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Friday, May 15, 2009

New Avengers – Civil War | Comics

In wake of superhero Civil War, New Avengers are about to go to war with each other over their beliefs.

Following tragic events of "Stamford Incident", government issued Superhuman Registration Act that requires all individual with superpowers to have their secret identity revealed and work for them. Whereas Iron Man thinks this is a reasonable idea, Captain America refused to hunt down his fellow heroes and went AWOL.

Now that he is a known fugitive, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends a group of "Cape-Killers" agents after him along with his friend Dum Dum Dugan. He barely managed to escape and meet Sam Wilson AKA Falcon on a safe-house. They went to see Henry Pym to seek help but he called authority and Cap made a mess out of him on his way out.

Iron Man and Ms. Marvel goes to see Luke Cage, asking him whether he is willing to sign but he refuses to and waits at his home in Harlem after sending Jessica Jones with his kid to Canada. At midnight, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents came knocking down at him and he fought until Captain America came to take him alongside Daredevil and Falcon.

Spider-Woman finds herself torn between being a double agent for both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. She goes into hiding and got a surprise visit from Nick Fury, which turns out to be an LMD that is controlled by Maria Hill. She is taken into custody by force but Hydra raids the Helicarrier she was in to abduct her and took her to Hydra Island.

new avengers civil war marvel comics brian michael bendis iron man jim cheung
New Avengers – Civil War | Comics

She is greeted by her handler Connely, who wishes for her to take over their organization by replacing Viper. She fights him and a couple of agents before blowing up that entire island straight to hell before leaving. Back in New York, she goes to the safe-house where Cap was building a resistance of heroes and begs to take her in.

Long after locking himself up, The Sentry has recently found new purpose after joining New Avengers but is torn between his friends going into a superhero "Civil War" despite having sided with Iron Man. Considering any of his action can spell doom for them all, he chose to fly to moon seeking peace only to be attacked by Inhumans.

Right after he incapacitates them, Bob has been summoned by their king Black Bolt and over dinner, they all catch up to current events. He was asked to stay the night there and Royal Family member Crystal was pursuing to resume their former relationship from long ago until Iron Man showed up at their doorstep to take Sentry back.

Outside of Avengers Tower, a guy hacks into suits of stationed S.H.I.E.L.D. guards that froze and cause them to fell. He then walks into the building by passing every security measures to reach to top and come across Edwin Jarvis. Seeing him trying to reach for alarm, the man shot him and turned to see Iron Man standing behind him.

Though startled, he immediately shut Tony down with an override code and he falls flat in his suit. He turns out to be a former disgruntled employee who is sick of current conflict of heroes and berates Tony for going up against him. According to him, Stark is ashamed and is hiding behind his technology that he wears as armor.

Tony pints out that killing him will only make him a martyr but his guest has some other ideas, which revolves around an Antimatter generator. From Helicarrier, S.H.I.E.L.D. observes an anomaly in guard formation at Stark Tower and Maria Hill is called in. After some inspection, she deployed her units to go there and check in on Stark.

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New Avengers 25

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Civil War" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Civil War (Softcover)

New Avengers – Civil War (Hardcover)

A "Civil War" is breaking down superhero communities and former friends now stand rivals in terms of ideal. Marvel Comics hires writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) to continue his run of New Avengers monthly ongoing comic-book series for its fifth storyline as a tie-in to titular event, collecting issues #21-25.

Bendis was aided by artists Howard Chaykin (Punisher War Journal – Jigsaw, Wolverine – The Death of Wolverine), Jim Cheung (X-Force, Young Avengers), Leinil Francis Yu (Infinity, Secret Invasion), Olivier Coipel (Thor – Rebirth, X-Men – Primer) and Pasqual Ferry (Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate Iron Man II) on individual issues.

With their newly reformed team broken up because of a law, heroes are fighting among themselves over ideologies other than bad guys. Superhuman Registration Act has affected each of their lives in different ways but they are still regrouping, forming resistance against authority and fighting their ground till the end.

Since every renowned cape wearer is in conflict with their rival group, it may seem like villains are taking a back seat but all they are doing is preparing for something very big soon. A much larger plot has been developed by a sinister party that will affect heroes even more than they can even think of in upcoming "Revolution" storyline.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Avengers – The Collective | Comics

House of M changed the world and now a major threat rises from its ruins for New Avengers to face-off.

