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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wonder Woman – The Lies | Comics

As her memories keeps changing, Wonder Woman cannot even rely on her Lasso of Truth and will seek help from one of her greatest enemies.

In her vision, Wonder Woman starts seeing memories that she cannot recall properly. She is confused about the story of her birth as if she was forged from clay on the shore of Paradise Island by Hippolyta out of her wish for a daughter or is she truly the daughter of Zeus after all and this bothers her.

She looks at the helm of the God of War, which she is, yet she hesitates to believe even that. Her time with the Amazons of Themyscira and her mother reminds her of memories she still cannot verify as it keeps changing.

Diana then crushes the helmet between her bare hands, which is also an impossible feat for anyone. So, she uses the Lasso of Truth on herself and it confirms that she's been deceived and she had a brief glimpse of her other counterparts from the Multiverse. Leaving her costume behind, Wonder Woman takes new attire and goes to Olympus seeking truth.

She faced off a few Automatons there created by her brother Hephaestus and after a brief fight with those sentries; she realizes that this is not even the real Olympus at all. This whole entirety is just another lie that is being fed to her.

wonder woman dc rebirth vol 1 lies
Wonder Woman – The Lies | Comics

Wonder Woman then goes to Bwunda woods of the Banakane Rainforest, looking for help of someone she knows but is seemingly followed by a feral pack of werehyenas called Boudas all along. When attacked by them, she took all of them down with ease and then is confronted by her former friend Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah.

She savagely greeted Diana with claws and pinned her to the ground. Upon restraining her with some efforts, Diana then explains her reasons for which she has been forced to turn to her arch-enemy to seek help finding her home Themyscira and how they can both help each other now.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor and his boys were trying to take down a local warlord named Andres Cadulo, who is about to resurrect Urzkartaga; an ancient plant-god, to help him conquer world and he is also the person responsible for creation of Cheetah.

Commander Etta Candy of A.R.G.U.S. instructs Master Chief Steve Trevor and her boys to get to Urzkartaga before Andres Cadulo does and so, the team heads to their objective therefore. They all were eventually captured at the hands of Cadulo's men and Steve was chosen by Cadulo to be sacrificed as a vessel for Urzkartaga.

After battling a small horde of Boudas together, Wonder Woman and Cheetah talked it out about working on their differences. While still blaming her for being unable to prevent what has happened, Cheetah asks Diana to help her kill Urzkartaga to remove the curse that is upon her and has turned her into this feral state permanently.

These two then breaks into the secret holdout where Cadulo has kept Steve and his boys captive and frees them from Boudas before finally facing the menacing Urzkartaga in battle.

wonder woman cheetah rebirth
Greatest Enemy Alliance

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Wonder Woman V5 11

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Wonder Woman – The Lies

Following the ground-breaking events of "The Final Days of Superman", DC Comics has launched "DC Universe – Rebirth" to usher a brand-new era for their heroes. Thus, comic-book writer Greg Rucka (Blackest Night – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia) returns to plot a Wonder Woman story after a decade along with artist Liam Sharp (Countdown Presents – Lord Havok and the Extremists, Spawn – The Dark Ages).

This story took place on fifth ongoing volume of Wonder Woman monthly series from issues #01, 03, 05, 07, 09, 11 as well as one-shot Rebirth issue. The odd number issues will be summed up in the "Year One" storyline set in the era of "DC Rebirth".

wonder woman steve trevor dc rebirth
Closer to The Truth

The story starts with many past reference that took place before and after the reality-altering "Flashpoint" event and that includes her time against Gorgon on New Earth reality (Wonder Woman – Eyes of the Gorgon), the Parademon invasion on Prime Earth (Justice League – Origin), romance with Superman, adventures with her allies in Justice League and as part of a Trinity (Wonder Woman – War-Torn) of World's most iconic heroes has all came in her flashbacks.

No matter how desperately she seeks for truth, she cannot tell exactly what she is looking for. This storyline can end up serving to be the plotline for upcoming superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 by director Patty Jenkins.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Suicide Squad – Discipline and Punish | Comics

Director Amanda Waller has welcomed a new guest in the Belle Reve Penitentiary to monitor the squad members and analyze them psychologically. As the monitoring progresses, King Shark has seen to grow an interest in reading books and following a vegan diet. In another room, the Unknown Soldier watches by Harley Quinn and Voltaic playing scrabble.

suicide squad comics
Suicide Squad – Discipline and Punish | Comics
As Voltaic repeatedly tries to get on the nerves of Soldier, he succeeds and eventually receives a fatal beating from him. Waller talks to a chair strapped Deadshot about how he really died twice during his missions and how they revived him every time. A leggy blonde enters King Shark’s room to draw his attention towards her and then is immediately chewed in half when insulting him and is revealed to be an android.

