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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Justice League – The Totality | Comics

Martian Manhunter tries to protect the Justice League from an incoming threat that may shatter the world.

In space, a mysterious object passes through space and time, which members of the Justice Legion, multiversal race of Monitors, Kamandi and even the group of all powerful beings called the Quintessence notices and all they could do is to helplessly watch this threat heading towards Earth without being able to stop it before it reaches impact.

Back in Earth, the Justice League members are fighting different tribes of Neanderthals around the globe while telepathically reporting back to Martian Manhunter. They came up with the theory that someone pushed them toward evolution, which is making them trying to claim over Earth and it could be none other than their old enemy Vandal Savage.

As he hold together the minds of his allies, the Martian witness the surface of Earth suddenly breaking apart. J'onn J'onzz pieces together everything from their minds and suggests they would have to destroy the moon. He asks Batman to activate the bombs he planted there long ago and makes an impact taking shape of a giant dragon-like creature.

As the threat is reverted, Superman informs that Swamp Thing is rebinding Earth and J'onn gets a flashback of his life back on Mars where everyone was burnt to death, including his own daughter K'hym in front of him. He tells Bruce that the crisis is far from over and connects rest of the League members into a psychic boardroom meeting.

He sensed something bigger than Savage's plan and discovered the mysterious object, "The Totality" approaching here holding all the energy of the bleeding Source Wall and they are only minutes away from impact. Hawkgirl asks if the Omega Titans are involved but Bruce connects it to a myth of New Genesis from the scan Cyborg ran on it earlier.

justice league the totality dc comics jim cheung
Justice League – The Totality | Comics

As everyone is arguing over their current course of action over the matter, Batman suggests a possible contingency in form of Green Lantern John Stewart, who he stationed and awaiting order to fire a miniaturized omniversal wormhole bullet made of Tenth Metal, ready to transport the Totality out of Source Wall and destroy it.

From their secret hideout, the Neanderthal followers of Vandal Savage question his agenda but he claims everything is going according to plan. Lex Luthor arrives out of shadows claiming his plan will fail and as Savage tries to attack him, the former stuns him. His followers pledges alliance to Lex to join his Injustice Gang but he kills them anyway.

He then moves to Savage, mocking him for being coward to never facing the truth and presents his own Legion of Doom consisting of Black Manta, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, The Joker and Sinestro. Luthor shows him a doorknob-like object of power and repeatedly smashed him to a bloody pulp, which sent J'onn a psychic flash of upcoming events.

The team was having a disagreement over what to do next, Wonder Woman asks J'onn to call his vote as the chairman of the League and before he could do so, he was interrupted by the telepathic spark that he lost connection to everyone and The Totality hits Earth. He also sensed someone else who knew about the impending doom.

It landed in the Nevada Desert with all the power of Source Wall, shaped as a giant head and created a protective shell around it. Though the Justice League Dark has covered it in a mystic veil to avoid public detection, word about it is getting out and Suicide Squad member Killer Croc has already been possessed by it, whom the League is fighting.

Through Swamp Thing, The Dark Knight approaches John Stewart to join Justice League right away to help them tackling the threat of The Totality. Apparently, Croc has turned into a giant monster and giving a tough time to the heroes. They couldn't get a response from John and decides to investigate the mysterious energy immediately.

Stewart was transporting a prisoner to Green Lantern Corps in space when Sinestro showed up in a new emotional spectrum, transforming him into Ultraviolet Lantern. He then smashed into the Hall of Justice attacking Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman. He creates constructs powerful enough to beat them but Cyborg managed to knock him off.

Meanwhile, Superman and Manhunter enter the sphere with Batman and Hawkgirl within their bodies using tech from The Atom. What they don't know is that both Luthor and Joker also sneaked their way inside. Arthur, Barry and Diana find out the Hall of Doom underwater and are attacked by a group of primitive White Martians kept into stasis.

Apparently, Lex Luthor gotten his hands on an object called Doom and with it, he promises each of the villains in his Legion what they wants and they joined his cause gladly. Now that he has gained control over the body of the Man of Steel, only the Caped Crusader is left to stand on his way to stop him but even he may not be equipped enough to do that.

justice league the totality dc comics jorge jimenez
Ring of Darkness

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Justice League V4 01

Justice League V4 02

Justice League V4 03

Justice League V4 04

Justice League V4 05

Justice League V4 06

Justice League V4 07

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Justice League – The Totality

Comic-book writer Scott Snyder (Death of the Family, Night of the Owls) teamed up with artists Doug Mahnke (Superman Reborn, Trinity War), Jim Cheung (AXIS, Infinity) and Jorge Jiménez (Super Sons – When I Grow Up, Superman – Trials of the Super Sons) for the newest adventure of Justice League in an all-new storyline titled "The Totality".

