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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Batman & The Flash – The Button | Comics

When reality was being remade, Batman found a strange smiley-face button in Batcave that opens doorway to a twisted alternate timeline.

In Arkham Asylum, inmates were watching a hockey game between the Gotham Blades and the Metropolis Mammoths, when suddenly at one point a woman among them starts irrationally shouting with the claim that one of them is about to die and even Superman will not be able to save him.

She kept screaming about the death of her friends and a Legion as she was being taken away. In Batcave, Batman was also observing the match from his Batcave while studying the Comedian's bloodied smiley-face button on his hand.

Ever since "The Return of Wally West", Batman and The Flash are trying to uncover the origin of the Button with no luck so far. He tossed it on his desk and it drops near Psycho-Pirate's Medusa Mask, creating a small spark, which The Dark Knight didn't notice.

Then it creates a bolt and Bruce Wayne sees Thomas Wayne of the Flashpoint timeline for a moment like a shadow but he quickly faded away as Bruce tries to reach out to him. He informs Flash about this development, who was busy fighting the Samuroids and says he will meet The Bat within a minute.

batman flash the button
Batman & The Flash – The Button | Comics

Before the minute passed, Bruce hears a thunder and thinking its Barry, he turns around only to be punched out by the villainous Reverse-Flash. Eobard Thawne has been known dead for some time but somehow, he is back to life by a mysterious force.

For the next 50 seconds, Batman desperately tries to tackle and delay Reverse-Flash till Flash's arrival to no avail. As he gets his ass handed to him, Batman still fights back and tries to slow him down for a while. Eobard discovers the letter that Thomas wrote to Bruce and then tears it to pieces to taunt him some more.

Batman warns him to leave his cave before halting him for a while till the minute passes and then is beaten out-cold. Seeing the Comedian's Button on the desk, Thawne picks it up and is teleported away immediately with a flash of light. He came back only mere moments after with his flesh severely burned and bones out, shouting that he has seen "GOD" before dropping dead.

The Flash arrived just late enough to save the Caped Crusader from a ruthless beating and missed the demise of his nemesis Reverse-Flash. Johnny Thunder was calling out for Thunder-Bolt and was ranting that how he was responsible for the fall of Justice Society before being taken back at his elderly home by the orderlies.

Meanwhile, Barry set up the Batcave as a crime scene after Batman's fight with Thawne. He realizes that what Thawne started years earlier with killing his mother has come to an end with his death even though justice wasn't served. Upon examining Thawne's remains, Barry realizes that they both have same Speed Force signature, whereas it should be different.

Since all the cameras of the cave were destroyed during the fight, he decides to talk to Bruce about it. When Bruce tells him of seeing Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint world, Barry blames himself for all these mishaps but Bruce then points out Thawne seeing a "GOD" means, there was already someone powerful messing around with the time and reality.

Not willing to endanger the life of his friends, Barry decides to fire up his Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time to see who really killed Eobard Thawne. At the last moment, Bruce shows up and tags along against Barry's wishes. The two eventually travels back to the timeline where Thomas Wayne became The Dark Knight!

batman vs reverse flash
Revenge in Reverse

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01. Batman V3 21

02. The Flash V5 21

03. Batman V3 22

04. The Flash V5 22

Here is your links to buy "Batman & The Flash – The Button" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman/The Flash – The Button

Connecting threads that were left hanging from the beginning of the "DC Rebirth" and will tie-in to upcoming ground-breaking crossover events to come, "The Button" is a four-part crossover story that is the handiwork of writers Joshua Williamson (Predator – Fire And Stone, The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice) and Tom King (Batman – I Am Bane, Batman – I Am Suicide).

Artists Howard Porter (Trials of Shazam, Underworld Unleashed) and Jason Fabok (Justice League – Darkseid War, Justice League – Injustice League) has tagged along to help complete the arc as well.

batman and the flash
Storm in Timestream

The story-arc took place on the third ongoing volume of Batman monthly series and the fifth monthly ongoing series of The Flash back-to-back, published by DC Comics on 2017. The presumably long-dead villain Reverse-Flash is brought back with a twist and the Watchmen connection to the post-Rebirth era is also showcased.

Plus, the original Flash, Jay Garrick makes a cameo appearance to make it all very special. The plot serves as a prelude to upcoming "Doomsday Clock" event, which will unfold a lot of mysteries and answer a lot of questions.
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Friday, November 11, 2016

Superman – Savage Dawn | Comics

man of steel
Superman – Savage Dawn | Comics
Long ago, one of Kal-El's early ancestors, Im-El destroyed an incoming comet to Krypton and it crashed on the prehistoric France; home of the Savage Clan. Vandal and his father went looking for the meteorite and upon finding it, he kills his father and sought leadership as the rock made him Immortal. Throughout centuries he traveled many distant lands in search for more power, killing anyone who got in his quest. In present, Superman is having a hard time without his powers. Lex Luthor leads the Justice League to a mission, leaving Clark alone in the Watchtower. He heads to an emergency on Earth and then sees the Watchtower appears and then explodes right in front of him, killing many. Then Vandal Savage finally appears in the Stormwatch Carrier.