The Clown Prince of Crime also makes an appearance at Harley’s cell reprising the lines from their interviews only to get shot in the head by Unknown Soldier, who in turn gets stabbed by Quinn in the gut. A riot breaks in all of a sudden, which prompts Harley and Deadshot to make a break from the Penitentiary but she ends up striking a new deal with Waller’s guest about their team.

As he pretty much enjoyed his time in Belle Reve Penitentiary, he accepts the offer to join Task Force X as an adviser. Meanwhile, an attempt to bring Voltaic back to life with Samsara Serum fails and uncovers new deadly aspects of the serum. The entire Squad then heads to Las Vegas looking for an anarcho-terrorist organization run by The Mother and this time Cheetah joins the team.

For more information on Suicide Squad – Discipline and Punish storyline, you can check out these link below.

Suicide Squad – Discipline and Punish (Comics) DC Wikia

harley quinn wallpaper
Belle Reve Gets A New Warden

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Suicide Squad Vol 04 – Discipline and Punish (Softcover)

Writer Adam Glass (Flashpoint – Legion of DoomDeadpool – Suicide Kings) is succeeded by Ales Kot for planning the plotlines of DC Comics's Suicide Squad for The New 52 timeline in the fourth storyline. Kot is assisted by artist Patrick Zircher (New Warriors, Thunderbolts) and Rick Leonardi (Green Lantern Vs. Aliens, Vision and the Scarlet Witch) to make the stories look alive. The Skwad takes a different turn from their usual as new recruits are introduced to work for the team.

task force x
Slash and Burn

King Shark works on his temper, Deadshot and Unknown Soldier engages in combat, Harley Quinn becomes the new Warden of Belle Reve and Cheetah is in action with a gatling gun. This tale of madness is followed by the next storyline titled “Walled In” by writer Matt Kindt and Sean Ryan, who are assisted by artists Patrick Zircher, Rafa Sandoval, Roger Robinson, Jason Masters, Jim Fern and Andre Coelho.
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wonder Woman – New 52 | Comics

The ancient legends foretold that Amazonian princess Diana Prince was born of The Amazon's Queen Hippolyta’s strong desire for a child, who molded her daughter out of a lump of clay and then later breathed life into it, who was blessed with the powers of the Gods of Olympus. However, her seemingly perfect birth story was actually a fake and she learned about her true origin as she grew up but this revelation came with a great personal burden that she has been carrying ever since. Not only she is the greatest among her own race, she is also a champion of justice.

Year One
Up until Steve Trevor crash-landed in a plane to the secret island of Themyscira, Diana never knew much of the outside world and always wanted to go and explore it. The Amazon's decided to send Trevor back to Man's World with one of them as an ambassador and there was a tournament of Amazons to find out who that would be. Diana bested her sisters and even passed the final test by her mother before receiving her fabled Lasso of Truth. In United States, she stopped a terrorist attack and the press immediately dubbed her "Wonder Woman".

wonder woman new 52
Wonder Woman – New 52 | Comics

It was kept as a secret for Diana's sake all along because of the infamous jealousy of Zeus's wife Hera and she has become a powerful Amazon fatale because of her divine bloodline. When Zeus goes missing and Hera was up with her evil scheme after finding out the secret origin of Wonder Woman, she went to Themyscira to exact vengeance on Queen Hippolyta. Diana later learns that she was actually the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. This demigoddess successfully thwarted her plans of killing Athena's young incarnation Zola for carrying Zeus's child and learnt about her origin using her golden Lasso of Truth.

Justice League: Origin
With her liaison Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman was in Washington D.C. for her duties as a representative of her people but then she almost immediately joined the team of Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Green lantern, Superman and The Flash in the wake of the Parademons invasion from Apokolips heralding their master Darkseid. Diana bravely fought against the demonic invading army and even bested The Dark God himself, wounding one of his eyes. She finds a liking in Superman in the battlefield. The magnificent seven of them soon forms the Justice League and made their alliance known to public.

While Diana was busy dealing with Hera on Mount Olympus, Hades kidnapped Zola and took her to Hell. She seeks assistance from Hephaestus and Hades sent a monster to kill them all but Diana took it down. She also learns a shocking truth of a race of men who are her long-lost abandoned brothers. In Hell, Eros, Hermes, Lennox and Wonder Woman found Zola after fighting the minions Hades have sent after them. As they were about to leave, Hades states that one of them should leave behind and since Diana couldn't arrange his marriage with Hera, she should remain as his wife.

Using Eros' pistols, Hades shot Diana to make her fall under love's spell. When he asked her to prove her love to him, she managed to break from the bond as it is in her capacity to love everyone but since Hades is unknown about the concept of love, he couldn't understand it. Artemis and Apollo then kidnap Zola to hand her over to Hera in exchange for the throne of Mount Olympus. Diana arrives to save Zola and reminded Apollo of a prophecy of a child of Zeus killing a god for the throne. Thus, threatening him to leave Zola and her child alone or she will fulfill the prophecy herself.