DC Comics has been reconstructing the Multiverse following the events of "DC Rebirth". So, "Dark Nights – Metal" and "Justice League – No Justice" played their subtle part in that plan and "The Totality" is like one grand design connecting many other pieces together, which collects the first seven issues from the Justice League fourth ongoing series.

justice league the totality dc comics hawkgirl vs lex luthor
Into The Totality

Though Snyder has previously introduced many ground-breaking storylines while working on Batman ongoing of The New 52, he cranked up his game level and delivered a complex plot that lay a groundwork for many upcoming occurring in DC Universe. He even teased to bring a prominent character from Dark Multiverse at the end of the book.

Even though the story revolves around the key-members of the team, reserve members of the League like Adam Strange, Animal Man, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Mister Terrific, Plastic Man, Swamp Thing and Vixen also showed up to lend a hand. Hal Jordan was mentioned and rest of Green Lantern Corps members appeared to assist during the crisis.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Justice League – No Justice | Comics

Dark Nights: Metal has transformed the universe and awakens Godlike beings of destruction for Justice League to stop!

In space, the Green Lantern Corps has assembled all of their members, standing rallied together as they all look into a cosmic threat that can destroy everything. After the Justice League and rest of heroes took a stand against the creatures of Dark Multiverse, the aftermath of that fight left a crack in the Source Wall and the Universe is now broken.

Back on Earth, heroes and vigilantes are being attacked by an enemy force that overwhelms them and director Amanda Waller of Suicide Squad decides to initiate Protocol XI. The Justice League has been fighting Brainiac in Metropolis, who have them on his ropes. Superman somehow manages to get free and charge at his arch-enemy.

Instead of fighting Man of Steel, Vril Dox shows him a dystopian future where Earth has fallen to his rule and teams like Task Force X, The Titans and Teen Titans simply fails to stand against him while other League members get free. He tells Kal-El that he is not here to invade Earth but for the heroes and then all other heroes vanishes with a BOOM!

Beast Boy, Harley Quinn, Starfire and Zatanna wakes up inside a room inside Brainiac's Skull Ship shortly after they were abducted and now all of them are wearing different outfits. Harley finds a way out of the quarter and Damian Wayne was throwing his tantrum at Doctor Fate about finding the Coluan only to discover him standing behind.

Robin is baffled to see his father and his friends standing along with the biggest bad guy in the Universe, which even upsets Koriand'r. Realizing the growing tension in the room, Vril Dox clarifies his intention of seeking their help by holding onto Diana's Lasso of Truth.

justice league no justice dc comics rebirth
Justice League – No Justice | Comics

He then warns them about four powerful cosmic Gods, Omega Titans who used to plant seeds of cosmic energy in many different worlds. Now that the Source Wall is broken, they came to Colu, the home planet of Brainiac and are about to consume it. He suggests them to group up in four teams, each embodying the energy of Omega Titan.

Throwing abducted heroes, anti-heroes and villains in the mix seem to be difficult as they are unwilling to work with each other as a team because of their past history. However, Brainiac stopped them for now by reminding the bigger issue at hand.

Batman, Beast Boy, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor and Lobo forms Team Entropy while Team Mystery consists of Martian Manhunter, Sinestro, Starfire, Starro and Superman. Atom, Cyborg, Flash, Harley Quinn and Robin assembled Team Wisdom and Team Wonder is founded by Doctor Fate, Etrigan, Raven, Wonder Woman and Zatanna.

Meanwhile, Amanda Waller assembled Task Force XI with the most powerful psychics in the world to hack the brain of the Coluan conqueror. Upon reaching Colu, they see the destroyer of worlds standing tall on the planet and ready to consume it. Vril Dox assumes command and reminding them if they cannot stop the titan here, it will attack Earth next.

Before he could guide them with his plan, he feels excruciating pain in his brain as Waller's telepaths have breached it and then it explodes, leaving his assembled crew to fight alone. The inhabitants of Colu thought them to be minions sent by Brainiac and faced by protocol droids before finding the Tree of Wisdom the titan came after.

