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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Infinity | Comics

A powerful ancient god-like alien race called The Builders began a trail of destruction across worlds they do not believe deserves existence. When they were razing Earth-13761, Captain Universe was present there and witnessed them extinct that world as they decides to destroy Earth next because they found it imperfect of the creation. On Earth, Captain America and Hawkeye were on a sting operation to bust some Skrulls with Hyperion and Thor, while Abigail Brand guides them.

On Titan space station, Captain Universe was found in a semi-conscious state and his memories reveal the news of the arrival of The Builders on Earth. The Avengers embarks on an interstellar journey to halt The Builders in space and with many other allies from across the universe, they have formed the Galactic Council to oppose them. They have joined forces with The Thunderbolts, Hulk, Mighty Avengers, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Brand as Earth remains without its defense.

infinity marvel comics
Infinity | Comics

Corvus Glaive of the Black Order AKA Cull Obsidian sends a genetically engineered being called Outrider to Earth to look for secrets. The creature secretly raided Avengers Tower and Jean Grey School but when it tried to gain information from Black Bolt at Attilan, the former gravely injured it. Nevertheless, the Outrider returned with the information that its master was seeking. Knowing the information he wanted, The Mad Titan; Thanos decides to send his followers, The Black Order to invade Earth to pursue his own purpose.

Black Order faced Earth's secret superhero team called The Illuminati in search for the Infinity Gems and Ebony Maw easily outmatched Earth's sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange. Then Corvus Glaive faced the X-Men on Jean Grey School but the gems are yet not found in their possession. King Black Panther in Wakanda and Namor in the ruins of Atlantis try to defend their territory from Thanos’s lieutenants Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight.

On behalf of Thanos, Corvus Glaive of the Black Order visits king Black Bolt in New Attilan to demand a tribute from The Inhumans to his master, which is the heads of the Inhuman young-lings from the ages of sixteen and twenty-two or being annihilated along with the Earth’s entire population for disobedience. Black Bolt discovers the true intention of Thanos who is not really after the powerful Infinity Gems this time. He is here to look for his Inhuman-descendant son and kill him, whose location is still unknown to him and anyone else among the heroes.

For more information on Infinity comic event, you can check out these links below.

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cull obsidian marvel
The Cull Obsidian

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Infinity 03

Infinity 04

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Infinity 06

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Infinity (Softcover)

Infinity (Hardcover)

Infinity Companion

With the artists team of Jim Cheung (Avengers – The Children's Crusade, Avengers & X-Men – Axis), Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver, Marvel Comics have had comic-book writer Jonathan Hickman (Secret Wars, Time Runs Out) concoct the 2013 major crossover comic event “Infinity”. Issues from many other monthly ongoing series like Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mighty Avengers, Nova, Secret Avengers, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up and Thunderbolts also served as the tie-in issues of this cosmic Marvel adventure.

black bolt vs thanos
Fall of New Attilan

Rumor has it that even though the 2018's Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action release of Avengers: Infinity War takes the legendary "Infinity Gauntlet" arc as their primary plotline, 2013's "Infinity" crossover event will also shape the film's plot to a modern setting. Elements from the crossover such as introducing the Black Order as lackeys of Thanos in the film to do his bidding is possibly one of such. Instead of Black Order, his lackeys are referred as Children of Thanos in the film and Black Dwarf among them is named Cull Obsidian, which is actually an alias for Black Order in the comics.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Secret Invasion – Inhumans | Comics

Black Bolt is revealed to be a Skrull and Queen Medusa set out to find former king of Inhumans alongside Royal Family members.

To a group of young Inhumans, story of Kree-Skrull War and a tale of enmity between those alien races were being told by Karnak. Whereas Skrulls were blessed with evolution, Kree couldn't evolve any further and therefore set to experiment that gave birth to their race and they have strength of family bond that makes them strong.

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark reaches out to Queen Medusa and her cousin Crystal to show them the Skrull corpse that was posing as Black Bolt. He admits that even he couldn't tell who it was and she angrily states that she is aware of secret meetings on Earth her husband frequently attends to but none is sure when he was switched.

Iron Man urges her that they all should prepare to fight a great looming threat but she simply walks away with the corpse. On Attilan, she presents it in front of Genetics Council and declares that they all are at war. She wants to bring her husband back at once but his brother Maximus suggests that Skrulls have most likely killed him.

