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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Other – Evolve or Die | Comics

evolve or die
The Other – Evolve or Die | Comics
Peter Parker is having sudden black outs and weird dreams about one of his most powerful foe; the dreaded Morlun in a morgue, Kraven The Hunter in skirts, Uncle Ben and a few others. When confronting a brand-new villain named Tracer, he was shot and his wound is treated and healed but after running a blood test on him, recommended by Captain America, Doctor Castillo informs that Peter was in fact, dying. He later confronts the Tracer again and experiences sudden power loss in the middle of the battle like before. He shares his concern regarding this with his beloved wife Mary Jane but before he could tell Aunt May, he met the Tracer again and fights till he discovers that it was a robot after all.

Peter then seeks the aid of Black Panther in Wakanda, for their superior medical advancement, scientist Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk to fight this rare disease which is killing him slowly but had no luck so far. His old nemesis, the energy vampire Morlun eventually shows up to make the matters at hand even worse than it already are but yet made no move other than taunting him after a few deadly blows and left him alive because of his weakened state to finish him off later. In his hallucination, Peter severely beats up his enemy The Ox, thinking of him as Morlun, only to be stopped by Daredevil. In an epic final confrontation, Morlun savagely beats up Spidey in a fierce battle and left him for dead as the New Avengers and Mary Jane Parker arrives to take him to the hospital.

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The Other – Evolve or Die (Comics) Marvel Wikia
morlun marvel comics
Return of Morlun
Here is your links for "The Other – Evolve or Die" crossover event from Marvel Comics in issues.

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06. The Amazing Spider-Man 526

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12. The Amazing Spider-Man 528
morlun kills spiderman
Beaten by Morlun

Here is your links for "The Other – Evolve or Die" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

The Other – Evolve or Die (Softcover)

The Other – Evolve or Die (Hardcover)

"The Other – Evolve or Die" is a crossover Spider-Man story arc published by Marvel Comics on 2005. It was a 12 part story, written by Peter David (Captain Marvel, X-Factor) and pencilled by the team of Mike Deodato Jr. (Elektra, Original Sin), Mike Wieringo (Tellos, The Flash) and Pat Lee (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers) in all three titles centering the crossover. "The Other" is considered as a major event in Spider-Man's life that revamped the Spider-Man storylines for the upcoming years such as the event of Civil War and the Back in Black storyline, but after One More Day story arc some of the status quo has changed. The tale continued through the three monthly ongoing series of Spider-Man then.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Incredible Hulk – Tempest Fugit | Comics

In the endless bottom of the ocean, a giant shark is seen approaching forward and its hit by something in the middle. When near it is revealed that its body is torn in half and The Hulk is seen standing behind holding the other half of the shark. When Hulk was moving on, a giant octopus grabs his leg and drags him down to the bottom of the ocean but a raging Hulk beats it hard and starts ripping apart its' limbs, causing it to flee.

the incredible hulk
Incredible Hulk – Tempest Fugit | Comics

When he reaches to the shore, Hulk turns into Banner and is rescued by two stranger Ripley and Green. They all ran for their life after having been chased by a monster out of nowhere. Just about when they thought they are safe after moving to a corner, the Gray Hulk appears and threatened to smash them all. Upon standing on his feet, Dr. Bruce Banner quickly turns into the Hulk again to fight back and engages with his old incarnation.

Many punches are exchanged between these gamma-powered goliath till one fell. When Gray Hulk is subdued by the green Hulk, it turned out to be an imposter posed by a Mindless One. As this takes place, someone from a place unknown is keenly watching over the fight. While Hulk was trying to figure out what is going on, the legendary Fin Fang Foom enters the scene. As he tried to obliterate the Hulk after he refused to kneel before the Dragon Lord, Hulk taught him a good lesson he would remember for some time.

Ripley and Gwen are then approached by General “Thunderbolt” Ross on the other side of the jungle who led them to a secret military base called Project Smash in this mysterious Monster Island. Meanwhile, in a flashback sequence, a younger Bruce Banner is seen to have trouble in his school life and he is talking to his imaginary friend Hulk, who suggests him to smash all the puny humans. He gets beat up for standing up for a girl, his school taechers are worried for him and his abusive father tries to reach out to him.

