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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Defenders – Kingpins of New York | Comics

The Defenders have gathered to fight for the people of New York! However, bad press follows them and Diamondback wants to be the next lord of crime!

When Diamondback came back from being dead after a long time, he faced the Defenders of New York. He was taking a drug to enhance his strength but got his butt kicked anyway. He was arrested and readied for transport, where he met the fierce vigilante Punisher.

Stryker was able to invoke Frank Castle into attacking him and he escaped. While on the run, he showed up at the penthouse of Black Cat and she calls off their alliance considering him being a fugitive only to get repeatedly shot at by him.

In desperation, he decides to take all of the remaining at once to get home and got extremely jacked up. Completely unknown about what he has been up to, a badly wounded Black Cat came back to take a dig at him but she barely made a scratch on him.

Stryker was about to deliver a finishing blow on her when Daredevil and Iron Fist intervened at the nick of time. Jessica Jones came charging at him with a car and Luke Cage followed up by landing a barrage of punches until he is finally taken down for good.

defenders kingpins of new york
Defenders – Kingpins of New York | Comics

Willis Stryker was eventually bailed out in court when his lawyer was able to make it look like Stryker is a victim of vigilantism. Reporter Ben Urich from Daily Bugle came to the hospital where Black Cat is admitted and Hammerhead showed up too announcing an upcoming gang-war. Since things are going crazy-pants, Jessica called in an old favor and recruited Deadpool for help.

Elsewhere, Diamondback meets his secret benefactor, who turns out to be former Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. Stryker is advised to tighten loose ends of their plan and is warned about new players like master assassin Elektra being in town.

Elektra Natchios came across Danny Rand on a rooftop as the latter asks why she previously broke into their office. Instead of answering, she responds by starting a fight with him, which is officially their first ever. She bested him for a while and had Danny on ropes but he only knocks her out by using his chi energy.

Meanwhile, Diamondback walks into Hammerhead's pub with intent to take it for himself and he does so when one of his own men tipped off by the former shot the latter in head with a high-caliber gun, killing him.

Daredevil asks Elektra about why she broke into their office and what she knows about Willis. When he let her go afterwards, a friction among his peers create regarding trust issues among them. The Punisher was trying to snipe on him from afar but Deadpool decided to butt in, literally. Their fight alerted the Defenders and they came after Castle.

However, adding Wade Wilson has only caused them trouble and the Merc with a Mouth soon took an exit. As Willis Stryker assembles Fixer, Moonstone and Titania to be part of his new crew, The Hood returns to bring on more chaos.

defenders marvel comics 2017
Defending The Streets

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Defenders – Kingpins of New York

"Kingpins of New York" steps into the second phase of a bigger plan that started following the events of "Diamonds Are Forever" storyline. Collecting issues #06-10 of the fifth ongoing volume of Defenders monthly series from Marvel Comics, the arc was plotted by writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers Disassembled, House of M) and artist David Marquez (Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man – Reboot) helped him portraying his layout.

The current series bears heavy influence from Marvel's The Defenders TV show from online streaming-service Netflix and even the roster is following TV line-up of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist.

marvel comics defenders 2017
All-out Street War

As former Kingpin of crime in is out from his regular business, there is a power vacuum created in his absence and every other bad-guy of New York is seemingly trying to earn that title. Many characters have gone through shocking experience while many showed up as a guest; most notably Elektra Natchios.

During the Elektra/Iron Fist confrontation, she fairly made a point fighting the Immortal Iron Fist that why even a guy like Wolverine seeks to train with her when is in trouble. Also, special appearance by Colleen Wing, Echo, Misty Knight, Spider-Woman and White Tiger was quite a fresh breeze.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever | Comics

Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage must form The Defenders to keep the streets safe from a deadly enemy of past.

Harlem's very own bulletproof man Luke Cage was coming back home from the market and talking to some schoolgirls of the neighborhood when he is suddenly ambushed with a rocket launcher. Cage quickly jumped off to save the bystanders.