This news didn't sit well with many, particularly with Gorgon who thinks Karnak could be an imposter as he sees things for what they truly are and he somehow couldn't detect these shape-shifting aliens among them. However, it took a little bit of convincing from Triton for him to eventually calm down and let his cousin go.

secret invasion inhumans marvel comics joe pokaski tom raney medusa black bolt
Secret Invasion – Inhumans | Comics

That night, Medusa saw a shadow in her quarters that she thought to be Blackagar Boltagon but turns out to be a Skrull. She takes down her attacker and subjected him to vicious torture in Terrigen chambers for answers. More of their sleeper agents start attacking Attilan and their populace only to meet with serious resistance.

Medusa then leads a cavalry of Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw and Triton into space to rescue her husband. Leaving their people to fend themselves, members of Royal Family heads to uncharted territory and arrives at Kree space. Medusa asks for help from Ronan the Accuser to find Blackagar but he is reluctant for an alliance.

Since they already lost to Skrulls, he is less interest in helping them but agrees to help them on condition of Crystal becoming his bride. Inhuman Queen accepts his terms despite objections from her sister. Karnak managed to work out a crack in Skrull communications and asks his family to split up in order to exploit its weaknesses.

Crystal and Medusa visits Earth to get a Skrull captive from Thundra but ended up fighting each other over their differences. Gorgon and Karnak are sent to Rigel 3 for retrieving a recording android to get necessary algorithm. Triton goes to watery planet Pelagia to find a secret beacon and also tackle an entire legion of its inhabitants.

Elsewhere in deep space, a wounded Black Bolt appears to be in captivity and a Skrull scientist working on using his powerful voice as a weapon for Skrull Empire. To learn more of his powers and invoke emotion within him, they reveal capturing his son Ahura as well, who is under care of a Skrull with powers of Emma Frost and Jean Grey.

His handler tries to locate what makes his emotion click and finds it in his queen who has been living with Black Bolt impostor. Held aboard warship Ryb'ik, Blackagar is being readied up to use his voice to destroy Attilan with a giant amplifier device.

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Secret Invasion – Inhumans 02

Secret Invasion – Inhumans 03

Secret Invasion – Inhumans 04

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Secret Invasion – Inhumans

With "Secret Invasion" crossover event taking over Marvel Universe, even Inhumans are not left out from taking part and a four-part limited series is conceived by writer Joe Pokaski (Ultimatum – March On Ultimatum, Ultimatum – X-Men/Fantastic Four) and artist Tom Raney (Black Widow – Deadly Origin, Dark Reign – Hawkeye).

Though Inhumans typically stay out of Earthly affairs but Skrulls have reached for them directly and replaced their leader Black Bolt. They had a plan to use him as a weapon to destroy his own people and then possibly against heroes of Earth.

Sometime after events of "Silent War", Blackagar was taken captive by an ambush when he was going to meet his friends in Illuminati and is replaced by an imposter. Then Hulk returned from his exile in space and attacked him. "World War Hulk" almost blew up cover of his replacement but it survived and become very close to Medusa.

For long, Black Bolt impersonator would not reveal its true self to anyone and play along until Iron Man would bring corpse of Elektra-Skrull to show off fellow Illuminati members (New Avengers – Illuminati). Although it took some efforts from the heroes but they successfully managed to kill it by impaling on a giant slab of rock.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

Secrets of the Sentry have remained a mystery to world for long and now New Avengers are trying to figure out who he really is.

Before going out to apprehend one of Raft escapees, The Wrecker at Long Island, Spider-Woman reports to Iron Man. He then goes offline before entering a secret meeting place to meet his colleagues at Illuminati. Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic and Professor X congratulate him on formation of New Avengers, except Namor.

He is upset that they were not aware of the news of his new team even though it all happened all of a sudden but Black Bolt remains silent as usual. Tony Stark then asks them if anyone happen to know who Sentry is, because he thinks this guy can become a problem for them but apparently no one seems to have ever heard of him so far.

When Tony asked Reed Richards about this guy, he seemed as clueless as everyone else but Stark reminds him that how he sent Matt Murdock to meet him but Reed claims that he hasn't talked to Matt for months. To clear up their confusion, he quickly checks in his files looking for anything on Sentry but came out absolutely nothing.

After helping in wrap up a massive breakout at Raft, the heroes present were inspired by Sentry to assemble a team but went into a hiding afterwards before they could invite him. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill located Robert Reynolds in Nevada Desert, where Captain America and Iron Man goes to talk to him but Sentry asks them to leave.

New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

He explains that since he has used his powers of million exploding suns to help them, now The Void will come to unleash its darkness. When Bob claimed that it also killed his wife, Tony brings out Lindy Reynolds to meet her astound husband and a comic-book writer named Paul Jenkins, who seem to have created his character.

