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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Batman – Arkham City | Comics

batman arkham city
Batman – Arkham City | Comics
Arkham Asylum is a mental institute for the lodging of criminally insane and Gotham's worst kind of villains. Recently, Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker has spread chaos in the inner circles of Arkham but Batman however, was able to finally put an end to the riot in time that left it all in ruins. The clown prince of crime formerly injected himself with the Venom like serum that super-powered criminal Bane uses to amplify his physical strength, called the Titan formula which had a bizarre effect on him, making him am enormous monster. Batman eventually defeated him in his gigantic form after quite a hard battle and The Joker is left in a dying, sickly state on Arkham.

In the heat of the situation, the administrator of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp takes advantage of the situation and becomes the mayor of Gotham City to control the power that runs the city. Meanwhile, two super powered thug siblings named "T&T" who were working as henchmen for Two-Face, secretly succumbed to the Titan formula and starts a murderous spree across town, which prompts a martial law in Gotham by Mayor Sharp. Batman is well aware of Sharp's intention and realizes that someone from the behind is orchestrating the entire plot to manipulate the entire series of events. Meanwhile, Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn decides to perform a rescue mission to set his lunatic lover free to spread limitless chaos together.

For more information on Batman – Arkham City limited series, you can check out the link below.

Batman – Arkham City (Comics) Wikipedia

Batman – Arkham City (Comics) DC Wikia

arkham city villains
Rogues of Arkham
Here is your links for "Batman – Arkham City" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Batman – Arkham City 01

Batman – Arkham City 02

Batman – Arkham City 03

Batman – Arkham City 04

Batman – Arkham City 05
joker and harley
Master of Mayhem

Here is your links for the "Batman – Arkham City" limited series from DC Comics.

Batman – Arkham City (Softcover)

Batman – Arkham City (Hardcover)

As a tie-in prequel back-story to the 2009’s smash-hit game Batman – Arkham City, a five issue limited series of the same name was published by DC Comics in the same year. This comic book tale was written by famous Batman veteran Paul Dini (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited) and illustrated by artist Carlos D'Anda (Deathblow, JLA – Kid Amazo). This story is a link up to the first two games of the Arkham series; Batman – Arkham Asylum and Batman – Arkham City. Following the success of this limited series, a follow up monthly ongoing titled “Batman – Arkham Unhinged” was released by DC Comics in 2011, which was a continuation of the chronicles that took place in this book.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Batman – Hush | Comics

Batman goes up against a mysterious foe who send him up against Catwoman, Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and even Superman!

To save a kidnapped boy from the clutches of Killer Croc after tracking him down Batman goes and have a brief fight with his captor but before S.W.A.T. team arrives, the ransom money is surprisingly stolen by Catwoman, who remained unnoticed to everyone else. The Dark Knight however, sees her trail and starts to give a chase over the rooftops.

In mid air, someone cut his Bat-Line from the shadows and caused him to fall on ground from a great height. He receives a severe damage to skull and couldn't move at all while landing on the vile streets of Crime Alley. When he was falling to his uncertain fate, she was completely unaware of it and ran off with the money to hand it over to Poison Ivy.

Unable to even move a muscle, Batman is surrounded by street thugs and Oracle sends out a distress signal to fellow vigilantes for his rescue. Fortunately Huntress was nearly and she responds to the emergency signal by arriving to rescue The Bat as soon as she could. She fought her hardest to a standstill until transportation was sent to their location.

She puts his body inside the Batmobile and it takes off before she leaves too in her motorcycle, as someone watches over and makes remark about the importance of friends in life. In Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth patches him up and a near-unconscious Bruce tells him thorough Morse code to call his childhood friend Thomas Elliot.

Tommy Elliot is a renowned neurosurgeon of the world and a close personal friend of Bruce Wayne, who performs a brain surgery on him to save his life. When slightly recovered, he starts investigating about the fall and confronted Killer Croc again in Arkham Asylum. Croc didn't respond very well and was seemingly more agitated than his usual self.

batman hush cover dc comics catwoman
Batman – Hush | Comics

He then unexpectedly proceeds to break out of his cell to make an escape upon tossing out everyone on his way. Batman immediately goes after him but the tire of Batmobile was shot during this chase, which threw him off the track for a brief time. Croc has gotten his hands onto Catwoman and he was about to off her for stealing his money.

She was saved at the last moment by the Caped Crusader and Selina reveals that she stole the money for Ivy in a mind-controlled state. These two head over to Metropolis for further investigation only to encounter Poison Ivy with a mind-controlled Superman at her side. It took almost everything for The Dark Knight just to restrain Man of Steel.