When Zola gave birth to a son, it was taken away by Hermes, who gave the baby to Demeter. Hera is rendered mortal after being cast out from Olympus and is forced to hang out with them. As she seeks her brother Milan for clues to find the baby, Wonder Woman crosses paths with the New God Orion, who's after Zola's son. In Manhattan, Zola and Hera was found in a bar with War, who leads them to Demeter. Diana and Orion even worked together to find the boy before War took the baby ripping from Demeter and she eventually managed to retrieve the boy from her uncle.

Wonder Woman finally came to terms with War and he admitted her success in impaired family into a strong alliance. The boy has been named Zeke and Apollo sent Artemis to kill the boy only to be defeated by Diana. Two other illegitimate offspring of Zeus; First Born and Cassandra attacked the band, setting them off-balance. To move everyone to safety, Orion opened a Boom Tube to New Genesis and Lennox decides to sacrifice himself to keep First Born from chasing his allies. After they took some time to heal, Diana wished to get back to Earth and Highfather complied. She came back in London to face an army of hyena men of the First Born and unexpectedly received help from Ares.

When challenged and engaged in a fight with the First Born, Wonder Woman quickly realizes that she cannot bring him down as easily as she thought. To give Diana a fighting chance, War confronts the First Born and she impaled both of them with a spear. War died happily seeing her becoming a great warrior and War's helmet is given to Diana by Strife after she is declared the Goddess of War by the Gods of Olympus. As she goes to face Cassandra, Diana is accompanied by Hermes, Orion and Siracca. Hera was restored of her godhood by Apollo before he died and she brought all Amazons back to life.

Though Hera turned all Amazons as they were except Hippolyta and she was unable to revert the Amazon Queen with her power. Wonder Woman tells Zola to stay on Themyscira with Zeke and told her sisters to change their social views about men as she brought her abandoned brothers to Paradise Island. They all prepare to face First Born since he was attacking other gods in order to conquer all and Diana was captured by him. She planned on place Zeke on the throne of Olympus to end all madness but Zola and Zeke eventually turned out to be a reincarnation of Athena and Zeus.

In absence of Queen Hippolyta, Diana had to accept the Amazon throne till she brings her mother back to normal. When the Justice League came to investigate an environmental catastrophe, she had a run in with Swamp Thing, thinking he is responsible. Meanwhile, the Amazon council forces her to choose between staying in Paradise Island forever as their Queen or leave the throne. Troubled with these choices, she found comfort in the spirit of Hippolyta who suggested her to follow her duty as God of War. She discovered that the Amazon have created a warrior from magical clay named Donna Troy to take her place as Queen.

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wonder woman vs darkseid
Tussle With Darkseid

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Wonder Woman Vol 02 – Guts (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 03 – Iron (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 03 – Iron (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 04 – War (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 04 – War (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 05 – Flesh (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 05 – Flesh (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 06 – Bones (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 06 – Bones (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 07 – War Torn (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 07 – War Torn (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman is one of the most popular DC Comics fictional super heroines based on the idea of William Moulton Marston in 1941. The character gained a new and revised origin point in The New 52 rebooted timeline of the Prime Earth. Currently, the post-Flashpoint fourth monthly ongoing volume of Wonder Woman is being plotted by writer Brian Azzarello (Deathblow, Hellblazer) and illustrated by artist Cliff Chiang and it started publishing by DC Comics from 2011 along with other The New 52 titles. Aside from her regular appearance on her solo book, Wonder Woman also features on the monthly issues of the Justice League series on a regular basis.

wonder woman dc
A Goddess Among Mortals

Before being re-introduced to the post-Flashpoint timeline, Wonder Woman already had many decades worth of legacy that was sort of re-imagined by the series creators. Diana had a long-ongoing thing going on with Steve Trevor but that did not work out in the end and she hooked-up with the Man of Steel. So, she commonly appears alongside Superman in a monthly ongoing series of their own titled Superman/Wonder Woman, which mostly focuses on relationship aspects of Clark and Diana as well as the impact this pairing has on the whole world. Diana of Themyscira was also involved as well as in action during many controversial and world-ending events on Prime Earth.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Suicide Squad – New 52 | Comics

The founder of Justice League of America as well as the Director of A.R.G.U.S. program; Amanda Waller is given the assignment to assemble a field team of super-powered individuals to use as expendable black ops operatives. She came to Belle Reve Penitentiary to recruit members for her Task Force X from current death row inmates and kidnapped 37 super criminals from there.

suicide squad comics
Suicide Squad – New 52 | Comics

Among them only seven have survived from the immense tortures and training as part of the initiation program. The surviving members are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo, King Shark, Black Spider, Voltaic and Savant. When thought of going on their first field mission they are tested again to ensure their loyalty and only one of them broke during this process.

