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Saturday, January 24, 2009

52 | Comics

dc comics 52
52 | Comics
Following his investigation on the Intergang, The Question came to Gotham City, partnering up with Renée Montoya and their leads took them to a new Batwoman, Kathy Kane. After losing his presidency, Lex Luthor launches a program called the Everyman Project to give superpowers to masses. Steel and his niece Natasha Irons also enlists for the program and Natasha then joins Luthor’s Infinity, Inc. as Starlight. However, Luthor’s program failed to render him superhuman and upon failing badly on public, it brought a catastrophic result on Metropolis, leading to deaths of many. In the aftermath of the Rann/Thanagar War, a Zeta-Beam accident left Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire trapped in the outer space, where, with assistance from last Czarnian bounty hunter, Lobo, they faces a few deadly alien foes.

Ralph Dibny gave up his heroic Elongated Man persona after his wife’s death (in Identity Crisis) and eventually met by the Cult of Conner; a mystical group by the followers of Superboy who dies battling Superboy Prime. They intend to resurrect Sue Dibney, which Ralph doubts about but sticks to them anyway. The tyrant ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam showed a very harsh way of justice to the world but he was tempered down upon meeting Adrianna Tomaz, who would become his wife Isis. He has reformed yet was attacked by the JSA mistakenly. When his wife is killed by the Yurrd the Unknown, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, he unleashes World War III in retaliation.

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World Without Heroes
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52 Vol 01

52 Vol 02

52 Vol 03

52 Vol 04

52 Omnibus

52 omnibus dc
Golden Lads and Lasses

Published in a weekly comic book ongoing limited series format by DC Comics in 2006, 52 is a major crossover event preceded by Infinite Crisis. Profound writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Flashpoint), Grant Morrison (Final Crisis, Wonder Woman – Earth One), Greg Rucka (The Punisher, Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia), Mark Waid (Fantastic Four, Kingdom Come) and Keith Giffen (Midnighter, Suicide Squad) plotted the entire storyboard of the event where artists like Joe Bennett, Chris Batista, Ruy Jose, Jack Jadson, Darick Robertson, Justiniano and Mike McKone poured up the pages with their drawing talents with covers provided by JG Jones.The event has also spawned a number of tie-in series along with the core series such as; Booster Gold, Black Adam – The Dark Age, Ifinity Inc, 52 Aftermath – The Crime Bible – Five Lessons of Blood, 52 Aftermath – The Four Horsemen, Metal Men, Detective Comics and The Great Ten. Almost devoid of the principal characters of the DC Comics like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, the event was directly followed by the weekly limited series Countdown to Final Crisis.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DC – The New Frontier | Comics

dc new frontier
DC – The New Frontier | Comics
Johnny Cloud, William Storm, "Sarge" Gunderson, Gunner MacKay and Pooch belonged to a team called The Losers during World War II in 1945, staying in the Dinosaur Island to administer Operation Four Horsemen on behalf of Colonel Richard Flagg. Unfortunately, all of them died battling the prehistoric creatures of the isle. After the government has banned all the vigilante heroism, in Gotham City, Hourman dies by falling from a rooftop during a chase. These hostile reactions from the government caused the Justice Society of America to disband immediately and banish forever. Though Superman and Wonder Woman cooperated with law, the Man of Steel was greatly unsuccessful in apprehending Gotham's urban legend Batman.

Test pilot Hal Jordan is forced to kill a Korean soldier inn battlefield throughout The Korean War in 1953 where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen rushed to his rescue before Green Lantern Abin Sur passes his ring to him. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter is teleported to Earth by Dr. Saul Erdel who dies almost immediately. However, J'onn adopts Dr. Erdel's appearance as disguise and soon joins Gotham City Police Department as a detective who discovers a death cult worshiping "The Centre" while Barry Allen fights Captain Cold as The Flash. Richard Flagg formed Task Force X and he eventually discovered the Martian. An ancient being is watching the evolution progress of the humans and decides that it is time for the "vermins" to perish as they are a threat to themselves.

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darwyn cooke dc
Golden Age Frontier
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DC – The New Frontier 05

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DC – The New Frontier Vol 01
darwyn cooke superman
Heroes of All Ages

DC – The New Frontier Vol 02

DC – The New Frontier (Softcover)

DC – The New Frontier (Hardcover)

Absolute DC – The New Frontier

Published by DC Comics in 2004 as a six part limited series, DC – The New Frontier is solely created by writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman – Selina's Big Score, The Spirit) featuring many popular Golden and Silver Age characters. Even though this monthly limited series had no specific continuity in the regular DC Universe, it still received massive popularity and positive reception among the fans and critics, leading it to be adopted in an animation feature in 2008 titled, Justice League – The New Frontier. The series itself won the Eisner Award and Harvey Award upon release, also creator Cooke got recognition for his work in the series as Best Artist and Best Colorist.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Cosmic Odyssey | Comics

An invading troop from Apokolips arrived in Gotham City via a Boom Tube only to face New God Lightray and Superman, who quickly made them escape before they could set up the force field generator as part of their plan to take over the Earth. However, one of them had left behind who sought shelter in the sewer system and ended up facing Batman who incapacitated and stopped the soldier from informing his authority.

cosmic odyssey dc
Cosmic Odyssey | Comics

Meanwhile, while roaming on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, Darkseid found Metron in a near catatonic state along with his Mobius Chair and upon rescuing him, the evil god realizes that a great cosmic threat is arising that needs the involvement of all the heroes.

The New God, Lonar arrives in Washington, D.C. to enlist the aid of Superman, Batman, J'onn J'onzz, Starfire, Green Lantern John Stewart and Jason Blood as ambassadors from Earth to New Genesis. Lonar transports them to New Genesis via Boom Tube where they all saw Highfather has allied with Darkseid to halt a cosmic disaster.

Anti-Life Equation was discovered by an ancient alien race that destroyed their planet and its aspects are unwillingly released by Metron which is now headed to four planets of a different star system. Batman decides to keep an eye on Darkseid while investigating and unbeknown to him that he has managed to capture the demon Etrigan, which he shows to to Jason Blood.

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cosmic odyssey comic
The Cosmic Power Cinque

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Cosmic Odyssey 01

Cosmic Odyssey 02

Cosmic Odyssey 03

Cosmic Odyssey 04

Here is your link for the "Cosmic Odyssey" limited series from DC Comics.

Cosmic Odyssey (Softcover)

Cosmic Odyssey is a four issue limited series from DC Comics that ran from 1988-1989, following the “Millennium” crossover event in 1988 and is considered as one of the major event in the DC Universe.

anti life equation
All Against Anti Life Entity

Profound writer Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet, Rann/Thanagar – Holy War) and talented artist Mike Mignola (Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom – Triumph and Torment, Hellboy) had created this four part epic tale that features major hero and villain characters from DC Comics. This epic cosmic event was followed by the "Invasion!" event from DC Comics.
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