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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Titans – The Return of Wally West | Comics

When "Flashpoint" wave caused the creation of the reality of Prime Earth, speedster Wally West was missing from that timeline and Barry Allen was the one the world came to know as The Flash. Since, Wally has recently resurfaced from beyond the Speed-Force and with help from Barry Allen, has established his anchor to Prime Earth.

Donning a new red costume, Wally now goes looking for his friends, The Titans but the world that he knew has forgotten him long ago. Back at their old hangout, Wally is confronted by his old friend Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, only to be tased by lightning upon touching him, which also restores his memory about Wally.

Rest of the gang he used to hang out with; Arsenal, Donna Troy, Omen and Tempest also arrived thinking Nightwing was in trouble and soon takes their shot on Wally and everyone's memory is eventually restored with the spark of his Speed Force, re-uniting the happy family of Titans once again.

wally west flash rebirth
Titans – The Return of Wally West | Comics

As Lilith Clay looked inside Wally's mind, she found a powerful thought in his mind, the name of Linda Park, whom he knew before all of these. Omen also unknowingly awakened another mind from within Wally's consciousness, currently residing in Keystone City.

A lousy magician named Mister Hocus Pocus, who suddenly started yelling in pain and transformed into Abra Kadabra, a villain who is obsessed with Wally West. Meanwhile, reporter Linda Park arrives at Keystone City looking for a fresh scoop and find out a crowd appeared out of nowhere, resembling to The Titans but only younger and in their old outfits.

She even confronted the Kid Flash among them about if he knows her, to which he denies as he was just born without any memories. Soon, the real Titans reach to the scene to confront their evil counterparts created by Abra Kadabra.

The magical reproductions of the original Titans seem to have outmatched the real team a bit but eventually got taken down. The puppet Lilith Clay figures out that Linda Park from the audience is very special to Abra Kadabra's arch-nemesis Wally West but he thinks that's impossible according to the history. However, the villain then abducts Linda Park in his twisted revenge scheme against Wally West and gave him only an hour to save her life.

wally west abra kadabra dc comics
Revenge of Kadabra

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Titans – The Return of Wally West

With a new wave of change, "DC Rebirth" has started unfolding many unresolved mysteries and providing long-awaited answers. "The Return of Wally West" storyline ran side by side with The Flash story-arc "Lightning Strikes Twice" and takes place to the third ongoing monthly series of "Titans", which is scripted by writer Dan Abnett (Ghostbusters, The Authority) and illustrated by artist Brett Booth (Justice League of America, Teen Titans – New 52), collecting issues #01-06 and Titans: Rebirth one-shot.

flash rebirth wally west
Wally's Last Run

The story sheds light on the reality altering events of DC Universe, as Flash's old enemy Abra Kadabra is back again with his bag full of tricks and it is revealed that he made his arch-nemesis disappear from reality.

Though he was responsible for Wally's disappearance, he has nothing to do with reality manipulation of Prime Earth, since he isn't that powerful. However, Abra Kadabra is still aware of a "Presence" that was actually responsible for that. This probably is a nod to the "Watchmen" connection, which will be more detailed in the upcoming "Made in Manhattan" storyline.
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wonder Woman – War-Torn | Comics

wonder woman new 52
Wonder Woman – War-Torn | Comics
As she dealt with the menace of First Born, Diana has allowed her Amazonian "brothers" who used to work for Hephaestus into Themyscira. This worries her sisters and led many of them to question her judgment, most prominently by Derinoe, who believes that Diana is not a worthy heir of Hippolyta and thus, attempts to replace her with a worthy one. Before she could defend her actions, Wonder Woman is called by Justice League for an emergency. It appears that the entire populace of a village has vanished and during her investigation, she met with Swamp Thing and attacked him for suspecting him responsible but then talked down by Aquaman. She admits that she is troubled with her duty as a Queen, a member of Justice League and now as the God of War!

A part of being Pantheon of Olympians and being involved in the affairs of her brothers have kept her so busy that she barely has time for her. When returned to Paradise Island, Diana is summoned by the council of Amazons to choose between her duties as a Queen or a savior of humanity. Meanwhile, Derinoe convinces her daughter to give up her own child to a powerful sorceress for a ritual that will forge the perfect Amazon from clay. Therefore, young Donna Troy is born to be a successor of Hippolyta's throne by defeating Wonder Woman. But before they could even face each other in battle, Derinoe's hatred leads Troy to do something that will infuriate the Amazon Queen. Also, an unexpected heart-breaking bad news waits for Diana that will torn her forever.

For more information on Wonder Woman – War-Torn storyline, you can check out the link below.

