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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Prometheus – Fire and Stone | Comics

In 2090, a year after they made a discovery of an ancient star map, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and her partner Charlie Holloway believed that they have finally found an invitation from our creator. When approached to his company, Sir Peter Weyland initially sent a probe to LV-223 for scaling the entire planetoid and examining its atmosphere but was eventually crushed by an Engineer. Shaw and her crew-mates of Prometheus learned their lesson hard when they came across one of those merciless creators and wakes him up.

126 years after USCSS Prometheus' arrival and 40 years after the landing of excavator vessel Onager from Hadley's Hope colony, spaceship Geryon, has reached on the barren moon of LV-223 with a salvage mission led by Captain Angela Foster. Her crew members set foot on an abundant jungle nearby and found its atmosphere currently breathable. While observing a bizarre scenario and encountering strange alien life all around, they have found a lake of Black Goo beside a field full of wild animals mauled to death.

prometheus fire and stone comics
Prometheus – Fire and Stone | Comics

The crews find out wrecked vessel Onager from Hadley's Hope and they unknowingly unleashed a deadly horror upon themselves. A huge swarm of Alien creatures hiding inside starts slaying them and some of them fall prey to facehuggers creeping on them, slowly succumbing to their fate. Chief of security Galgo Helder immediately starts charging at them while Angela ordered the rest of her crews to retreat. Meanwhile, astrobiologist Francis Lane and his aid, a humanoid construct named Elden got separated from their group and stumbles onto a cave that previously belonged to scientist Derrick Russell.

Upon seeing his research work, Francis realizes this lush jungle on LV-223's barren environment is actually resulted from the strange black liquid they saw earlier and it is a genetic accelerant that has incredible healing properties with horrific side effects of course. So, in a desperate attempt to find a cure for himself, he convinces Elden to be a filter for him and injected a small dose of black goo. Almost immediately, Elden starts mutating to a violent extent and a panicked Francis quickly ran for his life.

Angela and her team made it back to Helios after a short trip to the crashed derelict ship but seeing those Xenomorphs lurking nearby, they decide to stay put. Seeing no fighting chance against these horrors, Galgo along with Piper and Higgins decides to leave the moon in Perses, leaving Angela and the rest to their uncertain fate. A vengeful Elden eventually returns to exact revenge on his former friends by aiding the Xenomorphs. Amidst all these chaos, a lone Engineer wanders around them with his own ruthless agenda.

For more information on Prometheus – Fire and Stone tie-in limited series, you can check out the link below.

Prometheus – Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

alien covenant comics
Unimaginable Horrors Unleashed

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Prometheus – Fire and Stone 01

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 02

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 03

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 04

Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega

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Prometheus – Fire and Stone

"Fire and Stone" is a major crossover event from Dark Horse Comics that took place in 2014 that is set on Aliens/Predators/Prometheus shared universe. "Prometheus – Fire and Stone" is a four issue limited series that came as a tie-in story along with three other limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone. Comic-book writer Paul Tobin (Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies) and artist Juan Ferreyra (Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen, New Suicide Squad – Kill Anything) has worked on this mini-series, which is the first one in Prometheus comic-book series, with David Palumbo serving as regular cover artist.

prometheus engineer comics
Along Came an Engineer

Like its predecessor series, this one also connects to both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies from 20th Century Fox. Despite bearing the name flagship of Prometheus, we got to see a satisfying number of Xenomorphs and related creatures, indicating future films may knot a tie among these sub-series. Aside from the core issues, the story is concluded in a one-shot titled "Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega" that features the appearance of a lone Predator, Ahab. In a follow-up crossover "Life and Death", he will play a vital role saving the lives of the survivors from an even escalated situation.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War | Comics

On Alpha Centauri, a mining colony of Chigusa Corp's saw the sky go dark during daylight when a massive extraterrestrial spaceship appears over their head. While they thought a group of bandits are attacking and got all prepared with guns, the ship unloads a swarm of Xenomorph bugs on those men. As they were trying to make a resistance, a group of Predators controlling the Aliens came charging at them to even the odds. They've sent two bugs to kill a running man and shot the other with Plasmacaster, leaving no survivors.

