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Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics

superman for tomorrow
Superman – For Tomorrow | Comics
In deep space, Superman reaches to help out his Justice League teammate and current Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and then returns to Earth immediately after only to find out that an unfortunate event that is being called as “The Vanishing” has taken place and one million people have gone missing from since. He then pays a visit to a cancer-ridden priest named Father Daniel whom he has recently befriended and expressed his guilt over the incident because he failed to save all those in time, including his beloved Lois Lane. To investigate the root of “The Vanishing”, he flies to Middle East and arrived at a city on the brink of a civil war by a dictator named General Nox and his super-powered henchman Equus.

In an attempt to stop General Nox, Superman gets into a major brawl with Equus, which left the letter heavily injured and he activates a device that caused a second “Vanishing” as an escape route in an act of desperation, causing 300,000 more people to disappear. Following this incident, Superman finally confronts the Justice League about this matter and then goes to his Fortress of Solitude with Father Daniel afterwards. Sensing that Superman is about to use the machine on himself, Batman immediately warns about and sends Wonder Woman to stop him from making a fatal mistake. After a brief tussle with her, Superman finally manages convince her to let go of him. Upon activating the machine he discovers something terrible and someone he knew that he never imagined on other side. If he can figure out what action he should take, he can undone all the incidents.

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The Vanishing and Beyond
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Here is your links for “Superman – For Tomorrow" storyline from DC Comics.

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A Brutal Encounter

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Superman – For Tomorrow Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Superman – For Tomorrow (Softcover)

Absolute Superman – For Tomorrow (Hardcover)

Running through issues #204-215 of the second volume of monthly Superman ongoing series from DC Comics, “For Tomorrow” is a twelve part storyline featuring the titular superhero Superman. This mega story-arc was plotted by writer Brian Azzarello (Deathblow, Hellblazer) and the mind numbing illustrations were delivered by the master artist Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Divine Right) himself. This storyline presents a major catastrophic event that changes the life of Man of Steel forever with guilt and also showcases the return of an old nemesis of Superman, who is re-invented throughout the events. Plotline in overall may not seem so great but the artwork of this arc is simply marvelous.
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