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Friday, September 14, 2007

Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton | Comics

superman batman supergirl comic
Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton
 | Comics
In the aftermath of a massive incoming Kryptonite asteroids' fallout on Earth, while investigating a fallen meteor underwater Gotham harbor, Batman is informed of a sudden breach in Batboat. What he finds out after a city-wide chaotic chase in Metropolis is a very powerful mysterious girl who demonstrates super-powers in the likeness of Superman and flees from scene instantly. Later, after apprehending the girl and taking her to Batcave for further study, it is revealed that she appears from Krypton and also claims to be Superman's long lost cousin Kara Zor-El. Even though she is kept hidden in the Fortress of Solitude, her hostile behavior and Krypto’s unusual hatred towards her left Batman in doubt but Clark asks him to let her live in her own way.

Though Batman is still skeptical on the situation as always, Wonder Woman took her under care to Paradise Island to train Kara with her Amazon warriors. Even the dreaded god of Apokolips; Darkseid seems interested in her to recruit her in his honorary Royal Guards. So he sends an army of mindless Doomsday clones to capture her. A massive battle takes place on Themyscira that led to death and destruction of Amazon army with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman leading the army of Amazons against the army of ultimate killing machine, Doomsday! What follows next is only large scale casualties, the things that were about to bring upon her arrival as foretold. To take back the only remaining family he has, The Trinity ventures to the fiery pits of Apokolips with help from an expert friend, who had a history with Darkseid.

For more information on Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton storyline, you can check out the link below.

Superman/ Batman – Supergirl from Krypton (Comics) DC Wikia

supergirl darkseid slave
Welcome to Apokolips
Here is your links for "Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Here is your links for "Superman/Batman – Supergirl from Krypton" storyline from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)
superman batman supergirl dc comics
The New Girl In Town

Followed up by previous story "Public Enemies" from the first monthly ongoing Superman/Batman series of DC Comics, "Supergirl from Krypton" is the second storyline which ran through issue #08-13. This plot is devised by writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and interiors were done by artist Michael Turner (Soulfire, Witchblade). This is the only story arc where Turner did the illustrations other than TopCow or Aspen MLT. This tale was dedicated to the famous actor Christopher Reeve, who portrayed Man of Steel in several movies, died that year at the ending of this story. Later this story was adopted to make a direct-to-video from DC Universe Animated Original Movie line titled, Superman/Batman – Apocalypse (2010).
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hulk – Gray | Comics

Physicist Bruce Banner pays a visit to world's renowned psychologist and long time friend Leonard Samson, who is also a gamma powered superhero of his own rights. For years, Doc Samson has been the most supportive friend that Banner ever had and despite their differences; they always watched each other’s back in every awry situation.

hulk gray comic
Hulk – Gray | Comics

And mostly, he is one of the few people Banner knows who could actually understand the Banner/Hulk dilemma. As he stopped by at Samson’s place, he re-collects the old memories of that time when his life was turned upside down after the accident that caught him in the middle of the experimental explosion of the Gamma Bomb while trying to save the teenager Rick Jones, who had no idea of the experiment.

Initially, his superiors and all the military personnel thought him to be dead for credible reasons yet he miraculously survived the nuclear holocaust. But after a couple of hours he transformed into the incredible monster that always lived in the deepest corner of his psyche and instead of being green he was gray at first.

He went on a wild rampage and tried to seek redemption to his love of life Betty Ross, the daughter of General "Thunderbolt" Ross, which did not went very well since the army was already in search of him and General Ross believed him to be a huge threat. After having a brief skirmish with the armed forces, Hulk faces an Avenger member simply known as the Golden Avenger; Iron Man.

For more information on Hulk – Gray, you can check out the link below.

Hulk – Gray (Comics) Wikipedia

hulk vs ironman
Hulk Bests Iron Man

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Hulk – Gray 01

Hulk – Gray 02

Hulk – Gray 03

Hulk – Gray 04

Hulk – Gray 05

Hulk – Gray 06

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Hulk – Gray (Softcover)

Hulk – Gray (Hardcover)

As a part of the franchise of limited series, "Hulk – Gray" is a six part limited series written by Jeph Loeb (Avengers – X-Sanction, Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America) and drawn by artist Tim Sale (Superman For All Seasons, Wolverine & Gambit – Victims). Alongside this project the creator duo also worked on three other limited series; Captain America – White, Daredevil – Yellow and Spider-Man – Blue.

tim sale hulk
Gray Hulk on Rampage

It was not actually an origin story, however it sheds the lights on how it all happened at the very beginning and the storytelling earned the creators positive feedback from the fan base.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Superman/Batman – Public Enemies | Comics

superman batman comic
Superman/Batman – Public Enemies
 | Comics
In Metropolis, S.T.A.R. Labs, the kryptonite-hearted super-villain Metallo appears, throwing fists against his arch-enemy Superman for no apparent reason and as soon as he blasts Superman off with a Kryptonite blast, he escapes. Right after the fight, Superman shows up in Gotham City Cemetery looking for Batman to discuss Metallo’s recent appearance, who was investigating some desecrated graves. Speaking of the devil, Metallo suddenly appears again and knocks both of them off in an open grave by surprise, buried alive after shooting Superman with a Kryptonite bullet, mortally wounding him. Meanwhile, Captain Atom informs President Lex Luthor of an upcoming massive Kryptonite asteroid, which is headed straight to Earth and about to crush very soon.

