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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

The "Siege of Asgard" led by Norman Osborn led The Sentry turning into his other persona, The Void, an Angel of Death who left Asgard in ruins like never before. In post-war, Odin All-Father sends Thor and Lady Sif in the furthest depths of Asgard to retrieve an ancient artifact called Worldheart; which is an immensely powerful cosmic heart giving birth to the world tree Yggdrasill, that later spawned the nine realms.

mighty thor galactus seed
The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

While retrieving it, Thor sustained injuries from the worm-like creatures defending it. His brother Loki came to his aid and they successfully retrieve the heart. The all-seeing Heimdall confronts Odin about the artifact and its origin. Odin discloses to him about an apocalyptic prophecy and then places the heart inside the Destroyer Armor for safekeeping. While the whole Asgard gathers to celebrate this feat, Thor remains mildly distracted with his gut-wound that glows instead of bleeding.

Silver Surfer has been a herald of Galactus for a long-time and his true intention of serving the destroyer of worlds is to let him feed onto barren planets that are dead for millennia, thus sparing the ones with sentient life forms in it. Now, he heads towards Asgard sensing the power of the Cosmic Seed and demands it from Odin.

This sparks a sudden heated confrontation between him and the thunder god until he explains his intention of using it to sate the hunger of Galactus forever. Warning the Asgardians that his master will come for the seed, Surfer leaves. For the final showdown, an elderly god must face the great devourer. It's Odin Vs. Galactus.

odin vs galactus marvel
Gods of Destruction

Here is your links to buy "The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

The Mighty Thor 01

The Mighty Thor 02

The Mighty Thor 03

The Mighty Thor 04

The Mighty Thor 05

The Mighty Thor 06

Here is your links to buy "The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Softcover)

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Hardcover)

Taken place in the aftermath of Siege, "Galactus Seed" is a six part storyline from the first monthly ongoing series of The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics. Collecting issues #01-06, the story was written by Matt Fraction (Nation X, Second Coming) and he was assisted by artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, House of M) with illustrations, who also provided covers for all related issues.

mighty thor vs galactus
In The Name of Asgard

Though the plotline is of a story-arc, it has an ever-escalating premise of immense importance and it features a wide-array of characters from Asgard like Thor, Odin, Lady Sif, Heimdall, Brigade of Realms, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg of Warriors Three, Kid Loki as well as cosmic entity like Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer.
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable | Comics

salvador larroca iron man
Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable | Comics
The Mighty Thor and Iron Man pays a visit to the Luna City of the surface of moon to check on a rogue Stark invention which is from Stark’s days as a weapon inventor that is causing catastrophic weather on places of Earth. Tony’s former secretary and personal assistant Pepper Potts, who is now an armored superhero like her boss, goes out on a solo adventure of her own as Rescue. And then there is the most unusual face-off between the Invincible Iron Man up against the classic Spider-Man foe, who is none other than . . . Doctor Octopus. Crazy, as it sounds, Doc Ock has recently reformed himself again and has eight mechanical arms of his own but he is no superhuman and his fragile mortal body can take only no more from a world full of super-powered individuals.

Doctor Otto Octavius has been taking a lot of tough blows from many of the heroes and villains alike for ages; especially from Spider-Man. He was bashed in the face by Captain America, hit hard by Daredevil, he even was blasted badly by Ultron himself and he is not up for it anymore. But Tony Stark thinks good ol' Doc Ock is not a big deal, or is he? With all the power, energy and countless world changing technologies at his disposal, Stark decides to rebuild Broxton, Oklahoma. Along with his former Sinister Six member Sand Man and Electro, Doctor Octopus hinders Tony’s plan by threatening to eliminate the lives of the current dwellers of Broxton and all he wants from him is fixing of his fragile, damaged body and salvation, that he believes only Stark can deliver to him.
iron man vs doc ock
Up Against Otto Octavius
Here is your links for “Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

01. Free Comic Book Day 2010 – Iron Man & Thor

02. Rescue 01

03. The Invincible Iron Man 501

04. The Invincible Iron Man 502

05. The Invincible Iron Man 503
iron man thor
Journey To Luna City

Here is your links for “Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable (Softcover)

Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable (Hardcover)

Unfixable is a storyline from the Eisner-winning Invincible Iron Man monthly ongoing series featuring one of Marvel Comics' most popular heroes Iron Man against an enemy that he never ever faced before. Writer Matt Fraction (Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals) teamed up with Salvador Larroca (Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program, Spider-Man – House of M) to create this story. Also master artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) took part to contribute in this story with writer Matt Fraction. The storyline is something like a fresh air to the Iron Man fans who are tired of seeing him fight his typical villains and this arc got a core story of its own.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thirty Days of Night | Comics

30 days of night comic
Thirty Days of Night | Comics
For thousands of years, humans believed that Vampires are only a scary mythical creature of darkness who sucks blood and they only exist in the books and fantasy novels. Since people refuses to believe that these very lethal and heinous creatures are for real, it gives the Vampires an advantage what they need to keep the continuation of their existence running. Because, years of absence of these creatures from human-sight may have faded their memory from men’s mind but they are feared and hated by the humans since the "Council of Elders" made their presence known to public ages ago. After struggling for over a millennium, only a few of them made it out to the present led by an elder named Vicente.