Batman suggests that four teams should go after four energy trees and reform them but the dilemma of leadership strikes again until Luthor came to voice his reason and convinced everyone to follow Brainiac's original plan to save two worlds. The Trinity and other League members agreed to this as well except Damian Wayne.

Back on Earth, Waller heads to the Arctic Circle where she is confronted by Green Arrow, who is looking for his friends in the Justice League. She reveals what Vril Dox intended and how he has put Earth next on the menu for ancient Space Gods to devour after blackmailing everyone into cooperating with him to save his own planet.

Since there is no one else left to fight because Brainiac has put the remaining members from the main four teams into stasis, Oliver Queen offers to help Waller to save the world. Together, these unlikely allies team up to dig up Earth's dormant cosmic seed.

In Colu, all four teams struggle to power up the energy trees and fights their way through various obstacles to eventually come face to face with Brainiac 2.0. In the mean time, Amanda Waller realizes by killing Vril Dox, she has doomed Earth as he had some sort of fail-safe hidden within the seed and all the can do now is pray to God.

justice league no justice dc rebirth scott snyder
New Alliance of Justice

Here is your links to buy "Justice League – No Justice" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Justice League – No Justice 01

Justice League – No Justice 02

Justice League – No Justice 03

Justice League – No Justice 04

Here is your link to buy "Justice League – No Justice" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – No Justice

Following the events of "Dark Nights – Metal", DC Comics launched "No Justice" by writer James Tynion IV (Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen, Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate), Joshua Williamson (Predator – Fire and Stone, The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice) and Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained, The Wake).

The four-issue Justice League limited series from 2018 is drawn by artist Francis Manapul (The Flash – Move Forward, Trinity – Better Together), who also provided cover arts. Manapul did considerably well portraying a wide range of characters from DC Universe like he has never done before and was able to do convey the message.

justice league no justice dc rebirth francis manapul
Team Wonder of Justice

After the heroes have interacted with Dark Multiverse and demon Barbatos, Prime Earth has expanded itself into a vastness that would let many unwelcomed crisis. New opportunities and menace will arrive that the heroes will prevail to save Earth. At the same time, many terrible secret will come out to shake everyone's belief as well.

Throughout the story, Aquaman, Arsenal, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Donna Troy, Enchantress, Katana, Killer Croc, Nightwing, Omen, Tempest and Wally West showed up in cameo appearance alongside many other. Justice League follows lead to new adventures in the next arc "The Totality" against Legion of Doom in a new monthly series.
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Justice League – The Grid | Comics

Someone hacked Justice League secret files while trying to frame Superman for murder and secret behind Pandora's Box is coming out.

An idea to recruit secondary members to their rank is proposed by Batman to his colleagues in Justice League. Since all of its founding members have their own priorities, they are looking for heroes who can dedicate their full-time to the team. Wonder Woman assumes that he has already discussed about it with Cyborg and they agree.

He showed them that he has created a database called "The Grid" to better respond to worldwide emergencies and super-human assistance. So, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Element Woman, Firestorm, Goldrush, Nightwing, Platinum, Vixen and Zatanna were all called in to Justice League Watchtower for an initiation.

They all came and were getting to know each other until suddenly, Platinum go haywire and starts attacking everyone. With the combined effort of Rhonda Pineda AKA The Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm, she is finally neutralized. Cyborg reveals when they were busy fighting her, someone stole their secret files from Watchtower.

Back in Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth and Red Hood were mourning over the recent death of Damian Wayne. Suddenly, Jason is knocked out with a high-voltage shock and Alfred is thrown away by a stranger in a black bodysuit. Despite Alfred's warning, he enters deep inside the cave to open a secret vault and a box marked "S".

justice league dc comics new 52 the grid
Justice League – The Grid | Comics

In Kahndaq, Superman and Wonder Woman go undercover to secure hostages held captive by a terrorist group named Sons of Adam. They saved the day but it was broadcasted worldwide, which prompts Batman to pay them an immediate visit to remind how the world sees them as a "Power Couple" and their public action matters a lot.

After revealing to them that he already knows for some time that they are dating, Batman suggests them to keep it under cover as the fact of two of Earth's most powerful being in a relationship might scare a lot of people. Then he breaks off the news of Batcave infiltration lately to steal a means to take down Man of Steel.

