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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

When Circe and Ra's al Ghul teams up to transform their allies, Batman calls in a Trinity of mystical heroes for help.

When immortal witch Circe invited Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul to a secret location for forming their very own unholy Trinity to defeat their arch-nemesis, none of them were interested much. When she showed them three Pandora Pits, a beast made out of the likeness of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was unleashed on them.

Though Luthor left them shortly afterwards but Ra's remained interested to see what secrecy those Pandora Pits hold. A mysterious hooded entity made it to the island where they were but is quickly surrounded by League of Assassins. He revealed himself to be Jason Blood, alter ego of Etrigan, the Demon and let it loose on them.

After finishing them off, Circe approached him to join their cause since Lex has left but he jumped onto them only to be slashed by Ra's. His demon blood hits the pit and it reacts by sucking him inside to release his true demonic form apart from Jason, deciding to attack humanity with an army of demons with no one there to stop it.

In Gotham City, Bruce has called both Clark and Diana to one of his finest restaurants to spend time together without costume and find a human connection. Their hangout is interrupted by a Justice League distress call that needed their immediate attention.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth rob williams
Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

Before this unfortunate mishap, Jason sent them an imagery of an ancient painting of three of them being slayed by demons. The Trinity of superheroes arrives in time to fight off a demonic horde running rampant on Greece. Even the might of a goddess and a Kryptonian proves futile to fend them off, leading Batman to find an alternative.

He locates Blood and convinces him to take his demon back even at the costs of their lives but seeing her long-time enemy being taken away, Circe intervened and powered the spell with her dark magic before departing with Ra's al Ghul and Pandora Pits.

Weeks later, these two visits Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica to meet a Dark Trinity of Outlaws with a plan. Though they rejected to join them, Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood are soon overwhelmed when a group of Ani-Men and League of Assassins distracts them so Ra's can draw blood from them into those pits to suck them in.

Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna are called by Batman to seek their help with supernatural affairs now that Red Hood is possessed by a demon. Superman and Wonder Woman stand there barely holding him but both Deadman and Zatanna ended up being consumed within him, leaving Constantine behind.

Though John followed them to bring back and eventually met with the true conspirators but he sees through Circe and he is stabbed by Ra's. In a bid to save his life, Constantine suggests her to release Deadman and send him after Man of Steel.

She does so when Trinity was busy protecting Gotham from a demonic invasion led by Red Hood and the Outlaws. It worked as Superman has turned into a monstrosity that starts giving Diana a hard time teamed up with a possessed Bizarro, leaving The Dark Knight behind to somehow save everyone by solving a magical mystery.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth john constantine exorcist
Mystical Super Exorcist

Here is your links to buy "Trinity – Dark Destiny" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

01. Trinity Annual V2 01

02. Trinity V2 12

03. Trinity V2 13

04. Trinity V2 14

05. Trinity V2 15

06. Trinity V2 16

Here is your links to buy "Trinity – Dark Destiny" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Trinity – Dark Destiny

Following up to previous events from "Dead Space" arc, iconic Trinity of DC Comics superheroes returns in 2018 along with a wide range of popular characters as part of the narrative with their third storyline "Dark Destiny" from brand-new second run of Trinity monthly ongoing series that collects issues #12-16 and Annual #1.

Comic-book writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad – Going Sane, Suicide Squad – The Black Vault) was hired to work with artists Kenneth Marion (Green Lanterns – Ghosts of the Past, Titans – A Judas Among Us) for interior illustration and Guillem March (Catwoman – The Game, Gotham City Sirens – Union) to fill in as guest penciler for two issues.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth phiip tan
Pit of Despair

Also brought in to deliver cover arts are Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero), David Finch (Wonder Woman – Resurrection, Wonder Woman – War-Torn), Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men – The Draco, Uncanny X-Men – Holy War) and Tony Daniel (Deathstroke – God Killer, Deathstroke – Gods of War) for issues involved.

Artists Ben Oliver (Ultimate X-Men – Cable, Ultimate X-Men – Sentinels), Bill Sienkiewicz (Daredevil – End of Days, Elektra – Assassin) and Jason Fabok (Justice League – Darkseid War, Justice League – Injustice League) did variants covers for five issues.

Aside from regular appearance of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood of the Outlaws showed up to cause trouble. Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna were then recruited to help them. Even Suicide Squad member Deadshot was featured on a story of his personal vendetta.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Cosmic Odyssey | Comics

An invading troop from Apokolips arrived in Gotham City via a Boom Tube only to face New God Lightray and Superman, who quickly made them escape before they could set up the force field generator as part of their plan to take over the Earth. However, one of them had left behind who sought shelter in the sewer system and ended up facing Batman who incapacitated and stopped the soldier from informing his authority.

cosmic odyssey dc
Cosmic Odyssey | Comics

Meanwhile, while roaming on a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, Darkseid found Metron in a near catatonic state along with his Mobius Chair and upon rescuing him, the evil god realizes that a great cosmic threat is arising that needs the involvement of all the heroes.