Marlowe, one of Vicente’s own kind has raided the city of Barrow, Alaska, during a 30 straight days of polar night to have a non-stop feeding fest with a few of his blood-thirsty followers that made its residents known about the secret presence of them which their race has been keeping under cover for quite some time. Vicente eventually arrives at Barrow upon calling, only to confront and take care of Marlowe later for what he mindlessly did by blowing their cover to the humans and then decides to continue what Marlowe began anyway, so that there is no witness left to tell their tale. Sheriff Eben Olemaun along with his wife Stella Olemaun and a handful of survivors made a last stand against the Nosferatu. The winter may have had weakened them but since the night is young, the creatures of darkness are still to do a lot more to the humans.

For more information on 30 Days of Night comics series, you can check out the link below.

Thirty Days of Night (Comics) Wikipedia

barrow alaska vampires
Gangs of Vampires
Here is your links for "30 Days of Night" comics from IDW Comics.

30 Days of Night (Softcover)

30 Days of Night (Hardcover)

30 Days of Night Omnibus

30 Days of Night – Dark Days

30 Days of Night – Return to Barrow

30 Days of Night – Bloodsucker Tales (Softcover)

30 Days of Night – Bloodsucker Tales (Hardcover)

30 Days of Night – Three Tales

30 Days of Night – Spreading the Disease (Softcover)

30 Days of Night – Spreading the Disease (Hardcover)

30 Days of Night – Eben and Stella

30 Days of Night – Red Snow

vampire comics idw
Predators of Night
30 Days of Night – Beyond Barrow

30 Days of Night – 30 Days 'Til Death

Initially written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night – Dark Days, Night of the Living Dead – London), 30 Days of Night is a comic book franchise that started with the three-issue mini-series of the same name published in 2002 by IDW Publishing. Artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night – Bloodsucker Tales, 30 Days of Night – Red Snow) joined Niles in the series and later penciller Szymon Kudranski, Brandon Hovet, Josh Medors, Kody Chamberlain, Nat Jones, Milx, Alex Sanchez, Justin Randall and Bill Sienkiewicz (30 Days of Night – Beyond Barrow, Elektra – Assassin) have drawn pages for other tales that came up as the spin-off under the main title. The series managed to gain massive popularity and writer Matt Fraction (Defenders, Fantastic Four), Dan Wickline, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Ben Templesmith also participated in the latter issues of the franchise. As the series became a hit in the market, it also served the plot of a horror film titled 30 Days of Night (2007), which was loosely based on the core story of the comic book.
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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hawkeye | Comics

Trained by The Swordsman and Trick Shot to become an expert marksman, Clint Barton was inspired by super-hero Iron Man but because of some misunderstanding he was debuted as a criminal by the media. He soon teamed up with Black Widow with whom he developed a crush and eventually clashing with Iron Man.

hawkeye marvel comics
Hawkeye | Comics

He soon reformed and joined The Avengers alongside Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver following the original lineup of the team. Although he was considered as a valued member of the team, he tried being solo but soon ended up joining with The Defenders. While faced the Crossfire, he successfully foiled his plan with help from fellow vigilante and S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative Bobby Morse AKA Mockingbird, whom he would eventually marry.

He returned to lead West Coast Avengers and then Mockingbird was killed by the demonic Mephisto. Hawkeye was offered to lead the team of Thunderbolts but during Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown he died in battle (Avengers Disassembled). However, he was later alive in “House of M” reality and brought back to life afterwards.

After “The Death of Captain America”, he was approached to wield his shield by Tony Stark but rejected (Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America). Clint took the alias of Ronin to join the New Avengers during World War Hulk. He fought the Skrulls on “Secret Invasion” and opposed Norman Osborn’s rule on “Dark Reign”. In post “Siege” period, he re-joined the Avengers and later led the Secret Avengers.

For more information on Hawkeye comics series, you can check out these links below.

Hawkeye (Comics) Wikipedia

Hawkeye (Comics) Marvel Wikia

clint barton hawkeye
Clint Barton as Ronin

Here is your links for "Hawkeye" comics from Marvel Comics.

Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Avengers – Hawkeye (Softcover)

Avengers – Hawkeye (Hardcover)

Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes II

Secret Invasion – Front Line

Dark Reign – Hawkeye

Hawkeye & Mockingbird – Ghosts

A fictional recurring comic book character from Marvel Comics, Hawkeye first debuted in the 57th issue of Tales of Suspense in 1964. The character was created by legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee (Daredevil, Doctor Strange) and Don Heck, whom would frequently appear in The Avengers books as well as featured in his own limited series.

hawkeye secret avengers
The Ronin Archer

Apart from that, Hawkeye also starred in many prominent crossover events by Marvel Comics as well as a star on many new and old monthly ongoing series, featuring many significant stories. On silver screen, the character was portrayed by Jeremy Renner in live-action movie, The Avengers (2012), Avengers – Age of Ultron (2015) and Captain America – Civil War (2016).
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Iron Fist | Comics

Daniel Rand is the son of businessman Wendell Rand, who had a link to the mystic realm of K'un-Lun and lost his parents as a child in accident. Danny was taken back to K'un-Lun and received extensive martial art training under the tutelage of Lei Kung the Thunderer, to eventually gain the power of Iron Fist by defeating the serpent called Shou-Lao the Undying.

As Iron Fist, he fought Sabretooth before joining Heroes For Hire with Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Shang-Chi, Jack of Hearts and White Tiger. His inheritance of Rand-Meachum, Inc. made him pretty rich but he chose to fight crime teaming up with Luke Cage; the Power Man. Following Onslaught Saga, the departure of many heroes caused Danny to recruit Namor, the Sub-Mariner to expand his team.

iron fist marvel
Iron Fist | Comics

With feral mutant Wolverine and few of The Avengers, he fought against The Hand and then assisted Black Panther in saving the life of his U.S. State Department handler, Everett K. Ross from the Black Dragon afterwards.

Sometime later, Iron Fist confronted Cable and Deadpool while working with Cage. Danny put on Daredevil's costume to protect his civilian identity and supported Captain America in Civil War, opposing Iron Man. Danny joined the New Avengers team, sheltered by Doctor Strange in his Sanctum Sanctorum.

He fought alongside fellow heroes in the crisis of World War Hulk and Secret Invasion before Norman Osborn forcibly abducted him to join Thunderbolts. In Serpent's War, he and Spider-Man took down Thor's clone, Ragnarok.

For more information on Iron Fist comics series, you can check out these links below.

Iron Fist (Comics) Wikipedia

Iron Fist (Comics) Marvel Wikia

iron fist new avengers
Dragon Plays With Fire

Here is your links to buy "Iron Fist" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Marvel Masterworks – Iron Fist Vol 01

Iron Fist Epic Collection – The Fury of Iron Fist

Essential Iron Fist Vol 01

Daredevil – Marked For Death

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 01

Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Omnibus

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 02

Secret Wars II Omnibus

Marvel Masters – The Tales of Kurt Busiek

Daredevil Ultimate Collection 01

Daredevil Vol 03

Daredevil Vol 04

Secret War

Marvel Super Hero Team-Up

Daredevil Vol 06

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 01 – The Last Iron Fist Story (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 01 – The Last Iron Fist Story (Hardcover)

mmortal Iron Fist, Vol. 2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 02 – The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 03 – The Book of The Iron Fist (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 03 – The Book of The Iron Fist (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 04 – The Mortal Iron Fist (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 04 – The Mortal Iron Fist (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 05 – Escape from The Eighth City (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 05 – Escape from The Eighth City (Hardcover)

Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark Omnibus Vol 02

Immortal Weapons

Daredevil – Shadowland (Softcover)

Daredevil – Shadowland (Hardcover)

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Comedy of Death

Avengers – We Are The Avengers

Heroes For Hire – Control

Avengers – Fear Itself

Avengers Vs. X-Men

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon Vol 01 – Rage

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon Vol 02 – Redemption

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon – The Complete Collection

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town

A fictional Marvel Comics character that debuted in 1974, on the pages of Marvel Premiere issue #15, Danny Rand/Iron Fist was co-created by Roy Thomas (Black Knight, Captain Marvel), Gil Kane (Conan the Barbarian, John Carter; Warlord of Mars) and Bill Everett.

power man and iron fist comic
Power Man and Iron Fist

He become a hero of his own right and over the years, allied with many of the superhero community from the Marvel Universe and became an honorary member of many groups like Defenders, Immortal Weapons, Secret Avengers, Secret Defenders and The Mighty, while partaking in events like Secret Wars II, Secret War, Dark Reign, Shadowland and Avengers Vs. X-Men.

In other media, Iron Fist has appeared on Season 2 of The Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series. The live-action version of the character is portrayed by actor Finn Jones in Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) and Marvel's The Defenders (2017), developed as Netflix series.
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