He then rushed to a nearby building rooftop to chase the assailant but found a few diamond on the ground. He then receives a call and went to hospital to see his wife Jessica Jones, who was also attacked in her Alias Investigations Office and left heavily injured.

Daredevil came following them as someone attacked his alter ego Matt Murdock too in broad daylight and points out that someone has targeted four of them. Before Luke could ask about the fourth victim, Danny Rand, the Iron Fist was also marked.

As they were discussing who it could be, Jessica regains consciousness only to reveals it was Diamondback who came at her office to talk to her about a recent raid by vigilante hero Daredevil, Iron Fist and her husband Luke Cage at Club Ultimate. When she asks him to leave, he shot at her and then left some diamonds by her side.

marvel's defenders comics
Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever | Comics

Black Cat then goes to meet Diamondback at his club and asks him about his intention, also pointing out his unusual return from being dead. As he explains his plan to take over New York while Hammerhead makes a call to Luke Cage to inform him on Willis Stryker.

Shortly, Cage comes crashing down seeking revenge over Willis for shooting his wife but the latter came prepared as he incapacitates Luke with toxic dust and left him to die after giving him a severe beating while Black Cat watched it all in horror.

Jessica meets Daredevil and Iron Fist in a bar as her investigation gave her no lead on Diamondback so far and Matt proposes that they should team up. She rushes to Night Nurse's clinic as soon as she hears Luke's news. With assistance from Vampire Hunter Blade, Nurse Linda Carter eventually manages to save Luke.

Jessica goes straight up to Club Ultimate to confront Diamondback as Matt and Danny join her but the villain surprisingly overpowers them all and ran. The trio then gave him a chase on street only to be gunned down by another vigilante known as The Punisher.

Danny, Jessica and Matt wake up at Night Nurse's clinic beside Luke Cake, who is surprised to hear that Frank Castle has actually shot at them. While Daredevil and Luke cage goes to apprehend Castle for some questioning, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist decide to take on Diamondback.

However, Willis tossed Jessica within her car when he spotted her and then broke Danny's back after blocking one of his powerful chi-Punch with ease. The mean street of New York now just got even meaner with their entire rampage and this marks a new formation of The Defenders.

iron fist vs diamondback
Taming The Thunder

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Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever

Marvel's The Defenders
television series on online streaming-service Netflix was one of the hottest buzz in 2017 and to catch up with the show, Marvel Comics decided to bring back Defenders monthly ongoing series in publication.

Also, it followed the TV line-up for heroes by putting Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist together to reform the band once again. The plot was conceived by veteran writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers Disassembled, House of M) and artist David Marquez (Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man – Reboot) assisted him in envisioning the entire story with his sensational artwork.

defenders vs punisher
The Punisher Strikes!

They brought back one of the oldest villain from Luke Cage's life who was dead for a long time and then just to make things a bit more interesting, Marvel dropped The Punisher in the story. Looks like Willis Stryker himself was quite a handful for the four of the Defenders of New York with his newfound enhanced strength.

There was a small cameo of Elektra, who is marking her return into their lives. When this is all set and done, a certain Merc with a Mouth is called in by private eye Jessica Jones to lend a hand or two in upcoming arc "Kingpins of New York".
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town | Comics

When ex-convict Luke Cage showed up in Harlem City with his newfound enhanced abilities and met the other worldly Kung-Fu defender from K'un-Lun named Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist, they eventually banded the Heroes for Hire, Inc. Then they disbanded under some certain circumstances and after five years, they showed up at the East River dock to pick up their former associate Jennie Royce, who was framed for murdering Eugene Mason and is just released from Ryker's Island.