Even after seeing a character similar to him on page of comic-books, Reynolds still couldn't figure out a thing from his past. With so many things seem to overwhelm him at once, he vanishes and wakes up as Bob in a house only to see psychic Emma Frost on his TV screen telling him to come outside and make things easy.

In Long Island, Wrecking Crew member Dirk Garthwaite showed up on house of a very wealthy man named Ed Gross to get his super-villain costume and threatens his daughter to accompany him as a hostage. Just as they were about to leave, Jessica Drew arrives on a Quinjet with Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Wolverine to apprehend him.

Their effort to take Wrecker down remained unsuccessful initially as he sent them all flying until Jessica managed to distract him using her pheromone powers for Cage and Logan to deal the finishing blow. Right after they are done with him, Tony called them to assemble on Hartford, Connecticut immediately and leave.

A confused Bob Reynolds comes out of his house to see members of Fantastic Four, Inhumans, New Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and X-Men have gathered at his front door. He breaks into tears saying that he tried to save them all and then The Void comes out of nowhere to viciously attack each and every other heroes present there.

He discovers himself in company of Emma and Reed secured within a sphere confined by a force field of Invisible Woman, energy field by Iron Man and protective spell from Doctor Strange. In order to help the heroes stop this madness, Bob allows Miss Frost access into his mind and she discovers some dark secret hidden beneath.

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New Avengers 07

New Avengers 08

New Avengers 09

New Avengers 10

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New Avengers – Sentry (Softcover)

New Avengers – Sentry (Hardcover)

Following a "Breakout" of super-villains, Marvel Comics have kick-started New Avengers monthly ongoing series. "Sentry" is second storyline from the same comic-book lineup by writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist Steve McNiven (Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmic Avengers, Wolverine – Old Man Logan).

For long, Sentry has remained a mystery and was locked up at Raft prison facility for claims of murdering his wife but most recently, she turns out very much alive. What is more baffling is that no one seemed to remember who this powerful superhero is and not even Reed Richards or Tony Stark has anything about him in their records.

It appears that an answer to who he really is and what made everyone forget about him is trapped within his own consciousness. However, accessing that has grave consequences for everyone if things go south. Emma Frost was successful in digging out the true culprit behind his memory loss and truth behind his nightmare, The Void.

New Avengers are still riling up escaped prisoners of Raft and there are still many more to go. With a new mysterious character named Ronin entering the fray up next in "Secrets & Lies" storyline, there will be much exciting secrets to discover.
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

To exact vengeance against Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom does the unthinkable!

Before he crossed paths with genius inventor Reed Richards, before he had his face violently disfigured by an unfortunate accident at State University in New York or before engaging in years of endless fighting with the popular adventurer team known as Fantastic Four by becoming Doctor Doom, Victor Von Doom was a very different man.

Long before he became the tyrant ruler of Latveria, he fell in love with a beautiful young girl named Valeria from the same Romani camp. These two love-birds were having their good days together with heartfelt affection and genuine concern for each other.

She was the only support left for Victor when he lost his parents at an early stage of life and became an orphan. Victor then studied both science and dark sorcery to open gateways to another realm in hopes to free his parents. He eventually became a great inventor and got a chance of scholarship in America through his growing reputation.

When his lover made him chose between her and the newfound opportunity, Victor chose this golden opportunity over Valeria for the pursuit of knowledge that would bring him power. Years after, he is searching for the love of his life again in places with no results even though having accomplishments in the field of science or being a billionaire.

fantastic four unthinkable marvel doctor doom
Fantastic Four – Unthinkable | Comics

Except for Valeria being in his life, he finds it all meaningless after all these years but ever since this couple parted ways before he came to America, they never contacted to each other and Victor doesn't even have the slightest idea of her current whereabouts. So he is currently seeking help from fortune tellers and gypsies everywhere to find her out.

Because, this time he is willing to give up everything he ever achieved, only to have her back in his life and he eventually does find her the first time he came looking for her, pointed out by another fortune teller he came across lately. As she was already waiting for him, Victor approaches an elderly Valeria, asking her to change his life forever.

The day of the lives of Fantastic Four was going just like any other normal one with their regular family misadventures. The Thing asks Johnny Storm to borrow some cash as he is the new Chief Financial Officer of Fantastic Four, Inc. When he stood Ben up for too many times, he decides to play prank on Johnny by hitting him up with a massive water balloon.

Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman went on a tour to a dimension filled with trinary code speaking aliens, looking for photonuclear crystals to fuel his tech for a foreseeable future. Franklin and his sister Valeria were in care of Crystal and Medusa of The Inhumans at New Attilan, Blue Area of the Moon, while their parents were away.

Upon returning, Reed and Sue bring them back through a portal and Susan takes Val to feed her. Reed goes to lab with Franklin to find out an entirely soaked Johnny looking for something to hurt Ben. Knowing it was probably Human Torch who angered Ben in the first place; Reed offers a non-lethal suggestion and tells them to meet him after suiting up.

Susan was talking to Ben in kitchen about how she is worried about a normal future for her daughter. As Val was playing with blocks, Ben tries for her to say his name but unseen to them all, Doctor Doom showed up to her, claiming her to be his goddaughter.

He compels her to say the word "Doom" and when she does, chaos breaks out at lab in form of a weird green energy beam almost immediately. Johnny couldn't stop it with his flames and Mr. Fantastic was forced to quickly transport Franklin to New Attilan for safety but the boy accidentally ended up being dragged out by netherdemons into Hell.

Defense system went down pretty fast and Johnny jumps in to save his nephew, only to get badly burnt by hellfire. When Ben mentioned of what Val said earlier, Reed watches into her eye and through it, Victor assures him to meet very soon. The world's greatest family then head over to Latveria for an unthinkable confrontation of their lives.

fantastic four doom
The Conflict Infernal

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Fantastic Four – Unthinkable

A four issue plot with a prologue story on Victor Von Doom from the pages of Fantastic Four, "Unthinkable" is further exploring untold origin of Doom's back-story. The story kick starts from issue #67 of third volume of titular monthly ongoing comic-book series and ended up on issue #500 of original count, which came after 70th issue of this volume.

Veteran comic-book writer Mark Waid (Onslaught Saga, Original Sin) and artist Mike Wieringo (Fantastic Four – Disassembled, Fantastic Four – Rising Storm) tied this story up in 2004 that would have after effects on the heroes in the long run of their lives.

doctor doom unthinkable
An Unthinkable Doom

This one is quite a different story-arc for the family as their arch-nemesis now relies on mystical powers beyond their understanding. Yet question remains, why Victor is looking for Valeria after all these years? What cryptic connection does it has with the Fantastic Four? What unthinkable deed he is going to do when he finds out his lost love?

A brief glimpse on New Attilan as well as other known Marvel Comics characters like Crystal, Lockjaw and Medusa making a cameo was very enjoyable. Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange appears in a guest-role as well as beings from Dark Dimension. Though the good doctor didn't hang out for long, he did provide Reed a way to salvation.
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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Avengers – Kree/Skrull War | Comics

The Kree super hero Captain Marvel has to share his presence of existence in antimatter universe called the Negative Zone with his young sidekick Rick Jones, thanks to the Supreme Intelligence. Mar-Vell contacts Rick upon learning that the Fantastic Four might have hold the key to end their troubled way of sharing existence.

So, he breaks into the Baxter Building while Rick switched place with him and ended up facing Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision upon setting the alarm while trespassing. He also managed to free Rick Jones from the Negative Zone but has accidentally released its ruler Annihilus, leading to The Avengers to fight him to send him back and Mar-Vell got injured while running away.

avengers marvel comics
Avengers – Kree/Skrull War | Comics

Meanwhile, Ronan the Accuser of the Kree Galactic Council informs the Supreme Intelligence about Captain Marvel’s current condition and sends the infamous Kree Sentry after him. Following the Sentry capturing Marvel, The Avengers responds to a distress call and ended up facing Ronan in the Arctic Circle of Alaska.

But Ronan quits his plan "Atavus" to turn mankind into dim-witted caveman to use as an army against the Skrulls and rushed to the Kree home-world of Hala upon receiving a message regarding an invasion led by the shape-shifting alien race of Skrulls, leaving them all behind. Captain America, Iron Man and Thor soon returns to the team's rescue, then led to Attilan to help The Inhumans and eventually take part in the intergalactic battle between the alien race of the Kree and Skrulls to restore order.

For more information on The Avengers – Kree/Skrull War storyline, you can check out these links below.

