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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Black Panther – Who Is The Black Panther | Comics

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Black Panther – Who Is The Black Panther
 | Comics
Wakanda is a small country of African dialect which has a far more superior and advanced scientific fields than any other country in the world. They even have invented the remedy to cure cancer. There is one more thing that made the country a target to the invaders for ages and that is the huge resources of the precious mineral called Vibranium. Wakanda is also has never been conquered by any intruders or any invading forces ever. But most notably it’s the home of an Avenger known only as the Black Panther. Black Panther is a mantle for the protector and ruler of the nation. For ages, many tribes and team of explorers had set their greedy eyes on Wakanda, but they each failed greatly and every time the opponents are mercilessly massacred on their counter attempt.

After his father T'Chaka, T'Challa becomes the new Black Panther who has earned the title in an annual ritual tournament held every year, where anyone can participate. Upon becoming the new ruler of Wakanda, he sets his eyes on one person, who is responsible for his father's death: the runaway villain Ulysses Klaw. On the other side of the story, Klaw was also preparing his own team of super-criminals to lead a large-scale organized assault on Wakanda to destroy the country and kill the current Black PantherT'Challa as a revenge for his disfigured visage by the hands of his father T'Chaka. So, Klaw recruits Radioactive Man and Spider-Man's rival; Rhino for his cause. Now, it's a Panther's journey to embrace and fulfill his destiny as a ruler of his people and defend his country from the evil across the border of Wakanda.
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The Reigning Black Panther
Here is your links for “Black Panther – Who Is the Black Panther" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Black Panther V4 01

Black Panther V4 02

Black Panther V4 03

Black Panther V4 04

Black Panther V4 05
black panther comics
Claw of Evil

Black Panther V4 06

Here is your link for “Black Panther – Who Is the Black Panther" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Black Panther – Who Is the Black Panther

In 2005, Marvel Comics re-launched the Black Panther series with director/producer Reginald Hudlin and penciller John Romita, Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) as the plotters of this series and "Who Is the Black Panther" is a six part storyline ran from the fourth monthly ongoing volume of the series, collecting issue #01-06, features the origin story for the hero. Reginald Hudlin's attempt to re-tell the origin of this hero was not appreciated at all because of his trying to force a few non related elements to merge with it. Though it’s a pretty good attempt to revamp this hero in a modern day perspective and John Romita Jr.'s fan-favourite jaw dropping artwork truly satisfies your visual desires.
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Friday, August 15, 2003

Avengers – Birth of Ultron | Comics

For long since the evil band of villains called The Masters of Evil is trying to defeat The Avengers and is considered as one of their worst group of enemies there is. Recently Klaw, Radioactive Man, The Black Knight, The Melter and Whirlwind have gathered to exact each of their personal vengeance on The Avengers under the command of a mysterious person, who goes by the name Crimson Cowl to re-assemble the team and launch a deadly assault against The Avengers.

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Avengers – Birth of Ultron | Comics

Black Panther, Hawkeye, Goliath and The Wasp was working on a new trap for the security measure of the Avengers Mansion, which they also briefed to their trusted butler Edwin Jarvis. Though, a loyal companion to them for years, Jarvis acts a little cocky in the lab. Later Jarvis is seen to have met The Masters of Evil in secret to give in the blueprint of the Avengers Mansion.

He gave them vulnerable information about The Avengers that would led the villains to have their revenge on its members but he was neutralized instead of being paid in return for his service and the Masters of Evil strikes the heroes in the meantime, defeating them immediately in spite of Black Knight’s effort to warn them.

Soon, the Crimson Cowl revealed his true nature to them all as Ultron-5, the upgraded version of the android Dr. Hank Pym had created some time ago while experimenting with high-intelligence robotics technology, which now has become sentient and has created another super powered android Vision, to fulfill a sinister agenda of his own.

masters of evil
Captured By Masters of Evil

Here is your links for “Avengers – Birth of Ultron" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Avengers 54

Avengers 55

Avengers 56

Avengers 57

Avengers 58

Birth of Ultron is an early storyline of the monthly Avengers series that depicts the origin story of the greatest threat for the existence of Marvel Universe, the menacing artificial intelligence named Ultron. Published from Marvel Comics in 1968, the story is written by Roy Thomas (Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange) and the artwork was provided by artist John Buscema (Sub-Mariner, Wolverine).

avengers vision comics
An Android With Vision!

It ran for five issues from #54-58 from the first volume of The Avengers. The storyline also features the origin of another character Vision, who would later become an honorary member of The Avengers and serve justice alongside them for the many upcoming years to come.
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