Shortly after this incident took place, a group of Colonial Marines came looking for Machiko Noguchi on Bellatrix 2, to seek her help negotiating with her former friends. Machiko is a former hunter, who knows a thing or two about Aliens and Predators from her time on ranching colony of Ryushi as an employee of the same Chigusa Corp. Her actions on Ryushi during a hunt earned her respect of a veteran Yautja named Broken Tusk, who marked her as worthy. She also went on a couple of hunting trips with them but then things eventually went south and she chose the humans over her clan.

alien vs predator comic
Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War | Comics

Even though she initially refused to be a part of any more affairs regarding alien races, her mind immediately changes upon seeing the surveillance footage. She shockingly realizes that the Yautja Clan they are dealing with now is a renegade faction of their species she heard about from her clan when she was a hunter herself. They are simply known as Killers and don't care for their culture of hunting or honor. All they care about is killing and the worst part about them is that they use Xenomorphs as their weapons of genocide.

So, she decided to come along with Colonial Marines on Ryushi to get in touch with a Predator hunting party. She is informed that, a squad of trained mercenaries was sent on a mission that disappeared along with a cruiser sent to investigate their status and it all points out to those killers. Machiko immediately established herself a formidable opponent to the group of hunters by besting one of them in combat and killed it. As they began negotiations, she learns that they are here to capture an Alien Queen and after setting off their differences by helping each other, the trophy hunters agreed to help.

They all head towards Caparis VII to mow down their mutual enemy not knowing the great stakes ahead of them. After landing, both Predators and humans ran blindly against an army of murderous Aliens and raining down on them. They fought side by side, shed blood and lost many as long as the overwhelming number of bug swarm tried to take them out. The rogue clan was forced to abandon this outpost and android David Sereda ultimately managed to find out what dreadful plan are they hatching in secret.

For more information on Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War limited series, you can check out the link below.

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War (Comics) Wikia

alien vs predator three world war
Heresy of Hunters

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Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 01

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 02

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 03

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 04

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 05

Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War 06

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Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War

A six-issue limited series from Dark Horse Comics, "Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War" came out in 2010 as sort of a re-launch of the Aliens Versus Predator line of comic-books almost after ten years of break. Plotted out by writer Randy Stradley (Hellboy, Star Wars), interior artwork was done by artist Rick Leonardi (Green Lantern Vs. Aliens, Painkiller Jane) and Raymond Swanland took care of the insanely gorgeous cover arts. The book was preceded by two other limited series of the Aliens/Predator Universe; Aliens – More Than Human and Predator – Prey to the Heavens, which was also very successful.

alien vs predator dark horse
Humans and Hunters Unite

Bringing one of the fan-favorite recurring characters Machiko Noguchi back from the original Aliens Vs. Predator series and Aliens Vs. Predator – War. Much of her human side is explored that is often overshadowed by her hunter instincts and she even found a love interest for herself. This book also introduced a new class of Yautja Clan no one ever saw before and established their presence in the lore for stories in foreseeable future. This series was the last one before 2014's "Fire and Stone" crossover event was released and will be succeeded with Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone limited series as a tie-in.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aliens – More Than Human | Comics

An exploratory operation known as Honito Enterprises found a distant planet on a far away planetary system called Chione. It is full of vast lands, untapped resources and mystery of its own. So, when they found this seemingly uninhabited planet that promises a lot of possibilities, they immediately flagged it through a file claim for massive planetary findings for later times. Upon learning of a recent finding of some non-human artifacts, they immediately have sent along a crew for archeological dig to go there prospecting the area.

After a journey of eighteen months long hyper-sleep into the ship Vidar, the planetary explorers group wakes up shortly before landing. Biologist David Sereda came along the group to do some paperwork on site finally reaches to the colony of crews. Because of some radio problem, the surveyors couldn't communicate with anyone but were still greeted by Chester Adnour and Gary Lowenger of mining crews residing there. Shortly after their arrival, all members of the exploration team were suddenly shot down in cold blood.

aliens 2009 comic
Aliens – More Than Human | Comics

Apparently those folks didn't want the explorers to find something mysterious, hidden beneath the lands of Chione and is determined to keep it to themselves. After dumping those deceased bodies, they came to an ancient valley while talking about discovering some blessings and missions to carry out. As night falls and the crew left, a heavily wounded Sereda slowly manages to crawl back up from the pile of his now-dead companions, who is revealed to be a synthetic android among a group of humans.

