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Monday, March 5, 2007

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People | Comics

At the brink of 21st Century, mutant population has significantly grown to a large number and the humans mostly feared or hated them. The mutant terrorist and the self proclaimed master of magnetism; Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make their demands on TV as scientist Bolivar Trask creates a group of mutant hunting robot Sentinels as part of Government's "Sentinel Initiative" to track down and eliminate the mutant populace.

ultimate x-men
Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People | Comics

Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful mutant telepath has sent his mutant student Jean Grey, who is also a telepath, to recruit Beast, Storm and Colossus for their team of mutant student dubbed the X-Men. When they are about to recruit Bobby Drake AKA Iceman next, they are all attacked by the sentinels.

Though, Beast, Storm and Colossus are newly drafted and had no combat experience, they successfully managed to rescue Bobby and took out the Sentinels. Meanwhile, realizing his old friend Charles Xavier is alive and assembling students, Magneto hires a master assassin named Wolverine to eliminate Professor Xavier, who is a threat to his agendas.

Logan however is captured by Weapon X operatives but soon the X-Men rescued him and take him in. Back in the X-Mansion, Wolverine is confronted by Professor Xavier himself and shows his impressive skills. Every other X-Man has a mixed feeling about him and he starts falling for the young Jean Grey. Soon, some side choosing changes the entire landscape of the whole already tensed status quo.

marvel ultimate magneto
The Sentinel Invasion

Here is your links to buy “Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Ultimate X-Men 01

Ultimate X-Men 02

Ultimate X-Men 03

Ultimate X-Men 04

Ultimate X-Men 05

Ultimate X-Men 06

Here is your links to buy “Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People (Softcover)

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People (Hardcover)

Set in the alternate timeline of Earth 1610, "The Tomorrow People" is the first six part storyline that took place in the Ultimate X-Men monthly comic series. In 2001, writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and artist Adam Kubert (Superman – Last Son, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine) joined forces to create this spectacular new beginning for the X-Men series of the Ultimate Universe of Marvel.

adam kubert wolverine
The Enemy Within

Miller’s story and Kubert’s top-notch art gives the entire story a grand feeling of a mega-event. The story is then followed by "Return to Weapon X" tale, which contains the mysterious back-story of the feral mutant Wolverine.
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Friday, October 14, 2005

Blink | Comics

blink x men
Blink | Comics
A mutant with purple skin and the power of teleportation, Clarice Ferguson was orphaned as a child by evil geneticist Mister Sinister and is saved later by feral mutant Sabretooth. Clarice adopts Blink as her code name and joined the ranks of X-Men in the Age of Apocalypse reality. This young mutant was berated by leader of the X-Men; Magneto for her carelessness and disobedient attitude after she put Impossible Man out of his misery in Dark Beast's lab. She reached the place where Holocaust; Horseman of Apocalypse and Blastaar; ruler of Negative Zone were battling. Having an idea to convince Blastaar to help them fight against the eternal mutant Apocalypse, She easily escaped from patrolling probes and slipped through Blastaar's portal to the zone.

Blink reached to Negative Zone but also lost most of her memories as her journey through the portal to this dimension wiped it out. On Negative Zone, she met a brave rebel freedom fighter named Ahmyor, who plans to usurp Blastaar from his throne and restore Annihilus as the rightful ruler. But these two are soon captured by Blastaar’s army in one of their failed escape attempt. At some point, it is revealed to Blink by Blastaar that Blink's newly found love interest Ahmyor is not what he seems and he is none other than a de-evolved version of the malicious being known as Annihilus and what deadly threats he poses in the future for the people on Earth and cosmos as well. Of all people, Ahmyor doesn't even know what scale of destruction he's about to bring upon the galaxy.

For more information on Blink limited series, you can check out these links below.