This gets Diana furious over Bruce but Clark talked her down saying he gave it to him for worst case scenario. In Watchtower, Despero came looking for Justice League but trashed down Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm. Was it not for the timely intervention of Martian Manhunter, these new recruits couldn't have survived.

Right after Cyborg detects that JL Watchtower is falling from the orbit and headed towards East Coast but Superman managed to catch it right before impact. J'onn J'onzz tells Atom not to tell anyone that he was here, leaving a knocked out Despero behind and a Kryptonite ring he was wearing all along starts giving Big Blue a hard time.

Madame Xanadu sees visions of a dystopian future in aftermath of a great war that is only defined by the word Trinity and deems it urgent to warn Justice League about it. Mysterious entity Pandora approaches Man of Steel to open Pandora's Box thinking he was the purest of hearts but it tries to corrupt him and she escapes.

He and his friends then rushes to Kahndaq to stop Shazam from trespassing there to spread ashes of Black Adam but it quickly sparked a fight between them that eventually escalates to a point where things get too ugly. Three Justice League teams go to war over confusion and misdirection created by a traitor from within.

batman v superman dawn of justice dc comics new 52
Friends Turned Enemies

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Justice League V2 18

Justice League V2 19

Justice League V2 20

Justice League V2 22

Justice League V2 23

Here is your links to buy "Justice League – The Grid" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – The Grid (Softcover)

Justice League – The Grid (Hardcover)

Justice League continues their run in its second monthly ongoing series with fourth storyline titled "The Grid", following "Throne of Atlantis". Set in The New 52 timeline, this five-part arc collects issues #18-20, 22 and 23 from the series released by DC Comics in 2014 and is penned by writer Geoff Johns (Brightest Day, Flashpoint).

In storytelling, artist Ivan Reis (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis) assisted Johns with illustration for interior pages. Also, Doug Mahnke (JLA – Rules of Engagement, JLA – The Obsidian Age) provided art for final issue and Kenneth Rocafort (Superman – H'El on Earth, Superman – Psi War) worked on variant cover of first issue.

justice league dc comics new 52 geoff johns ivan reis
Clash of Leagues

At the very beginning, many superheroes are assembled to be added into prestigious roster of Justice League but only three of them; The Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm made it. All core-members of the League were given enough space to develop their own tale and the chemistry between the Trinity is explored even further.

Yet, both Aquaman and The Flash had a very little to do over the course of the story but a large ensemble of many major characters were drew in finale. "The Grid" is a set-up for major upcoming crossover event "Trinity War" and its tie-in "Forever Heroes", where three Justice League teams will be on major conflict against each other.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Superman/Wonder Woman | Comics

When Clark Kent was living his dual life of a journalist and a superhero, Diana of Themyscira became an ambassador of peace for United States as Wonder Woman, led by Colonel Steve Trevor. Diana and Trevor started dating that somewhat worked till she got involved in Justice League after halting an invasion by the forces of evil god: Darkseid (Justice League – Origin).

superman wonder woman
Superman/Wonder Woman | Comics

Upon her joining in the League with Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Green LanternSuperman and The Flash made Trevor jealous and they eventually broke up on terms after defeating David Graves (Justice League – The Villain's Journey). That time, when discussing their different situation and loneliness, they both realized how much they are alike and it all started then with a romantic kiss.

Apart from their duties to Justice League as well as their solo career of a hero, Superman and Wonder Woman would always hang-out when they are off duty and shares adventures of fighting threats together. Even when they are not wearing costumes, this "Power Couple" enjoys their little dates and some alone time together.

As they are as one, now they face the mutual antagonism from many of their own deadly adversaries leading them to battle Atomic Skull, Brainiac, Cyborg Superman, Major Disaster, Phantom Zoners and Metallo. But before they face all those super-powered goons, first they have to survive the wrath of the ultimate rampaging killing machine from Kryptonian; Doomsday and the antagonism of Diana's over-jealous godly kins as well.

For more information on Superman/Wonder Woman comics series, you can check out the link below.

