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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Batman – Cold Days | Comics

Bruce Wayne is called for a jury duty on a court case of Mr. Freeze and a major plot conspires to personally hurt Batman.

Bruce Wayne is selected for jury duty as he is one of the most prominent citizens of Gotham City in a case against Mr. Freeze where he is responsible for the death of three young women and he admits charges after Batman got involved. Although he claimed that the vigilante hero used excessive force on him but the media won't just listen to him.

Stumbled by his morality, Bruce questions the methods his alter ego takes as The Dark Knight and begs to differ when the rest of the jury decided to vote the King of Cold guilty. All of those three women appeared to die of natural causes but Batman discovered a mild temperature drop on their brain that was later confirmed by GCPD as well.

After finding a connection to his ice-cold nemesis, he confronted Victor Fries and constantly beat him to get a confession. In the mean time, his trusty sidekick and closest friend Dick Grayson puts on the cowl and check on him while fighting Killer Croc.

Freeze claims that was experimenting on those women to find a way o revive his wife and even though all evidence suggests that, Bruce asks his fellow jury not to side with The Bat just because many of them feels obliged to him for saving their life. Instead, he asks them to act as responsible citizen of Gotham and accept that the hero could be wrong too.

batman cold days dc rebirth tom king
Batman – Cold Days | Comics

Grayson recollects how during his early days as Robin following the death of his parents, Bruce always tried to support him. Dick wonders how his partner can still be depressed after fighting villains like Condiment King and Crazy Quilt for years. They bonded over their interest on acrobatics and he still remembers how he used to hate cucumber sandwiches.

A stranger with a prosthetic arm by the name Mr. Zimmerman comes to Gotham on business. He checks in on a hotel and then goes to buy a gun before making a stop at a hot dog place where he left a napkin with a message that hints at the Joker/Riddler War. He then goes to an apartment block to set up a sniping position from a top room.

The Dynamic Duo was out fighting minions of a new villain called Phantom Pharaoh while Nightwing was making cheesy puns like always. They then meet Commissioner Gordon on the roof of GCPD Headquarters who informs them about the clue and a one-armed man. Dick makes another joke about it before getting shot in the head.

After making the shot, the man leaves Gotham and heads back to his meet his abusive alcoholic father in Russia. He sits with his old man for a drink while reminiscing events of his childhood filled with memories of his father's abuse. Batman has assumed the identity of the shooter being Anatoli Knyazev AKA KG Beast, the dreadful Soviet scourge.

His butler Alfred Pennyworth asks to apprehend the Russian assassin and the Caped Crusader then meets Bronze Tiger for a clue to find the Beast as he covered his tracks well. The leads took him to Apokoliptian assassin Kanto who reveals that Anatoli has a father that is still alive and Batman eventually finds way to Vasily Knyazev's cabin.

Vasily had an argument with his son about him still being weak and ho he is left with an amputated arm because of his boyish nature. A final showdown between the Detective and the Beast ensues outside the cabin and somehow, all of these fiascos are tied to the court case Bruce Wayne was involved in regarding Mr. Freeze.

batman and nightwing dc rebirth tony daniel
Beast of Burden

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Batman – Cold Days

Collecting issues #51-57 from the third monthly ongoing volume of Batman comic-book series, "Cold Days" is the eighth storyline following the post-DC Rebirth era, released on 2018 from DC Comics. The book is comprised of three individual stories that focus on the chronicles of the original Dynamic Duo throughout their adventures for lifetime.

DC Comics hired acclaimed writer Tom King (Batman – I Am Gotham, Batman – I Am Suicide) to team-up with artists Lee Weeks (Daredevil – Dark Nights, Incredible Hulk – Tempest Fugit), Matt Wagner (Batman and the Mad Monk, Batman and the Monster Men) and Tony Daniel (Damage – Out of Control, Deathstroke – God Killer) for the story.

batman tom king dc rebirth tony daniel
To Hunt The Beast

Someone is playing the World's Greatest Detective from behind the scenes by involving Bruce Wayne into a case against Mr. Freeze and then sending Soviet assassin KG Beast after his ward. Following the live-action debut of the character, Anatoli Knyazev has received a better treatment on the Prime Earth reality rather than his New Earth counterpart.