The gunshot has messed up his basic programming and now he has his own free will. He patches himself up to functionality and prepares to take off but then he responds to a sudden emergency radio signal on his frequency from a woman named Andrea Keats of the crews from the ancient Canyon City deep down below. She identifies herself as one of the member from earlier explorer teams Honito Inc. had sent here. Andrea fearfully speaks of some monsters around these labyrinths of passages seeking to kill her.

After arming himself up, Sereda advances towards the passage of mazes and learns from her that how people from Andrea's camp had all gone crazy after some scouts have found the complex at first. They were all duped with illusions from mind-numbing living rocks and gone crazy. However, people have found a few Alien Eggs hidden beneath the city and their nightmare just came true quite shortly. These murderous beasts aren’t just the typical sneaky bugs who want to sink their vicious teeth on human flesh as they used to be. They’re like a sub-species or a Phenotype, who only seem to have one mode; Attack!

For more information on Aliens – More Than Human limited series, you can check out the link below.

Aliens – More Than Human (Comics) Wikia

zach howard aliens
Xenomorph Massacre

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01. Free Comic Book Day – Aliens/Predator

02. Aliens V3 01

03. Aliens V3 02

04. Aliens V3 03

05. Aliens V3 04

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Aliens – More Than Human

Following a decade long absence in publication after releasing Aliens – Xenogenesis, Dark Horse Comics decided to re-launch their popular Aliens franchise once again. So in 2009, writer John Arcudi (Abe Sapien, B.P.R.D.) was teamed up with artist Zach Howard (The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) and Gabriel Andrade to work on the four issue limited series titled “Aliens – More Than Human”, which was at first simply called Aliens 3. Since, their goal was to revamp the series for a fresh new start, they moved up from archetypal horror stories we have been fed for last few decades and it worked out perfectly fine.

dark horse aliens
Faceless Horrors of Necropolis

In terms of storytelling, the point of moving with a Synthetic protagonist instead of a human in distress with a will to survive all odds paid off real good. A one-shot book titled “Free Comic Book Day – Aliens/Predator” was also released by publisher on the same year to tie-in with this story to give it the source of origin through a prologue. Aside from putting an Android on driving wheel, this limited series also introduced a new breed of Tusked Xenomorphs in lore. The series not only rejuvenated entire Alien chronicles but also served as a prequel for oncoming six-issue series crossover Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War, that came in later.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gantz | Comics

High-school going Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are accidentally hit by a speeding train in the subway while they both were trying to save the worthless life of a drunken homeless man who fell onto the train tracks. Even though they are dead, they found themselves very alive somehow and they discover themselves inside a Tokyo apartment!

gantz manga
Gantz | Comics

There they also met a few others like them who also died an unexpected death but now are here in this semi-alive state, trapped in the same apartment. A large black sphere shaped orb entity known only as "Gantz" greets them all before enlighten them about their current state. He affirms them yet they are dead but their life still belongs to him.

Gantz then offers them various custom combat suits as their outfits, super-human strength, stamina and other units along with weapons before he tasked them to their mission; to kill aliens around the world that threatens humanity that are targeted by Gantz, that will earn them points necessary to return to their normal life without the memory of serving Gantz ever, exclusive upgrades for extremely-powerful weapon or even revive a fallen teammate.

Embarking those deadly missions, some kills, some dies and some passes through series of emotional conflicts. Then there was a catastrophic alien invasion that threatens the human race and more mysteries emerges. Many goes in the line of war and dies again and again but this alien hunting game seems to go on forever.

For more information on Gantz comics series, you can check out these links below.

