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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thanos – Thanos Wins | Comics

Thanos returns to his glory only to reach the end of time to witness his greatest glory and ultimate shame!

On Chitauri Prime, The Mad Titan has set foot in their gladiatorial arena a few hours ago and he almost forgot about the tyrannical Chitauri before that. He conquered their homeworld after decimating anyone who came in his way and crushed the skull of their king under his boot but was very disappointed upon finding no challenge here.

As he sits on the throne while his new army cheers for him, one of them pledges their entire armada for him and asks if he would ask his "God" to stop killing them now, causing him to wonder!

Since the creature appears like Phoneix and cuts through their defenses sooner than he did, they thought it to be his God. At that very moment, blood starts raining heavily from sky as Leviathans were getting slaughtered and Thanos started to smile after a long time, because it strongly stinks of Death.

Soon the mysterious being is revealed to be a cosmic version of Ghost Rider! Although he is all hellfire and brimstone, but neither Johnny Blaze nor Danny Ketch has become Spirit of Vengeance this time and he is from future.

thanos wins marvel comics
Thanos – Thanos Wins | Comics

The Rider asks Thanos to come along but he refuses to oblige and tells Mephisto to come and meet if he wants to. He is confused and explains that killing son of Titan will mess up timeline only to get punched on face. Before making another move, he is wrapped in chains by GR, which are made off the bones of Cyttorak.

The pawn of Hell also possess a fragment of Time Stone and teleports them both using it. Million years into future, he delivered an imprisoned Thanos to his master, Final King, who is an older version of The Mad Titan.

There are mightiest beings in existence that are superior to everyone else and there are heroes who protect the entire universe from major threats. However, deep down inside them all are afraid of one single thing, to see Thanos win! Unfortunately, it finally happened and sitting on the skull of Galactus, he tells to his younger self how the entire universe was doomed the moment he was born.

One by one, he took down every heroes of Earth with precise planning when they slowly grew old and when a group of Celestials came to judge, he vanquished them all with a thunderous scream of Inhuman King, Black Bolt.

Angry over dragging him through time and still in disbelief, Thanos knocks his older self but decides to align with him moments later, when he finally proves him to be the real deal. He brought his younger counterpart to this timeline for his help in killing The Fallen One, a former herald of Galactus and after killing every living thing in the known universe, he is the only one left to deliver to Death.

Despite once being a terror for everyone, the Final King seeking his help to kill a rogue herald doesn't seem plausible to Thanos.

marvel comics thanos ghost rider hulk
The Final King Reigns

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01. Thanos V2 13

02. Thanos V2 14

03. Thanos V2 15

04. Thanos V2 16

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06. Thanos V2 18

07. Thanos Annual V2 01

Here is your link to buy "Thanos – Thanos Wins" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Thanos – Thanos Wins

The second monthly ongoing volume of Thanos have already shaken things up by revealing him dying in "Thanos Returns" and then restored to his old form in "The God Quarry" storyline. Now, Marvel Comics brings writer Donny Cates (Doctor Strange – Damnation, Doctor Strange – God of Magic) and Geoff Shaw (Buzzkill, God Country) to cook up the third plotline featuring another mad conquest of the Titan in 2018, which collects issues #13-18 and Annual issue #01.

Al Ewing, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook, Kieron Gillen (Angela – Asgard's Assassin, Beta Ray Bill – Godhunter) and Ryan North joined as guest-storyteller, while Frazer Irving and Katie Cook joined to provide illustration aid.

thanos marvel comics
Twin Titans Clash

Following the past two stories, Thanos faced his son Thane and then allied with his brother Starfox and estranged daughter Nebula to defeat him before finally restoring his godhood. This very arc briefly explores how he continuously threatened reality over time during the events of Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, Annihilation Wars and Infinity.

While invading Earth for the final time, he was opposed by Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, The Sentry, Vision and X-23, all of which fell before him. Cates brilliantly took a spin on the origin of Cosmic Ghost Rider and how he turned into Black Right Hand of the Final King.
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Death | Comics

Her very existence sprung at the first creation of life and until the demise of the last living soul of the entire plane of existence, she will be there. When that event finally occurs she will put the rest of the Universe to rest in peace. She is one of The Endless called Death, who also happens to be the second eldest member of the group.

death dc comics
Death | Comics

Nearly 80,000 years ago from now, Death and The Endless visited the necropolis to put the body of Despair to leave in rest. She has taken all the kings, emperors and rulers of worlds from the history to their afterlife upon their demise. Despite being the personification of life’s end, she actually is pale young Goth lady who is quite caring and kind to all the beings of existence.

As an immortal being that possess near omnipotence she is not bound by any rules like the other six siblings of her, she still has to follow a single custom. A day in every century she has to live an entire day as a mere mortal and die at the end of that day. So that she could comprehend the value of life and what it means to living actually.

During her journey to the eternal and out of the stars of our reach she occasionally visited earth while having the slightest confrontation with Captain Atom, Ambush Bug, Lobo, Legion of Super Heroes, Lex Luthor over time and The Flash too during the crisis of Brightest Day. It is also implied that there are multiple counterparts of many different character across the Multiverse but for all those universe there is only one Death.

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death the endless
Death of The Endless

Here is your links to buy "Death” comics from DC Comics (Vertigo) on Amazon.

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Death – At Death’s Door

The Books of Magic

Sandman – A Game of You (Softcover)

Sandman – A Game of You (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 02

Sandman – Fables and Reflections (Softcover)

Sandman – Fables and Reflections (Hardcover)

Death (Softcover)

Death (Hardcover)

Absolute Death

Death – The High Cost of Living (Softcover)

Death – The High Cost of Living (Hardcover)

Sandman – Brief Lives (Softcover)

Sandman – Brief Lives (Hardcover)

Sandman – Worlds’ End (Softcover)

Sandman – Worlds’ End (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 03

Sandman – The Kindly Ones (Softcover)

Sandman – The Kindly Ones (Hardcover)

Sandman – The Wake (Softcover)

Sandman – The Wake (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 04

Death – The Time of Your Life (Softcover)

Death – The Time of Your Life (Hardcover)

Sandman – Endless Nights (Softcover)

Sandman – Endless Nights (Hardcover)

A character that appeared in the second volume of The Sandman monthly ongoing series in 1989, Death is a fictional comics character who was created by Neil Gaiman (Angela, Eternals) and Mike Dringenberg for the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Dringenberg made Death visually similar and taken inspiration from his friend Cinamon Hadley.

chris bachalo death
Life of Death

Even though she represents the aspect of death, she emerges to the viewers in a more friendly appearance. She is one of the most popular character from comic book throughout Vertigo, DC Comics and in overall. Apart from her role in the Sandman stories she also had a few limited series of her own and made cameo in the regular DC Universe time to time.
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