Superman/Wonder Woman (Comics) Wikipedia

superman wonder woman new 52
Love Is A Battlefield
Here is your links to buy "Superman/Wonder Woman" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – Origin (Softcover)

Justice League – Origin (Hardcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 01 – Power Couple (Softcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 01 – Power Couple (The New 52)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 02 – War and Peace (Softcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 02 – War and Peace (Hardcover)

Superman – Doomed (Softcover)

Superman – Doomed (Hardcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 03 – Casualties of War (Softcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 03 – Casualties of War (Hardcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 04 – Dark Truth (Softcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 04 – Dark Truth (Hardcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 05 – A Savage End (Softcover)

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol 05 – A Savage End (Hardcover)

Superman – Savage Dawn

Superman – The Final Days of Superman (Softcover)

Superman – The Final Days of Superman (Hardcover)

During the wake of The New 52 wave by DC Comics after "Flashpoint" crossover event, many ongoing titles and the featured characters has undergone change. Following the timeline change Superman and Wonder Woman started dating each other and to explore further on that relationship status, a new monthly ongoing is released on 2013.

superman wonder woman dc
Romance of Super Couple

Writer Charles Soule (New Gods – Godhead, Red Lanterns – Atrocities) and artist Tony Daniel (Adrenalynn – Weapon of War, The Tenth – Resurrected) primarily started the series and later artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age) start to fill in the illustration duties for a few issues. Few issues from the title were counted as tie-in to the major New 52 crossover event ‘Superman – Doomed’.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brightest Day | Comics

brightest day dc
Brightest Day | Comics
Following the “Blackest Night”, the Black Lanterns were gone and Black Hand goes missing. A White Lantern power battery is found in New Mexico where Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire; Carol Ferris and Sinestro appeared but none were unable to lift it. The twelve different individuals that were resurrected and died previously are suddenly revived. Firestorm senses some abnormalities in his matrix and then suddenly the Black Lantern version of him called "Deathstorm" emerges. He teleports Ronnie and Jason near the White Lantern and picks it up after tainting it with Black Lantern molecules. Someone from beyond who was controlling Deathstorm wanted the revived people back and so they are re-created and that someone is revealed to be the Anti-Monitor.

The Entity gives various assignments to the resurrected individuals in order to get their life fully restored before Boston Brand AKA Deadman can find a new bearer of the White Light. Firestorm defends the White Lantern, Hawkman and Hawkgirl went to close the gateway of Hawkworld, Aquaman took Aqualad to his side, Zoom released Barry Allen, Isis was freed by Osiris, Maxwell Lord prevented the events of Kingdom Come, Martian Manhunter, Jade and Captain Boomerang were also successful without the exception of Hawk, who failed to stop the boomerang thrown at Dove. All of them were absorbed into the ring and unleash them on Anti-Monitor. Finally, Boston Brand was given the task of finding the new bearer of the White Light as it wants to experience life.

For more information on Brightest Day, you can check out these links below.

Brightest Day (Comics) Wikipedia

Brightest Day (Comics) DC Wikia
blackest night justice league
The Dead Shall Rise
Here is your links for "Brightest Day" crossover event from DC Comics in issues.

Brightest Day 0

Brightest Day 01

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Brightest Day 03

Brightest Day 04

Brightest Day 05

Brightest Day 06

Brightest Day 07

Brightest Day 08

Brightest Day 09

Brightest Day 10

Brightest Day 11

Brightest Day 12

Brightest Day 13

Brightest Day 14

Brightest Day 15

Brightest Day 16

Brightest Day 17

Brightest Day 18

Brightest Day 19

Brightest Day 20

Brightest Day 21

Brightest Day 22

Brightest Day 23

Brightest Day 24

Here is your links for "Brightest Day" crossover event from DC Comics.

Brightest Day Vol 01 (Softcover)

Brightest Day Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Brightest Day Vol 02 (Softcover)

Brightest Day Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Brightest Day Vol 03 (Softcover)
brightest day comic
The End and The Beginning

Brightest Day Vol 03 (Hardcover)

Brightest Day Omnibus

In the aftermath of the ground-breaking episode of Blackest Night, many dead characters both good and evil were brought back to life. Brightest Day is the follow-up event to the resurrection of the fallen heroes and villains who were raised to serve a purpose to the DC Universe. In 2010, writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Black Adam – The Dark Age) led the artwork team of Scott Clark, Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps, Superman – Son of Superman), Joe Prado, Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War) and Ardian Syaf (Batman & Superman – Siege, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman) to the completion of the whole plot that became another best-seller from the banner of DC Comics. Brightest Day is then followed by The Return of Bruce Wayne on the end of the same year.
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