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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Justice League – No Justice | Comics

Dark Nights: Metal has transformed the universe and awakens Godlike beings of destruction for Justice League to stop!

In space, the Green Lantern Corps has assembled all of their members, standing rallied together as they all look into a cosmic threat that can destroy everything. After the Justice League and rest of heroes took a stand against the creatures of Dark Multiverse, the aftermath of that fight left a crack in the Source Wall and the Universe is now broken.

Back on Earth, heroes and vigilantes are being attacked by an enemy force that overwhelms them and director Amanda Waller of Suicide Squad decides to initiate Protocol XI. The Justice League has been fighting Brainiac in Metropolis, who have them on his ropes. Superman somehow manages to get free and charge at his arch-enemy.

Instead of fighting Man of Steel, Vril Dox shows him a dystopian future where Earth has fallen to his rule and teams like Task Force X, The Titans and Teen Titans simply fails to stand against him while other League members get free. He tells Kal-El that he is not here to invade Earth but for the heroes and then all other heroes vanishes with a BOOM!

Beast Boy, Harley Quinn, Starfire and Zatanna wakes up inside a room inside Brainiac's Skull Ship shortly after they were abducted and now all of them are wearing different outfits. Harley finds a way out of the quarter and Damian Wayne was throwing his tantrum at Doctor Fate about finding the Coluan only to discover him standing behind.

Robin is baffled to see his father and his friends standing along with the biggest bad guy in the Universe, which even upsets Koriand'r. Realizing the growing tension in the room, Vril Dox clarifies his intention of seeking their help by holding onto Diana's Lasso of Truth.

justice league no justice dc comics rebirth
Justice League – No Justice | Comics

He then warns them about four powerful cosmic Gods, Omega Titans who used to plant seeds of cosmic energy in many different worlds. Now that the Source Wall is broken, they came to Colu, the home planet of Brainiac and are about to consume it. He suggests them to group up in four teams, each embodying the energy of Omega Titan.

Throwing abducted heroes, anti-heroes and villains in the mix seem to be difficult as they are unwilling to work with each other as a team because of their past history. However, Brainiac stopped them for now by reminding the bigger issue at hand.

Batman, Beast Boy, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor and Lobo forms Team Entropy while Team Mystery consists of Martian Manhunter, Sinestro, Starfire, Starro and Superman. Atom, Cyborg, Flash, Harley Quinn and Robin assembled Team Wisdom and Team Wonder is founded by Doctor Fate, Etrigan, Raven, Wonder Woman and Zatanna.

Meanwhile, Amanda Waller assembled Task Force XI with the most powerful psychics in the world to hack the brain of the Coluan conqueror. Upon reaching Colu, they see the destroyer of worlds standing tall on the planet and ready to consume it. Vril Dox assumes command and reminding them if they cannot stop the titan here, it will attack Earth next.

Before he could guide them with his plan, he feels excruciating pain in his brain as Waller's telepaths have breached it and then it explodes, leaving his assembled crew to fight alone. The inhabitants of Colu thought them to be minions sent by Brainiac and faced by protocol droids before finding the Tree of Wisdom the titan came after.

Batman suggests that four teams should go after four energy trees and reform them but the dilemma of leadership strikes again until Luthor came to voice his reason and convinced everyone to follow Brainiac's original plan to save two worlds. The Trinity and other League members agreed to this as well except Damian Wayne.

Back on Earth, Waller heads to the Arctic Circle where she is confronted by Green Arrow, who is looking for his friends in the Justice League. She reveals what Vril Dox intended and how he has put Earth next on the menu for ancient Space Gods to devour after blackmailing everyone into cooperating with him to save his own planet.

Since there is no one else left to fight because Brainiac has put the remaining members from the main four teams into stasis, Oliver Queen offers to help Waller to save the world. Together, these unlikely allies team up to dig up Earth's dormant cosmic seed.

In Colu, all four teams struggle to power up the energy trees and fights their way through various obstacles to eventually come face to face with Brainiac 2.0. In the mean time, Amanda Waller realizes by killing Vril Dox, she has doomed Earth as he had some sort of fail-safe hidden within the seed and all the can do now is pray to God.

justice league no justice dc rebirth scott snyder
New Alliance of Justice

Here is your links to buy "Justice League – No Justice" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Justice League – No Justice 01

Justice League – No Justice 02

Justice League – No Justice 03

Justice League – No Justice 04

Here is your link to buy "Justice League – No Justice" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – No Justice

Following the events of "Dark Nights – Metal", DC Comics launched "No Justice" by writer James Tynion IV (Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen, Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate), Joshua Williamson (Predator – Fire and Stone, The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice) and Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained, The Wake).