Before New Avengers were formed following a massive prison break at Raft, both The Avengers and X-Men band together to confront Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch in Genosha. Their face-off resulted millions of mutants losing their power due to her reality-altering abilities except a hundred few and it was kept a secret from all.

From outer space, a beam of energy starts heading towards Earth and landed on North Pole, Alaska, killing many people with a massive explosion. Out of piles of dead bodies and wreckage comes out a glowing man screaming in his loincloths.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill calls in Tony Stark after they have gone public with their new team and asks him about "House of M", which he narrowly avoids answering. Hill is called in for a Red Alert situation that turned out to be recent destruction of Alaska and her initial response to send in some agents have failed pretty miserably.

Unable to get a hold of Fantastic Four, she contacts Alpha Flight when that energy crossed Canadian border but they all ended up being decimated within moments. Hill then calls for U.S. President, who suggests that she puts her arrogance away for a moment and call New Avengers for help now that the alien being is headed to America.

new avengers collective marvel comics brian michael bendis steve mcniven
New Avengers – The Collective | Comics

Unable to come up with any other solution, Maria Hill reaches to Avengers and updates them on the situation. As they talk, it already reached Cleveland and Captain America asks for S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson. For additional backup, he talked to Bob Reynolds and calling for The Sentry but he was having a nervous breakdown.

Iron Man reaches out to Ms. Marvel for support and went to talk to this being who spelled out his name as Michael but before he could talk further, Carol Danvers attacked him from behind only to get struck down. She tried to approach him as she could absorb all energy and realizes that her cosmic Binary powers have been reactivated.

Spider-Man is sent to S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with a task to lead "Team Two" and Tony reaches out for Vision of Young Avengers. Michael strips down Iron Man of his armor but Carol came in to save Tony from him. She then tried to hurt it back again only for The Sentry came swooping in at last minute and took him straight to space.

Ms. Marvel explains to Cap how it is like being kicked by fifty different super powers at once. In space, both Michael and Sentry were besting each other for some time before Bob is pushed far away and it headed back to Earth. Spidey and Vision helped S.H.I.E.L.D. figure out who this being could be before they are taken out for more info.

They found match to Michael's power with all depowered mutants in M-Day and Iron Man theorizes that "The Collective" energy of those powers had nowhere to go and then it found him, who was just an energy-absorbing mutant. After some debate, they decide to let the being pursue its course and see where it wants to go.

Michael then arrived straight to Genosha, former home of million mutants that has become a barren wasteland. There, he starts expelling all of that energy, causing massive power surge and it attacks a depowered Erik Magnus AKA Magneto. Things seem to quickly get out of hand but then Steve Rogers pulled on his secret weapon.

new avengers collective michael pointer brian michael bendis mike deodato jr. marvel comics
Might of Million Mutants

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New Avengers 16

New Avengers 17

New Avengers 18

New Avengers 19

New Avengers 20

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New Avengers – The Collective (Softcover)

New Avengers – The Collective (Hardcover)

To tie-in loose ends of House of M event, writer Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers – Breakout, New Avengers – Sentry) have collaborated with artists Mike Deodato Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man – Sins Past, Amazing Spider-Man – Skin Deep) and Steve McNiven (Civil War, Death of Wolverine) for Marvel Comics in latest New Avengers story.

Titled "The Collective", it is comprised of issues #16-20 from first monthly ongoing titular comic-book series and came out in 2007. Bendis only wrapped up one part of a large puzzle that was about the collective power that Scarlet Witch took months ago from majority of mutant population on Earth by altering reality and left them depowered.

new avengers vs magneto genosha brian michael bendis mike deodato jr.
Ghost of Genosha!

S.H.I.E.L.D. was aware that both The Avengers and X-Men knew something about this oddity but refused to share details with them. Therefore, its current Director Maria Hill seemed to act a bit antagonistic towards Stark and his New Avengers.

Nearing the end of their previous adventure "Secrets & Lies", Ms. Marvel came by for a visit and given a slight hint of M-Day when she met Captain America. A new trouble arises in horizon because of newly issued Superhuman Registration Act that will create a major rift within superhero community, causing a "Civil War" to set them apart.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Avengers – Secrets & Lies | Comics

Captain America recruits an ally into New Avengers team to find a connection between Hydra and Silver Samurai.