The New God, Lonar arrives in Washington, D.C. to enlist the aid of Superman, Batman, J'onn J'onzz, Starfire, Green Lantern John Stewart and Jason Blood as ambassadors from Earth to New Genesis. Lonar transports them to New Genesis via Boom Tube where they all saw Highfather has allied with Darkseid to halt a cosmic disaster.

Anti-Life Equation was discovered by an ancient alien race that destroyed their planet and its aspects are unwillingly released by Metron which is now headed to four planets of a different star system. Batman decides to keep an eye on Darkseid while investigating and unbeknown to him that he has managed to capture the demon Etrigan, which he shows to to Jason Blood.

For more information on Cosmic Odyssey, you can check out these links below.

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cosmic odyssey comic
The Cosmic Power Cinque

Here is your links for the "Cosmic Odyssey" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Cosmic Odyssey 01

Cosmic Odyssey 02

Cosmic Odyssey 03

Cosmic Odyssey 04

Here is your link for the "Cosmic Odyssey" limited series from DC Comics.

Cosmic Odyssey (Softcover)

Cosmic Odyssey is a four issue limited series from DC Comics that ran from 1988-1989, following the “Millennium” crossover event in 1988 and is considered as one of the major event in the DC Universe.

anti life equation
All Against Anti Life Entity

Profound writer Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet, Rann/Thanagar – Holy War) and talented artist Mike Mignola (Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom – Triumph and Torment, Hellboy) had created this four part epic tale that features major hero and villain characters from DC Comics. This epic cosmic event was followed by the "Invasion!" event from DC Comics.
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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Darkseid | Comics

Having grown up knowing his father Yuga Khan was lost to the Source Wall, Uxas of royal family of Apokolips developed an un-quenched lust for power. He always longed for the throne but his brother always came into his ways, who was a complete opposite of Uxas's nature. The quest to overthrow Drax and his mother Heggra, took him to New Genesis where he met a peaceful young man, who will become his future ally DeSaad after Uxas twisted his perspective with a slight misdirection and manipulation.

Fourth World
As a link to Omega Realm was found, Drax was about to claim the power but Uxas interrupted him in the middle to gain the power and took the name Darkseid for himself. He became the most feared among all who ever walked on Apokolips and despite his rise to power cost the life of his brother Drax, his mother Heggra was actually pleased seeing her boy becoming a ruthless tyrant. Darkseid suggested his uncle, General Steppenwolf to hunt down the New Gods whom he viewed as enemies.

New Gods
Uxas ignited a war between Apokolips and New Genesis by sending General Steppenwolf to kill the New Gods. The first casualty of the war was Izaya's wife Avia and in retaliation, he killed Steppenwolf. Darkseid successfully brought him back to life and resumed the war he started for dominance over the New Gods. Heggra chose Tigra as his betrothed at that time but he felt more passionate towards the sorceress named Suli. They eventually married and because of her pacifist nature, Darkseid starts questioning his own ways.

dc comics darkseid
Darkseid | Comics

He would have two sons; Kalibak and Orion from Suli and Tigra respectively but Heggra not wanting her son to be as peaceful as Drax, orders DeSaad to kill Suli. Uxas was about to marry Karreev in order to get his hands on vast chemical deposits but the plan is ruined by Doomsday who crash landed and started tearing apart everything around. Heggra's conspiracy with DeSaad regarding Suli was revealed to Darkseid at some point and he forced the latter to poison his mother, thus becoming the ruler of Apokolips.

After reviewing a case of a dog cavalry soldier named Goodness, Darkseid realized her potential of brainwashing subjects and turning them into his loyal slaves, Granny Goodness of dog cavalry was made in-charge of his honor guard, the Female Furies. Upon learning from his encounter with the race of Green Martians that "will" embodied "life-equation", he came up with the theory of an "Anti-Life Equation" which will overthrow will and he become obsessed with it.

Darkseid made a pact with Highfather of New Gods that they’d keep each others’ son to raise in their adoptive worlds and as long as they stayed there, the truce will hold. Izaya's son Scott Free would became a maser escape artist Mister Miracle under the care of Granny Goodness and he eventually eloped with Big Barda, leader of the Female Furies. Orion also grew up becoming a great warrior of the Fourth World with the values of New Genesis, destined to kill Darkseid.

