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Monday, December 23, 2013

Judge Dredd – The Long Fail | Comics

As a robot revolution starts over Mega-City One, Judge Dredd fights his way out of blackouts, explosions and riots.

Previously, Judge Dredd learned of a long-deceased Psi-Division Judge, Lou Thompson who went rogue and managed to corrupt Judge Myers before meeting his fate. After his cover is blown, Thompson resisted only to be taken down and Myers' consciousness was later successfully transferred to a robot body by Judge Anderson.

Myers is now working undercover for Dredd and together they visit the now abandoned Zuckerberg Pleasure Mall. He states that there talks of a big upcoming robot revolution are in air these days and he is still trying to catch up.

Meanwhile, a best-selling thriller novel writer, Lee Preteen decides to enter the infamous Urban-Garland Block of Mega-City One with his high-tech guard bot Crumley, looking for danger and action. A neural implant on his head called Kundles will be recording every mind baffling action around from most dangerous block of this city.

In a distant joint, where crime runs most rampantly and is considered as very dangerous place, a top-shelf droid like Crumley is only hope for Lee to survive during his little thrill-seeking quest to write "Deadly Intent" and come out intact. He has been looking out for Preteen for a while now and breaking faces whenever it is necessary.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Judge Dredd – The Long Fail | Comics

In an unlikely event however, Crumley suddenly turns on his owner by holding him on gunpoint and declaring a prize of one billion to a slab full of low-life mercenaries to injure Lee without killing him. Apparently, he wants to write his own best-seller piece "Kiss Me, Dead Lee" and he just wants to keep things interesting for his audience.

Dredd is promptly notified about this recent development about a robot torturing his owner with a block full of mercs, which gives him a reason to immediately visit that area. While heading towards U-G Block, he recalls recent events where he witnessed robot malfunctions that led to murder of three perps and more chaos.

Suddenly, all sorts of everyday tech start falling apart for some unexpected glitches and killing citizens everywhere. Automated doors begin to show tantrums, lights over the city starts failing and transports system was broke as well. Even Dredd's trusty Lawgiver starts malfunctioning for no reason at all and he ran into heavy fire.

He was surprised to see Crumley hacking into his frequency when he was asking for backup. The guard bot with an affinity for drinking then engages in a brawl with Dredd in old-fashioned way by throwing punches and as he was taking a savage beating from Crumley, Joe eventually managed to sober it up by draining out of liquids.

Those goons from U-G Block were hoping for Judge Dredd to die battling the rampaging robot but when he came out victorious, they decide to put him down. Joe rescues Lee by pushing a horde of goons out of his way who was recording all along and they ran into a revolt, where he starts kicking metal butts of insurgent robots.

Dredd revisits Zuckerberg Mall to talk with Myers but his programming also went haywire amidst this chaos and initiated a self-destruct sequence, which his human companions somehow survived. After running some investigation, it appears to be an attempt of coup by a secret techno-terrorist organization known as Circuit Court.

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City in Ruins

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – The Long Fail" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 05

Judge Dredd 06

Judge Dredd 07

Judge Dredd 08

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – The Long Fail" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – The Long Fail

After "City Limits" storyline has established a new ground of trouble, IDW Comics returns with "The Long Fail" featuring 2000AD's favorite super-cop; Judge Dredd. It pitches a subtly manipulated background plot that channels to the next arc of the series "Into The Cursed Earth", which will take Joe outside of Mega-City One.

Collecting issues #05-08 from monthly ongoing Judge Dredd series, writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) has resumed their thrill-filled spectacular adventure as well as artist Andrew Currie, Kyle Hotz and David Williams joining in for bonus back-up tales.

judge dredd duane swierczynski 2000 ad nelson daniel
Against Overwhelming Odds

A dynamic collaboration by Swierczynski and Daniel has been firmly leading these ongoing events to many upcoming plot twists with more surprises to turn heads. Turns out, previous clone conspiracy by a group of mad Surgeons and techno revolution by rebel droids were all linked together and holds answer to more questions.

Dredd faced corrupt teammate, goons with gadgets and robots losing control lately but soon, he would be taking on a mutant mob in a barren wasteland without any weapon. A larger plot slowly starts coming forward that creates new ground for him to face off more deadly threats that comes after his city to disrupt law and order.
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