Taking her to the Excelsior Diner they offer Jennie to do anything for her that will help her get back on her feet, because they consider her as family. Besides, she already lost five years in prison for a false accusation and suffered without a valid reason. Since her ex-boyfriend owed a lot of money to many people and a necklace of her grandmother is now in someone else’s possession, which she would like to have back. The only problem is, it is currently owned by a notorious organized crime-boss named Lonnie Lincoln, or better known as the villainous Tombstone.

power man iron fist
Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town | Comics

Luke Cage never liked it from the beginning and now seeing where it is going, he feels more uncomfortable as he shares history with Tombstone. However, they wanted to help Jennie for old times’ sake and Danny already promised her to get the necklace back. So, they go meet the villain in Harlem to talk about it. But Tombstone straight out refused of giving it back and their conversation eventually gone unpleasant when he assumes that they are accusing him of theft, whereas he won it from The Hood in a card game.

Before Luke and Iron Fist realize, they are surrounded by Tombstone's goons yet they took the necklace and fought their way out but couldn't hear the villain warning them about the necklace having magical powers. Upon handing it over to Jennie Royce at the Sisters of Mercy House, Luke and Danny leaves after hugging her one last time. Though Luke Cage feels quite uneasy with the fact that Jennie and Tombstone both have a different story about the necklace, Iron Fist points out that Lonnie Lincoln is probably lying here instead of their friend.

Back home, Jessica Jones asks Luke if he and Danny are going to be back again in action but Luke assures her that it was a one-time thing to help out a friend. Tombstone was going nuts over the necklace as it was a Supersoul Stone and tasks his group of henchmen to get the stone back for him. Jennie talks to her partner about their plan becoming a success who is revealed to be former criminal gang leader Mariah Dillard. Together as White Jennie and Black Mariah, they are gonna take over Harlem, when Tombstone loses his empire for failing to secure that artifact.

luke cage iron fist
Rumble In The Streets

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Power Man and Iron Fist V3 05

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Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town

Following the debut of the live-action Luke Cage TV Series as well as Iron Fist on Netflix in 2016, Marvel Comics have reunited one of the best buddy-team of comic books together again in their third ongoing volume of publication. To accomplish that, writer David Walker (Luke Cage – Caged!, Luke Cage – Sins of the Father) and artist Sanford Greene (Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies, Power Man and Iron Fist – Street Magic) were pulled on the driving wheels of this series to attract a lot of new readers to the awesomeness of these Heroes for Hire turned into The Avengers.

heroes for hire
Back In The Hero Business

Collecting the first five issues from the monthly ongoing, this story however doesn’t content any lives at stake type of situation in it but was a fresh point to start reading about the duo who rocked the streets of Harlem, New York. Plus, a cameo from Doctor Strange in this little “Fiddle-Faddle” is something that you cannot simply miss. This long awaited return of the duos in action can also mean the reformation of The Defenders anytime soon in their fifth monthly series, with possibly Daredevil and Jessica Jones joining the gang.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Avengers – The Trust | Comics

New Avengers team deals with paranoia of a possible Secret Invasion and deals with a crime boss known as The Hood.

During "Civil War" of superheroes, The Avengers were no longer united but New Avengers have reassembled with Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine. They are joined by Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and a recently resurfaced Clint Barton for a mission to rescue Maya Lopez AKA Echo, from Japanese underworld and The Hand.

Although Clint was formerly known as Hawkeye, he adopted the new identity of Ronin and accompanied his friends to Japan where they confronted Elektra. She was killed in battle with Maya and shockingly revealed to be a shape-shifting alien Skrull. This shocked every single one of them and they head back to U.S. immediately afterwards.

Arguing what to do now, Logan points out that anyone of them could be an imposter and therefore, no one will trust anyone from now on but Jessica Drew suggests that they take the corpse to Tony Stark, because he will try to kill them if he is a Skrull. Suddenly, they lost power and was forced to crash land before reaching New York.