All of the members of Suicide Squad are planted with micro-bomb implants to guarantee their obedience for the cause and Amanda Waller is in full-charge to command the team. With Deadshot as the primary leader of the band, the team is sent out for their first mission to get a package from the middle of a stadium filled with infectious crazed crowd.

One of them is killed to cover their tracks and two new members; Captain Boomerang and Yo-Yo join the group. They fights a secret terrorist organization called Basilisk and afterwards, Harley Quinn manages an escape, leaving a massive prison-break on her way. When the Crime Syndicate (during Forever Evil) took over Belle Reve, Waller assembles a New Squad to take control over the escalated situation.

For more information on Suicide Squad – New 52 comics Series, you can check out these links below.

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suicide squad dc comics
Worst Heroes Ever

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Suicide Squad Vol 01 – Kicked in the Teeth (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 02 – Basilisk Rising (Softcover)

The Joker – Death of the Family (Softcover)

The Joker – Death of the Family (Hardcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 03 – Death is for Suckers (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 04 – Discipline and Punish (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 05 – Walled In (Softcover)

New Suicide Squad Vol 01 – Pure Insanity (Softcover)

In the wake of The New 52 wave following the “Flashpoint” crossover event, every major title, characters and teams of DC Universe has gone through a massive revamp. The anti-hero league created in 1986 by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru known as Suicide Squad is no different from that. From 2011, not only the new series got a huge change in the roster but the storyline is also taken to a new heights.

suicide squad prime earth
Point of No Return

Artists Adam Glass (Flashpoint – Legion of Doom, Deadpool – Suicide Kings), Ales Kot and Matt Kindt took the duty of sinister plotting for the ongoing along with artist Federico Dallocchio, Cliff Richards, Clayton Henry (New X-Men – Hellions, X-Men – Apocalypse Vs. Dracula), Fernando Dagnino and Patrick Zircher (New Warriors, Thunderbolts).

Even a live-action Suicide Squad movie based on the series is also under development, starring Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, Scott Eastwood, Karen Fukuhara and Cara Delevingne. Heavily resembling to the current incarnation of the team, the film is set to release in mid 2016 as a part of the DC Cinematic Universe.
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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Catwoman – When in Rome | Comics

Catwoman is having a weird dream where she was on a heist and she met Batman, The Joker and Two-Face all on her tail as she ended up realizing that it was all just a bad dream, which did not end well. Previously, she tangled along with The Dark Knight during the menace of the mysterious Holiday Killer and Hungman Killer in Gotham City.

catwoman when in rome
Catwoman – When In Rome | Comics

When Batman was busy solving the murder mysteries left by these new breed of psychotic criminals of Gotham, Selina Kyle took off to Rome with Edward Nygma aka The Riddler, the disgraceful bad-guy for running some investigation of her own and figuring out the edges of some long unsolved mysteries. There they met with The Blonde, Italy’s top reigning hitman and their only contact in the entire Italian underworld.

The Blonde eventually arranges a meeting for Selina with one of the local mobster, Don Verinni but he was later found dead using the infamous Joker venom and she was framed for Verinni’s murder. What disturbed her most is the nightmares she was constantly having with all the villains and Batman chasing her always and she really started losing it.

During another meeting gone wrong, she is freezed with Mr. Freeze's freezing gun, attacked by the villainous Cheetah but all three of them managed to escape death in joint effort. Worst of them all, The Riddler sneaked into her room while she was dressing up and surprisingly kisses her. In between these confusing situation, all she was looking for the real identity of her father to finally know her origin that led her to Rome.

For more information on Catwoman – When in Rome, you can check out the link below.

Catwoman – When in Rome (Comics) Wikipedia

catwoman vs batman
A Feline's Knightmare

Here is your links for "Catwoman – When in Rome" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Catwoman – When in Rome 01

Catwoman – When in Rome 02

Catwoman – When in Rome 03

Catwoman – When in Rome 04

Catwoman – When in Rome 05

Catwoman – When in Rome 06

Here is your links for the "Catwoman – When in Rome" limited series from DC Comics.

Catwoman – When in Rome (Softcover)

Catwoman – When in Rome (Hardcover)

Catwoman – When in Rome is the six issue limited series from DC Comics that serves as the third installment of a Batman-Noir trilogy written by Jeph Loeb (Batman – HushEmperor Joker) and drawn by artist Tim Sale (Batman – Haunted Knight, Challengers of the Unknown Must Die).

tim sale catwoman
A Murder Mystery

This limited series was published on 2004 as a follow up of Batman – The Long Halloween and Batman – Dark Victory by the same creators. However, being part of the Batman focused story line, the limelight of the series was mainly centered on this female super-heroine and her little venture out of Gotham City.
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