General Ross was taking Ripley and Gwen to the facility but then gets attacked by a ferocious two-headed dog. As the situation was not crazy enough, the feral X-Man with a nasty temper shows up to slice and dice things up and so does a certain Conqueror. Or maybe someone else is responsible for the whole show.

hulk vs wolverine
Scars of Berserker Rrage

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Incredible Hulk V2 77

Incredible Hulk V2 78

Incredible Hulk V2 79

Incredible Hulk V2 80

Incredible Hulk V2 81

Incredible Hulk V2 82

Here is your links to buy “Incredible Hulk – Tempest Fugit" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk – Tempest Fugit

"Tempest Fugit" is another hit storyline by writer Peter David (Captain Marvel, Spider-Man – The Other), along with artist Lee Weeks (Daredevil, Hulk Smash Avengers) that ran for five issues of the second ongoing volume of The Incredible Hulk comic series from Marvel Comics, collecting issues #77-81. The entire plotline revolved around a lot of mysteries and came to the conclusion of a grand scheme by the villainous Nightmare.

fin fang foom
Wrath of The Dragon Lord

This storyline has resolved the year long mysteries Bruce Banner were having all along with him and has a wide array of guest appearance like the villainous Kang the Conqueror, Banner’s old pal Doc Samson and Wolverine. This story might raise the question in your mind at times that either Doctor Banner or the writer himself is losing grasp on the reality around him.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect | Comics

When World fell apart after a fare share of nuclear events, civilization as we know it is left in ruins and the only thing that still walked on the Earth is The Incredible Hulk. Whatever part of that extinct society have survived the horror now lives in an enormous city of Dystopia, under the rule of Maestro; a Hulk from an alternate future timeline.

The Hulk was in the marketplace of Dystopia with Dakord, Janis Jones, Pizfiz and Skooter, who got chased by the Gravity Police but only got their butt saved when the jolly green giant intervened. The Dogs of War gang tries to tear him apart but got tore down instead. After wrecking havoc within the walls of the city, the Hulk delivers a message to the Maestro that his reign of tyranny will soon be over.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect | Comics

Maestro receives this news while he was busy with the women of harem and he appears to be an elderly version of the green goliath but only massive in size and superior in intellect. Representing the rebel alliance against Maestro, Janis Jones took Hulk to their secret base and showed him footage of the accident a century earlier that transformed him into the raging monster, all recovered from the psych of Rick Jones.

Because of Maestro's evil plan, the heroes of the world are lost today and Hulk met an elderly Rick Jones. One of the rebels, Pizfiz was captured and in Maestro's fortress he was interrogated by the big bad green himself. However, since the prisoner was non-cooperative, a forcible mind scanning was on progress, from which the villain realize that the rebels now have acquired Doctor Doom's Time Machine and plans to use it against him.

Seeing a huge plot against him to overthrow his rule, a furious Maestro heads towards the rebel base and charges his way into the secret hideout of the rebellion under the ground. As the rebels were already prepared for intruders, many of Maestro's minions are slaughtered as he was looking for the members of this movement. The final showdown arrives, when the elderly evil genius version of Hulk meets his younger self into a stand-off that will shake the ground of Dystopia.

Here is your links to buy "Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect 01

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect 02

Here is your link to buy "Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect

"Future Imperfect" is a two-part story that focuses on a dystopian alternate reality where a twisted version of an elderly Hulk reigned supreme on an Earth that has been reduced to a wasteland due to years of nuclear warfare. This two-issue limited series was plotted by writer Peter David (Captain Marvel, X-Factor) and artist George Perez (Fantastic Four, Inhumans) collaborated with him to make his vision come out in reality for Marvel Comics in 1992.

incredible hulk maestro
Banner Vs. Banner

In the upcoming years of storytelling, references of the "Future Imperfect" event have been given on many occasions. Evidence of Absorbing Man, Ant-Man, Black Knight, Captain America, Cyclops, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Doctor Octopus, Iron Man, Magneto, Nova, Thor and Wolverine being perished in this timeline were shown too. Also the plot has given birth to a potential villain who would become a great threat for the Hulk as well as other superheroes of Marvel. There is a follow-up one-shot story titled "Hulk – The End" that came out years later.
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Friday, July 16, 2004

Fall of the Mutants | Comics

In Dallas, Texas, members of the mutant adventurer team X-Men were out looking for their recently de-powered mutant teammate Storm and engaged in a fight with mutant terrorist Mystique and her group of reformed villains sponsored by the government now is known as Freedom Force. Their fight is interrupted when cavemen, demons and strange creatures starts popping out in the middle. So, both team decides to work this thing out together.

fall of the mutants
Fall of the Mutants | Comics

During the fight, the precognitive mutant Destiny had a vision of many heroes dying and things from primitive ages like caveman and dinosaurs starts appearing around them. Their former foe Adversary was the person responsible for this sudden chronal disorder and he appears to be invincible for the heroes.

Storm actually was with mutant inventor Forge at that time to and they are transported to another dimension where they lived for a year and reconcile their love. Forge then tries to restore her mutant powers forever. Though Forge have currently managed to jump-start Storm’s mutant powers back but in order to defeat their foe, he cast a spell that apparently costs the life of Colossus, Dazzler, Havok, Longshot, Madelyne Pryor, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, X-Factor team is transported to the celestial ship of the eternal mutant Apocalypse and offered a place in his new world order. Upon denying, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Caliban and Iceman are all forced to face Apocalypse's Four Horsemen and to their surprise, one of them turned out to be their long dead former teammate Angel, who has become the embodiment of Horseman Death under the influence of Apocalypse.

