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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever | Comics

Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage must form The Defenders to keep the streets safe from a deadly enemy of past.

Harlem's very own bulletproof man Luke Cage was coming back home from the market and talking to some schoolgirls of the neighborhood when he is suddenly ambushed with a rocket launcher. Cage quickly jumped off to save the bystanders.

He then rushed to a nearby building rooftop to chase the assailant but found a few diamond on the ground. He then receives a call and went to hospital to see his wife Jessica Jones, who was also attacked in her Alias Investigations Office and left heavily injured.

Daredevil came following them as someone attacked his alter ego Matt Murdock too in broad daylight and points out that someone has targeted four of them. Before Luke could ask about the fourth victim, Danny Rand, the Iron Fist was also marked.

As they were discussing who it could be, Jessica regains consciousness only to reveals it was Diamondback who came at her office to talk to her about a recent raid by vigilante hero Daredevil, Iron Fist and her husband Luke Cage at Club Ultimate. When she asks him to leave, he shot at her and then left some diamonds by her side.

marvel's defenders comics
Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever | Comics

Black Cat then goes to meet Diamondback at his club and asks him about his intention, also pointing out his unusual return from being dead. As he explains his plan to take over New York while Hammerhead makes a call to Luke Cage to inform him on Willis Stryker.

Shortly, Cage comes crashing down seeking revenge over Willis for shooting his wife but the latter came prepared as he incapacitates Luke with toxic dust and left him to die after giving him a severe beating while Black Cat watched it all in horror.

Jessica meets Daredevil and Iron Fist in a bar as her investigation gave her no lead on Diamondback so far and Matt proposes that they should team up. She rushes to Night Nurse's clinic as soon as she hears Luke's news. With assistance from Vampire Hunter Blade, Nurse Linda Carter eventually manages to save Luke.

Jessica goes straight up to Club Ultimate to confront Diamondback as Matt and Danny join her but the villain surprisingly overpowers them all and ran. The trio then gave him a chase on street only to be gunned down by another vigilante known as The Punisher.

Danny, Jessica and Matt wake up at Night Nurse's clinic beside Luke Cake, who is surprised to hear that Frank Castle has actually shot at them. While Daredevil and Luke cage goes to apprehend Castle for some questioning, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist decide to take on Diamondback.

However, Willis tossed Jessica within her car when he spotted her and then broke Danny's back after blocking one of his powerful chi-Punch with ease. The mean street of New York now just got even meaner with their entire rampage and this marks a new formation of The Defenders.

iron fist vs diamondback
Taming The Thunder

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Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever

Marvel's The Defenders
television series on online streaming-service Netflix was one of the hottest buzz in 2017 and to catch up with the show, Marvel Comics decided to bring back Defenders monthly ongoing series in publication.

Also, it followed the TV line-up for heroes by putting Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist together to reform the band once again. The plot was conceived by veteran writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers Disassembled, House of M) and artist David Marquez (Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man – Reboot) assisted him in envisioning the entire story with his sensational artwork.

defenders vs punisher
The Punisher Strikes!

They brought back one of the oldest villain from Luke Cage's life who was dead for a long time and then just to make things a bit more interesting, Marvel dropped The Punisher in the story. Looks like Willis Stryker himself was quite a handful for the four of the Defenders of New York with his newfound enhanced strength.

There was a small cameo of Elektra, who is marking her return into their lives. When this is all set and done, a certain Merc with a Mouth is called in by private eye Jessica Jones to lend a hand or two in upcoming arc "Kingpins of New York".
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II | Comics

Deadpool risks his status on team. Cable and Steve Rogers face off. The Unity Squad goes against The Hand and a resurrected fallen hero.

An Inhuman precog who predicts the future has the superhero community divided and when he sees that the Hulk is going to kill all Avengers, Bruce Banner is confronted by Avengers Unity Division, Inhumans, S.H.I.E.L.D., Ultimates and X-Men. In an unprecedented event, Hawkeye took it upon himself to shot Banner with an arrow in the head.

Although Deadpool was poking fun at him when they took him to custody, he was surprised to see Clint making such a call. So, he takes on a secret mission to rescue Clint Barton from prison putting his Avengers status on risk. After having a meet up with Kate Bishop and making some arrangement, he breaks into The Cellar to get Barton out.