The duo gets back to Gotham City to gather at an Opera as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle without knowing each other's secret identity, along with Tommy Elliot and Leslie Thompkins. The stage is taken by Harley Quinn and her masked henchmen, so Batman had to intervene but she goes all out guns blazing and Catwoman ended up getting shot.

Changing back to his cowl, Batman chases after Harley hears a gunshot outside, which led him to The Joker looming over the lifeless body of his pal Tommy Elliot. In a violent fit of rage, he viciously beats the clown down with an inch of his life and both Selina and Commissioner Jim Gordon finally managed to stop him from crossing the line.

Following the funeral for Tommy, Nightwing came to see Bruce and they go out to stop the Riddler after an armored car robbery. At this point, Bruce and Selina both knew about their dual life as they have chosen to trust each other with their secret.

Trails from Lazarus Pit lead him to seek attention of Ra's al Ghul by kidnapping his daughter Talia al Ghul following a showdown between the two while Lady Shiva savagely beats down Catwoman to a pulp. A run-in with Scarecrow causes Huntress to turn against Selina and Harvey Dent makes a surprising return, who is no longer Two-Face.

Batman is suspicious about a resourceful new mysterious enemy working from shadows who is responsible for his allies and enemies to acting weird and out of their characters. This is someone who knows a lot about him and he cannot even trust his allies now. Plus, a person believed long-dead from past makes a surprise return to haunt him.

For more information on Batman – Hush storyline, you can check out these links below.

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batman dc comics jim lee catwoman
Against Unknown Foe

Here is your links to buy “Batman – Hush" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Batman 608

Batman 609

Batman 610

Batman 611

Batman 612

Batman 613

Batman 614

Batman 615

Batman 616

Batman 617

Batman 618

Batman 619

Here is your links to buy “Batman – Hush" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman – Hush Vol 01 (Softcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 02 (Softcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Batman – Hush

Absolute Batman – Hush

Batman Noir – Hush

Batman – Hush Unwrapped Deluxe

"Hush" is a 2002 milestone epic Batman storyline created by two comic-book legends; writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and superstar artist Jim Lee (Superman – For Tomorrow, X-Men – Mutant Genesis) that is collected in issue #608-619 from the original monthly ongoing Batman series from DC Comics.

This is a tour in modern-day Gotham City with The Dark Knight exploring a dark chapter of his life, questioning new stand of his old friends and foes. His trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth, regular crime-fighting partners Nightwing, Robin and Oracle, old friend James Gordon, Leslie Thompkins, Huntress and even Harold Allnut showed up throughout the plot.

jim lee batman dc comics poison ivy hush
Mystery of Hush

Other notable characters such as Suicide Squad director Amanda Waller, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Lex Luthor, Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen, reporter Lois Lane and her boss Perry White, his former love-interest Talia al Ghul made special appearances. Then there was someone who came back visiting from the grave and beyond.

Story and artwork of this tale are absolute praiseworthy, which is why this saga is considered as one of the best Batman graphic novel of all time. While building up its own complication "Hush" also developed pathway for upcoming "Under The Hood" storyline that awaits a major revelation on an unresolved past mystery, bound to shake things up.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Dark Knight Returns | Comics

After the demise of second Robin, Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne has given up fighting crime as vigilante hero Batman and is 55 now. Later, all known superheroes except Superman were banned by government and forced into retirement as well. All of these happened nearly ten years ago and in this future; crime has been escalated in high levels as never seen before because of rise of a new gang. After a decade-long voluntary retirement from crime-fighting and vigilantism, he mostly keeps himself indulged in alcohol and various death-defying sports on a regular basis just to bury his guilt.

However, a new breed of terrorizing criminals of Gotham City called "The Mutants" has made Bruce wear his legendary cape and cowl once again. One of his allies; Commissioner Gordon was forced to retire from force and that very day, two major incident hits Gotham City. The first blast from past came in form of Bruce's old friend Harvey Dent, who used to be a district attorney and then psychotic villain Two-Face, who has been cured of his facial scars but the mental instability is something that has not been cured. As Dent has returned back in his old ways, The Dark Knight returns in action again.

frank miller batman
The Dark Knight Returns | Comics

When Batman went into a departure, his oldest arch-nemesis, The Joker slipped into a catatonic state and upon hearing about his return in a television report, he reawakened after nearly a decade with an evil grin and his old twisted obsession over him. Gordon was now replaced by a new Commissioner Ellen Yindel, who is not a supporter of any vigilance. A 13-year-old girl Carrie Kelley was saved from a small gang of Mutants by Batman when a major crime wave hit the city. Wearing a Robin costume, she goes looking for The Dark Knight while also taking on few petty criminals on her way.