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Blink (Comics) Marvel Wikia
blink marvel comics
Twilight of Angels
Here is your links for "Blink" tie-in limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Blink 01

Blink 02
blink age of apocalypse
Through The Negative Zone

Blink 03

Blink 04

"Blink" is a four issue limited series from Marvel Comics released on 2001 by writer Scott Lobdell (Alpha Flight, Generation X) and artist Trevor McCarthy (Batman – Gates of Gotham, Nightwing). The story took place during "Age of Apocalypse" but this series was released after several years of the event simply as a tie-in book to take place during the main crossover. Writer Scott Lobdell created the character Blink along with artist Joe Madureira (Inhuman – Genesis, Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body), who would later appear in the ongoing monthly series of Exiles along with other heroes. In a brief flashback moment the team of Fantastic Four from regular Marvel Universe also appeared throughout the story. Covers of this limited series are done exclusively by artist Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine).
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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties | Comics

Magneto is out of the commission since Professor Charles Xavier has thwarted his evil plan by mind wiping him on Avalon (in Fatal Attractions). And now, one of his former aide Fabian Cortez has now branded himself as "Head of the State" of the island nation Genosha while he terrorizes people over there like a mad tyrant.

avenger x-men comics
Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties | Comics

He also takes The Acolytes as his own team and abducts Magneto's granddaughter Luna, the human child of Quicksilver and The Inhuman, Crystal with hopes that someone from the family will eventually appear to save her. Getting concerned by Cortez's action on Genosha, Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches The Avengers to look into the matter immediately.

Meanwhile, Professor X and his team of X-Men fly to Genosha on their own to confront Fabian Cortez about this matter, who is seen holding Luna in his lap. He wishes to end Luna's life as a punishment to Quicksilver for not following his father's footsteps and as to Luna, who is born a mere human without any kind of mutant power, disgracing Magneto's mutant bloodline.

Luna's mother Crystal also reaches to Genosha to retrieve her daughter as an Avenger. Her husband Pietro Maximoff, A.K.A. Quicksilver also lands on Genosha with the X-Men at his side. Former X-Man, Colossus is now confused with his siding with The Acolytes to see the violent ways of the maniacal Fabian Cortez in the absence of Magneto. To make this moment even worse than it is now, Magneto's self-proclaimed heir Exodus arrives with a murderous intention.

For more information on Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties crossover event , you can check out these links below.

Bloodties (Comics) Wikipedia

Bloodties (Comics) Marvel Wikia

x-men marvel comics
Reckoning on Genosha

Here is your links to buy "Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

01. Avengers 368

02. X-Men V2 26

03. Avengers West Coast 101

04. Uncanny X-Men 307

05. Avengers 369

Here is your links to buy "Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties (Softcover)

Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties (Hardcover)

In the 30th anniversary of both Avengers and X-Men franchises, a five part Avengers/X-Men crossover event "Bloodties" was published by Marvel Comics in 1993 that followed up the legendary "Fatal Attractions" saga. Writer Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight, X-Force) and artist Andy Kubert (Flashpoint, Thor) returns from the previous crossover story to deliver another fantastic comic book milestone.

avengers and xmen crossover
Flames of Civil Disobedience

Tying the monthly ongoing comic series Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men and engaging one of the team members from both of these legendary team has made the crossover of great importance.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

X-Men | Comics

As an evolved species of Homo Sapiens, Mutants are people with uncanny abilities because of the presence of an extraordinary X-Gene they carry and are feared by humans in general. But there was a man with the dream of a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants, who wanted to change the misconception that “Mutants are a threat for Humanity”.

So, that man, Professor Charles Xavier gathered a group of young mutants with great potentials to form a team called X-Men to stand for his vision and will try and protect the world from any disasters that comes forth. He also created a safe heaven for the gifted youngsters at his mansion in Westchester County, New York.

x-men marvel comics
X-Men | Comics

The group of X-Men started with Professor XCyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Iceman and Beast. Later, as replacement and a rescue unit for his original team, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colossus and Thunderbird were recruited in by Xavier.

In the later years, they fought the mutant master of magnetism; Magneto, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Juggernaut, the mutant-hunting Sentinels, an eternal mutant known as Apocalypse, the psionic being Onslaught, even the Latverian tyrant Doctor Doom and many more.

As they have took part in the events like Deadly Genesis, Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, Fall of the Mutants, Muir Island Saga, X-Tinction Agenda, Mutant Genesis, Legion Quest and DecimationXavier's X-Men stands for the symbol of good mutants who fights for the welfare of both humanity and their own kind.

For more information on X-Men comics series, you can check out these links below.

