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Saturday, December 11, 2004

JLA – Tower of Babel | Comics

In Gotham, Batman arrives at his parent’s graves to pay a visit as billionaire Bruce Wayne to find it empty, leading him on hunt of it around the globe. Meanwhile in Europe, Martian Manhunter is ambushed with nanites and his skin is turned into magnesium that caused him to burn in flame bursts, which soon made him loose contact with the JLA.

jla tower of babel
JLA – Tower of Babel | Comics

Aquaman and Plastic Man are under attack by assassins, who dosed Arthur with Scarecrow’s fear toxin that developed aqua-phobia in him and broke Plastic Man into pieces after freezing him solid. Superman calls Batman for help the Leaguers but he ignored his call to resume his search. The Flash and Wonder Woman goes to check into Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who just lost his sight that morning.

Suddenly all of them are ambush attacked and taken down with ruthless efficiency. As Superman arrives at the scene to help, he too is instantly taken down with help from a chunk of Red Kryptonite, a modified version of the green Kryptonian rock that is lethal to him and is devised by The Dark Knight himself. All these operations are led by Talia al Ghul, daughter of the global terrorist Ra's al Ghul, simply indicating his involvement in this recent take-down operation.

All those plans to eliminate the powerful League members were designed by Batman as contingency for emergency situations, which Ra's have utilized against the JLA to succeed in his latest scheme of the reduction of the global population and it’s up to Batman to save the day and the rest of the Justice League.

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ra's al ghul
A Dangerous New Direction

Here is your links for “JLA – Tower of Babel" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

JLA 42

JLA 43

JLA 44

JLA 45

JLA 46

Here is your link for “JLA – Tower of Babel" storyline from DC Comics.

JLA – Tower of Babel

"JLA – Tower of Babel" is a storyline featuring the fictional DC Comics superhero team JLA, released by DC Comics on 2000 in the first monthly ongoing comic book series of JLA. It ran through the issues #43-46 of JLA monthly series. This story line was written by popular writer Mark Waid (JLA – Year One, Kingdom Come), with the strokes delivered by regular series artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam) and Steve Scott.

batman tower of babel
A League on Strings

The storyline itself is an acclaimed one in chronological importance on New Earth reality and its success led the story to be adapted in an animation feature; Justice League – Doom in 2012 as the 13th release in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line of direct-to-video projects.
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Saturday, August 7, 2004

JLA – New World Order | Comics

An alien super-team named Hyperclan comes to Earth, claiming to save it and only Justice League can see through their lies.

In a fine bright morning, White House in Washington D.C. gets clouded by a huge flying object that came out of nowhere and appears to be an alien spaceship. Neither security personnel nor the president of United States have any idea of anything about it but before they start panicking, Superman quickly arrives there to investigation.

Eight egg-like objects emerges from mother ship and an alien named Protex came out of one with seven other of his own kind, who introduced themselves as Hyperclan. With all of them having superhuman powers and more, they claim to be here to help save the world and gets on board with terra-forming wasteland of Sahara.

Although Man of Steel is quite skeptical about their powers and intentions, rest of world has immediately accepts these newly arrived super-heroes cheerfully. What they did next is taken attempt to eradicate crime by executing many super criminals in groups, leading the likes of Dr. Polaris and The Joker to suddenly go underground.

Members of Justice League were about to believe their intentions to be good while discussing current situation. Then their satellite base suddenly came under attack by unknown assailants out of nowhere. Following a brief fight with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Wonder Woman, few of them were able to escape base but got injured badly.

jla dc comics grant morrison howard porter aquaman batman flash green lantern martian manhunter superman wonder woman
JLA – New World Order | Comics

Media described this incident as "mystery explosion" and Protex denied of any involvement to Superman. He and Flash assembles meets rest of their teammates on Secret Sanctuary in Rhode Island, except for Aquaman. Coming out of shadows, Batman reveals to be there already an hour ago and declares that they are now at war with Hyperclan.

Hyperclan members carve out a watchtower structure in wastelands of Antarctica, calling it Z'onn Z'orr. News media from across the globe went there and two more gigantic structures emerge. Batman theorizes for them using mind control transmitters to spread mass hysteria among people but Green Lantern failed to find any.

Martian Manhunter suggests that they split into teams to take down those watchtower bases. When looking for Arthur, Diana encounters shape-shifter Fluxus and his teammate Tronix but ended up getting captured in spite of putting up a good fight. Flash was paired with GL and was waiting for J'onn to show up at Gobi Desert.

Seeing super-speedster ZüM coming at them from far, Wally engages him in a race, leaving "rookie" Kyle alone to deal with Armek and Zenturion. Meanwhile, Protex invites J'onn to a meeting, so that he can be convinced to join their group.

Batman and Superman came in contact with A-Mortal and Primaid on their way but are separated. Even though Supes hits the ground hard, he knocks down Primaid but unable to get his friend out of Batplane before it exploded. He could not find any trace of The Bat in crash site and collapsed when Protex showed up with a Kryptonite.

Defeated, they all are taken to Z'onn Z'orr but none of Hyperclan members cared to check for Batman or his body. With everyone of Justice League has fallen or gone missing and even Superman is beaten down, there are no one left behind to stand between these alien invaders and save the people of Earth from an imminent doom.

For more information on JLA – New World Order storyline, you can check out the link below.

