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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Super Sons – Planet of the Capes | Comics

Robin takes Superboy out for training but an emergency came up that even overwhelms the Teen Titans.

In Metropolis, Lois Lane was packing Jon some snacks before he goes out patrolling. She reminds him to be at home by time and asks Clark if they are doing the right thing, to which he points out that it is for the better to be open to Jon.

Superboy joins Robin on a rooftop as he is about to receive training on the duties of a hero. They look out for jaywalking, stop bag snatchers, rescuing cats and changing tires for people but where Damian was rude, Jon charms people with his well behavior and mannerism.

After finishing their rounds, Robin was trying to call his teammates on Teen Titans but Beast Boy came from behind as a cat, freaking Jon out before introducing Aqualad, Raven and Starfire to him. They came here seeking The Boy Wonder for an emergency and he ditched the Boy of Steel saying its Titans business.

They head to the Hell's Gate section of town while Jon gets back home a minute early. Lois heads to Daily Planet to cover a story and Superman was already out with Justice League, leaving him alone at home.

super sons dc comics teen titans
Super Sons – Planet of the Capes | Comics

Following tracks of some weird energy signature, Raven comes near a wall and then suddenly, a hand reaches out and grabs her out. The team came under attack by two villains Atom-Master and Faceless Hunter, who make a quick work of them before the Titans could coordinate and then their third member, Time Commander reveals himself to the crowd.

On behalf of their team of Forgotten Villains, they wish to deliver a message from their master Kraklow and caused Damian to rapidly age. A sleeping Jon wakes up when an elderly Robin shows up at his doorstep with his beaten teammates looking for his assistance.

He says that he is not even a teen and Garfield points out that Damian is too old now, which is ironic. Robin approves Superboy joining their band and elsewhere, villainous magician Kraklow was waiting for them to bring help from elder heroes, like Justice League.

Apparently, he was visited by his elder-self, who handed him over a box full of mud from a dead Multiverse to create these artificial villains from his visions and make a name for him. So, he started walking a path of never being forgotten, at his Rebirth!

Superboy breaks in to their secret lair, it is flooded by Aqualad and the villains are slowed down. However, Time Commander gets a hold of things and freezes time to make a run for them but Jon was able to break out of it with his sheer will along with his team.

However, the Super Sons are then drafted into a war of another dimension which is threatened by Yggardis, the Living Planet. Also, they came across two young heroes, Big Shot and Hard Line, who unfolds new secrets about the magician Kraklow they fought earlier.

super sons dc comics peter tomasi
Saviors of Multiverse!

Here is your links to buy "Super Sons – Planet of the Capes" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Super Sons 06

Super Sons 07

Super Sons 08

Super Sons 09

Super Sons 10

Here is your link to buy "Super Sons – Planet of the Capes" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Super Sons – Planet of the Capes

With DC Rebirth running in full swing, writer Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Forever Evil – Arkham War) returns with the second storyline "Planet of the Capes" from Super Sons monthly ongoing series with artists Carmine Di Giandomenico (Daredevil – Battlin' Jack Murdock, Spider-Man – Noir) and Jorge Jiménez (Superman – The Final Days of Superman, Superman – Trials of the Super Sons).

super sons dc comics jorge jimenez
Showdown With Yggardis

The plot is covered in issues #06-10 of the series from DC Comics and picks up from "When I Grow Up".  After going up against Kid Amazo and stopping him from unleashing his evil plan, both Robin and Superboy decide that they should team-up. In spite of having super-strength, Damian believes Jon is not ready for crime-fighting yet and deems that he needs training.

When they were at work, an emergency came up and the focus is then shifted to the matter at hand. Aside from the regular appearance of Super Sons, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman, Lois Lane, Superman and Teen Titans were featured in guest roles.
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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Teen Titans – Year One | Comics

When heroes of the Justice League of America start behaving like villains, young trainees like Aqualad, Kid Flash, Robin and Wonder Girl should team up.