Gantz (Comics) Wikipedia

Gantz (Comics) Wikia

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Gantz Vol 01

Gantz Vol 02

Gantz Vol 03

Gantz Vol 04

Gantz Vol 05

Gantz Vol 06

Gantz Vol 07

Gantz Vol 08

Gantz Vol 09

Gantz Vol 10

Gantz Vol 11

Gantz Vol 12

Gantz Vol 13

Gantz Vol 14

Gantz Vol 15

Introduced as a Japanese Manga series, Gantz (ガンツ Gantsu?) is a series by artist Hiroya Oku, who both wrote and draws the entire series. This popular Manga has been adapted into an Anime released into two seasons containing 26 episodes. This fan favorite action sci-fiction horror thriller was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2000 that ran till 2013.

kishimoto kei gantz
Kishimoto Kei of Gantz

After smashing the sales list in Japan, Gantz has topped the market in America too and also managed to enter the "Manga Best Seller List". The most recent adaptation of the series is a CGI anime film which release in 2016, titled "Gantz: O".
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blade of the Immortal | Comics

In the mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period, there lived a skilled samurai in Japan called Manji. He was at the service of the local powerful Feudal lord, Hatamoto Horii Shigenobu but quickly left his aid upon realizing his shady ways and killed him. This event however caused the death of 100 law enforcers, leading Manji to become an outlaw. To take shelter, he goes to his sister’s house where he kills her husband in an act of self defense, leading her to go insane.

blade of the immortal
Blade of the Immortal | Comics

Manji decides to take care of her and then he encounters Yaobikuni, an 800 years old mysterious nun who gave him kessen-chu, the sacred bloodworms that will render him ageless and immune to lethal injuries of any sort. If he even loses a limb, the worms will help him re-attach it or regrow him a new one. Because of his actions against Hatamoto, his sister was also killed as retaliation and to get rid of his immortality he made a pact with the nun that he would kill 1000 evil men in exchange for the removal of kessen-chu from his bloodstream.

Soon, he encounters a young girl named Asano Rin, the only remaining survivor of the infamous Ittō-ryū massacre by its leader Kagehisa Anotsu and vows revenge on him for killing her entire family. Though Manji looked her up as his younger sister and decided to help her fulfill her destiny, Rin eventually develops feelings for him while trying to get her revenge alongside the quest Manji is set for.

For more information on Blade of the Immortal comics series, you can check out these links below.

Blade of the Immortal (Comics) Wikipedia

Blade of the Immortal (Comics) Wikia

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Blade of the Immortal Vol 01 – Blood of a Thousand

Blade of the Immortal Vol 02 – Cry of the Worm

Blade of the Immortal Vol 03 – Dreamsong

Blade of the Immortal Vol 04 – On Silent Wings

Blade of the Immortal Vol 05 – On Silent Wings II

Blade of the Immortal Vol 06 – Dark Shadows

Blade of the Immortal Vol 07 – Heart of Darkness

Blade of the Immortal Vol 08 – The Gathering

Blade of the Immortal Vol 09 – The Gathering Part 2

Blade of the Immortal Vol 10 – Secrets

Blade of the Immortal Vol 11 – Beasts

Blade of the Immortal Vol 12 – Autumn Frost

Blade of the Immortal Vol 13 – Mirror of the Soul

Blade of the Immortal Vol 14 – Last Blood

Blade of the Immortal Vol 15 – Trickster

Blade of the Immortal Vol 16 – Shortcut

Blade of the Immortal Vol 17 – On the Perfection of Anatomy

Blade of the Immortal Vol 18 – The Sparrow Net

Blade of the Immortal Vol 19 – Badger Hole

Blade of the Immortal Vol 20 – Demon Lair

Blade of the Immortal Vol 21 – Demon Lair II

Blade of the Immortal Vol 22 – Footsteps

Blade of the Immortal Vol 23 – Scarlet Swords

Blade of the Immortal Vol 24 – Massacre

Blade of the Immortal Vol 25 – Snowfall at Dawn

Blade of the Immortal Vol 26 – Blizzard

Blade of the Immortal Vol 27 – Mist on the Spider's Web

Blade of the Immortal Vol 28 – Raining Chaos

Blade of the Immortal Vol 29 – Beyond Good and Evil

Blade of the Immortal Vol 30 – Vigilance

Created by by Hiroaki Samura, Blade of the Immortal (無限の住人) is a popular Japanese Manga series that originally ran from 1993 to 2012. Later, Dark Horse Comics started publishing the series in United States and in 2008 an anime adaption was made that was produced by Bee Train and Production I.G.

manji rin manga
Manji and Rin

When translated in English, the series gain more popularity and eventually led it to won the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award in 2000, already having won the Excellence Prize previously in 1997 at the Japan Media Arts Festival.
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