Just as Justice League United arrives, Superman charges at Savage and his children, trying to halt them wearing an armor suit powered by Kryptonite. He freed the heroes captured by Savage but wrecks the suit and is dying from Kryptonite poisoning. Wonder Woman takes him to the Gods of Olympus to save him. The poison is drained but it also made him powerless as his cells now cannot absorb solar energy. So, he calls Steve Trevor for a favor to use the Kryptonite vault of A.R.G.U.S. to try and restore his power. He emerged with new powers and as Savage fires an energy blast to Jupiter; he rushes to North Pole to save the Fortress of Solitude. With Kryptonite radiation killing his cells from within, can Superman truly defeats Savage and his children?
dawn of justice
A Savage Sacrifice
Here is your links for "Superman – Savage Dawn" crossover event from DC Comics in issues.

01. Superman Annual V3 03

02. Action Comics V2 48

03. Superman/Wonder Woman 25

04. Superman V3 48

05. Action Comics V2 49

06. Superman/Wonder Woman 26

07. Superman V3 49

08. Action Comics V2 50

09. Superman/Wonder Woman 27

10. Superman V3 50

Here is your link for the "Superman – Savage Dawn" crossover event from DC Comics.

Superman – Savage Dawn

superman new 52
The Immortal Combat
The previous Superman storylines have explored the idea of a new Strange Visitor; Ulysses, (The Men of TomorrowSuperman discovering new Solar Flare power and a mysterious enemy HORDR Root knowing his secret identity  was all a build-up to the bigger picture. In “Savage Dawn”, it is finally revealed that all the dots of the plots prior to this connect here and it doesn’t get better than this. Writer Greg Pak (Batman/Superman, World War Hulk), Gene Luen Yang (New Super-Man, Superman – Before Truth) and Peter Tomasi (Black Adam – The Dark Age, Superman/Wonder Woman) made it large with their envisioned plotting skills, while Aaron Kuder (The Amory Wars, Key of Z) also included himself among their league. Artist Ardian Syaf (Brightest Day, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman), Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey) Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite) and Howard Porter (JLA, The Flash) did not only took care of the interiors but also provided cover arts. Ed Benes (Birds of Prey, WildC.A.T.S.) and John Romita, Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, Kick-Ass) also made their presence known quite dominantly by delivering some of the jaw-dropping covers for the issues involved. Savage Dawn eventually leads to The Final Days of Superman; a prelude to DC Rebirth.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

DC Universe Online – Legends | Comics

dc universe online
DC Universe Online – Legends | Comics
Following an all-out brawl between JLA and the League of Super-Villains led by criminal mastermind Lex Luthor, all are massacred but Lex Luthor, Superman and The Joker. But Superman finally met his fate with Luthor impaling him with a Kryptonite spear after tricking him and claiming his years of yearning victory over the lifeless body of Man of Steel at last. But as he does so, he notices a warship armada of Brainiac starts entering Earth’s atmosphere without any super-hero left to oppose him. Brainiac starts unleashing exobytes all over the planet to turn humanity into a force of meta-humans under his command, informing Lex that once he is done collecting all data on Earth, he will eventually destroy it and then takes control over Lex’s exo-suit.

With help from a dying Black Adam, a desperate Luthor frees himself from Brainiac's control over him and escapes via an emergency pod. He is able to gather few remaining super-heroes and villains including The Atom, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Cheetah, Doctor Fate, Mr. Freeze and Power Girl to make a final stand against Brainiac and eventually made a direct hit on him but Brainiac overpowers them. Seven years ago in the present, Brainiac has also launched an attack on Earth allied with Luthor and thwarts JLA badly with crippling the Superman of the present and ruining his reputation in public. Amidst all chaos, the grand conspiracy of an invasion on Earth is plotted and when all others have fallen, only Batman seems to have what it takes to stop this invasion.

For more information on DC Universe Online – Legends limited series, you can check out these links below.