The four-issue Justice League limited series from 2018 is drawn by artist Francis Manapul (The Flash – Move Forward, Trinity – Better Together), who also provided cover arts. Manapul did considerably well portraying a wide range of characters from DC Universe like he has never done before and was able to do convey the message.

justice league no justice dc rebirth francis manapul
Team Wonder of Justice

After the heroes have interacted with Dark Multiverse and demon Barbatos, Prime Earth has expanded itself into a vastness that would let many unwelcomed crisis. New opportunities and menace will arrive that the heroes will prevail to save Earth. At the same time, many terrible secret will come out to shake everyone's belief as well.

Throughout the story, Aquaman, Arsenal, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Donna Troy, Enchantress, Katana, Killer Croc, Nightwing, Omen, Tempest and Wally West showed up in cameo appearance alongside many other. Justice League follows lead to new adventures in the next arc "The Totality" against Legion of Doom in a new monthly series.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trinity – Better Together | Comics

In their gloriously extensive super-hero career, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have taken on various enemies like Bane, Cheetah, Doomsday, The Joker and Lex Luthor individually but together they are capable of achieving greater triumph over evil.

The Final Days of Superman has left the world without a protector and then they discover there is another time-displaced Man of Steel around them who's been living among them with his family for some time. He is married to reporter Lois Lane, they have a ten year old son and they all are denizens of Prime Earth now.

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince arrive on Smith Farm, Hamilton County when Lois Lane invited them. They decide to keep this simple but a still struggling to control his raw power, young Jon Kent blasts them away when he got startled by seeing Bruce's costume underneath his dress along with Diana's Bracelets of Submission and a dead wild boar using his x-ray vision.

Returning home from world saving, Clark discovers them on his land at the same time. All of them have a nice family dinner and The Trinity reunites in a nearby field recalling their old times from both worlds.

trinity vol 1 better together rebirth
Trinity – Better Together | Comics

Clark recalls of that one time from his early days, when Bruce wore a rainbow suit to draw everyone's attention and keeping them from finding out Dick Grayson's identity as Robin. Bruce then shares his first-hand experience of meeting Superman of this world who nearly killed him and Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

So, he could help but being curious about the identity of this Man of Steel from another world and came to find out who he really is. Diana took private time with Lois to talk and she assures that she isn't here to steal Clark or rekindle her relationship with him at all.

Suddenly, Clark hears a cal from inside the barn and goes inside to check out a mirror where he sees the reflection of his young self and his father Jonathan Kent. Following Clark, the three of them then journeys to a past where Clark has just discovered his power and is scared to see The Trinity in Kent Farm.

In Gotham, Bruce witnessed his parent's death again and dealing with his issues with Alfred Pennyworth and Dr. Harleen Quinzel at his side, while horrors like Man-Bat and Scarecrow constantly tries terrorizing him.

Their quest lead them to Themyscira, where Diana met her mother Queen Hippolyta and her younger self, followed by three of them being tested their skills and merit in games of Amazons. Meanwhile, Lois storms into barn with a car to discover the villainous Poison Ivy grabs a hold of her son Jon.

A night that started with a family-reunion soon escalates into a crisis of illusion constructed by one of their old enemy Mongul and his daughter White Mercy. Together, this father-daughter duo is about to put an end to The Trinity inside a world full of illusions and they cannot even help themselves either.

superman vs mongul comic
Realm of Horror

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Trinity V2 01

Trinity V2 02

Trinity V2 03

Trinity V2 04

Trinity V2 05

Trinity V2 06

Here is your links to buy "Trinity – Better Together" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Trinity – Better Together (Softcover)

Trinity – Better Together (Hardcover)

As DC Rebirth impacts entire world of DC Comics, a long absent union of The Trinity is back again, formally with a brand-new ongoing series from comic-book writer/artist Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Witchblade), who were also aided by artists Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero) and Emanuela Lupacchino in this venture.