Spider-Woman takes the body from crash site and zaps Wolverine hard when he tried to stop her. This action causes Clint and Danny to reach conclusion that she is a Skrull but Logan debunks that idea saying, she took it to show Stark. Luke asks Spidey whether or not he is a Skrull, which almost started a tussle between them.

new avengers trust marvel comics brian michael bendis leinil francis yu
New Avengers – The Trust | Comics

Rest of heroes to argue over whom to trust as they return to Sanctum Sanctorum and some of them goes out to seek some bad guys to punch. Wolverine goes to get a drink in a bar where he overhears Parker Robbins AKA The Hood talking about invading Avengers Tower with a Deathlok and breaks in only get his butt handed to him.

Next day, everyone reassembled at Sanctum and Stephen Strange offers to cast a spell on them that will reveal a projection of their true nature. None of them turn out to be a Skrull and then Logan came in, projecting an image of a ronin. He told them about what Hood is planning to do soon and they all decide to help other Avengers.

Despite bearing the risk of being arrested, they all go to Avengers Tower and see Iron Man leading his Mighty Avengers to street where a symbiote outbreak was taking over the populace of New York. All of New Avengers have immediately turned into various forms of Venom-like monsters except Luke Cage and joined the mayhem.

When Tony turned everyone back to normal, Luke and his friends helped all affected citizens nearby to their feet before leaving. Logan notices Jessica Drew among Tony's team and to learn what she told his new team, he breaks in to have a word with her and she claims that she only came here to warn about a possible Skrull Invasion.

The Hood recruits deranged killer Jigsaw in his gang of criminals after ambushing and humiliating Tigra on his behalf to take revenge for an early encounter. Instead of launching Deathlok on Avengers, he uses it to rob a large bank alongside Wrecking Crew while all major heroes were busy dealing with symbiote invasion earlier.

Later, New Avengers came to visit the bank they robbed to track them down and Wolverine lead everyone to Hood's hideout. However, seeing Parker Robbins with Wrecker and his pals made them worried that they may need back up. To which, Strange complies and they breaks in for a confrontation with a band of other superheroes.

new avengers secret invasion marvel comics brian michael bendis leinil francis yu
Betrayal From Within

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New Avengers 32

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New Avengers 37

New Avengers Annual 02

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – The Trust" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – The Trust (Softcover)

New Avengers – The Trust (Hardcover)

Following events of "Civil War", writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) has reformed New Avengers team with a new lineup for Marvel Comics. Assisted him in illustration are talented artists Carlo Pagulayan (Emma Frost, Incredible Hulk) and Leinil Francis Yu (Inhumans Vs. X-Men, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk).

After their mission to rescue Maya Lopez from Japan (Revolution), the heroes were returning home and they had to crash land because, Tony released an electromagnetic pulse to nullify a newly ushered "Ultron Initiative". Both teams have worked together during "Venom Bomb" incident, which ties into Mighty Avengers series.

new avengers trust heroic spirit luke cage peter parker captain america doctor strange ronin logan jessica jones jewel maya lopez lady daredevil iron fist marvel comics brian michael bendis leinil francis yu
Spirit of Heroes

For some time, Luke Cage has been cooking up a conspiracy theory about someone pulling the strings from beyond that caused "The Death of Captain America" and Tony Stark has been his primary suspect so far. Though rest of his team believes it to be Spider-Woman but she only sided with Stark to warn him of a possible invasion.

Taking a break from fighting fellow capes, the rebel heroes engages with some super-villains for a change and faces some overwhelming odds. Collecting issues #32-37 and Annual #2 from first volume of titular monthly ongoing comic-book series, "The Trust" is the stepping stone to upcoming groundbreaking crossover event "Secret Invasion".
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Avengers – Revolution | Comics

With couple of new recruits on their team, New Avengers team goes to Japan to bring back one of their own.

It was the day when Avengers member Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch lost control over her reality-altering powers, which started a chaos that took life of her fellow teammate Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Vision. Clint Barton wakes up months later after that incident in a park in New York and learns of his death from a newspaper.

