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Monday, July 9, 2012

Flashpoint | Comics

Barry Allen, the second Flash wakes up on his desk to find himself in a world of an alternate timeline, where he isn't known as world's fastest speedster The Flash and any superheroes doesn't even exist except Cyborg. He found out that, one of his arch-nemesis for years, Captain Cold has become a hero of Central City and now going by the name of Citizen Cold. Many other elements from the original reality he knew are missing from around as well and in this new world, no one has ever surprisingly heard of Justice League or Superman.

To his surprise, he discovered his long deceased mother Nora is very much alive and his father has passed away instead of being at jail. Barry also learns that The Dark Knight of this timeline is not Bruce Wayne but his father, a vengeful Thomas Wayne, who runs the Wayne Casinos with Oswald Cobblepot as a disguise to his crusade during daytime and embarks his cape at night to be Batman. However, Thomas is way more ruthless and brutal to his enemies as the caped crusader than his son that Barry knew of.

flashpoint dc comics
Flashpoint | Comics

Cyborg is considered as a major heroic figure of the United States, who is trying to deal with the massive ongoing battle between the race of Atlantians and Amazons, led by Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman. She killed Colonel Steve Trevor who was trying to reach reporter Lois Lane, who was saved by Grifter and The Resistance. Aside from Barry Allen, Booster Gold and Kid Flash seem to be the only persons present in that timeline, who seems to know about the abnormal differences of the realities in this world.

Barry decided to approach Batman to seek his aid in stopping this senseless madness that the two races have unleashed upon mankind. When he entered the Batcave, Thomas attacked him thinking an intruder and almost broke his hand before he could talk. He finally made Thomas listen to him when he decided to show his costume but Barry's ring ejects the Reverse-Flash costume. He then suspects that his greatest enemy Professor Zoom has been secretly manipulating the time stream and wants Barry to know his involvement.

Thomas intends to help him if he can reverse his timeline and assists him to recreate the accident which gave him the power of Speed-Force. In their first attempt, Barry got badly burnt and barely survived but he managed to get his power in their next try. Barry then informs Batman that they are going to need the help of Superman, who is held captive by U.S. Government since he came to Earth. For this job, they decided to call Cyborg and he joined these two to secure the last Kryptonian for saving their reality from destruction.

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flash vs zoom
A Timeline In Turmoil

Here is your links to buy "Flashpoint" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Flashpoint 01

Flashpoint 02

Flashpoint 03

Flashpoint 04

Flashpoint 05

Here is your links to buy "Flashpoint" from DC Comics on Amazon.

The Flash – The Road to Flashpoint

Flashpoint (Softcover)

Flashpoint (Hardcover)

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring The Flash

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman

Flashpoint – The World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman

"Flashpoint" is a major DC Comics crossover event that totally changed the landscape of DC Universe. Originally released as a five issue limited series, "Flashpoint" was published in mid 2011 and consists of issues written by Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis) and drawn by artist Andy Kubert (Batman Vs. Predator, Dark Knight III – The Master Race) along with many other tie-ins books. DC also released quite a few other limited series as tie-in story for main plot of this crossover like Abin Sur - The Green Lantern, Batman - Knight of Vengeance, Emperor Aquaman, Project Superman and Wonder Woman and the Furies.

the flash flashpoint
Reverse Time-Stream Conflict

What "Flashpoint" did to DC Universe is, it kept all that happened before this event intact as history but took all characters to a new reality where they already have been living for long with a rich legacy of their own, yet to be discovered. This event also brings an end of regular New Earth continuity and jump-started a new era with a complete different timeline of Prime Earth with every issues from each publication of books are titled “The New 52”. Then there were more crossovers like "Convergence" and "DC Rebirth" that re-shaped that continuity by bringing heroes like New Earth Superman and then tying with Watchmen franchise in same timeline.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics

black adam dc comics
Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics
With the removal of godlike powers that has been taken away from him by Captain Marvel as a last resort after he single handedly decimated an ensemble roster of powerful super-heroes opposing him, with ease (in World War III), Teth Adam seeks to find out the new secret magical word that will re-establish him as Black Adam again and the only thing that always kept his heart from turning entirely black with anger, his now-dead wife, Isis. Some hidden place in Kahndaqi border, Adam is bound to a chair and having one of his loyal followers, Tamir, beat him to face to bruise it to a point when it appears almost unrecognizable. When Teth thinks it is done, he goes to Kahndaq border to enter the country posed as a native named Hassan Bari with his faithful followers.

Adam and his followers broke into the tomb of Isis to collect her charred remains for a resurrection ceremony but quickly attacked by armed guards working for an unknown organization who wants Black Adam dead. During the shootout, Adam manages to escape with help from his followers who sacrificed themselves for him to safely get-away. JSA team is also in search of him while he was on the run. Adam embarks a long and hard journey to find out a Lazarus Pit to resurrect his love once again. But Isis dissolves as soon as she was revived; led Adam to believe that something went wrong in the ceremony that has skipped his sight. The situation will eventually force him to team up with the vile magician Felix Faust to fulfill the rest of his mystical journey to revive his beloved wife back.
black adam comics
Clash With Wings of Fury
Here is your link for "Black Adam – The Dark Age" limited series from DC Comics.
hawkman vs black adam
Fight or Flight

Black Adam – The Dark Age

"Black Adam – The Dark Age" is a 6-issue limited series published from DC Comics, written by Peter J. Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Forever Evil – Arkham War) with excellent pencil work by artist Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer). This mini epic comes for JSA fans is a must-have collectible saga that was released as a weekly limited series 52's follow-up title Countdown. In the course of this entire journey that Black Adam embarked on has led him to face few members of Justice Society of AmericaAtom-Smasher, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Red Tornado, Superman and Wonder Woman either in nightmare or only their flashbacks were shown. The limited series has explored the chronicles and the other side of this mighty magical villain of DC, who was one of the prime focus of the 52 crossover event and it's aftermath World War III from DC Comics.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sinestro Corps War | Comics

sinestro corps war
Sinestro Corps War | Comics
The fallen Green Lantern of Sector 1417, Thaal Sinestro was an inhabitant of the planet Korugar and an honorary member of the Corps until he was discharged for his abusing the power ring. After leaving the corps, he has become one of the greatest rivals of the Green Lantern Corps and formed his very own Sinestro Corps, powered by the yellow colored rings made by the Weaponers of the Antimatter World of Qward, to oppose the green rings of The Guardians. The Multiverse was finally restored in the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis and the Anti-Monitor is also resurrected in the process as well. To instill great fear in the heart of their enemy, he starts recruiting powerful and malevolent individuals to re-build his own Corps, thus picking the villainous Anti-Monitor and Parallax.

Together, they all launched an attack on Oa, which frees the Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime, who eventually joined the Sinestro Corps, each wearing a yellow power ring after killing many of the Corps members. During this massive onslaught on Oa, Kyle Rayner is separated from his Ion Symbiote of the ring by Sinestro and is then possessed by Parallax. Even the combined efforts of Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner failed to rescue him. As Hal goes to fight with the Sinestro Corps, the Justice League are also warned about the return of Anti-Monitor. A secret ancient prophecy of an apocalyptic event called the "Blackest Night" is finally revealed, which will destroy all the existing Corps representing every emotional spectrum.

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green lantern war
The Universe at War
Here is your links for "Sinestro Corps War" crossover event from DC Comics in issues.