Taking down a few guards on duty, Wade finds him and though Clint thought he is here to gloat, DP hands him over some cash and a new passport to get a new life on somewhere else. He refuses to run and thanks Deadpool for his efforts anyway.

Captain America is called in to New Attilan by Queen Medusa as the precog Ulysses is having another vision about a member of his Unity Squad. He actually sees Cable waging a war in future and is currently with a bad company. This forces Steve Rogers to confront Nate with law enforcement but he claims to head for a pre-planned vacation.

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics cover
Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II | Comics

He meets Rogue in the plane and they are on a quest to find the cure for the poisoning caused by Terrigen Mist. They are accompanied by Sebastian Shaw, former Black King of Hellfire Club and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Toad. Wade goes to see Synapse to check on Quicksilver, who broke his leg fighting Ultron earlier.

While some of the closed friends showed up to pay respects to Dr. Banner at his funeral, Doctor Voodoo's brother Daniel Drumm makes a deal with The Hand. Cap asks DeePee about Nate or if he knows anything about what he is up to but he doesn't know a thing. Rogers is worried about his Unity Squad coming under fire for its mutant members.

Meanwhile, Cable and his gang of mutants raids U.S. Army Medical Research Institute to steal their research on Terrigen Mist. He decides to send data to Beast to find a cure for M-Pox but his A.I. Belle suggests that they do it anonymously. They find Deadpool waiting for them in the airfield but got busted to Cap at the last moment anyway.

He knocks off Toad and moves to a fistfight with Shaw before getting back at Cable until Rogue intervenes and breaks the fight. Nate leaves with the research and Rogers disbands Unity Squad for good, firing the mutants and rebukes Wade Wilson for being a disgrace. Rogue tries to argue about that but he simply won't listen to them anymore.

Doctor Voodoo is visited by his thought to be deceased brother Daniel at the Bar With No Doors, who is resurrected by The Hand in exchange for the location of Banner's body. Jericho promptly warns DP and Rogue, who called in Human Torch, Quicksilver, Synapse and Wasp to go to Japan and stop the evil ninja cult from resurrecting Banner.

Voodoo takes the team to Tokyo where they meet Elektra and they smoked one of their nests to invite a whole herd of undead ninjas for a city-wide brawl. With Natchios on their side, they quickly reaches to the place where they kept Bruce but by the time they reached it was too late and like a devastating earthquake, an undead Hulk arrives!

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics cable vs captain america
A Breaking Point

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Uncanny Avengers – Civil War II

Marvel Comics
came up with major crossover event Civil War II in 2016 as a sequel to its 2007 predecessor Civil War. Uncanny Avengers series regular writer Gerry Duggan (Arkham Manor, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool) was roped in to create a tie-in story for the event and depict how it affected the members of the roster as well as their friends.

Artists Pepe Larraz (Fear Itself – The Home Front, New Avengers – Luke Cage) and Ryan Stegman (Scarlet Spider, Wolverine) were in charge of penciller duty. Collecting issues #13-17 of the third ongoing volume of the series, the story begins from the point where Hawkeye shot Banner dead and become an outcast among his team.

uncanny avengers civil war II marvel comics elektra rogue wasp synapse
No Rest For The Weary

Whatever dreams Steve Rogers had during the time when he assembled human, mutant and even Inhuman heroes to encourage peace and unity following Avengers/X-Men War, is now officially ended when his mutant teammates went outside of law and caught working with known criminals like Sebastian Shaw and Toad.

Early encounter of Avengers Unity Squad with Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid in "The Man Who Fell to Earth" and upcoming adventure in "Red Skull" storyline is perfectly bridged up in the plot before the team is officially disbanded. The Thing of the Fantastic Four and the former herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer showed up in cameo appearance.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body | Comics

Two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were talking on the topic of how their job is affecting their personal life in S.H.I.E.L.D. Nega-Compound B, where they were guarding a corpse of a super-villain. Elektra, the assassin for hire suddenly breaks into the compound and took down the guards within moments. It appears that what she was looking for is the corpse of the menacing villain Bullseye, who were slain by the costumed hero Daredevil during the prior events of “Shadowland”.

