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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Curse of the Spawn | Comics

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Curse of the Spawn | Comics
In the furthest horrible future, where the forces of Hell has waged a war against the humans and running it for almost 50 years after taking total control over everything. The only few remaining amount of people are unorganized and being hunted down every day. This man hunting slaughter fest is pure entertainment source of an evil from Nuvatican City, only known as Anti-Pope who enjoyed the carnage around him and sets within Vatican City. In this hellish new world, a boy named Daniel Llanso grew up by her loving mother along with his sister Madrid. On the dark side of the moon, they were lived by their father in a trailer dome. One day when the boy had enough of his mother getting beat, he shot and killed his father on an instant at the age of only ten.

After this, he was sent on detention centers and many prisons as he grew up and he ended up on a sentence in prison upon murdering a miserable punk. However, he made a promise to his sister that he always kept up and that is to never give up on him. He then died in a set-up accident and discovers himself magically re-animated as he was drafted as a Hellspawn by one of the archon of Hell, Phlegethonyarre. Daniel returned to an Earth that is torn in the war of evil and engaged to save the mortal family he once had. Thus he met his sister and her son Matthew, while fighting the dilemma of being a monster and finding peace within. At some point, Al Simmons, Angel Abdiel, Angela, Jessica Priest, Sam and Twitch is also going to be part of Daniel's world.

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Curse of the Spawn (Comics) Wikipedia

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Servant of Phlegethonyarre
Here is your links for "Curse of the Spawn" comics from Image Comics.

The Best of Curse of The Spawn

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Damnation of Soul

As a spin-off to the main Spawn series created by Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Image United), Curse of the Spawn is a monthly ongoing comic-book series that was introduced by Image Comics in 1996. Initially the series was plotted out by writer Alan McElroy and artists Dwayne Turner, Danny Miki, Todd Broeker and Clayton Crain (Ghost Rider – Road to Damnation, Ghost Rider – Trail of Tears) has laid their marks on this 29 issue-long ongoing series. Though the series is set in a distant timeline, it still features characters like Al Simmons, Angela, Malebolgia and The Freak from the mainstream Spawn ongoing series in later issues. Several storylines has taken from the series was later re-published as different graphic novel.
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