Though President Luthor promised to take care of the matter to Amanda Waller, he announces $1 billion bounty on the head of both Superman and Batman, declaring them as enemy of the states. He claims that, Superman is responsible for this oncoming Kryptonite asteroid and the bounty on their head sets out heroes and criminals of all kind to attack them. Even if it was not bad enough, Luthor also assigns Justice Society of America against the world's finest to make sure that they fall. Now world's greatest detective along with Man of Steel should stand against a Superman from future, Green Lantern John Stewart, Power Girl, Major Force, Starfire, Katana and Black Lightning as well as a long list of super-powered hired goons all at once before they are taken out.

For more information on Superman/Batman – Public Enemies storyline, you can check out the link below.

Superman/Batman – Public Enemies (Comics) DC Wikia

batman and superman
Running Wild With Rogues
Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Superman/Batman 01

Superman/Batman 02

Superman/Batman 03

Superman/Batman 04

Superman/Batman 05

world's finest comics
Fall of World's Finest
Superman/Batman 06

Here is your links for "Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" storyline from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Hardcover)

"Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" is the first story arc taking place in the monthly ongoing series of Superman/Batman by DC Comics in 2003. Superstar storytellers Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and Ed McGuinness (Our Worlds at War, Emperor Joker) brought up this tale of World's Finest, which ran through monthly issue #01-06 of this series. The story gets better with every turn of events as Captain Marvel and Hawkman also showed up to tussle with World's Finest duo at point. Later the story was adapted to a direct-to-video from DC Universe Animated Original Movie line titled Superman/Batman – Public Enemies (2009).
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Superman/Batman | Comics

superman/batman comic
Superman/Batman | Comics
Rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet of Krypton, Kal-El is raised by an earthly parent as their son Clark Kent, who taught him moral values a human should learn and raised him as their own son that they never had. Thus, the most godlike alien being grew up on Earth as a mild mannered gentleman. When discovered his extraordinary potent and limitless power, he decided to use it for the betterment of humanity and devoted himself for "Truth, Justice and American Way" as Superman, the Man of Steel. Whether, orphaned as a child, millionaire Bruce Wayne has dedicated his life to wage war against crime but in a dark way that strikes terror into the minds of his enemies as Batman, The Dark Knight.

These two iconic heroes have been considered as best friends, allies and confidante of each other on the path of justice for a long period. Superman’s super-powers met with Batman’s keen analytic mind has made this pair World’s Finest. Even though they are members of Justice League’s Magnificent Seven; the charisma of these heroes can even tremble mountains. Though, they both share a different view of justice, together this two best friends have tackled President Lex Luthor, Metallo, Mongul, Gorilla Grodd, Silver Banshee, Doomsday clones, Darkseid, The Joker, The Maximums, Scarecrow and their catastrophic evil plans, while being aided by fellow heroes like Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Green LanternPower Girl, Katana, Nightwing, Robin, Teen Titans, Supergirl and many others in many of their world saving missions.

For more information on Superman/Batman comic series, you can check out the link below.

Superman/Batman (Comics) Wikipedia

world's finest comics
World's Finest from Multiverse
Here is your links for "Superman/Batman" comics from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Hardcover)  

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 05 – Enemies Among Us (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 05 – Enemies Among Us (Hardcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 06 – Torment (Hardcover)

batman and superman
Man of Steel and Dark Knight
Featuring two of DC Comics' most iconic and famous superhero, Man of Steel, Superman and world's greatest detective, Batman, DC Comics starts publication of the monthly comic series titled Superman/Batman on 2003. Writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) along with his long time collaborator Ed McGuinness (Our Worlds at War, Emperor Joker) started the series with a BANG! Other than these two prime creator of the ongoing, writers Alan Burnett, Andy Lanning (Legion Lost, Majestic – Strange New Visitor), Dan Abnett (Sinister Dexter, The Authority), Joe Kelly (Justice League Elite, Steampunk), Mark Verheiden (Aliens, Predator) and artists Dustin Nguyen (Batman – As the Crow Flies, Thanos – A God Up There Listening), Ed Benes (Artemis – Requiem, Blackest Night – Titans), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Francis Manapul (Magdalena/Vampirella, Witchblade) and Ian Churchill (Deadpool – Sins of The Past, Hulk – Hulk Vs. X-Force) contributed to the series as well. Many twists and turns and shock of events are showed as these crime-fighting buddies fight their way to victory.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Batman – Hush | Comics

Batman goes up against a mysterious foe who send him up against Catwoman, Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and even Superman!

To save a kidnapped boy from the clutches of Killer Croc after tracking him down Batman goes and have a brief fight with his captor but before S.W.A.T. team arrives, the ransom money is surprisingly stolen by Catwoman, who remained unnoticed to everyone else. The Dark Knight however, sees her trail and starts to give a chase over the rooftops.

