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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Predator | Comics

On an alien prime home world of their own, there lives an extraterrestrial race of humanoid beings known as The Yautja, or simply as Predators. These beings are one of the most deadly species that ever existed in the universe as they constantly prey on other dangerous life forms for sport using blades, retractable spears and nets.

predator comics
Predator | Comics

Other than that they also uses advanced energy based laser weapons and camouflage technology. Upon setting the traps and playfully killing the prey, the Predators often mutilate the body of its victim to collect the head as a trophy. This hunting also somehow proves their worthiness to their clan as established hunters and led them in conflict with many races; even humans.

For centuries, the Predators have been visiting earth along with many other inhabitable planets of the solar system and their inhabitants for the purpose of better game hunting and till date, the Alien Xenomorphs are the best opponents they have ever encountered throughout the entire galaxy.

Killing Xenomorphs on their first hunt sought to prove their worth to the clan they belongs and a Yautja with a reputation of destroying Alien hives are regarded with highest honor. Yet, they also found the humans quite formidable on few of their visits on Earth and eventually either met defeat at a human’s hand or teamed-up with them to face greater threats like massive Xenomorph outbreaks or The Engineers.

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yautja elder
The Savage Killer

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Predator – Concrete Jungle

Predator – Cold War

Predator Omnibus Volume 02

Predator – Race War

Predator – Big Game

Predator Omnibus Volume 03

Predator – Kindred

Predator – Hell and Hot Water

Predator Omnibus Volume 04

Created by Jim and John Thomas as a fictional character who belongs to an extraterrestrial species, Predator was introduced back in 1987 as an antagonist in the John McTiernan directed film of the same titular name. Later the film spawned its array and even made crossovers with another iconic character; Aliens. Dark Horse Comics got the publishing rights to the comic book stories featuring the character and the idea of a crossover came up in their minds first as they launched “Aliens Vs. Predators”.

predator warrior mark
Yautja Stalks and Hunts

Apart from making appearances as the main featured character in their own series, the character also emerge on company-wide crossovers and also show up aside popular characters like Batman, Superman, Tarzan and Judge Dredd from other publications.
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Saturday, February 7, 2004

Aliens – Outbreak | Comics

USCSS Nostromo survivor Ellen Ripley was rescued after fifty-seven years of the Nostromo incident (Alien – The Illustrated Story) and aided a team of Colonial Marines with United States Colonial Marine Corps member Corporal Dwayne Hicks to a terraforming colony on LV-426 that lost contact with the base. There they found a survivor girl named Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden.

aliens outbreak
Aliens – Outbreak | Comics

Upon discovering an Alien hive nearby, they were at war with the Xenomorphs which turned into a total massacre of Hicks’ crews. Ten years after the horror, a grown up Newt is now mentally unstable and Hicks has still grief stricken over the event. Following the occurrence of a similar incident in deep space on the salvage crew, the marines are called in along with Hicks to assist them as well as collect a few eggs for them and destroy their home world.

Before takeoff, Hicks breaks into the mental institute where Newt is hold and took her along to the journey. As they travels towards LV-426, which is now called Acheron, it appears that back in Earth, the Bionational Corp somehow gotten their hands onto an Alien Queen and their scientists have started to experiment on living test-subjects to study and gather more specimens.

Meanwhile, a spiritual cult decides to unleash the Aliens on earth by willingly becoming their host as they believe the Xenomorphs to be some form of messiahs. Newt fell in love with fellow marine Butler on their way and what they did not expect is to meet an alien Space Jockey AKA The Engineer there.

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xenomorph swarm
Monsters from Space

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Aliens – Outbreak 02

Aliens – Outbreak 03

Aliens – Outbreak 04

Aliens – Outbreak 05

Aliens – Outbreak 06

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Aliens – Outbreak

Aliens – Book One (Softcover)

Aliens – Book One (Hardcover)

"Aliens – Outbreak" is the first ever limited series featuring the popular movie franchise of Alien characters from Dark Horse Comics in the franchise's successful long-run over the decades. This six part story was written by Mark Verheiden and artist Mark A. Nelson penciled the pages along with the issue covers.

xenomorph hive layout
A Xenomorph Hive on Earth

The series was published as Aliens – Book One in 1988 but later that became Aliens – Outbreak when reprinted. The story is followed by "Nightmare Asylum", that was released in 1989.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Aliens | Comics

An extraterrestrial race of beings that are capable of extreme fatalities lurks on the darkest corner of space to spread death and destruction for their survival. These Aliens are roughly eight feet tall, have long barbed tail, dark bronze cylinder like smooth head with a piston like deadly inner jaw to kill, lives in a gender-less society that is separated in castes which follows a Queen like the ants.

xenomorph comics
Aliens | Comics

The Queen lays egg-like Ovomorphs in hive that releases Facehugger resembling to a scorpion to attach itself to the host bodies and implanting an embryo which erupts as a Chestburster from victim’s chest after a period of time only to be grown up as adult Aliens. The Aliens generally ambush attacks their enemies to capture them as host bodies for the vice-like creepy Facehuggers.

This genocidal species was first discovered in the late 22nd century on a minor planet LV-426 by the crews of the Weyland-Yutani spacecraft Nostromo. Later it was Ellen Ripley who was haunted by the presence of the Aliens, who eventually got out alive from the Xenomorph.

Though the origin of them is still unknown, it is believed that they were actually created as an experimental bio-weapon by the enigmatic humanoid race of the Engineers, ages before their presence was made known. The Xenomorphs are also in an eternal clash with another extraterrestrial game-hunting race named Yautja AKA Predator, who frequently hunts them as sport to prove them worthy to their clans.

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xenomorph swarm
Swarming Monstrous Bugs

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Aliens Omnibus Volume 01

Alien – The Illustrated Story

Aliens – Outbreak

Aliens – Nightmare Asylum

Aliens – The Female War

Aliens Omnibus Volume 02

Aliens – Genocide

Aliens – Harvest

Aliens Omnibus Volume 03

Aliens – Rogue

Aliens – Sacrifice

Aliens – Labyrinth

Aliens – Salvation

Aliens Omnibus Volume 04

Aliens Omnibus Volume 05

Aliens Omnibus Volume 06

In 1979, upon the release of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror film Alien, the character was not only franchised in movies but also in comics. The plot of the first movie was adapted intoa graphic novel titled “Alien – The Illustrated Story” by Heavy Metal and later Dark Horse Comics took rights for publishing a line of limited series that frequently featured the Xenomorph characters from the movie franchise with positive critical response.

colonial marines aliens
Colonial Marines In a Hive

Many creative writers and artists have lend their talents to enrich the series and as a result a spin-off series titled “Aliens Vs. Predators” were launched on Chris Warner’s suggestion in the late 1980's, which also proved to be a massive successful series in both comics and film media.
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