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Monday, August 19, 2013

Green Lantern – New 52 | Comics

Hal Jordan finds himself powerless and five years younger in a world that hates and doubts superheroes. Without a job and the Power Ring, Hal’s life becomes quite a mess and his relationship with Carol Ferris is at stress. Then his former enemy Sinestro shows up at his doorstep with an offer to regain his Power Ring.

green lantern new 52
Green Lantern – New 52 | Comics

The ring Sinestro gave to Hal Jordan operates only by his will and Sinestro can turn it on or off at any time as a safety measure. To fight the derailed members of his own Corps, Sinestro recruits him to his journey to Korugar that led them to a battle there. This two has teamed up for many other adventures alongside the other members of the Corps.

Hal took part in resistance against Darkseid when he led an invasion on Earth with an army of Parademons seeking Anti-Life Equation along with fellow superhero Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman (Justice League – Origin). This magnificent seven would fought as a team and dub themselves as Justice League to public. Hal Jordan faces Indigo Tribe who abducts Sinestro and he also meets sinister villain Black Hand at their homeworld.

Meanwhile, a troubled Lebanese-American Muslim, Simon Baz is appointed as a new Green Lantern by The Guardians, who found Thaal Sinestro's ring in middle of a desperate situation and is aided by B'dg. Baz also get membership to the Justice League of America later by Colonel Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller of Task Force X.

For more information on Green Lantern – New 52 comics series, you can check out the link below.

Green Lantern – The New 52 (Comics) DC Wikia

hal jordan new 52
Hal Jordan Is Back Again

Here is your links to buy "Green Lantern – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Green Lantern Vol 01 – Sinestro (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 01 – Sinestro (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 02 – The Revenge of Black Hand (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 02 – The Revenge of Black Hand (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 03 – The End (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 03 – The End (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 04 – Dark Days (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 04 – Dark Days (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 05 – Test of Wills (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 05 – Test of Wills (Hardcover)

Green Lantern Vol 06 – The Life Equation (Softcover)

Green Lantern Vol 06 – The Life Equation (Hardcover)

Following “Flashpoint” crossover event of DC Comics, various monthly ongoing titles featuring popular DC Comics' characters got new back-story as a result of The New 52 re-launch sans Green Lantern. With Flashpoint wave changing every single origin of each and every superhero, Green Lanterns seems to be the ones that aren’t changed much.

green lantern sinestro
Hal and Sinestro Fights The Sinestro Corps

The series continues in its fifth volume with writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age). The series has gone through many crossover issues during Rise of the Third Army, Wrath of the First Lantern and Lights Out crossover events of New 52.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blackest Night | Comics

blackest night dc
Blackest Night | Comics
During the events of "Sinestro Corps War" an old prophecy of "The Blackest Night" from The Guardians' sacred Book of Oa is finally revealed. Guardian Sayd and Ganthet were exiled from their council and five more new Emotional Spectrum is created to represent four other emotions. Following "Final Crisis", a former enemy of Corps, Black Hand has resurfaced again, murdering his whole family he commits suicide and then is resurrected immediately after. He then reaches to Gotham City Cemetery and with Batman's skull in his hand, he recites an Oath to unleash Blackest Night on world, releasing countless black rings that begins bringing back formerly deceased heroes and starts recruiting them as Black Lanterns for Black Lantern Corps.

The Flash and Green Lantern Hal Jordan are suddenly attacked by their former teammate Martian Manhunter on Gotham City, at Bruce Wayne's grave. At the same time, Oa is abruptly invaded by deceased Green Lantern members of all time but the dead superheroes are not seem to be in their true selves and former dead villains also starts coming back to life as Black Lanterns. The demon Nekron appears at Black Hand's call and revives all dead residents of Coast City, who died the time Hal became the Parallax (Zero Hour). JLA, Teen Titans and even Sinestro has joined with his Corps in this massive battle against an undead Superman, Kid Flash, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Animal Man and team of other undead Lanterns.

For more information on Blackest Night, you can check out these links below.

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black lantern corps
The Dead Has Risen
Here is your links for "Blackest Night" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Here is your links for "Blackest Night" limited series from DC Comics.

black hand dc comics
Culmination of Blackest Night
Blackest Night (Softcover)

Following "Sinestro Corps War" crossover event that paved way for another grand event based on an ancient prophecy, featuring Green Lantern Corps, which was planned a ling time ago, DC Comics has published the crossover event with gritty concept named "Blackest Night" in 2009 that focuses on two major monthly ongoing series both Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, with a the core limited series for the titular story. The event was long time in making, is plotted out by writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and drawn by artist Ivan Reis (Aquaman – New 52, Justice League – New 52). Many tie-in limited series were linked to this series that is followed by the next crossover "Brightest Day" in 2010 where many unresolved and complicated issues were sorted out.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Green Lantern – Rebirth | Comics

green lantern rebirth
Green Lantern – Rebirth | Comics
Kyle Rayner, current Green Lantern of Earth, was on patrol in Sector 3599 where he saved a group of small aliens from a giant insectoid being and his power ring translates their feared speech as “Parallax is coming...”. Kyle then crashes on a spacecraft on Earth beside a green coffin and loses his consciousness then. Somewhere else, Hal Jordan becomes The Spectre to save a pilot from crash-landing and faced a drunk driver to punish him for his irresponsible actions. He tries to resist killing him but his former Parallax form comes in way with The Spectre, both refusing to let him believe it’s not who he really is. Hal’s home town Coast City was once destroyed by the villainous Cyborg Superman that eventually drove him mad; he became a villainous entity known as Parallax.

