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Batman – I Am Gotham | Comics

Batman meets Commissioner Jim Gordon on the rooftop of GCPD Headquarters regarding a recent air missile heist from Fort Marshall. Two of the three missiles were recovered from a Kobra Cult cell hours ago and the third one is still missing. When they were discussing about it, a passenger plane was descending to Gotham City and it is shot down with a missile by an unknown assailant.

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Batman – I Am Gotham | Comics

Wasting no more time, Batman immediately rushes to the exploding plane that is headed to Gotham Square while Alfred updates him on the situation. Putting an alert on Justice League comm link, Batman reaches to the plane using everything he had at his disposal. With directions from Duke Thomas and Alfred Pennyworth, he successfully drives the plane out of harm’s way but seems to face an inevitable death in doing so until is unexpectedly saved at the last moment.

The plane safely lands on water and Batman sees two super powered youth flying in front of him, calling themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl, who are here to save the city. As Batman was curious about their appearance out of nowhere and trying to figure out who they are, they pick a fight with Solomon Grundy the next day. Gotham asks Batman to train them so that they can help people more effectively and he even considers the idea.

At the same time a man shows up in Gordon’s office to confess about his involvement in releasing Grundy, then stabbing himself in throat and then a few other suicide-bombing takes place. While Gotham and Gotham Girl were busy saving the city, Bruce goes for a little background check on them as Agent Malone. He learns that during their childhood, the twins witnessed their parents being mugged in an alley way of Gotham, when Batman came to rescue. This made them eager to become heroes like him to serve the city.

Batman’s investigation leads him next to Amanda Waller who recruited Hugo Strange and Psycho-Pirate to control Task Force X but they betrayed her and got away. Meanwhile, as the duo confronted Strange and Pirate, the latter turned the twins crazy and unstable with his psychic power before making them do their own bidding of unleashing the unthinkable.

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Fall of Gotham

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Batman – I Am Gotham

Writer Tom King (Grayson, The Omega Men) and artist David Finch (Brightest Day, Forever Evil) takes charge of the new monthly ongoing Batman books in the beginning of DC Rebirth from DC Comics. The first storyline of the series collects the one-shot Batman: Rebirth issue as well as issue #01-06 from the ongoing series, introducing two brand-new superheroes in Gotham City and things escalated pretty quickly to the point where the readers get to see the Justice League consisting of Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman and Cyborg having a brawl with one of them.

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Knights of Gotham

Narrator Tom King does the stunt of scaring the readers by playing with the idea that series protagonist Batman is about to die at the very beginning and then toned down everything back to normal and gave him more work to do afterwards, rather than just dying. The story also teases towards the upcoming big crossover “Night of the Monster Men” several times on multiple occasions, followed by "I Am Suicide" and "I Am Bane".
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