villain character from Marvel Comics, who was created by comic-book writer/artist Jim Starlin (Marvel – The End, Thanos Vs. Hulk) in 1973. Over the years of publication, he appeared in many comics' series and major crossover events that changed and re-shaped Marvel Universe. Not only popular among his parent company, Thanos is a widely famous antagonist loved by many comic-book fans. He has clashed with big guns of Marvel and gave us events like Infinity Abyss, Annihilation, Thanos Imperative, Infinity, Secret Wars and a few other mentioned earlier. His craving for large-scale death and destruction makes him one of galaxy's most feared entities.

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Mad Titan Triumphant

In his other media appearances, The Mad Titan was part of Silver Surfer animated TV series from 1998, The Super Hero Squad Show in 2009, Avengers Assemble in 2013 and Guardians of the Galaxy animated show from 2015. Then he appeared on The Avengers (2012) movie in a cameo, which was the first ever live-action appearance of his character. Then he went on to show up for a brief time on Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and will be reprising the role in upcoming two part Avengers: Infinity War (2018) movie and a sequel slated for 2019 portrayed by actor Josh Brolin through motion capture.
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