The Great Darkness Saga
When mysterious beings working for a master of "Great Darkness" start stealing powerful artifacts, Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes of the 30th century goes to an investigation and confronts these beings. After capturing one of them, Mon-El and Dream Girl discovers that it was an imperfect clone of Shadow Lass and another of these being freed their worst enemy Mordru the Merciless. The unknown master appears to defeat both Mordru and another Legionnaire villain Time Trapper.

As one of these servants try to kidnap White Witch, Invisible Kid follows it through the warp it teleported with and encountered the master but only to be blast off by him. The Legionnaires attack the Sorcerers' World and there Mon-El faced the master and finally recognizing him. The latter goes to Mon-El's homeworld Daxam and took control over three billion Daxamites to reshape it in his own image. The master, none other than Darkseid is confronted and it took all the effort from every active and reserve Legionnaires just to thwart his plan.

Crisis on Infinite Earths
At the time of the first Crisis of the Universe, Darkseid's advisor DeSaad asks him what would be their course of action in this play. To which, the former simply replies that they will remain as audience as long as the heroes fairs against the might of Anti-Monitor but if they fail, he will still meet his fate at the hands of the lord of Apokolips. He eventually came to assist Alexander Luthor, Jr., Kal-L and Superboy-Prime to oppose a slightly weakened Anti-Monitor. However, due to the change of timeline, he probably doesn't remember taking part into the fight anymore.

Cosmic Odyssey
A being constructed of Anti-Life energy is set out to destroy planets by spreading its aspects across the Universe. Batman, Forager, Green Lantern John Stewart, Lightray, Martian Manhunter, Orion, Starfire and Superman have paired up and parted ways to capture its aspects. Meanwhile, Jason Blood of Earth is left behind in New Genesis to be merged with Etrigan, the Demon once again! Aided by Etrigan, Darkseid decides to face the Anti-Life being on his own but got overpowered, until he was saved by the arrival of Doctor Fate, Hightfather and Orion.

A year after the "Death of Superman", the asteroid that was carrying Doomsday finds its way to a scavenger ship that was heading to Apokolips. Upon landing, the monster unleashed death and destruction on the planet until Darkseid decided to stop the behemoth by stepping into a fight with him. He released his destructive Omega Beams but even that was not enough to put an end to his reign of chaos and he savagely beat down the ruler of Apokolips. Unfortunately for the tyrant, DeSaad had to call for Superman's help on Earth, who came to save the day.

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darkseid dc comics
The Source Wall Conflict

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Jack Kirby’s Forever People

Legion of Super Heroes – The Great Darkness Saga (Softcover)

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

History of the DC Universe (Softcover)

History of the DC Universe (Hardcover)

Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told

Legends – The Collected Edition

Superman – The Man of Steel Vol 02


Wonder Woman – Beauty and the Beasts

Cosmic Odyssey

Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey

Zero Hour – Crises In Time

Wonder Woman – Second Genesis

Sandman – The Wake

JLA – Rock of Ages

Justice League of America – The Nail

Orion – The Gates of Apokolips

Orion by Walter Simonson Omnibus

Superman – Our Worlds at War Book 01

Superman – Our Worlds at War Book 02

New Gods – Tales of the New Gods

JLA/Avengers (Softcover)

JLA/Avengers (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 01

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 02

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 03

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 04

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Hardcover)

Booster Gold – 52 Pick-Up (Softcover)

Booster Gold – 52 Pick-Up (Hardcover)

Death of The New Gods (Softcover)

Death of The New Gods (Hardcover)

Superman Vs. Darkseid

Final Crisis (Softcover)

Final Crisis (Hardcover)

Absolute Final Crisis

Final Crisis Companion

Justice League of America – When Worlds Collide (Softcover)

Justice League of America – When Worlds Collide (Hardcover)

A fictional villain who is considered as the most menacing and evil character that ever existed in the entire history of publication of DC Comics, Darkseid was created by one of the most renowned comic-book creator Jack Kirby (Captain America, Fourth World).

He was first debuted in 1970 on the pages of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, issue #133 and kept up appearing in many Superman and Justice League-based monthly ongoing titles and limited series. He was part of various popular storylines like The Great Darkness Saga, Supergirl from Krypton, other Superman and Justice League of America related titles as well as major crossover events like Cosmic Odyssey.

superman vs darkseid
Darkseid Vs. Superman

In the wake of The New 52 wave following the reality altering “Flashpoint” event, the character also made his debut in Prime Earth on the page of Justice League issue #4. The character has appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated television series.

He was supposed to make a cameo in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 from DC Extended Universe. Darkseid also worked as an influence behind writer-artist Jim Starlin’s creation of the character Thanos; the most powerful antagonist from Marvel Comics.
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