Reference of "The War of Jokes and Riddles" was made and it suggests that either Riddler or some new player is almost directing Batman towards something. It is almost like the time when he was being played out by a mysterious enemy in "Batman – Hush".
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Batman – White Knight | Comics

The maniacal Clown Prince of Crime is finally cured of his insanity and tries to right his wrongs by saving Gotham City from Batman!

On the gates of Arkham Asylum, a Batmobile stops by and a person comes out of it to meet a patient, Batman. The guards escort him inside and as they update the man named Jack Napier about The Dark Knight, he simply asks the imprisoned vigilante to help him.

Flashback to a year prior, The Joker was on the run as Batman was chasing him in his Batmobile throughout the city with Batgirl at his side. During the pursuit, the clown makes him endanger public life by making him recklessly go through construction sites and rooftops. Nightwing saves a worker on the go and even one security guard was knocked off by the Bat when he was fanatically chasing the clown.

Following a brief taunting, these two arch-enemies start a fight in an empty building of the industrial district where the clown argues about the duality of their relationship and how his sanity is kept in check by fighting crime. At one point he pushes Batman too far pointing out the tragedy of his life and the young sidekicks only to be beaten more viciously.

The Joker takes out some pills he believes will cure him and the Caped Crusader shoved the whole package down his throat in front of GCPD, Jim Gordon, Det. Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, effectively leaving him chocked while a woman filmed the scene.

The city breaks out in two fractions; some arguing over condemning Batman after the Hail Mary chase he put throughout Gotham and some still believing in him after the video of their fight was leaked and gone viral. Even Gordon and Bullock argues on whether they are on the right side before Batgirl arrives to check on the condition of the clown.

Bruce is confronted by Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon in Wayne Manor about his recent display of near-psychotic fits of rage, because his behavior doesn't seem alright. He then opens a secret door to passage downstairs where they see a dying Alfred Pennyworth lying on a bed and Bruce has enlisted the help of Victor Fries AKA Mister Freeze.

While he is deeply upset about his father-figure lying in a dying state, he goes back to check on Joker and then leaves abruptly. Jim Gordon meets the mayor in City Hall and Doctor Leslie Thompkins gives her report on the patient, Jack Napier has recovered and fully sane now. Although Gordon suspects that he is faking it, Leslie confirms him it to be otherwise.

batman white knight dc comics
Batman – White Knight | Comics

With his newfound sanity, he is also working full-time on his legal case to file charges against Batman and GCPD. In a meeting with the cops, he gets out of his handcuffs and calmly explains how he can pin charges against them if he wants by going to trial, which he will win and claims that he is going to save Gotham from Batman as its White Knight.

In his trial, Jack Napier opens up about his recovery and how he was always a criminal who started with a bank robbery but was accused of committing murder or at least, the police never could show any evidence and been labeled as a super-criminal anyway.

He accuses the gatekeepers of Gotham to use his unstable mental condition as an excuse to scare the taxpaying Gothamites and used him as a source of revenue. With that, he walks free from trial due to lack of evidence and vows to eradicate vigilantism from the city.

He then goes back to Harley Quinn and although joyous to see him, she is almost immediately disgusted to see him not a psycho in makeup anymore. Napier apologizes to her for his years of abuse and negligence before proposing to marry her to make things right. She gut-punched him to the floor, only get kicked off by Harleen Quinzel.

It seems Harley left long ago and now came back to take him back with Bud and Lou. They catch up on their old days that are full of excitement but she was always blindsided by his obsession with The Dark Knight. Things went too far when Harley found him torturing Robin down in their basement and contacted Batman to get help without delay.

He beats down the maniac with an inch of his life before sending him to Arkham but they never found Jason Todd, ever. Even Napier couldn't remember what he really did to the Boy Wonder as The Joker. He wants to move on asks her help to rebuild Gotham together.

He calls for a meeting of his former colleagues including Baby Doll, Bane, Killer Croc, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Roxy Rocket, Scarecrow, Scarface/Ventriloquist, The Riddler and Two Face only to trick them into becoming his mind-controlled puppets with hat of Mad Hatter, by using Clayface as a signal conduit for a grand scheme to frame the Caped Crusader.

As planned, he unleashed an army of super-villains on the streets and police gave them chase before the Bat-Family arrived on scene. Wrecking havoc throughout the city, they are lured to the planned site of a library for Backport and it collapsed onto Batman. He came out badly injured and his life was saved at a great cost of a loved one.