On the night of a prison break at Raft, Matt Murdock was on board with a group of fellow superheroes to contain a massive breakout. All of them have been banded together by Captain America into a team except Murdock, who refuses to join his New Avengers because of his secret identity of being Daredevil was made public lately.

Now that forty two super-powered criminals are free again, Cap is busy making rounds to catch them up one by one. He came to Murdock to talk about Keniuchio Harada AKA Silver Samurai, who was a prisoner that escaped Raft that night. Harada was likely to be assisted by The Hand but he believes it was most probably Clan Yashida.

Aside from Daredevil, only Wolverine knows about Japanese underworld and he is currently not available, therefore they need him right now. Matt explains that federal government is on his tail and he can come under fire for even knowing him but Cap then pointed out about the time when he became "Nomad" and represented no one else.

Matt then suggests him of someone that has every training and knowledge he has about Clan Yashida and The Hand. Steve Rogers meets this person to debrief their mission to locate Harada, learn his plans and their rule of no killing. Next day, a black suit wearing ninja goes beating up Clan Yashida thugs in Japan for information.

New Avengers – Secrets & Lies | Comics

The mysterious ninja then finds a way to a secret fortress of Clan Yashida to see Harada being approached by Hand shortly before he is greeted by Viper AKA Madame Hydra but had to run abruptly when some Hand ninjas sneaked up. Making a break for it, the ninja made it to Stark Enterprises building, unaware of being followed by Hand.

Aside from Cap, no one among New Avengers team has known this guy and before they could catch a break, they came under attack from a swarm of Hand ninjas. Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman get engaged with this group momentarily who came following their contact in Japan that Murdock sent.

Keniuchio is brought to Japan to take lead of The Hand in rise of a twisted Hydra and corrupted S.H.I.E.L.D. They are interrupted by a ninja who came to warn about an intruder that they engaged and followed thinking they have ties to American heroes but are ordered to retreat and soon, they all withdraw from fighting the Avengers.

Spidey notices that Jessica is missing and she actually flew to Fortress Yashida only to come across Viper. They have an argument over a deal made earlier to give her powers and then she tells Spider-Woman to hit her with a Venom Blast since her friends are right behind her in a Quinjet and she obliges this time without a hesitation.

Cap orders Silver Samurai and his associates to stand down but Harada asks if he is aware that his government abducted him to put in Raft without trials. They decide to sort things out by Keniuchio unleashing his sword on his associate group of Hand ninjas and Iron Man using a massive concussion blast to knock off all of them.

New Avengers team eventually leaves with Viper with them since she is a wanted terrorist and Jessica Drew attempts to release Madame Hydra mid-flight but accidentally Cap fell out as well and she immediately jumped to catch him. Their mysterious ninja friend reveals who is behind that mask and Cap confronts Jessica about her motives.

avengers versus hand ninjas japan
Trouble in Japan

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New Avengers 11

New Avengers 12

New Avengers 13

New Avengers 14

New Avengers 15

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Secrets & Lies" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Secrets & Lies (Softcover)

New Avengers – Secrets & Lies (Hardcover)

Following launch of New Avengers monthly ongoing series, writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) worked on "Breakout" and "Sentry" storyline and returns for a third tale alongside artists David Finch (Moon Knight – Midnight Sun, Moon Knight – The Bottom), Frank Cho (Mighty Avengers, New Ultimates) and Rick Mays.

"Secrets & Lies" collects issues #11-15 of titular comic-book series published by Marvel Comics in 2006. In a follow-up to apprehend major escapees of Raft maximum-security prison, Cap and his team has now focused his directive towards Silver Samurai, who was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and then flew off to Japan by Hydra to join The Hand.

new avengers ninja ronin maya lopez
Mysterious Ninja Avengers

After failing to have Matt Murdock on their team as Daredevil, he recruits a mysterious new hero named Ronin for a mission in Japan, who remained under mask for almost entirety of their quest. Though everyone seems to be pretty curious about whom it is, no one among them is really familiar with this ninja warrior from before.

Also, that suspicious build up of Spider-Woman acting weird in and out of her costume has finally came to a point where she has to face the truth. Also, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, The Sentry and Wolverine appeared as guest characters. An old threat is about to emerge from ruins of past history in upcoming storyline titled "The Collective".
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

Secrets of the Sentry have remained a mystery to world for long and now New Avengers are trying to figure out who he really is.

