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Secret Wars | Comics

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Secret Wars | Comics
To prevent the final Incursion of Earth-1610 and Earth-616, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange and Molecule Man have faced the mysterious Beyonders, as a last resort for saving the entire Multiverse. Mister Fantastic has created a life raft to save as many as they can but his Ultimate Universe counterpart The Maker just wants to save The Cabal and his doomsday plan kills X-Men’s Beast, Black Bolt, Black Widow, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Spider-Woman, before a Phoenix Force empowered Cyclops stops it. During their travel the ship breaches in the middle and Invisible Woman, The Thing and rest of the Future Foundation are lost. When the two worlds finally collide and everything flashes into white, Doom managed to take down the Beyonders with a well devised plan.

Upon taking down the Beyonders, Victor has taken their powers for himself he becomes God Emperor Doom. He picked up pieces of the ruined Multiverse and merged them into a new one called the Battleworld. An entire Thor Corps served him as his police force led by his Sheriff Strange. Ruling the world alongside Sue Storm and her kids, the Battleworld is divided into three parts inhibited by Marvel Zombies, Ultron drones and Annihilation Wave, guarded by the Shield aka Ben Grimm. Doom's new world is ruled by his barons Apocalypse, Goblin Queen, Hyperion, Maestro and Mister Sinister. When Thor Corps found and engaged in battle with the Cabal, Victor learns of the presence of Reed Richards and the heroes and immediately appears to unleash Doom on them.

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Battleworld of Doom
With the Secret Wars entirely changing the timeline and reality of the Marvel Universe, a lot of what’s going on is yet to catch. The mention-worthy changes were; there are two versions of Mister Fantastic, Black Panther posses an Infinity Gauntlet, original Spider-Man Peter Parker and Miles Morales teams-up, Maximus becomes The Prophet, Galactus was a puppet-guard of Castle Doom, Star-Lord was the last survivor of the Guardians of the Galaxy and aside from the heroes, villains of the likes of Thanos and Namor have fought against the omnipotent God Emperor Doom.

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Secret Wars (Softcover)
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Beyond The Battleworld

Secret Wars (Hardcover)

Prior events of "Time Runs Out" story on the pages of the monthly ongoing series of Avengers and New Avengers has led everything to a point where a collision of worlds was imminent and thus begins the major crossover-event of 2015; Secret Wars. Centered around a nine issue limited series, the plot was devised by writer Jonathan Hickman (Dark Reign – Fantastic Four, Infinity) and illustration were done by artist Esad Ribić. Since the reality that we know of the entire Marvel Universe was bend and twisted and was replaced with a new one, several fractions of various alternate timelines like Age of Ultron, Armor Wars, Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, House of M, Inferno, Infinity Gauntlet, Korvac Saga, Marvel Zombies, Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, Siege, Spider Island, Spider-Verse, X-Tinction Agenda and then some were explored in re-imaginary way. Also they are categorized in three individual sections; Battleworld, Last Days and Warzones. These stories have served as multiple tie-in to the main story that re-mapped Marvel.
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