Refusing to let go of the chance for Jack Napier to embrace The Joker persona once again, the Harley pretender suits up in an all-new avatar to get her lover back and finds out about the scheme Jack is playing and with help from Hatter, she managed to turn the tables.

Apparently, the pretender was a depressed banker named Marian Drews, who met The Joker during a bank robbery and became a part of his life. Now that he is gone, she intends to get him back and debuts as Neo Joker. She unleashes a crisis on Gotham that even Jack Napier sees no other way to save the city without the help of his archenemy.

For more information on this limited series, you can check out the link below.

Batman – White Knight (Comics) Wikipedia

Batman – White Knight (Comics) DC Wikia

joker and harley quinn white knight dc comics
Jack Napier Leads The Show

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Batman – White Knight

Back in 2017, DC Comics hired Sean Murphy (Hellblazer – City of Demons, Year One – Batman/Scarecrow) as both writer and artist for the eight-issue limited series title "White Knight" that run until 2018, primarily focused on one of Batman's worst villains and reflects on a side no one saw before as he ascends to sanity.

The long-running debate regarding the vigilante methods of Batman has crossed a few lines and it helped The Joker/Jack Napier to portray as a villain. Harleen Quinzel also played an important role to the overall plot and a huge ensemble of villains from Gotham showed up for a major clash with the Bat-Family and members of GCPD.

batman vs joker white knight dc comics
Unexpected Peace Offering

A fine nod to the poorly received Batman and Robin movie from 1997 and "The Dark Knight Returns" graphic novel are probably there regarding the fate of the trusted Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth. Pivotal elements from another popular storyline, "A Death in the Family" subtly played an influence for the ongoing Batman/Joker antagonism over the undisclosed fate of Jason Todd and unveiled new twist.

It appears that, Murphy took great inspiration from the popular TV show of 90's, Batman: The Animated Series and some classic characters like Baby Doll, Roxy Rocket and Veronica Vreeland appeared in the story, reimagined with almost same appearance resembling to the series. The sleek and edgy drawing style of Murphy was an overall refresher and was very well suited match to the dark tone of the story.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Batman - City of Owls | Comics

batman new 52
Batman - City of Owls | Comics
After narrowly escaping with his life in a fight against a Talon, William Cobb, Batman returns to Wayne Manor barely survived and badly injured like never before. This brutal fight left him battered and bruised all over but what he did not know is that the Court of the Owls was not done with him just yet. As he managed to pin down one of their assassin, now they have raised an army of Talons and sends them all after him. He realized that even after studying and venturing nearly every corner of Gotham, he still not knows it all. When he was having a conversation with Alfred about his recent discovery of the existence of Court of the Owls, a sudden whack on the rooftop alerts them.

Bruce instructs Alfred to take shelter in the cave and help him from there as his eyes and ears, while he fights a few invading Talons that came after him. He pinned the first one to break in the house with ruthless efficiency and then a couple of them more in the rooftop and then he is forced to escape in presence of more Talons who easily outnumbered him. Just then, Alfred informs him over radio that one of the Talons has just entered the Bat-Cave. Bruce rushed to the cave in Alfred’s aid and more Talons arrived to swarm the entire Bat-Cave in minutes. Bruce decides to go out and face them all alone with a little help from a new arsenal. Not only the mystery behind The Court is being unfolded but the century old secret history of the Wayne family is coming out in lights.

For more information on Batman - City of Owls, you can check out the link below.

Batman - City of Owls (Comics) DC Wikia

city of owls
Payback To Owls
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night of owls
Attack on Wayne Manor

Batman V2 12

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Batman – City of Owls (Softcover)

Batman – City of Owls (Hardcover)

As the second storyline of The New 52 in Batman monthly ongoing comic-book series, "City of Owls" is a six part story arc plotted by writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, The Wake) and James Tynion. This tale was published from DC Comics in 2012, where artist Greg Capullo (HauntSpawn) has showed us his wonderful pencil talents. Though taking place in the middle of "Night of the Owls" crossover event, this story describes the details about this new breed of villains in Gotham City and is solely highlighted on The Dark Knight whereas the crossover is meant to focus the entire Bat-Family.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Batman – Under the Hood | Comics

A buried past from many years ago comes back to haunt The Dark Knight as a brutal vigilante named Red Hood.