Before going out to apprehend one of Raft escapees, The Wrecker at Long Island, Spider-Woman reports to Iron Man. He then goes offline before entering a secret meeting place to meet his colleagues at Illuminati. Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic and Professor X congratulate him on formation of New Avengers, except Namor.

He is upset that they were not aware of the news of his new team even though it all happened all of a sudden but Black Bolt remains silent as usual. Tony Stark then asks them if anyone happen to know who Sentry is, because he thinks this guy can become a problem for them but apparently no one seems to have ever heard of him so far.

When Tony asked Reed Richards about this guy, he seemed as clueless as everyone else but Stark reminds him that how he sent Matt Murdock to meet him but Reed claims that he hasn't talked to Matt for months. To clear up their confusion, he quickly checks in his files looking for anything on Sentry but came out absolutely nothing.

After helping in wrap up a massive breakout at Raft, the heroes present were inspired by Sentry to assemble a team but went into a hiding afterwards before they could invite him. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill located Robert Reynolds in Nevada Desert, where Captain America and Iron Man goes to talk to him but Sentry asks them to leave.

New Avengers – Sentry | Comics

He explains that since he has used his powers of million exploding suns to help them, now The Void will come to unleash its darkness. When Bob claimed that it also killed his wife, Tony brings out Lindy Reynolds to meet her astound husband and a comic-book writer named Paul Jenkins, who seem to have created his character.

Even after seeing a character similar to him on page of comic-books, Reynolds still couldn't figure out a thing from his past. With so many things seem to overwhelm him at once, he vanishes and wakes up as Bob in a house only to see psychic Emma Frost on his TV screen telling him to come outside and make things easy.

In Long Island, Wrecking Crew member Dirk Garthwaite showed up on house of a very wealthy man named Ed Gross to get his super-villain costume and threatens his daughter to accompany him as a hostage. Just as they were about to leave, Jessica Drew arrives on a Quinjet with Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Wolverine to apprehend him.

Their effort to take Wrecker down remained unsuccessful initially as he sent them all flying until Jessica managed to distract him using her pheromone powers for Cage and Logan to deal the finishing blow. Right after they are done with him, Tony called them to assemble on Hartford, Connecticut immediately and leave.

A confused Bob Reynolds comes out of his house to see members of Fantastic Four, Inhumans, New Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and X-Men have gathered at his front door. He breaks into tears saying that he tried to save them all and then The Void comes out of nowhere to viciously attack each and every other heroes present there.

He discovers himself in company of Emma and Reed secured within a sphere confined by a force field of Invisible Woman, energy field by Iron Man and protective spell from Doctor Strange. In order to help the heroes stop this madness, Bob allows Miss Frost access into his mind and she discovers some dark secret hidden beneath.

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New Avengers 07

New Avengers 08

New Avengers 09

New Avengers 10

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Sentry" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Sentry (Softcover)

New Avengers – Sentry (Hardcover)

Following a "Breakout" of super-villains, Marvel Comics have kick-started New Avengers monthly ongoing series. "Sentry" is second storyline from the same comic-book lineup by writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist Steve McNiven (Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmic Avengers, Wolverine – Old Man Logan).

For long, Sentry has remained a mystery and was locked up at Raft prison facility for claims of murdering his wife but most recently, she turns out very much alive. What is more baffling is that no one seemed to remember who this powerful superhero is and not even Reed Richards or Tony Stark has anything about him in their records.

It appears that an answer to who he really is and what made everyone forget about him is trapped within his own consciousness. However, accessing that has grave consequences for everyone if things go south. Emma Frost was successful in digging out the true culprit behind his memory loss and truth behind his nightmare, The Void.

New Avengers are still riling up escaped prisoners of Raft and there are still many more to go. With a new mysterious character named Ronin entering the fray up next in "Secrets & Lies" storyline, there will be much exciting secrets to discover.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

New Avengers – Breakout | Comics

In wake of a major prison break at Raft, Captain America assembles an unlikely band of heroes to form New Avengers.

When Scarlet Witch lost control over her reality-altering power, it caused a series of events that took the lives of Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Vision. With a few many broken members of The Avengers left but no funding to keep them running, their team has finally been disbanded and everyone went their separate ways from then on.