Hawkeye, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman of The Avengers were having a rough time to resist Wolverine from killing the hulking villain Infernock for burning half of his face. Finally, it was Captain America who talked him down for good. Back at the HQ, he is still pissed off about his face and when Spidey confronted Logan about this, Elektra arrives to seek Logan’s assistance. Without even asking for a reason, Logan gets dressed up to get going with her at once, much to Spidey's surprise.

savage wolverine hands on a dead body
Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body | Comics

Meanwhile, Kingpin is informed by The Hand that recently the mysterious grotesque entity, The Arbiters has raised a dead one from past to test him, who is now tasked to kill him. As the representative of The Arbiters leaves, Kingpin unleashed his anger on the two remaining ninja guards. Elektra and Wolverine are soon confronted by Lady Bullseye and met Kingpin who hired them both for an important task.

In The Hand’s lair the duo is approached by a gang of ninjas but Elektra quickly took out their leader and Logan gets on offing the rest of them. After taking a few hits, he gives in to his animal rage and makes a quick work of the rest. Elektra and Wolverine goes deep inside the quarters below but by then The Arbiters have already resurrected their agent to kill Kingpin. There, these two came across Mikaru the Blind, who tells them to leave or suffer the wrath of Shikaru the Mute.

Wolverine defies Mikaru's warning and engages in a furious battle against the dreaded goliath like being named Shikaru in a deadly duel while Elektra tries to figure a way out of this situation. Meanwhile, in the new Shadowland at Hell's Kitchen, Wilson Fisk is visited by someone from his past he never thought he'd see again and to be the leader of The Hand, he must prove himself against his assassin.

joe madureira savage wolverine
Ninjas, Blades and Revenge!

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Savage Wolverine 11

Here is your links to buy "Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body (Softcover)

Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body (Hardcover)

"Hands on a Dead Body" is the second story-arc of the monthly ongoing Savage Wolverine comic-book series from Marvel Comics. The story is penned down by writer Zeb Wells (Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus – Year One, Venom – Dark Origin) and drawn by artist Joe Madureira (Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men), while another penciller Jock (Green Arrow – Year One, Superman – American Alien) works on a secondary plot for the feral mutant. This fine storyline that is based on a twisted plot and contains lots of jaw dropping drawing actions by Joe Mad himself on his ran from issue #06-08.

joe madureira wolverine marvel comics
Fight That Leaves Scars

The core story mainly focuses on a personal mission of Elektra, where she is set off to retrieve the deceased corpse of the deranged assassin Bullseye, who once killed her. With a long-due vengeance on her mind, she recruits the best killing-machine she knows personally; Wolverine. Various members of The Hand played all the political agenda for a new internal power-shift in leadership, which they were unwilling to hand over to Wilson Fisk. On the side-story, Logan crash-lands off planet and finds a kid who is set to kill him.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dark Reign | Comics

With information stolen from Deadpool, Norman Osborn successfully ended "Secret Invasion" on by killing the Skrull Queen after replacing Iron Man from his role as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Osborn forms his own organization H.A.M.M.E.R. with his own agenda and changed Fifty State Initiative into Thunderbolts Initiative. Meanwhile, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Ronin and Wolverine of New Avengers reunites and Ronin even decides to go solo to attack Osborn.

dark reign marvel
Dark Reign | Comics

The Avengers are replaced with his own version of Dark Avengers with aid from his personal secretary Victoria Hand, consisting Bullseye as Hawkeye, former Scorpion and current Venom Mac Gargan as Sinister Spider-Man, Moonstone as Ms. Marvel, Daken as Dark Wolverine and Osborn himself as Iron Patriot.

He also formed a secret alliance of super-villains called The Cabal with Namor, Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Loki and The Hood, as well as enlisting a mentally unstable Sentry to his team. Then, to make sure nobody becomes a threat to him, he made a list of people to tick off to including DaredevilNick Fury, PunisherHulk and Wolverine.

Upon New Warriors' fight with an unstable Thor-Clone from Civil War, Camp Hammond is officially shut down (Avengers - The Initiative – Disassembled). Osborn totally took over by convincing President and will stop at nothing to maintain his newly grown heroic figure to public. But his actions and agendas start to build rebellion among some heroes and villains to oppose him before it's too late for everyone.

For more information on Dark Reign event, you can check out these links below.