X-Men (Comics) Wikipedia

X-Men - Legacy (Comics) Wikipedia

X-Men (Comics) Marvel Wikia

x-men villains gallery
Villains of the X-Men

Started its journey in 1991 with writer Chris Claremont (Captain BritainContest of Champions II) and extremely talented artist Jim Lee (Divine RightUncanny X-Men), the second volume of the X-Men comics series from Marvel Comics is possibly one of the most popular monthly comic series of all time. The first Issue of the series has even made its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for outstanding sales and till date it is the most successful comic of all time.

Here is your links for "X-Men" comics from Marvel Comics.

X-Men – Magneto Testament (Softcover)

X-Men – Magneto Testament (Hardcover)

X-Men – Children of The Atom

Marvel Classic Origins

X-Men First Class – Tomorrow's Brightest (Softcover)

X-Men First Class – Tomorrow's Brightest (Hardcover)

X-Men First Class – Mutant Mayhem

X-Men First Class – Band of Brothers

X-Men First Class – The Wonder Years

X-Men First Class – Finals

Contest of Champions

X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man – Savage Land

The New Mutants

New Mutants Classic Vol 01

Dazzler – The Movie

X-Men – Magik – Storm and Illyana

Secret Wars

Secret Wars Omnibus

X-Men First Class – Class Portraits

X-Men – Kitty Pryde and Wolverine

X-Men/Alpha Flight – The Gift

X-Men – Longshot (Softcover)

X-Men – Longshot (Hardcover)

Secret Wars II Omnibus

X-Men – Phoenix Rising (Softcover)

X-Men – Phoenix Rising (Hardcover)

New Mutants Classic Vol 05

X-Men – Firestar

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Softcover)

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Hardcover)

X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four (Softcover)

X-Men Vs. Fantastic Four (Hardcover)

X-Men Vs. Avengers

X-Men Vs. Avengers/Fantastic Four

X-Men – Fallen Angels

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Softcover)

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Hardcover)

X-Men – Inferno (Softcover)

X-Men – Inferno (Hardcover)

X-Men – Inferno Crossovers

Atlantis Attacks Omnibus

Acts of Vengeance Crossovers

X-Men – Origins (Softcover)

X-Men – Origins (Hardcover)

X-Men – X-Tinction Agenda (Softcover)

X-Men – X-Tinction Agenda (Hardcover)

New Warriors Classic Vol 02

X-Men – Wrath of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends – Mutant Genesis

X-Men – Mutant Genesis (Softcover)

X-Men – Mutant Genesis (Hardcover)

X-Men/Ghost Rider – Brood Trouble In The Big Easy

X-Force – Under The Gun

X-Men – X-Cutioner's Song

X-Men – Fatal Attractions

Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties

X-Men 2099 Vol 01

The Origin of Generation X

Generation X Classic Vol 01

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Prelude

X-Men – Legionquest

X-Men – Dawn of The Age of Apocalypse


X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 01

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 02

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 03

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 04

X-Men – The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Companion

X-Men – Prelude to Onslaught

X-Men – The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 01

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X-Men – The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 03

X-Men – The Complete Onslaught Epic, Book 04

X-Men/Avengers – Onslaught Omnibus

X-Men Vs. The Brood – Day of Wrath

The Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men – Zero Tolerance

Earth X

X-Men – Alpha Flight

Magneto – Rogue Nation

Contest of Champions II

X-Men – The Shattering

X-Men vs. Apocalypse Vol 01 – The Twelve

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X-Treme X-Men Vol 01 – Destiny

New X-Men Vol 01 – E is for Extinction

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Nuff Said

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Marvel Mangaverse Vol 04 – X-Men – Ronin

X-Treme X-Men Vol 03 – Schism

X-Treme X-Men Vol 04 – Mekanix

New X-Men Vol 04 – Riot At Xavier's

New X-Men Vol 02

X-Men Legends – Hated and Feared

Exiles Vol 05 – Unnatural Instinct

New X-Men Vol 05 – Assault on Weapon Plus

Exiles Ultimate Collection 02

X-Treme X-Men Vol 06 – Intifada

New X-Men Vol 06 – Planet X

New X-Men Omnibus

New X-Men Vol 03

New X-Men Vol 07 – Here Comes Tomorrow

X-Treme X-Men Vol 08 – Prisoner of Fire

Astonishing X-Men Vol 01 – Gifted

District X Vol 01 – Mr. M

New X-Men – Academy X Vol 01 – Choosing Sides

New X-Men – Academy X Vol 02 – Haunted

X-Men/Fantastic Four

Phoenix – Endsong (Softcover)