Six months later, lawyer Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson takes Luke Cage as their bodyguard to maximum-security prison Raft at Ryker's Island to see a client. They are greeted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman, who escorted them to inner levels underwater, all full of super-powered murdering maniacs and psychopaths.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Dillon is contacted by a guy in shadows at his cell to stage a prison break. Wearing his Electro costume, he unleashes his power that killed all generators on Raft, which frees almost every captive super-villain from their captivity and even caused a massive blackout that engulfed the nearby city of New York.

Back at his apartment, Peter Parker planned on having some free time with his wife Mary Jane Watson but his plan is cut short when everything goes dark and he sees a lightning bolt striking on Raft. So, he quickly dresses up as Spider-Man and latches onto a helicopter to get a fast ride there, which got suddenly got hit and he falls into water.

new avengers breakout marvel comics brian michael bendis david finch
New Avengers – Breakout | Comics

He swam through freezing cold water only to be greeted by Captain America on board, who also landed on that S.H.I.E.L.D. chopper. A second explosion goes off suddenly and they see Electro fleeing with someone. Surrounded by enemies, Spidey is thrown into a gauntlet of adversaries, lost his mask and got his arm broken by Jigsaw.

Murdock asks Jessica to take him to his client and they see a scruffy-looking loner inside that cell, whom he reveals to be The Sentry, most powerful super hero on Earth and are voluntary serving a sentence for allegedly killing his wife. As they try to convince him to help them escape right now, Carnage showed up out of nowhere.

To secure his friend Foggy, Murdock throws him into cell and he eventually managed to get Sentry back in action. Breaking out of his cell door, Robert Reynolds grabs Carnage and then rips him apart after taking him straight to space. Cage and Drew managed to take down Mr. Hyde before Hydro-Man slowly starts drowning them.

They still got out joining an ensuing fight alongside Cap and Spidey, which doesn't look good at all. Iron Man drops by to catch Cap mid-air when he was thrown away by Ironclad and join the party. Luke Cage comes across his arch-nemesis Purple Man, who orders him to first kill all his hero-buddies present there and then kill himself.

He was badly beaten down by Cage in response because he was sedated and his mind-power didn't work on him until he was stopped by Cap. Things wrapped up pretty fast when Sentry returns from his short trip and next day, Steve Rogers proposes to Tony Stark about forming an Avengers team with these newly assembled heroes.

One by one, he approached Cage, Jessica and Peter Parker to help him recapture 42 escaped prisoners. With an exception of Daredevil, everyone else gladly agrees to be part of his new team and meets at Stark Tower. They took Electro into custody and found clues that lead them to Savage Land, looking for Karl Lykos AKA Sauron.

Unable to access his S.H.I.E.L.D. file, New Avengers heads to the land of dinosaurs in a Quinjet that is stomped by a Tyranasaurus moments after their arrival. As they all got split up after that, Cage and Drew encounter X-Men member, Wolverine.

new avengers breakout marvel comics captain america spider-man luke cage brian michael bendis david finch
Raft Prison Break

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New Avengers 01

New Avengers 02

New Avengers 03

New Avengers 04

New Avengers 05

New Avengers 06

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers – Breakout" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers – Breakout (Softcover)

New Avengers – Breakout (Hardcover)

Following events of "Avengers Disassembled", writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Secret War) and artist David Finch (Moon Knight – Midnight Sun, Moon Knight – The Bottom) was hired by Marvel Comics to work on a spin-off series titled, New Avengers and "Breakout" is its first storyline that forms the foundation of their team.

With Fantastic Four out of scene and X-Men preoccupied, there is literally no one to stop any global threat and so, the assembled heroes formed a new team that aims to be a better version of Avengers. In the mean time, capturing escaped super-villains from Raft prison break keeps them busy until they come across some real threat.

new avengers breakout captain america spider-man iron man spider-woman luke cage wolverine sentry marvel comics brian michael bendis david finch
New Order of Avengers

Bendis successfully orchestrated a setting where some unlikely allies will assemble together for a single cause and bringing in 87 maniacal persona of Marvel Universe into that mix was a recipe that perfectly worked out for his plan. He also kept Spider-Woman's behavior somewhat mysterious to explore further in a later occasion.