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dc universe legends
Legendary Heroes of DC Universe
Here is your links for "DC Universe Online – Legends" limited series from DC Comics.
death of superman
Fall of Superman

DC Universe Online – Legends Vol 01

DC Universe Online – Legends Vol 02

DC Universe Online – Legends Vol 03

"DC Universe Online - Legends" is a 26 issue limited series published by DC Comics on 2011 to serve as a tie-in to massively popular "DC Universe Online" video game title's core plotline. Writer Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Deathstroke the Terminator), who also co-written the video game’s story with Tony Bedard served as the storyteller along with popular artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam), Adriana Melo, Norman Lee, Mike Miller and Bruno Redondo. The series took place in an alternate timeline similar to DC’s mainstream continuity and explores the event in details. There the characters have almost all the similarities in their source of origin but the story of the series sets everything apart from its path and thus a new timeline with an alternate reality begins.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Flash – Rogue War | Comics

With two groups of Rogues of the Scarlet Speedster fighting each other, old nightmares return to haunt The Flash once again.

After years of fighting against The Flash, the group of villains calling themselves The Rogues has finally started to break up from within when some of them starts reforming by moving on and chose to go straight from that point. This didn't sit well with the rest like Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard, who stayed on their path.

Digger Harkness, the original Captain Boomerang got double crossed and killed during "Identity Crisis" fiasco earlier, many of his former peers have gathered to pay him respect for the last time. His long estranged son Owen Mercer took up his mantle and broke the coffin to reveal to everyone present that it was empty all along as F.B.I. has took the body.

Original Trickster, James Jesse now works for F.B.I. and now has the corpse of Boomerang to experiment on in an attempt to revive him for taking down his former teammates. After Kid Boomerang is taken in by Captain Cold and the remaining Rogues, he asked the team to help him find his father's corpse and Snart promised to do so.

Axel Walker AKA Trickster causes a city-wide havoc only for The Flash to intervene and take him to Iron Heights Prison but Mirror Master and Kid Boomerang sneaked him out before he could be interrogated by the speedster. Turns out, Tricksty actually went on to locate where they kept Digger's body under the cover of vandalizing the city.

The Flash – Rogue War | Comics

Reporter Linda Park gets a sudden visit from Zoom, the newest Reverse-Flash to inform her that he still knows about the secret identity of Wally West and he is not done with them yet. Hunter Zolomon then abducts the first Flash, Jay Garrick to power up a cosmic treadmill for his plan to make Wally a better hero by introducing more tragedy in his life.

Captain Cold then leads The Rogues break into F.B.I. headquarters looking for the body of the deceased Digger Harkness, so that his son Owen can properly bury him. Profiler Ashley Zolomon is kidnapped by Pied Piper on behalf of his superiors at F.B.I. to communicate with Digger when they "wake" him up but she refuses to cooperate with them.

As Snart and his gang was about to leave they came across James Jesse in his Trickster costume along with his reformed Rogues; Heat Wave, Magenta and Pied Piper standing on their way. A heated battle breaks in between the current and former Rogues in the middle of Central City that even caught the attention of the scarlet speedster as well.

As they try to kill each other, Wally West desperately tries to put a stop to this madness and The Top shows up to make matters worse. Now that his memories are restored, he decides to give back memories to the reformed Rogues to turn them back as they were. He also brought in Double Down, Girder, Murmur and Tarpit into the brawl against Flash.

Now that he is back at his villainous self just like everyone else, Jesse offers to Owen and Weather Wizard to take them to Digger's body to get back in. Finding Ashley with the corpse made them furious and goes for her life but Zoom arrives out of nowhere. He blasted the villains off before quickly moving his wife to safety.

The fastest man alive was having a hard time facing his enemies and things get rougher when Doctor Alchemy and Gorilla Grodd decide to join the party but Kid Flash reached out just in time to push Wally out of harm's way. Zoom shows up again followed by his arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne AKA Professor Zoom with a chained up Jay Garrick.

Running Hot and Cold

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The Flash V2 212

The Flash V2 218

The Flash V2 220

The Flash V2 221

The Flash V2 222

The Flash V2 223

The Flash V2 224

The Flash V2 225

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The Flash – Rogue War

Following the events of "The Secret of Barry Allen", DC Comics assigned the duo of writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and artist Howard Porter (JLA – New World Order, JLA – Tower of Babel) for another storyline of Flash that collects issues #1/2, 212 and 218-225 from the second monthly ongoing titular comic-book series.

The storyline assembled a large number of Flash-villains caving into a conflict that started over their differences in perspective and ended up in all uniting against the fastest man alive, thanks to The Top who recently got his mind back. However, he was quickly sidelined from center stage and other villains' attempts to advance with their own agenda.

Battle of Rogues

In between the "Rogue War" arc of 2005, there is a Wonder Woman crossover in "Land of the Dead" that also features appearance of Wally West. This one actually served to bring back his arch-enemy Zoom into action again with help from Cheetah. They even formed a romantic relationship for a brief time when they teamed up against Diana and Wally.