Avengers – Kree-Skrull War (Comics) Wikipedia

Avengers – Kree-Skrull War (Comics) Marvel Wikia

The Andromeda Swarm

Here is your links to buy “Avengers – Kree/Skrull War" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Avengers 89

Avengers 90

Avengers 91

Avengers 92

Avengers 93

Avengers 94

Avengers 95

Avengers 96

Avengers 97

Here is your links to buy “Avengers – Kree/Skrull War" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Softcover)

Avengers – Kree/Skrull War (Hardcover)

Collecting issue #89-97 from the first monthly ongoing volume of Avengers series, Kree-Skrull War is a major crossover story of 1971 from Marvel Comics. Solely plotted out by writer Roy Thomas (Black Knight, Doctor Strange) and illustrated by the team of Sal Buscema (Defenders, Eternals), Neal Adams and John Buscema (Sub-Mariner, Wolverine), this nine part storyline also features the key characters of the Fantastic Four as well as The Inhumans.

kree skrull war comics
The Avengers Disbanded

Till date, Kree-Skrull War is considered as one of the most important storyline of the Marvel Universe that has ever been published.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Black Bolt | Comics

An Inhuman descendant of the Royal Family, Blackagar Boltagon is the king and the leader of their race. When his mother was pregnant, he was exposed to Terrigen Mist and that gave him a destructive voice that projects quasi-sonic energy capable of leveling mountains. He was contained in a chamber and wore an energy-harnessing suit until he was allowed to enter the society at nineteen.

black bolt marvel
Black Bolt | Comics

His brother Maximus was involved in a conspiracy with the alien Kree and his forbidden voice crashed the Kree ship on the Council of Genetics, killing many along with his parents and caused Maximus's insanity, yet he was forced to take the leadership mantle. His rule and race was troubled by the intervention of humans and they were forced to move from Attilan to Himalayan Mountains.

In the middle of Kree-Skrull War, Black Bolt was assisted by Fantastic Four to find his betrothed Medusa and later by The Avengers to thwart Maximus. At the end of that war, he joined The Illuminati along with Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Professor X and Namor. Their visit to Skrull homeworld led to the Skrull Invasion years later and then to War of Kings and Realm of Kings.

He also struggled when he and Medusa had a child named Ahura against the wish of the Genetic Council as his bloodline should not be passed on. His biggest challenge was when Black Bolt went against Thanos and detonated a Terrigen Bomb to usher a new age of Inhumanity. He went underground during the Infinity event while Medusa ruled The Inhumans as their queen.

For more information on Black Bolt comics series, you can check out these links below.

Black Bolt (Comics) Wikipedia

Black Bolt (Comics) Marvel Wikia

black bolt medusa
The King and Queen

Here is your links to buy "Black Bolt" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Contest of Champions

Avengers – The Contest

Fantastic Four/Inhumans – Atlantis Rising

Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee (Softcover)

Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee (Hardcover)

Marvel Masterworks – Inhumans, Vol 02

Earth X

Fantastic Four/Inhumans

Young Inhumans

Decimation – Son of M

New Avengers – Illuminati

Silent War

World War Hulk

Secret Invasion – Inhumans

Road to War of Kings

War of Kings (Softcover)

War of Kings (Hardcover)

Realm of Kings (Softcover)

Realm of Kings (Hardcover)

FF Vol 02

Infinity (Softcover)

Infinity (Hardcover)

New Avengers Vol 02 – Infinity


New Avengers Vol 03 – Other Worlds

New Avengers Vol 04 – A Perfect World

Inhuman Vol 01 – Genesis

Inhuman Vol 03 – Lineage

Secret Wars (Softcover)

Secret Wars (Hardcover)

Battleworld - Inhumans – Attilan Rising

Uncanny Inhumans Vol 01 – Time Crush

Uncanny Inhumans Vol 02 – The Quiet Room

All-New Inhumans Vol 01 – Global Outreach

Created by Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America) and Jack Kirby (Black Panther, Eternals), The Inhuman King Black Bolt is a fictional character of Marvel Comics, who is literally the “Strong and Silent” type, made his debut on the pages of Fantastic Four #45, in 1965. Aside from being the key character of many storylines involving the Inhumans, Black Bolt was also a part of The Evolutionary War, Onslaught Saga, Heroes Reborn, Silent War, House of M, Son of M, World War Hulk and many other great stories.

the illuminati marvel
The King's Lieges

He once even became the supreme ruler of the Kree Empire by defeating Ronan and holds possession of the "Reality Gem" as a member of The Illuminati. Though he went missing after his fight with Thanos, the aftermath of his Terrigen Bomb explosion have not only jump-started a new era for his race but also seem to effect the Mutant community as well as many of the X-Men members with M-Pox. Actor Vin Diesel is very much likely to portray the character of Black Bolt in the 2018’s upcoming live-action Inhumans movie.
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