Years ago, when his first Robin, Dick Grayson was fired from duty for disobedience to his master (Nightwing – Year One), The Dark Knight started working alone again for some time. Even before when Tim Drake was drafted into this holy war against crime as The Boy Wonder, a brave, young boy from harsh streets of Crime Alley was recruited to a life-long crusade against crime.

That young boy, Jason Todd has eventually become the second Robin because of his unique potential after Batman apprehends him while trying to steal tire of Batmobile and soon Jason have learnt many feats of combat from his new mentor.

Though he was always overseen by Batman whenever they were on patrol, Jason was quite capable of defending himself on his own. However, the boy had a very bad-temper which would always get the best of him. Batman was afraid of this ever-so reckless attitude and often argued with him to rectify his mind-set.

Eventually, Jason got tricked and captured by The Joker in one instance and has nearly beaten him to death with a crowbar before leaving him for dead, rigged with explosives. Jason dies in an explosion before Batman could have ever reached out to rescue him in time (A Death in The Family).

batman red hood
Batman – Under the Hood | Comics

Years after, a mysterious figure suddenly starts terrorizing Gotham City criminal underworld that is currently dominated by a new crime-lord known as Black Mask, aided by right-hand man Li. This mysterious identity proclaims himself to be Red Hood and not only his actions have changed the tide of criminal underworld, it also drew Batman's attention.

He has been taking money from underworld goons and killing many of the drug-dealers in Gotham on occasion. To stop him for good, Black Mask starts assembling his men from everywhere and even enlists help from reputed super-villain Mister Freeze.

Meanwhile, Nightwing visits Gotham to accompany his mentor and they ended up following Red Hood, who led them to one of Black Mask’s secret shipment that turns out to be Amazo, an android that was originally designed to defeat every members of Justice League and now it has turned against The Dynamic Duo.

Although, this killer-robot is a pretty tough opponent and a force to be reckoned with, by working together, The Knight and his square managed to successfully take down Professor Ivo's amazing android and in the middle of this chaos, Red Hood managed to slip a crate full of Kryptonite to blackmail Black Mask.

Hiring Mister Freeze against Gotham's new vigilante menace proved less than effective. Plus, a timely intervention from The Bat and his second-in command has calmed the situation pretty quick. As Red Hood continues to hinder crime businesses all over the city, his true intentions and alignment still remains unclear to everyone.

In the mean time, the Clown Prince of Crime was sitting in the Fun House of an abandoned carnival, where Red Hood enters and savagely beats him down with a crowbar. When the latter finally removed his mask, it was revealed to be long presumed-dead Jason Todd.

For more information on Batman – Under the Hood storyline, you can check out these links below.

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Batman – Under the Hood (Comics) DC Wikia

batman vs red hood
Red Hood's First Strike

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Batman 650

Batman Annual 25

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Batman – Under the Hood Vol 01

Batman – Under the Hood Vol 02

Batman – Under the Hood

Released on 2005 from DC Comics, "Under the Hood" is a thirteen part storyline by renowned comic-book writer Judd Winick (Green Arrow, Green Lantern) and artists Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis, Justice League Elite), Eric Battle and Shane Davis, which ran into first monthly ongoing Batman comic series along with an Annual issue.

 Following the release of controversial "A Death in the Family" storyline in 1988, Jason Todd dies in action and after more than a decade in the wake of “Infinite Crisis” crossover event, he is brought to life in "Under the Hood" storyline as a new anti-hero of Gotham. Bringing Jason back in a new avatar really did wonders for his character as people really liked him as Red Hood more than his time as Robin.

red hood vs joker
The Joker Gets Payback

Events of this storyline was slightly hinted in previously released “Batman – Hush” and “Batman – As the Crow Flies” story arcs from the same publisher. Those tragic panels from "A Death in the Family" storyline is re-created again in an homage with the characters in reverse roles, serving The Joker as a victim to Jason Todd's vicious torture this time.

Script of this book was later adapted into a DC Universe Animated Original Movie titled, Batman – Under the Red Hood, releasing in 2010 and it was a nice adaptation. Actor Jensen Ackles portrayed Jason Todd's role through his voice-over work and it was impressive.
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