01. Green Lantern – Sinestro Corps Special

02. Green Lantern V4 21

03. Green Lantern Corps V2 14

04. Green Lantern V4 22

05. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Parallax

06. Green Lantern Corps V2 15

07. Green Lantern V4 23

08. Green Lantern Corps V2 16

09. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Cyborg-Superman

10. Green Lantern V4 24

11. Green Lantern Corps V2 17

12. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Superman Prime

13. Green Lantern Corps V2 18

14. Green Lantern V4 25

15. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Ion

16. Green Lantern Corps V2 19

17. Green Lantern – Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins

Here is your links for "Sinestro Corps War" crossover event from DC Comics.

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War Vol 01

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War Vol 02

Green Lantern – Tales of the Sinestro Corps (Softcover)
green lantern sinestro
In Blackest Day

Green Lantern – Tales of the Sinestro Corps (Hardcover)

Sinestro Corps War

Absolute Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War

"Sinestro Corps War" is comic book crossover that follows the limited series “Green Lantern – Rebirth”. The creator team of writer Geoff Johns (Brightest Day, Flashpoint), Dave Gibbons (Green Lantern Corps – Recharge, Rann-Thanagar War), artist Ivan Reis (Aquaman and the Others, Justice League – New 52), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Impulse) and Patrick Gleason (Aquaman, Noble Causes) is responsible for this story. This DC Comics crossover was published in 2007 and was quite a successful event in Green Lantern series; as it went under several re-print processes. Also the first issue of this saga was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

52 | Comics

dc comics 52
52 | Comics
Following his investigation on the Intergang, The Question came to Gotham City, partnering up with Renée Montoya and their leads took them to a new Batwoman, Kathy Kane. After losing his presidency, Lex Luthor launches a program called the Everyman Project to give superpowers to masses. Steel and his niece Natasha Irons also enlists for the program and Natasha then joins Luthor’s Infinity, Inc. as Starlight. However, Luthor’s program failed to render him superhuman and upon failing badly on public, it brought a catastrophic result on Metropolis, leading to deaths of many. In the aftermath of the Rann/Thanagar War, a Zeta-Beam accident left Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire trapped in the outer space, where, with assistance from last Czarnian bounty hunter, Lobo, they faces a few deadly alien foes.

Ralph Dibny gave up his heroic Elongated Man persona after his wife’s death (in Identity Crisis) and eventually met by the Cult of Conner; a mystical group by the followers of Superboy who dies battling Superboy Prime. They intend to resurrect Sue Dibney, which Ralph doubts about but sticks to them anyway. The tyrant ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam showed a very harsh way of justice to the world but he was tempered down upon meeting Adrianna Tomaz, who would become his wife Isis. He has reformed yet was attacked by the JSA mistakenly. When his wife is killed by the Yurrd the Unknown, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, he unleashes World War III in retaliation.

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supernova dc comics
World Without Heroes
Here is your links for "52" event from DC Comics.

52 Vol 01

52 Vol 02

52 Vol 03

52 Vol 04

52 Omnibus

52 omnibus dc
Golden Lads and Lasses

Published in a weekly comic book ongoing limited series format by DC Comics in 2006, 52 is a major crossover event preceded by Infinite Crisis. Profound writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Flashpoint), Grant Morrison (Final Crisis, Wonder Woman – Earth One), Greg Rucka (The Punisher, Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia), Mark Waid (Fantastic Four, Kingdom Come) and Keith Giffen (Midnighter, Suicide Squad) plotted the entire storyboard of the event where artists like Joe Bennett, Chris Batista, Ruy Jose, Jack Jadson, Darick Robertson, Justiniano and Mike McKone poured up the pages with their drawing talents with covers provided by JG Jones.The event has also spawned a number of tie-in series along with the core series such as; Booster Gold, Black Adam – The Dark Age, Ifinity Inc, 52 Aftermath – The Crime Bible – Five Lessons of Blood, 52 Aftermath – The Four Horsemen, Metal Men, Detective Comics and The Great Ten. Almost devoid of the principal characters of the DC Comics like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, the event was directly followed by the weekly limited series Countdown to Final Crisis.
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