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Old Man Logan – Days of Anger | Comics

In his own timeline, Old Man Logan had a pretty messed up life more than any of his other counterparts. He killed off all the X-Men at X-Mansion under the illusion created by Mysterio during the night of the super-villain uprising. Long after, he settled with a family of his own but the hillbilly Hulk Gang of an elderly Bruce Banner took that away from him too, causing him to unsheathe his claws once again against Pappy Banner and killing The Hulk for good (Wolverine – Old Man Logan). Then "Secret Wars" broke in and he ended up in the Wastelands of the Battleworld.

As Multiverse was restored, he found himself in a reality that isn't messed up like the one he knew yet. Here he found himself among friends that aren't butchered by his hands yet and got a new chance at life. Today, Logan goes to Fat Joe's Diner like he usually does once in a while to take a break. Sooner as he entered there, he smelled something fishy and realized soon that he has walked into a trap set by the few remaining members of the Hulk Gang of Pappy Banner.

old man logan comic
Old Man Logan – Days of Anger | Comics

Although he remembers sparing none other than Bruce Banner Jr. and Billy-Bob, apparently there are a couple of them and they started to rain down on Logan. Back at the old routine, he takes all of them down but Billy-Bob still got away to warn his folks. He landed on an abandoned Department H facility in Canada and reported back to their current leader, who turns out to be a Bruce Banner from a future alternate reality known as The Maestro (Future Imperfect). To compromise the cover of their existence, Maestro berates and beats Billy-Bob before being stopped by Cambria.

Maestro and the remaining Hulk Gang members rushed out of the place and took over another after killing all the occupant humans. Even though the facility was left clean, Logan traced it back and upon reaching there, he deduced that the Hulks are up to something that involves nuclear weaponries. So, he hit the road once again in search for them and called his old friend Puck of the Alpha Flight to look up.

Knowing how dangerous Logan really is, Maestro sends a few Hulks with Billy-Bob to find him and gun him down when they does. They found him on his way on road and smoked him down with all they had. Logan discovers himself shackled with chains and got gunned down again. Now, not only he has to survive the gun-toting Hulk Gang, he needs to find out their plans with those nuclear weapons and need someone to help; probably his former ally Hawkeye.

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Together Once Again

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Here is your link to buy "Old Man Logan – Days of Anger" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Old Man Logan – Days of Anger

Taking place on the second monthly ongoing series of Old Man Logan, "Days of Anger" is a six-part storyline of 2017 that collects issues #25-30 from the same series by Marvel Comics. It was writer Ed Brisson (Secret Avengers, Secret Wars – Battleworld), who plotted out the entire arc along with fan-favorite artist Mike Deodato Jr. (Guardians of Knowhere, Original Sin), who also provided cover arts for the involving issues. Special guest appearance was made by Alpha Flight member Puck and long-time Avenger member Hawkeye.

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Logan Vs. The Hulk Gang!

Brisson actually plays with the classic idea of a "Hulk Vs. Wolverine" showdown here, which always wins the audience over. Only this time, both Hulk and Wolverine of the Prime Marvel Universe is dead. So, he worked his plan out by picking two alternate versions of these characters from two different realities and bringing them on the same place, at the same time but for different reasons. All of it played out really well and it really worked out pretty well. We eventually got the epic battle between the feral mutant and the green raging monster.
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