The story-arc "Better Together" is the first one that is set in the continuity of Prime Earth and collects issues #01-06 from the second ongoing monthly series. Whereas every other ongoing series from DC Rebirth received a one-shot "Rebirth" issue to start with, Trinity took a different path by not including one.

dc comics trinity rebirth
Trapped In Nightmares

This is also the first time when an alternate version of heroes, who is from pre-Flashpoint era, has joined their band and that actually gives a dynamic sense of diversity to this team. While discussing about stuffs of two different worlds, references of Green Lantern of Prime Earth and Robin of New Earth were mentioned.

A few unresolved issues like what happens to Mongul next will be further detailed in "Action Comics – The New World" story arc. The plotline will be followed up with the next storyline titled "Trinity of Evil", where The Trinity will seek help from another team of three superheroes to save three more and that already sound complicated as it is.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Flash – Rogues Revolution | Comics

the flash rogues revolution dc comics
The Flash – Rogues Revolution | Comics
Previously, while facing the villain Turbine in the Speed Force, The Flash is sucked into Timestream vortex and ends up on the middle of an arena in Gorilla City, where Gorilla Grodd was devouring his recently deceased fathers' brain after defeating him in a mortal combat for the title of the new king. Though, elders of Gorilla City believes The Flash to be a divine messenger because of his symbol of "The Light", Grodd wants to consume his brain to gain his power of speed and since Barry Allen cannot remember anything before he came here, he ends up being captive. With help from elders of Gorilla City, Flash is eventually freed from Gorilla Grodd's captivity and returns to Central City only to find out people are protesting against The Flash for killing off Barry Allen.

Thinking him as dead, Barry's girlfriend Patty Spivot files to Guatemala for solving the murder mystery of Claudio Mardon, brother of Weather Wizard. Patty is kidnapped and Flash believes Marco Mardon AKA Weather Wizard is responsible. Their fight reveals the identity of the killer to Marco and Flash races to save Patty but decides not to reveal the truth about him being alive. Captain Cold's sister Lisa Snart AKA Golden Glider assembles her own gang of Rogues by recruiting Heat Wave, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard one by one to exact revenge on her brother as well as scientist Darwin Elias. Being saved by Pied Piper and Trickster, Captain Cold joins Flash for a temporary team-up against their enemies but are they prepared to take King Grodd and his gorilla army?

For more information on The Flash – Rogues Revolution storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Flash – Rogues Revolution (Comics) DC Comics Wikia
the flash new 52 gorilla grodd
What Grodd Wants
Here is your links for “The Flash – Rogues Revolution" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

01. The Flash V4 09

02. The Flash V4 10

03. The Flash V4 11

04. The Flash V4 12

05. The Flash V4 Annual 01

06. The Flash V4 0

Here is your links for “The Flash – Rogues Revolution" storyline from DC Comics.
the flash comic
Power of Golden Glider

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Hardcover)

Continuing from where the first storyline of The New 52 monthly ongoing series of The Flash titled "Move Forward" left off, "Rogues Revolution" starts anew from that point on 2012 from DC Comics. Collecting issues #09-12 and Annual #01, the story also features the #0 issue from the fourth ongoing volume of Flash comic-book series as a back-up, to relive Barry Allen's origin on Prime Earth after Flashpoint. Previously serving as artist, Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Magdalena/Vampirella) joined writer Brian Buccellato (Forever Evil – Rogues Rebellion, The Flash – Reverse) on plotting and Marcus To has also showcased his illustration talent on issues #10-11. Barry Allen will return as Flash to confront King Grodd in the next storyline "Gorilla Warfare".
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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Flash – Move Forward | Comics

flash move forward
The Flash – Move Forward | Comics
Forensic scientist Barry Allen asks his co-worker Patty Spivot out for a date to a Tech Conference at Central City that took him almost two years. As the environment was perfect for him and they were having a nice time, Barry suddenly gets to meet renowned researcher Dr. Darwin Elias. They were discussing about a model of monorail when a group of thugs broke into the exhibit by crushing down the ceiling of the building. While they were busy putting the crowd on sleep by gassing them, Barry soon turns into his alter ego of the fastest man alive; The Flash and starts taking out the thugs one by one. Seeing their mission jeopardized by the presence of the speedster, the thugs started fleeing and Barry gives them chase to the roof but one of them is captured by him.