To find answers, he goes to see Doctor Strange and though surprised, he informed that Clint is healthy and very much alive. When he wanted to know about Wanda, Strange says that she is not using her powers, so he can't track her. He then travels to Wundagore Mountain and bumped into an amnesiac Wanda living there for a while.

Civil War has ended and New Avengers have assembled themselves once again but Ronin has never left Japan. Staying there, she tangled with wannabe Yakuza mobsters and killed many of Hand ninjas. Eventually their current leader Elektra came looking for her with an army of ninjas and following a long fight, she was killed by Natchios.

Back in Harlem, Luke Cage was crossed paths with a group of "Cape-Killers" agents sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. that chased him to Sanctum Sanctorum, which appears to be sold out to Starbucks coffee chain. Stephen Strange lets him in and his wife Jessica Jones takes him to dinner table for him to join Iron Fist, Spider-Man and Wolverine.

New Avengers – Revolution | Comics

Spider-Woman came in shortly with news that Captain America is in fact alive and is kept in Raft, Ryker's Island. Though Logan suggests it's a trap, Strange sends his astral form to check in and confirm what it really is. Upon learning that they kept Cap in there, they all burst through only to come face to face with Mighty Avengers.

Iron Man orders them to stand down after negating their power but they never expected Strange to show up, who cause Tony and his group to see their worst nightmares as he made an escape for his teammates. They chased New Avengers back to Sanctum and went to see Danny Rand at Rand Corporation for answers with no result.

Before stepping into trouble, Maya Lopez sent a message to Matt Murdock about how she will likely be dead when he read this and described the whole situation. Danny received that letter and rest of his team agrees to fly to Japan but not before Brother Voodoo walks in to their front door to run a ritual and confirm Tony of his suspicion.

After Voodoo clarifies to his folks that there is no one there or at least they can't find him there, Tony goes inside the Sanctum trying to reason with them knowing he is being heard. Shortly afterwards, Clint Barton showed up there and Doctor Strange tells everyone about their meeting earlier, offering him to tag along to Japan.

After stabbing her, Elektra took Maya to revive her body with dark magic to recruit into their cult but then New Avengers came crushing into their hideout along with a stranger wearing Ronin outfit. Spider-Man is sent to rescue her and soon as they got her, Doc Strange teleports them all to Fortress Yashida, home of Silver Samurai.

Not long after they arrived, Elektra tracked them back with a swarm of Hand ninjas and Luke tries to stall them by talking down. Maya was induced with drugs that Hand gave her and once it has completed its course, she turns against her friends. With help from Danny and Strange, she was able to fight the influence and strike back.

New Avengers Return

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New Avengers 28

New Avengers 29

New Avengers 30

New Avengers 31

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Revolution" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Revolution (Softcover)

New Avengers – Revolution (Hardcover)

In post-Civil War era, writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist Leinil Francis Yu (Infinity, Secret Empire) reassembled New Avengers team with a revised roster in order to start a "Revolution" that is chronicled through issues #26-31 from the first monthly ongoing titular comic-book series from Marvel Comics.

A major take away from the story is a long-anticipated return of Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff, followed by one of them joining a resistance of heroes that his mentor, Captain America has assembled. They tangled with The Hand and its current leader, Elektra who has been running Japanese underworld for some time now.

Battle Against The Hand

Continued from her adventure in "Secrets & Lies", life of Maya Lopez goes through some rough edges. She dies and came back only to become a threat to her friends but was eventually rescued from Hand by Doc Strange and Iron Fist. Meanwhile, Iron Man becomes Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and forms Mighty Avengers with registered heroes.

Jericho Drumm AKA Brother Voodoo and Silver Samurai made short but notable appearance. "Revolution" also reveals a major secret to these outlaw heroes and will bear huge stepping stone for oncoming crossover event "Secret Invasion" soon but before that, New Avengers will continue their adventure in "The Trust" storyline next.
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