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The Unworthy Thor | Comics

For ages, Thor Odinson has been the master of lightning and the bearer of the mighty uru hammer Mjolnir, until Nick Fury whispered something to his ears, which was a long-kept secret by Uatu The Watcher that rendered him unworthy and he became unable to lift the hammer. Since then, he has been tirelessly seeking the means of wielding his trusted weapon once again by redeeming his worthiness.

unworthy thor marvel comics
The Unworthy Thor | Comics

Following the news of a few missing satellites from Alpha Flight, Odinson goes to investigate and engages in a fight with a group of Trolls led by Ulik. Though he has his battle axe Jarnbjorn but it isn't as effective as Mjolnir was. So, when he met The Unseen on the surface of moon, who informed him about another hammer of a dead Thor, Odinson rushed to Asgard.

Finding it disappeared from its place, he met the Korbinite warrior Beta Ray Bill, who offers his hammer Stormbreaker to Odinson but he gently rejects this offer. As Bill was about to disclose the identity of the one who has taken over the eternal Norse realm into his possession, they are being attacked.

When woke up, Odinson discovers himself in chains and the person who is behind his capture and Asgard's disappearance is revealed to be an elder of the universe named Taneleer Tivan; The Collector. He wants the hammer for himself and unsuccessfully tries to force Odinson into revealing the way of lifting it. Soon, along with a mysterious hooded figure, Black Swan and Proxima Midnight of Thanos's Black Order sneaks into Collector's ship looking for the hammer.

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The Thunder Brothers

Here is your links for "The Unworthy Thor" limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

The Unworthy Thor 01

The Unworthy Thor 02

The Unworthy Thor 03

The Unworthy Thor 04

The Unworthy Thor 05

Here is your link for "The Unworthy Thor" limited series from Marvel Comics.

The Unworthy Thor

A five-part limited series, which is the brainchild of writer Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, Thanos Rising) and artist Olivier Coipel (House of M, Siege), Unworthy Thor centers around the event that highlights the events from Original Sin to AXIS to Thors – Battleworld, a tie-in story from Secret Wars crossover event.

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War of The Unworthy

The story features a wide array of Marvel characters like Beta Ray Bill, Black Swan, Hela, Nick Fury, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, The Collector, Thori, Toothgnasher and Ulik, each of whom played their own respective parts for the story to advance forward to a direction where all of these will finally make sense. The story also hinted at a couple of point that might relate to Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action film Thor – Ragnarok (2017) and Avengers – Infinity War (2018).
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