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Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House | Comics

suicide squad burning down the house dc comics
Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House
 | Comics
In the aftermath of the confrontation between Justice League and Suicide Squad, Rustam from the original team escaped and Amanda Waller is not in charge anymore. Task Force X goes to Tibet, looking for the Annihilation Brigade but takes out a small army instead and Rick Flag reports this to their current boss Emilia Harcourt, also expressing his doubt that they have a mole among them. Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Katana, Killer Croc and Flag gets a night off, while Rustam causes a prison outbreak in Belle Reve and Blackgate Penitentiary. The Squad is brought back to face him but Rustam and his Burning World took Katana and Flag captive. Waller flies to New Orleans where she got shot by a mysterious shadowy figure.

Harcourt interrogates the Squad about that night to judge their motives. Upon looking at Waller's autopsy report, Hack confirms Harley about it was actually and not a decoy, who is killed with a perfect shot. This leads the point of suspicion to one person, the deadliest assassin on the planet; Deadshot. In his secret base, Rustam reveals to Katana and Rick Flag about how Waller manipulated them to join Suicide Squad and offers them to join his cause. Meanwhile at Belle Reve, Harley angrily confronts Floyd Lawton about Waller's death and Croc got involved too. Djinn breaks into the facility and disables the brain-bombs implanted to Squad members. Deadshot then shoots Boomerang and walks toward his freedom, betraying the Squad to join Rustam's Burning World.
harley quinn suicide squad comic
Harley goes AWOL
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Suicide Squad V5 11

Suicide Squad V5 12

Suicide Squad V5 13

Suicide Squad V5 14

Suicide Squad V5 15

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Assault on Belle Reve

Suicide Squad – Burning Down The House

As the spectacular crossover event of "Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad" came to an end, the Suicide Squad has come to face another crisis that threatened the team from within. The entire storyline collects issues #11-15 from the fifth monthly ongoing volume of Suicide Squad and writer Rob Williams (Martian Manhunter – New 52, Martian Manhunter – The Epiphany) forms a new alliance with master artist John Romita, Jr. (Superman – Before Truth, Superman – The Men of Tomorrow) in this spy-thriller adventure of Task Force X from DC Comics in 2017. The entire climax of this plot eventually comes to an end and leads to the next arc "Earthlings on Fire", where the Squad faces an angry General Zod and Superman Revenge Squad.
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