With Mutant gangs running rampant over with no one to stop them and their secret leader, Batman decides to step in. He discovers a connection to a United States Army general, who has been supplying weapons to them and during confrontation the latter commits suicide. The Mayor remains silent on this while leader of Mutant gang threatens Gordon and following a lead, the Bat found their secret lair. Incapacitating most of them from armored supertank-like Batmobile, he engaged the Mutant leader in a hand-to-hand combat but got beaten badly because of his growing age.

Carrie got mixed up into this chaos while following Batman and is recruited later as newest Robin after she managed to save his life from Mutant gang. He is taken back to Batcave so that Alfred could tend to his wounds and Mutant Leader is arrested. In custody, he kills Mayor and Jim Gordon schemes on luring that bastard in a fight in front of his gang. As his followers watched, Batman brutally cripples him down with tactics, humiliating him. While many are arrested, some of the Mutants start seeing The Dark Knight as a role model and calling themselves as "Sons of Batman".

Obsessed with Batman, the Clown Prince of Crime puts his plans on motion to meet his old friend once again and make his dramatic return. So, he escapes Arkham Asylum by killing his psychiatrist Bartholomew Wolper and every audience member from a reality show. Then he proceeds by torturing an elderly Selina Kyle, formerly Catwoman, leading Batman to face him for one last time. In a twisted way, his greatest villain delivered him one final blow that would mess him up badly and would set some events in motion. In an epic final showdown, he faces the Man of Steel, now a government agent sent to stop his reign.

For more information on The Dark Knight Returns, you can check out these links below.

The Dark Knight Returns (Comics) Wikipedia

The Dark Knight Returns (Comics) DC Wikia

dark knight joker
One Last Joke

Here is your links to buy “The Dark Knight Returns" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

The Dark Knight Returns 01

The Dark Knight Returns 02

The Dark Knight Returns 03

The Dark Knight Returns 04

Here is your links to buy “The Dark Knight Returns" from DC Comics on Amazon.

The Dark Knight Returns (Softcover)

The Dark Knight Returns (Hardcover)

"The Dark Knight Returns" is a four issue mini-series published monthly by DC Comics in 1986. It was written and drawn by legendary comic-book creator Frank Miller (All-Star Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight III – The Master Race) and Klaus Janson. A direct sequel to this epic mini-series, "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" from same creator was later also published later in 2001. Nearly three decades after, Miller decided to complete his Dark Knight Trilogy by writing the third arc and completed Dark Knight III: The Master Race with artist Andy Kubert (Damian – Son of Batman, Flashpoint). He was also responsible for creating the definitive "Batman – Year One" story, which was critically praised.

batman v superman
The Man of Steel Vs. The Dark Knight

The series also worked as a part of inspiration for director Christopher Nolan's 2012 release The Dark Knight Rises, a finale to his Batman trilogy starring actor Christian Bale. The story was later adapted for a two part animation movie titled Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2012) from DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. The Dark Knight Returns heavily influenced director Zack Snyder to cast actor Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill respectively for portraying a near-similar brawl scene of World's Finest in his 2016's live-action superhero movie "Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice" from DC Extended Universe, which also features cameo appearance from Aquaman and a special appearance of Wonder Woman.
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Friday, March 10, 2006

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye | Comics

Marvel's "Man Without Fear" meets The Dark Knight of the DC Universe who strikes terror in the hearts of the cowardly criminal mobs of all sorts. Both of these urban heroes rely a lot on their own skills and the very athletic physique they possess, which has made them both a legend to their adversaries in all places.

batman daredevil team up
Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye | Comics

They both have spent their whole lifetime practicing to defend innocent people who cannot save themselves from the vile monsters of the society. Orphaned as a child, they both chose the very hard path to serve the lives of the common masses. These two vigilante heroes came face to face when two of their deadliest enemies decided to become allied forces together for greater evil.

While investigating a murder mystery in the sewers, Batman encounters the blind superhero Daredevil there, unbeknownst of the latter's intention and surprise attacked him. They tussle and haggle a bit for sometime, but soon realize that they are too good for each other to defeat and that they are mistakenly attacking each other by thinking the other as an opponent.

Actually it is Batman's nemesis, the villainous Two-Face who has now teamed up with one of Daredevil's excessively bulky and incredibly super-strong adversary Mr. Hyde and they both are planning to get their hands on a deadly genetic device capable of immense power. If Batman and Daredevil do not work together and figure the actual plot of these two villains in time, then there will be heavy casualties for sure and it will be too late for both of them to act and save the day ever again.

For more information on Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye one shot crossover, you can check out the link below.

