About Comics Dune

Updated: May 26, 2016


Thanks for landing on the ‘About Us’ page of Comics Dune.

Here, We will be sharing some background information about ‘Comics Dune’. Comics Dune provides with the links of nearly any sorts of popular and known comic books published from Marvel ComicsDC ComicsImage ComicsDark Horse ComicsIDW and other publications. We try to make sure that people can get to those comics fast and purchase them safely. To do our viewers a little favor we also add a simple PLOT SYNOPSIS on each of our posts. We labeled our files with every relevant type so that the keywords match with their search topic. In a word, this site will come to you in great help if you are an avid comic book lover who use this site frequently.

The main purpose of starting this site is to help people finding their desired books when they seek one and thus helping them.

We hope that you will enjoy the posts we publish here. If you like this site then please don’t forget to subscribe to RSS Feed to get regular updates.

Thank You.