Sitting on the Batcomputer, Robin was trying to see if any of his fellow teen superheroes are up online only for Batman to show up out of nowhere. Although Dick Grayson was trying to contact his friends to see if anyone knows anything about a master cat burglar but The Dark Knight believes that he is wasting time chatting and takes him to patrol.

Though Kid Flash actually responded back to him, Dick never saw it on his way out and Wally got stressed out quickly due to his perception of time being too faster than anyone else. He even took a trip to Paris to get a snack and then started to look for others on the web. Donna Troy comes to the big city looking for Wonder Woman with no luck.

Back in Gotham City, Robin notices Batman to be extra cranky than his usual and it only worsens when he catches the Bat beating someone over a necklace. When Dick tries to reason him over the matter, he got swatted back on the face and left perplexed.

In Atlantis, young Aqualad sees Aquaman employing a group of sea creatures in wrongfully assaulting a submarine and tells him to stop but gets strongly rebuffed by Orin instead. Similarly, Kid Flash faces the same problem with his own mentor, Barry Allen AKA The Flash acting weirdly out of his nature as they both race to Easter Island.

teen titans year one dc comics karl kerschl
Teen Titans – Year One | Comics

Knowing his underdeveloped lungs would not let him survive out of water; Aqualad still reaches to the surface and is taken to a cave by the Boy Wonder. After seeing ten messages from Speedy, they all assumed that Green Arrow has gone rogue too. Heading over to help their friend, they all are eventually saved by the timely arrival of Wonder Girl.

After taking her to their secret cave, the youngsters learn that she too has been having a hard time to reason with Diana. Earlier, Donna met her outside of United Nations Building and behaved pretty rudely. Robin has finally come to the conclusion that something really weird is going on with their idols and they need to intervene at once.

Suggesting that they should work together, he sends Speedy and Wonder Girl together after The Flash and taking both the teenage Atlantean and speedster along with him. At first, these three goes after Wonder Woman with a plan to capture her before moving to Aquaman. Donna and Roy successfully take down Barry and Oliver as well.

The heroes take all four possessed members of Justice League of America to Secret Sanctuary at Happy Harbor. With only Batman left to bring in, Dick announces he would do it even though he strictly advised everyone against the idea of going against their own idols.

The Dark Knight strikes onto them when they least expect him to be there and take them all down with ease. During his confrontation with Dick, his little sidekick managed to reach out to him and helped him break free of the control by a vile creature. Not only the heroes were freed, they appreciated the bravery of their juvenile partners.

Of course, Robin had to get back to Gotham City and rest of the team became very popular to media as Teen Titans, they would still face troubles from second-string villains with a grudge over their fame or someone trying to piss off their mentors.

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Teen Titans – Year One 01

Teen Titans – Year One 02

Teen Titans – Year One 03

Teen Titans – Year One 04

Teen Titans – Year One 05

Teen Titans – Year One 06

Here is your link to buy "Teen Titans – Year One" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Teen Titans – Year One

As per tradition, "Year One" is a retelling of Teen Titans origin story by writer Amy Wolfram and artist Karl Kerschl (Gotham Academy – Welcome to Gotham Academy, Gotham Academy Second Semester – The Ballad of Olive Silverlock). This six-issue limited series came out in 2008 from DC Comics chronicling early days of these superhero sidekicks.

Though her depiction of Batman seemed a little off at times but other than that, Wolfram pulled off a pretty decent plot in overall. It would have been nice to see more of her work on these young heroes or maybe some other character from DC Universe. Kerschl was also spontaneous with his animated styled art throughout the miniseries.

Initially, the heroes considered calling Superman for help but that idea didn't work out at all. At one point, Aqualad referenced back to their prior team-up effort against Mister Twister from first ongoing series of Brave and the Bold, issue #54 that came out back in 1964.

Lesser known villains like The Ant, Antithesis and Ding Dong Daddy showed up to give these rebel band of youngsters some trouble but their rendition came out a lot less threatening to be deem as an actual threat, except for Antithesis who actually managed to take most of JLA members under his control and troubled the Titans as well.
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