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Remains | Comics

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Remains | Comics
It all happened on 3rd June of 2005, the day that was meant to be the greatest day ever in history when most of the world’s biggest communities have finally decided to stop fighting wars and threatening against each other, to finally re-unite as whole collective. As soon as Shirley Wallace is elected president, she brought all leading countries with nuclear weaponries at their disposal to an agreement of complete disarmament with help from brilliant scientists and political leaders. But during this ground-breaking event, a meddling kid of a VIP guest named Spaulding manages to sneak into the nuke oven of Nevada and pressed the danger button that blew it up along with the world. But when the smoke is cleared, all the dead has came back to life as flesh eating zombies.

While this was going outside, in Reno, Nevada, Tom Bennett was working for Silver Star Hotel and Casino as a dealer of Blackjack and since the day he’s been working there, all he could ever think about was to screw fellow waiter Tori. She refused him over and over after but he finally made her drop her pants inside the casino vault one day in exchange for some cocaine and weeds. They get out of the vault after the play and found the whole casino empty without knowing the news of the outbreak caused by that nuclear meltdown. They were only alone for a while and soon the deads starts coming knocking at their doorstep as well as bands of savage scavengers from around. But the real threat presents itself when the flesh-eating brain-dead folks suddenly starts developing intelligence.

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Remains of Nevada
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Remains 01

Remains 02

Remains 03

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Tom and Tori Fights Zombie Hordes
Remains 04

Remains 05

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Released under the banner of IDW Publishing in year 2004, "Remains" is a a five-issue comic-book limited series about a post-apocalyptic world, where two unlikely survivors tries to fight their way to survive a fate worse that death. Plotted out by fan-favorite horror fiction writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night – Dark Days, Night of the Living Dead – London) and artist Kieron Dwyer (Night Mary, XXXombies), "Remains" has been worked up by this creative talent duo and in 2005, Keiron Dwyer was also nominated for Eisner Award in "Best Cover Artist" category for the covers he illustrated for Remains series.
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