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grant morrison jla new world order
The Day The League Stood Still

Here is your links to buy "JLA – New World Order" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

JLA 01

JLA 02

JLA 03

JLA 04

Here is your link to buy "JLA – New World Order" from DC Comics on Amazon.

JLA – New World Order

Kick-starting a new monthly ongoing JLA comic-book series, writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Final Crisis) and artist Howard Porter (Flash – Rogue War, Flash – The Secret of Barry Allen) teams up for DC Comics to create four-part storyline "New World Order" back in 1997 that collects first four issues of the volume.

League members Icemaiden, Metamorpho, Nuklon and Obsidian were present in guest-appearances. Marvel Comics characters, Doctor Doom and Wolverine showed up for a brief cameo, where they were supposedly killed by Hyperclan.

batman v superman
A Dark Knight To Save The Day

"New World Order" comes after three-issue JLA limited series "Midsummer's Nightmare" and its included issues are all named after 50's popular sci-fi movies like Them!, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds and Invaders from Mars, clearly dropping some hints to readers about where story premise was slowly heading.

Morrison was tasked to re-invent iconic team of DC heroes following events of Final Night crossover event and he started with an alien invasion on Earth to reunite original "Magnificent Seven" members of superhero team Justice League and re-establish their glory days that will continue in his second story titled "American Dreams".
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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Justice League of America | Comics

Whenever there is a crisis that is too big for a single superhero, there should be a team of extraordinary heroes to contain the greater threat. Thus, when the race of White Martians attempted to invade Earth, The Flash gathered a group of heroes to stop the invasion but the crowd did not form a team.

justice league of america
Justice League of America | Comics

Next time, the Earth was under the threat of the Appellaxians and this time it took the combine effort of Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman to take them down and the Justice League of America was born. They settled on Happy Harbor and soon faced villains like Starro the Conqueror, Weapons Master, Amazo, Lex LuthorDespero and Kanjar Ro, while recruiting Adam Strange and Green Arrow.

The Teen Titans were formed in an attempt to free the League members from the mind control of Antithesis. The League teamed up with Justice Society of America to face off their evil counterpart called Crime Syndicate of Amerika. As “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was upon them, Barry Allen sacrificed himself to halt the evil plans of Anti-Monitor and it was during “Legends” when the League knows of the dreaded Darkseid; God of Apokolips.

In the arrival of the Hyperclan with a “New World Order”, they settled in a Watchtower in moon for monitoring Earth for catastrophes and frequent super-villain attacks. Atom, Black Canary, Captain MarvelFirestormHawkman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado and Zatanna were also added to the roster over the period of time.

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justice league war
The League of Tomorrow

Here is your links to buy "Justice League of America" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

JLA – Year One

Showcase Presents – Superman Vol 03

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Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 01

JLA – Zatanna’s Search

Showcase Presents – The Justice League of America Vol 03

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Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 02

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Justice League – The Justice League Hereby Elects

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 05

The Justice League of America by George Perez Vol 01

The Justice League of America by George Perez Vol 02

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

History of the DC Universe (Softcover)

History of the DC Universe (Hardcover)

Justice League International Vol 01

Justice League International Vol 02

Justice League International Vol 03

Justice League International Vol 04

Justice League – A Midsummer’s Nightmare

JLA – New World Order

JLA – American Dreams

JLA – Deluxe Edition Vol 01

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JLA – The Greatest Stories Ever Told

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JLA – The Obsidian Age Book One

Elseworlds – JLA – Shogun of Steel

JLA – The Obsidian Age Book Two

JLA/Avengers (Softcover)

JLA/Avengers (Hardcover)

JLA – Rules of Engagement

JLA – Secret Origins

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The World’s Greatest Super Heroes

JLA – Trial by Fire

Justice League – Formerly Known as the Justice League

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JLA – The Tenth Circle

Justice League Elite Vol 01

JLA – Pain of the Gods

JLA Classified – Ultramarine Corps

JLA – Syndicate Rules

JLA Classified – New Maps of Hell

JLA Classified – Hypothetical Woman

JLA Classified – Kid Amazo

JLA Classified – That Was Now, This Is Then

Justice League Elite Vol 02

Power Girl

JLA – Crisis of Conscience

Infinite Crisis

JLA – World Without a Justice League

Justice League of America – The Tornado’s Path

Justice League of America – The Lightning Saga

Booster Gold – 52 Pick-Up (Softcover)

Booster Gold – 52 Pick-Up (Hardcover)

Justice League of America – The Injustice League

JLA – Salvation Run

Justice League of America – Sanctuary

Justice League of America – When Worlds Collide (Softcover)

Justice League of America – When Worlds Collide (Hardcover)

With the greatest superheroes that DC Comics has to offer, the Justice League was a popular roster of heroic figures having many limited series on their name. However, those limited installments being performing below expectations, DC Comics launched a new monthly ongoing series titled “JLA” featuring all the major characters of the team in 1997. Apart from having some ground-breaking storytellers for the series, artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam) and Doug Mahnke (Black Adam – The Dark Age, Final Crisis) was also assigned to give life to those pages.

justice league comics
Heroes of Justice

Following the 100th issue of JLA monthly series, a mini-series titled “Justice League Elite” was launched with a complete different landscape and a new roster of heroes. Following the "Flashpoint" event, Justice League gets a rebooted "Origin" for The New 52 timeline. The team is adapted to two major animated series Justice League (2001) and Justice League Unlimited (2004) for TV and in 2017, the first ever live-action Justice League movie is about to release worldwide.
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