Wonder Woman – War-Torn (Comics) DC Comics Wikia
wonder woman vs donna troy
Challenger to The Throne
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05. Wonder Woman V4 40

06. Wonder Woman Annual V4 01

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wonder woman comics
War and Conflict

Wonder Woman – War-Torn (Softcover)

Wonder Woman – War-Torn (Hardcover)

Since the beginning of The New 52, things have escalated from the "Blood" storyline to the current status quo of Wonder Woman as she is now the God of War! DC Comics brings the team of writer Meredith Finch (Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Fairy Tales – Tales from Oz) and artist David Finch (Brightest Day, Forever Evil) to usher a new chapter of Wonder Woman, which also marks the first appearance of Donna Troy on Prime Earth. Batman, Cyborg, Flash and Superman also made brief appearance throughout the course of the plot. Among many other events took place lately, Superman's transformation after encountering Doomsday (Superman – Doomed) as well as Diana's ascension to a God of Olympus was mentioned. War-Torn is followed up by "A Twist of Fate" and "Resurrection" arcs next before the launch of DC Rebirth.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Teen Titans | Comics

Apart from doing their vigilantism work as sidekicks, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin were also active as a solo hero. When Mister Twister started trouble at Hatton Corners, these young heroes stopped him by working as a team and they decided to continue their union by calling themselves Teen Titans with approval from their mentors Aquaman, Batman and The Flash.

teen titans dc comics
Teen Titans | Comics

Soon, they recruited Donna Troy as original Wonder Girl and Speedy to the team and start operating from a former Wayne Enterprises warehouse. When the mysterious tele-empathetic teen superhero Raven approaches Cyborg, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Robin, Starfire and Wonder Girl for help fighting the menace of her demonic father Trigon, they re-builded the team as New Teen Titans.

In the aftermath of “Zero Hour”, Nightwing passed the leadership mantle to Arsenal, following a bunch of new recruits like Changeling, Damage, Impulse, Kyle Rayner, Minion, Mirage, Supergirl and Terra. Then Donna Troy dies on “Graduation Day” and Nightwing formed The Outsiders. This apparently left Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire in their San Francisco based Titans Tower.

Bart Allen as Impulse, Tim Drake as the new Robin, Superboy and a new Wonder Girl re-formed the team again to deal with Deathstroke and the Church of Blood, led by a new Brother Blood. The team was also active during Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis. The older members of the team later formed "Titans" and Cyborg reforms Titans East.

For more information on Teen Titans comics series, you can check out these links below.

Teen Titans (Comics) Wikipedia

Teen Titans (Comics) DC Wikia

teen titans year one
Early Days of the Titans

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Teen Titans – Year One

The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol 01

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 01

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 02

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 03

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol 04

The New Teen Titans – Terra Incognito

The New Teen Titans – The Judas Contract

The New Teen Titans – The Terror of Trigon

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Softcover)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Hardcover)

Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

History of the DC Universe (Softcover)

History of the DC Universe (Hardcover)

New Teen Titans – Games (Softcover)

New Teen Titans – Games (Hardcover)

JLA/Titans – The Technis Imperative

Titans/Young Justice – Graduation Day

New Teen Titans – Who Is Donna Troy?

Teen Titans Vol 01 – A Kid’s Game

Teen Titans Vol 02 – Family Lost

Teen Titans Vol 03 – Beast Boys and Girls

Teen Titans Vol 04 – The Future is Now

Teen Titans/Outsiders – The Insiders

Infinite Crisis (Softcover)

Infinite Crisis (Hardcover)

Teen Titans Vol 05 – Life and Death

Teen Titans Vol 06 – Titans Around The World

Teen Titans Vol 07 – Titans East

Teen Titans – Titans of Tomorrow

Teen Titans – Spotlight – Wonder Girl

Teen Titans – On the Clock

Teen Titans – Spotlight – Raven

Titans – Old Friends (Softcover)

Titans – Old Friends (Hardcover)

Teen Titans – Spotlight – Cyborg

Titans – Lockdown

Teen Titans – Changing of the Guard

Terror Titans

Teen Titans – Deathtrap

Teen Titans – Child’s Play

Teen Titans – Ravager – Fresh Hell

Consisting of the popular teenage superheroes, the concept of the fictional superhero team Teen Titans was created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. It first appeared in the 60th issue of The Brave and the Bold monthly ongoing series from DC Comics in 1965.

teen titans infinite crisis
Titans on Adventure

During the long running publication period, writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman), Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and Scott Lobdell (The Darkness, WildC.A.T.s) has helped create the base of a long running chronological storytelling along with artists Gil Kane (Conan the Barbarian, John Carter; Warlord of Mars), Art Saaf, Neal Adams, Mike McKone, Eddy Barrows and Ed Benes (Artemis – Requiem, Blackest Night – Titans).

Following the timeline reboot of The New 52 after "Flashpoint" crossover event, the team of Teen Titans have begin their adventure anew on Prime Earth. Apart from shining in the comic book pages, the team also appeared in its own TV show aired on Cartoon Network simply titled Teen Titans on The WB from 2003 to 2006.
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