Considering first story to debut a new series, "Breakout" spawns more secrets from friends and enemies than it actually resolves. Collecting first six issues of New Avengers monthly ongoing comic-book run, it is followed by "Sentry" up next that sees a long-awaited return of a classic superhero with a side order of a menacing terror.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Avengers | Comics

Scarlet Witch's mental breakdown caused the death of Ant-Man and destruction of world's most famous superhero team Avengers (Avengers Disassembled). When Electro shuts down the power of the maximum-security prison called The Raft, it caused a Breakout of 42 super villains and thus Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, The Sentry and Spider-Woman formed a new alliance of heroes.

new avengers marvel comics
New Avengers | Comics

Their adventure led them to Savage Land where they meet the feral X-Man Wolverine and took him in. Their journey to Japan looking for Silver Samurai, led them to encounter Madame Hydra and the mysterious Ronin joins them taking down The Hand. They tangled with Thunderbolts, Young Avengers as well as the duo of Cable and Deadpool.

New Avengers stepped in following Alpha Flight's failed attempt to stop The Collective mass energy of M-Day's aftermath. Then the Civil War broke in after a reckless act of New Warriors killed many. Cap formed Secret Avengers to oppose Tony and took a bullet in the end. Sentry joined the Mighty Avengers, Hawkeye became the new Ronin, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist are added to the roster.

When Hulk and his Warbound returned to Earth for revenge, they fought alongside other teams. Elektra being killed by Echo (Revolution) exposed the Secret Invasion on super-hero community and Skrull Queen reveals herself. Killing Queen Veranke, Norman Osborn then took control over everything and everyone went into hiding in his Dark Reign, which would follow the Siege of Asgard.

For more information on New Avengers comics series, you can check out these links below.

New Avengers (Comics) Wikipedia

New Avengers (Comics) Marvel Wikia

new avengers assemble
New Avengers Assembled

Here is your links to buy "New Avengers" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

New Avengers Vol 01 – Breakout

New Avengers Vol 01

New Avengers Vol 02 – Sentry

New Avengers Vol 03 – Secrets and Lies

Young Avengers Vol 02 – Family Matters

New Avengers Vol 02

New Avengers Vol 04 – The Collective

New Avengers Vol 05 – Civil War

New Avengers Vol 03

New Avengers Vol 06 – Revolution

New Avengers – Illuminati

New Avengers Vol 04

New Avengers Vol 07 – The Trust

Secret Invasion (Softcover)

Secret Invasion (Hardcover)

New Avengers Vol 05

New Avengers Vol 10 – Power

New Avengers Vol 11 – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Softcover)

New Avengers Vol 11 – Search for the Sorcerer Supreme (Hardcover)

New Avengers – The Reunion

New Avengers Vol 06

New Avengers Vol 12 – Powerloss

Siege (Softcover)

Siege (Hardcover)

New Avengers – Siege

Avengers – Next Avengers (Softcover)

Avengers – Next Avengers (Hardcover)

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Softcover)

Avengers – Infinity Quest (Hardcover)

New Avengers Vol 01 – Everything Dies (Softcover)

New Avengers Vol 01 – Everything Dies (Hardcover)

New Avengers Vol 02 – Infinity

New Avengers Vol 03 – Other Worlds (Softcover)

New Avengers Vol 03 – Other Worlds (Hardcover)

New Avengers Vol 04 – A Perfect World (Softcover)

New Avengers Vol 04 – A Perfect World (Hardcover)

Marvel Comics started publishing the New Avengers monthly ongoing title from 2005 as a spin-off series based on their longest running superhero team, The Avengers after they disbanded. The idea of the team was conceived by writer Brian Michael Bendis (Age of Ultron, Civil War II) and artist David Finch (Brightest Day, Forever Evil), who started the series that added up artists Billy Tan (Darkness/Tomb Raider, Elektra/Cyblade), Leinil Francis Yu (Superman – Birthright, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk) and Stuart Immonen (All-New Captain America – Hydra Ascendant, Ultimate Fantastic Four – Doom).

new avengers comic
Avengers of Tomorrow

In post-Civil War period, Steve Rogers was killed off and his long lost war-buddy Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier took leadership of the team as the new Captain America. That time heroes like Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Mockingbird, Moon Night, Ms. Marvel, The Thing and Victoria Hand has starts joining the team. The team was also witness to Red Skull's Thule Society ushering Serpent's War, Dark Avengers rising, Avengers Vs. X-Men, Thanos's invasion on Earth during Infinity crossover event and Time Runs Out.
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