As Parallax, his uncontrolled rampage decimated planet Oa of Guardians of the Universe, killed a few Green Lanterns and destroyed Central Power Battery of Oa. During this state of chaos, one of his old enemies Sinestro was also killed by him. All of a sudden, there are a couple of weird happenings; once destroyed Coast City suddenly re-appears, Green Lantern John Stewart goes crazy on Justice League, Guy Gardner becomes a Green Lantern again and Kilowog suddenly assaults on Kyle Rayner for no good reason. Hal Jordan confesses to his friend Green Arrow that he cannot focus properly and all of these things that are happening recently do not seem to be normal. To make his suspicion true, Batman shows up with Justice League to confront Hal.

For more information on Green Lantern – Rebirth limited series, you can check out these links below.

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Green Lantern – Rebirth (Comics) DC Wikia

parallax green lantern
Parallax Reborn
Here is your links for "Green Lantern – Rebirth" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Green Lantern – Rebirth 01

Green Lantern – Rebirth 02

Green Lantern – Rebirth 03

Green Lantern – Rebirth 04

Green Lantern – Rebirth 05

Green Lantern – Rebirth 06

Here is your links for "Green Lantern – Rebirth" limited series from DC Comics.
hal jordan dc
Return To Corps

Green Lantern – Rebirth (Softcover)

Green Lantern – Rebirth (Hardcover)

Absolute Green Lantern – Rebirth

Following the huge success of "The Flash – Rebirth", Green Lantern – Rebirth is a six issue limited series by fan-favorite writer Geoff Johns (Final Crisis – Legion of Three Worlds, Final Crisis – Rogues' Revenge) and artist Ethan Van Sciver (Batman/Catwoman – Trail of the Gun, Impulse) from DC Comics in 2004. The storyline takes a flashback in time, borrowing a few elements from 1994's comic-book crossover event "Zero Hour" and also brought up a few fan-favorite casts to the series as well as popular current DC Comics super-heroes. For a few instance, "Rebirth" has paved a path for the significant future oncoming Green Lantern stories and major crossover events "Sinestro Corps War" and "Blackest Night".
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Friday, December 19, 2003

Green Lantern Corps | Comics

As the Guardians of the Universe’s age old attempt to create a unique inter-galactic peace keeping force that will serve justice and maintain order, the Green Lantern Corps were born. Picking up worthy candidates from around the galaxy, the Guardians armed them with a magnificent weapon; a power ring of Ion that is fueled by the willpower of its bearer.

green lantern corps
Green Lantern Corps | Comics

From the beginning of the corps the Green Lanterns are being stationed to patrol over various fractions of the universe that is referred as sectors. Over time, the corps has enlisted many alien species to its rank including a few humans from earth. Former gym teacher Guy Gardner, an architect John Stewart, a freelance artist Kyle Rayner and there came test pilot Hal Jordan who were the human host of the power of ion.

All the Lanterns chosen from earth managed to make a name for them and among whole corps, Hal Jordan is considered as the greatest of them all. Kyle Rayner has also made it large to be remembered as one of the greatest. They were also members of JLA, Justice League International and various other teams. From Crisis on Infinite Earths to the Sinestro Corps War, the Lanterns always made their stand against evil’s way.

The Corps was instrumental along with Superman of the two Earths in stopping Superboy-Prime’s rampage during Infinite Crisis that cost them many corps member just to tame the unstable Kryptonian. The foretold events of Blackest Night, the Corps almost got dismantled in the wake of the demon Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps.

For more information on Green Lantern Corps comics series, you can check out these links below.

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green lantern comics
The Corps Assembled

Here is your links for "Green Lantern Corps" comics from DC Comics.

Showcase Presents – Green Lantern Vol 02

Green Lantern – Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Vol 01

DC Universe – The Stories of Alan Moore

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Vol 03

Green Lantern – The New Corps

Justice League of America – The Nail

Green Lantern – Rebirth

Absolute Green Lantern – Rebirth

Green Lantern Corps – Recharge

Infinite Crisis

Green Lantern Corps – To Be A Lantern

Green Lantern Corps – The Dark Side of Green

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps Wars Vol 01

Green Lantern – Tales of the Sinestro Corps

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps Wars Vol 02

Green Lantern Corps – Ring Quest

Green Lantern Corps – Sins of the Star Sapphire

Green Lantern Corps – Emerald Eclipse

Blackest Night – Tales of the Corps

Green Lantern Corps – Blackest Night

Blackest Night – Black Lantern Corps Vol 01

Blackest Night – Black Lantern Corps Vol 02

Following the creation of the fictional Green Lantern character, writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane has made up the idea of the Green Lantern Corps series that made its first appearance in 1959 from DC Comics. After the Flashpoint event, most of the DC Comics monthly ongoing has undergone a drastic change, where the series remains mostly unchanged and unaffected in The New 52.

green lantern dc
Warriors of Light

Over the course of its monthly publication various writers like Steve Englehart, Joey Cavalieri, Dave Gibbons, Keith Champagne, Peter Tomasi (Black Adam – The Dark Age, Forever Evil – Arkham War) and Sterling Gates and also a bunch of talented illustrators like Joe Staton, Gil Kane, Patrick Gleason (Aquaman, Noble Causes), Luke Ross, Ardian Syaf (Brightest Day, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman), Tyler Kirkham (Deathstroke – New 52, Earth 2 – World's End), Scott Kolins (The Flash, Superman/Batman) and Freddie E. Williams II (Green Arrow, Seven Soldiers – Mister Miracle) has contributed to the progress of the series.
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