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye (Comics) Marvel Wikia

scott mcdaniel batman
A Devil On The Hood

Here is your link for "Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye" one-shot crossover storyline from DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Daredevil/Batman – Eye for an Eye

Daredevil/Batman - Eye for an Eye is a one-shot company wide crossover comics released in 1997, a joint venture by Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The creative team who were behind "Daredevil - Fall from the Grace" storyline from Marvel Comics, writer D. G. Chichester (Elektra – Root of Evil, Punisher/Black Widow – Spinning Doomsday's Web) and artist Scott McDaniel (Batman – Dead to Rights, Batman – Impostors) teamed up once again for this one-shot story.

batman v daredevil
Man Without Fear Vs. Dark Knight

This one-shot crossover tale has some really fantastic moments for the fans like two super-villains from the rogues gallery of this two crime-fighters and what crisis put these two unlikely heroes to team-up and work together to save the day from the evil plan of their nemesis is really very intriguing.
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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Robin | Comics

Robin, The Boy Wonder is the teenage superhero sidekick of The Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman. Since the beginning, five different individuals have played the role over time. The first Robin was Dick Grayson, a young acrobat from Haly's Circus and the youngest son of the Flying Grayson couples, who was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne after his parents got murdered by the gangster "Boss" Zucco.

robin dc comics
Robin | Comics

After years of crime fighting career as a sidekick, he retires and became a solo hero with a new name, Nightwing. Jason Todd, then takes his place and became the second Robin. Jason was later brutally tortured and murdered by The Joker (A Death in the Family), which was considered as a great controversial event in the DC Universe.

However, young Tim Drake becomes the third Robin after successfully deducing the secret identity of Batman and Nightwing only with his excellent detective skills and later on his ex-girlfriend and the female crime fighter known as the Spoiler, Stephanie Brown becomes the fourth Robin, who also is the first female to take over the mantle.

But Stephanie got fired soon by Batman after only a few operations because of disobeying orders during patrol and also became the sixth Batgirl when Cassandra Cain left her mantle behind. Bruce Wayne's long unknown biological son Damian Wayne then enters his life donning the shroud as the fifth Boy Wonder, after he saved Tim Drake's life and Tim then becomes the solo hero; Red Robin.

For more information on Robin comics series, you can check out these links below.

Robin (Comics) Wikipedia

Robin (Comics) DC Wikia

batman and robin
Hitching With Dark Knight

Here is your links to buy "Robin" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder (Softcover)

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder (Hardcover)

Batman – Dark Victory (Softcover)

Batman – Dark Victory (Hardcover)

Absolute Batman – Dark Victory

Batman – The Gauntlet

Robin – Year One

Batman – Scarecrow/Two-Face – Year One

Teen Titans – Year One

Showcase Presents – Batman Vol 01

Batgirl – Year One (Softcover)

Batgirl – Year One (Hardcover)

Batman – Fortunate Son

Showcase Presents – Robin, The Boy Wonder

Batman In The Seventies

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 03

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 04

The New Teen Titans – Terra Incognito

The New Teen Titans – The Judas Contract

Nightwing – Year One

Batman – The Wrath

The New Teen Titans – The Terror of Trigon

DC Universe – The Stories of Alan Moore

Robin – Tragedy and Triumph

Robin – A Hero Reborn

Robin – Flying Solo

Zero Hour – Crises In Time

Batman – Prodigal

Underworld Unleashed

Kingdom Come

Justice League of America – The Nail

Robin – Unmasked!

Batman – Hush Returns

Identity Crisis

Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood

Robin – To Kill a Bird

Robin – The Teen Wonder

Countdown to Infinite Crisis – The OMAC Project

Infinite Crisis (Softcover)

Infinite Crisis (Hardcover)

Batman – Batman and Son

Robin – Days of Fire and Madness

Teen Titans – Life and Death

Infinite Crisis Aftermath – Battle for Bludhaven

Robin – Wanted

Robin – Teenage Wasteland

Robin – The Big Leagues

Robin – Violent Tendencies

Robin – Search for a Hero

Batman and Robin Vol 01 – Batman Reborn

Batman and Robin Vol 02 – Batman Vs. Robin

Batman and Robin Vol 03 – Batman & Robin Must Die

Robin is a fictional comic-book character of DC Comics, created by Bob Kane, who is also the creator of Robin's mentor, Batman and Robin perhaps is one of the most popular young character among the others. He was created to help Batman fight crime and mostly he was a partner that a lonesome Batman needed to talk to.

stephanie brown robin
The Girl Wonder

Before having a full length, self titled monthly ongoing comic series in 1993, Robin had a trilogy of mini-series featuring Dick Grayson, the first Robin, which was quite successful. Robin also appeared in the comic series Teen Titans and Young Justice as a leader of these teenage superhero team, while appearing in the core Batman title.
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