Phoenix – Endsong (Hardcover)

X-Men – The New Age of Apocalypse

X-Men – Golgotha

Astonishing X-Men Vol 01

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District X Vol 02 – Underground

New X-Men – Academy X Vol 03 – X-Posed

New X-Men – Hellions

X-Men – Bizarre Love Triangle

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House of M (Softcover)

House of M (Hardcover)

X-Men/Black Panther – Wild Kingdom

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Decimation – X-Men – The Day After

New X-Men – Childhood's End Vol 01

Decimation – Generation M

X-Men – Deadly Genesis

Decimation – Son of M

Decimation – Sentinel Squad O.N.E

Decimation – X-Men – The 198

X-Men – The End


GeNext – United

X-Men – The Blood of Apocalypse

New X-Men – Childhood's End Vol 02

Astonishing X-Men Vol 03 – Torn

Civil War – X-Men

New X-Men – Childhood’s End Vol 03

Phoenix – Warsong (Softcover)

Phoenix – Warsong (Hardcover)

New X-Men – Childhood's End Vol 04

X-Men – Supernovas (Softcover)

X-Men – Supernovas (Hardcover)

New X-Men – Childhood's End Vol 05

X-Men – Blinded by The Light

X-Men – Endangered Species

X-Men – Emperor Vulcan

X-Men – Die by The Sword

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Softcover)

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Hardcover)

X-Men – We Are The X-Men

Astonishing X-Men Vol 02

Astonishing X-Men Vol 04 – Unstoppable

X-Men Legacy – Divided He Stands

X-Men – Divided We Stand

Secret Invasion – Who Do You Trust?

Young X-Men Vol 01 – Final Genesis

X-Men – Angel – Revelations

X-Men Legacy – Sins of The Father

Secret Invasion (Softcover)

Secret Invasion (Hardcover)

X-Men – Secret Invasion

X-Men – Original Sin

X-Force Vol 01

X-Men – Worlds Apart

X-Men Noir


Young X-Men Vol 02 – Book of Revelations

X-Infernus (Softcover)

X-Infernus (Hardcover)

Road To War of Kings

Astonishing X-Men Vol 05 – Ghost Box

X-Men Legacy – Salvage

X-Force/Cable – Messiah War

X-Men Forever Vol 01

Exiles – Point of No Return

X-Men Forever Vol 02 – The Secret History of The Sentinels

X-Men Legacy – Emplate

X-Men Forever Vol 03 – Come To Mother Russia

X-Men – Psylocke


X-Men Forever Vol 04 – Devil In A White Dress

Agents of Atlas Vs.

X-Men – Pixie Strikes Back

X-Men Forever Vol 05 – Once More...Into the Breech

X-Men – Second Coming

X-Factor Forever

Astonishing X-Men Vol 06 – Exogenetic


X-Force – Sex and Violence

X-Men Legacy – Collision

X-Men – Curse of The Mutants

X-Men – Curse of The Mutants – Mutants Vs. Vampires

Namor – The First Mutant Vol 01 – Curse of The Mutants

New Mutants Forever

New Mutants – Fall of The New Mutants

Chaos War – X-Men

X-Men – To Serve and Protect

X-Men – Age of X

Astonishing X-Men – Xenogenesis

The series has ran through many crossover events over the years like; X-Cutioner's Song, Fatal Attractions, Bloodties, Phalanx Covenant, Age of Apocalypse, Onslaught Saga, Operation – Zero Tolerance, Apocalypse – The Twelve, Maximum Security, Utopia and many more.

After the Messiah CompleX event, the series continued with a new title, X-Men – Legacy. Writers like Grant Morrison (Flex Mentallo, Joe the Barbarian) and Mike Carey (Ultimate Elektra – Devil's Due, Ultimate Fantastic Four) has wrote plots for the series.

jim lee xmen
Legacy of X-Men

Many talented artists like Adam Kubert (The Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Salvador Larroca (Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider), Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Secret Invasion), Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man) and Humberto Ramos (Revelations, Superior Spider-Man) has served as the prestigious artist for the title.
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