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the cabal marvel
The Formation of Cabal

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Dark Reign – Accept Change

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Dark Reign – Deadpool/Thunderbolts

Agents of Atlas – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Agents of Atlas – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Wolverine Origins Vol 06 – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Wolverine Origins Vol 06 – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Punisher Vol 01 – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Punisher Vol 01 – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Dark Avengers Vol 01 – Dark Avengers Assemble (Softcover)

Dark Avengers Vol 01 – Dark Avengers Assemble (Hardcover)

New Avengers – The Reunion

New Avengers Vol 11 – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Softcover)

New Avengers Vol 11 – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Hardcover)

Deadpool Vol 02 – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Deadpool Vol 02 – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Ms. Marvel Vol 07 – Dark Reign (Softcover)

Ms. Marvel Vol 07 – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Secret Warriors Vol 01 – Nick Fury, Agent of Nothing (Softcover)

Secret Warriors Vol 01 – Nick Fury, Agent of Nothing (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – Fantastic Four

Spider-Man – American Son (Softcover)

Spider-Man – American Son (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – Elektra

Dark Wolverine Vol 01 – The Prince (Softcover)

Dark Wolverine Vol 01 – The Prince (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – The Hood

Dark Reign – The Underside

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men – Utopia (Softcover)

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men – Utopia (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – Sinister Spider-Man

Dark Reign – Skull Kill Krew

Dark Reign – Young Avengers

Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol 01

Ms. Marvel Vol 08 – War of The Marvels (Softcover)

Ms. Marvel Vol 08 – War of The Marvels (Hardcover)

Siege Prelude

Secret Warriors Vol 02 – God of Fear, God of War (Softcover)

Secret Warriors Vol 02 – God of Fear, God of War (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – The List (Softcover)

Dark Reign – The List (Hardcover)

Dark Avengers – Ares

War Machine Vol 02 – Dark Reign

Spider-Man – Anti-Venom

Dark Avengers Vol 02 – Molecule Man (Softcover)

Dark Avengers Vol 02 – Molecule Man (Hardcover)

Dark Wolverine Vol 02 – My Hero (Softcover)

Dark Wolverine Vol 02 – My Hero (Hardcover)

Spider-Man – The Gauntlet Book 1 – Electro and Sandman (Softcover)

Spider-Man – The Gauntlet Book 1 – Electro and Sandman (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – Hawkeye

Wolverine – Weapon X Vol 02 – Insane In the Brain (Softcover)

Wolverine – Weapon X Vol 02 – Insane In the Brain (Hardcover)

Uncanny X-Men – Nation X (Softcover)

Uncanny X-Men – Nation X (Hardcover)

Dark X-Men (Softcover)

Dark X-Men (Hardcover)

Mighty Avengers – Dark Reign

Dark Avengers Omnibus

Dark Avengers – Siege (Softcover)

Dark Avengers – Siege (Hardcover)

Daredevil – The Devil's Hand

Wolverine – The Reckoning (Softcover)

Wolverine – The Reckoning (Hardcover)

Punisher Vol 03 – Franken-Castle (Softcover)

Punisher Vol 03 – Franken-Castle (Hardcover)

What If? Dark Avengers

Daken – Dark Wolverine Empire (Softcover)

Daken – Dark Wolverine Empire (Hardcover)

Following the major crossover ‘Secret Invasion’, Marvel Comics had launched a new era in 2008 that lasted for almost over a year and was branded as "Dark Reign" event, which is later succeeded by 'Siege' crossover event. This event doesn't contain any titled mini-series or core plot of its own; instead it is filled with lots of self contained limited series depicting the era.

dark reign comics
An Evil Reigns Supreme

Notable writers like Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers Disassembled, Civil War II), Dan Slott (Silver Surfer, The Thing), Daniel Way (Bullseye – Greatest Hits, Punisher Vs. Bullseye), Greg Pak (Iron Man – House of M, Magneto – Testament), Jonathan Hickman (Secret Wars, Time Runs Out), Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Sea of Red) and artists Billy Tan (Shadowland, X-23), Chris Bachalo (Generation X, Uncanny X-Men), Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero), Humberto Ramos (Crimson, Revelations), Mike Deodato Jr. (Guardians of Knowhere, Original Sin) as well as Paco Medina (New X-Men, X-Men) have contributed to this mega-crossover event and made it successful.
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