In mid air, someone cut his Bat-Line from the shadows and caused him to fall on ground from a great height. He receives a severe damage to skull and couldn't move at all while landing on the vile streets of Crime Alley. When he was falling to his uncertain fate, she was completely unaware of it and ran off with the money to hand it over to Poison Ivy.

Unable to even move a muscle, Batman is surrounded by street thugs and Oracle sends out a distress signal to fellow vigilantes for his rescue. Fortunately Huntress was nearly and she responds to the emergency signal by arriving to rescue The Bat as soon as she could. She fought her hardest to a standstill until transportation was sent to their location.

She puts his body inside the Batmobile and it takes off before she leaves too in her motorcycle, as someone watches over and makes remark about the importance of friends in life. In Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth patches him up and a near-unconscious Bruce tells him thorough Morse code to call his childhood friend Thomas Elliot.

Tommy Elliot is a renowned neurosurgeon of the world and a close personal friend of Bruce Wayne, who performs a brain surgery on him to save his life. When slightly recovered, he starts investigating about the fall and confronted Killer Croc again in Arkham Asylum. Croc didn't respond very well and was seemingly more agitated than his usual self.

batman hush cover dc comics catwoman
Batman – Hush | Comics

He then unexpectedly proceeds to break out of his cell to make an escape upon tossing out everyone on his way. Batman immediately goes after him but the tire of Batmobile was shot during this chase, which threw him off the track for a brief time. Croc has gotten his hands onto Catwoman and he was about to off her for stealing his money.

She was saved at the last moment by the Caped Crusader and Selina reveals that she stole the money for Ivy in a mind-controlled state. These two head over to Metropolis for further investigation only to encounter Poison Ivy with a mind-controlled Superman at her side. It took almost everything for The Dark Knight just to restrain Man of Steel.

The duo gets back to Gotham City to gather at an Opera as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle without knowing each other's secret identity, along with Tommy Elliot and Leslie Thompkins. The stage is taken by Harley Quinn and her masked henchmen, so Batman had to intervene but she goes all out guns blazing and Catwoman ended up getting shot.

Changing back to his cowl, Batman chases after Harley hears a gunshot outside, which led him to The Joker looming over the lifeless body of his pal Tommy Elliot. In a violent fit of rage, he viciously beats the clown down with an inch of his life and both Selina and Commissioner Jim Gordon finally managed to stop him from crossing the line.

Following the funeral for Tommy, Nightwing came to see Bruce and they go out to stop the Riddler after an armored car robbery. At this point, Bruce and Selina both knew about their dual life as they have chosen to trust each other with their secret.

Trails from Lazarus Pit lead him to seek attention of Ra's al Ghul by kidnapping his daughter Talia al Ghul following a showdown between the two while Lady Shiva savagely beats down Catwoman to a pulp. A run-in with Scarecrow causes Huntress to turn against Selina and Harvey Dent makes a surprising return, who is no longer Two-Face.

Batman is suspicious about a resourceful new mysterious enemy working from shadows who is responsible for his allies and enemies to acting weird and out of their characters. This is someone who knows a lot about him and he cannot even trust his allies now. Plus, a person believed long-dead from past makes a surprise return to haunt him.

For more information on Batman – Hush storyline, you can check out these links below.

Batman – Hush (Comics) Wikipedia

Batman – Hush (Comics) DC Wikia

batman dc comics jim lee catwoman
Against Unknown Foe

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Batman 608

Batman 609

Batman 610

Batman 611

Batman 612

Batman 613

Batman 614

Batman 615

Batman 616

Batman 617

Batman 618

Batman 619

Here is your links to buy “Batman – Hush" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman – Hush Vol 01 (Softcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 02 (Softcover)

Batman – Hush Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Batman – Hush

Absolute Batman – Hush

Batman Noir – Hush

Batman – Hush Unwrapped Deluxe

"Hush" is a 2002 milestone epic Batman storyline created by two comic-book legends; writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and superstar artist Jim Lee (Superman – For Tomorrow, X-Men – Mutant Genesis) that is collected in issue #608-619 from the original monthly ongoing Batman series from DC Comics.

This is a tour in modern-day Gotham City with The Dark Knight exploring a dark chapter of his life, questioning new stand of his old friends and foes. His trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth, regular crime-fighting partners Nightwing, Robin and Oracle, old friend James Gordon, Leslie Thompkins, Huntress and even Harold Allnut showed up throughout the plot.

jim lee batman dc comics poison ivy hush
Mystery of Hush

Other notable characters such as Suicide Squad director Amanda Waller, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Lex Luthor, Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen, reporter Lois Lane and her boss Perry White, his former love-interest Talia al Ghul made special appearances. Then there was someone who came back visiting from the grave and beyond.

Story and artwork of this tale are absolute praiseworthy, which is why this saga is considered as one of the best Batman graphic novel of all time. While building up its own complication "Hush" also developed pathway for upcoming "Under The Hood" storyline that awaits a major revelation on an unresolved past mystery, bound to shake things up.
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