Flash manages to catch one of the crooks and crash lands into the sewer after vibrating through buildings. He hands over a Portable Genome Re-Coder that the group was trying to steal to Dr. Elias and then reverts back to his civilian form. Patty tells Barry that they left a body and as they get to the scene, Barry recognizes him as his old friend Manuel Lago. Looking for an answer, he gets into investigation, trying to find out the connection between Manuel and the DNA Re-Coder, of which Iris West is seems pretty interested. Out of the blue, he discovers a very much alive Manuel in his apartment who tells him to keep up and Barry notices two other copies of Manuel chasing them. The gang of Manuel calls them Mob Rule and The Flash is after the link between his friend and the Mob.

For more information on The Flash – Move Forward storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Flash – Move Forward (Comics) DC Comics Wikia
francis manapul flash
Too Much Too Fast!
Here is your links for “The Flash – Move Forward" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Flash V4 01

Flash V4 02

Flash V4 03

Flash V4 04

Flash V4 05

Flash V4 06

Flash V4 07

Flash V4 08
flash new 52
Into The Light

Here is your links for “The Flash – Move Forward" storyline from DC Comics.

The Flash – Move Forward (Softcover)

The Flash – Move Forward (Hardcover)

In the Post-Flashpoint event, DC Comics took a reboot of an entire timeline that is called The New 52 and Flash as well as other characters got their new monthly ongoing series. Writer Brian Buccellato (Forever Evil – Rogues Rebellion, The Flash – Reverse) and artist Francis Manapul (Magdalena/Vampirella, Witchblade) took on the fourth ongoing volume of The Flash and started with the storyline “Move Forward” that contains the first eight issues of the series. Two of Flash's Rogues; Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd also appears in the story that is going to be significant in their future endeavors. The story successfully continues with the following plot titled “Rogues Revolution”, featuring the creative works of Buccellato and Manapul duo.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Flash – New 52 | Comics

With help from the tapping of the mysterious Speed Force, Barry Allen became the fastest man alive known in the alias of The Flash. Since childhood Barry’s mother was trying her heart and soul to keep the family going while he was busy with school and all that.

He lost his mother at a young age with his father being arrested for her murder but claimed to be innocent. This event became his motivation to become a forensic scientist later with help from Darryl Frye, a person with whom his mother was romantically involved once that no one else knew about.

flash new 52
The Flash – New 52 | Comics

After years of frustration over the thing that he could not figure out his mother’s true killer, his father finally admitted his role in the alleged crime. In one stormy night when a depressed Barry was working in his lab, he was struck by lightning, woke up from coma after a long time with the power of super-speed, he becomes The Flash!

When Batman and Green lantern visits Metropolis to dig deep about an extraterrestrial invasion on Earth (Justice League – Origin), he was called by Hal Jordan when Superman was practically trashing them. Barry eventually formed an alliance with those three along with Aquaman and Wonder Woman to repeal the invasion and forming Justice League to fight Darkseid of Apokolips afterwards.

Apart from his regular duty of saving the world from massive crisis as a League member and an experienced speedster, Barry often spends time taking down other Rogues like Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Heat Wave, Pied Piper, Reverse-Flash and Weather Wizard.

For more information on The Flash – New 52 comics series, you can check out these links below.

The Flash – The New 52 (Comics) Wikipedia

The Flash – The New 52 (Comics) DC Wikia

flash vs superman
Faster Than Superman

Here is your links to buy "The Flash – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

The Flash Vol 01 – Move Forward (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 01 – Move Forward (Hardcover)

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Hardcover)

The Flash Vol 03 – Gorilla Warfare (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 03 – Gorilla Warfare (Hardcover)

The Flash Vol 04 – Reverse (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 04 – Reverse (Hardcover)

The Flash Vol 05 – History Lessons (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 05 – History Lessons (Hardcover)

The Flash Vol 06 – Out of Time (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 06 – Out of Time (Hardcover)

In the wake of The New 52 timeline of DC Comics following the ‘Flashpoint’ crossover event, the monthly ongoing Flash comic series has also been re-launched by DC in the New 52 era, given a slightly altered origin.

The series initially kick-started with Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Witchblade) and Brian Buccellato (Forever Evil – Rogues RebellionThe Flash – Reverse) as the creative team for the series and Francis Manapul is also serving for a long time as both writer and artist at the same time.

flash dc comics
Flash and The Justice League

Other than appearing in his own monthly series Flash also made appearance in the other titles like Justice League too. The Flash was also part of H'El on Earth, Superman – Doomed, Earth 2 – World's End, Darkseid War crossover and then he ascended to the universe changing event; DC Rebirth.
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