Jay Garrick, Kid Flash and Professor Zoom rallies up to wrap the entire pointless clash between Rogues to each pursue their own plan. A past incident is revisited with familiar faces and the saga of Scarlet Speedster will continue in "Lightning In A Bottle" up next.
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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen | Comics

The Flash reunites with Kid Flash and Jay Garrick before confronting the Justice League and learning a secret of Barry Allen.

Young superhero Wally West assumed the mantle of The Flash after his mentor Barry Allen to become Keystone City's greatest hero and a member of the Justice League. Wally is keeping up with the legacy of the fastest man alive by running alongside people and being more approachable to public than Batman, Superman or even Wonder Woman.

Earlier, his secret identity became public and his wife Linda Park was attacked by his former friend and the newest Reverse-Flash Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. Current moniker of The Spectre, Hal Jordan used his power to make everyone forget who he was, including himself but he figured his true calling in time and so did his wife after a while.

Running across the city, he sees a huge line of traffic and learns that they city is throwing a city to celebrate official "Flash Day" in Keystone. He goes back home to find a letter left by Linda for him saying she will be back after she clears her head. Wally calls for the Spectre only for Hal Jordan to show up and getting berated for trying to help him.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard ask Doctor Alchemy for his support. Trickster came by to invite his peers to join him on crushing the parade with few of the fellow Rogues. Though not interested in their petty crime spree, he agrees to lend a hand when needed because they took care of his embarrassing imposter Mr. Element.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics
The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen | Comics

Hearing a gunshot, he quickly suits up and heads out to catch the bullet fired by Plunder before someone gets hit by it. Flash tracks him down on a nearby rooftop before knocking him down and then shifts focus on Trickster causing explosions over the crowd. Down on the street, he is incapacitated by Tar Pit for Abra Kadabra to eventually reveal himself.

Jay Garrick and Kid Flash arrive as the Golden Giants unleashed by the villain starts tearing apart Keystone and helped save the day. They all are invited to the newly rebuilt Flash Museum and Wally is teleported to Watchtower, where members of Justice League members are looking for an explanation on why they can't remember who he was all along.

A race around the horizon with Man of Steel has finally convinced Flash to open up about what really happened. Rest of the JLA members, Teen Titans and every hero he worked with gets to know about his identity as well. He caught up with Nightwing and these two even busted Double Down, Girder and Penguin as they were cooking some new scheme.

Later, Dick asks for a tour of Flash Museum and when they were going through statues of The Rogues, one of them revealed to be Gorilla Grodd. The primate attacks the unsuspecting heroes with his mind powers but the creature has been dealt with but Wally then came out as a suspect for attempted murder of Ashley Zolomon next.

Sue Dibney was killed, which put the entire superhero community on a full alert and some suspect the involvement of Doctor Light. They go after him only to be greeted by Deathstroke and a well kept secret of a past incident came out to everyone. Knowing his uncle Barry Allen knew about the pact, Wally gets in quarrel with rest of the League.

Green Arrow talks to him about the event and hand him over a letter left behind by Barry, which turns out to be a confession letter detailing a mess regarding The Top. With help from Zatanna, he gave Roscoe his mind back and it literally flipped on them.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics justice league
Past Personal Crisis

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The Flash V2 207

The Flash V2 208

The Flash V2 209

The Flash V2 210

The Flash V2 211

The Flash V2 213

The Flash V2 214

The Flash V2 215

The Flash V2 216

The Flash V2 217

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The Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen

A ten-part storyline, "The Secret of Barry Allen" collects issues #207-217 except #212 from the second monthly ongoing volume of The Flash comic-book series of DC Comics, plotted by renowned writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and drawn entirely by artist Howard Porter (JLA – New World Order, JLA – Tower of Babel).

Serving a self sufficient story on its own, "The Secret of Barry Allen" also served as a tie-in for "Identity Crisis" crossover event regarding the death of Sue Dibney and a worst secret kept by JLA members. The secret left behind for scarlet speedster by Barry Allen is one blast from past that is surely give Wally West a tough time in his upcoming adventures.

flash secret of barry allen dc comics ethan van sciver wally west
Legacy of Barry Allen

Aside from regular Justice League roster of Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like The Atom, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Zatanna made cameo appearance. Heroes from Justice Society of America and Teen Titans did the same as well.

Following the event of "Blitz" and "Ignition", the fastest man alive has gotten some storyline build up for the current premise. This arc is succeeded by "Rogue War", which started running almost simultaneously when the current arc was already halfway through and then in a crossover with Wonder Woman in "Land of the Dead".
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