The clash between the Horsemen of Apocalypse and X-Factor reaches New York and the timely intervention of Power Pack actually saved a lot of property damage. During their battle, Iceman's apparent death made Archangel rethink his decisions and made him switch sides. As X-Men and X-Factor were trying to sort out their troubles, New Mutant member Bird-Brain meets his creator, Ani-Mator.

For more information on Fall of the Mutants crossover, you can check out these links below.

Fall of the Mutants (Comics) Wikipedia

Fall of the Mutants (Comics) Marvel Wikia

horsemen of apocalypse
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Here is your links to buy "Fall of the Mutants" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

X-Men – Fall of the Mutants Vol 01

X-Men – Fall of the Mutants Vol 02

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Softcover)

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Hardcover)

"Fall of the Mutants" is a crossover comic-book event from Marvel Comics that was released on 1988, centering on the monthly ongoing series like Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants. Writer Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II) pitched this crossover's plot along with artist Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, The Darkness), Walter Simonson (Orion, Star Wars) and Bret Blevins. Fall of the Mutants was quite a long saga at that time, collecting more than thirty issues from three major X-Titles.

x-men apocalypse
Rebirth of the Mutants

Following the huge success of this crossover, a game titled “X-Men II – The Fall of the Mutants” was released by Paragon Software in 1990. This crossover event was preceded by legendary "Mutant Massacre" arc, where Angel lost his power of flight and is recruited in this story by Apocalypse in exchange to become his servant. This crossover is followed by the remarkable "Evolutionary War" crossover event.
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Friday, January 2, 2004

She-Hulk | Comics

Before becoming the sensuous gamma irradiated brute force for The Avengers, Jennifer Walters was a mild mannered lawyer, who was only known as the cousin of renowned scientist Bruce Banner, the alter ego of gamma powered superhero The Incredible Hulk. Following a feud between her father Sheriff Morris Walters and crime boss Nicholas Trask, she was shot by an assailant and injured gravely.

she hulk comics
She-Hulk | Comics

A blood transfusion was needed urgently and in a moment of desperation, Banner stepped on and volunteered with his own irradiated blood. This however, saves her but the presence of the newly gained radioactive blood properties caused a mutation and transformed her skin green, as well as gave her superhuman strength just like the Hulk except for the bulky appearance.

She stayed in a savage state for a while but as she gained control over her powers, she learnt that she cannot transform back to her human self until she accidentally suffers a radiation exposure with her time with the Fantastic Four as a replacement for The Thing. While taking care of the super-heroics, she affiliated herself with team of Mighty Avengers, Incredible Hulks, Heroes for Hire, S.H.I.E.L.D., Defenders and Hulkbusters time to time.

She also has dated Luke Cage and the notorious former X-Men nemesis Juggernaut for a very brief time which did not end up well. She ripped-off The Vision in half, took down Captain America and fought Iron Man during "Avengers Disassembled" out of rage amidst the chaos, projected by a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch.

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world war hulk
Clash of The Hulks

Here is your links to buy "She-Hulk" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Essential Savage She-Hulk Vol 01

Secret Wars

Secret Wars Omnibus

Revenge of The Living Monolith

The Sensational She-Hulk

She-Hulk – Ceremony Book 01

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Sensational She-Hulk Vol 01

Marvel Legacy – The 1980s Handbook

Iron Man – The Dragon Seed Saga

Contest of Champions II

Avengers – Living Legends

Marvel Masters – The Art of John Byrne

Thing – Freakshow

Avengers – Standoff

Avengers – The Search For She-Hulk

She-Hulk Vol 01 – Single Green Female

She-Hulk Vol 02 – Superhuman Law

Marvel Masters – The British Invasion Vol 02

Marvel Team-Up Vol 02 – Master of The Ring

Marvel Monsters

She-Hulk Vol 03 – Time Trials

She-Hulk Vol 04 – Laws of Attraction

Civil War – Marvel Universe

She-Hulk Vol 05 – Planet Without A Hulk

Howard The Duck – Media Duckling

She-Hulk Vol 06 – Jaded

Secret Invasion – Who Do You Trust?

She-Hulk Vol 07 – Here Today

She-Hulk Vol 08 – Secret Invasion

X-Factor – Secret Invasion

She-Hulk Vol 09 – Lady Liberators

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil

Savage She-Hulk

Marvels – Eyes of The Camera

Fall of The Hulks Vol 01

Fall of The Hulks – Red Hulk

Fall of The Hulks – The Savage She-Hulks

Fall of The Hulks Vol 02

Women of Marvel – Celebrating Seven Decades

Women of Marvel – Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus

Marvel Her-Oes

Chaos War – Incredible Hulks

She Hulks – Hunt for The Intelligencia

Incredible Hulks – Planet Savage

Created by Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil) and John Buscema (Conan the Barbarian, Silver Surfer) in 1980, She-Hulk is a fictional Marvel Comics super heroine with monthly ongoing comic series of her own title. The character is one of the prominent super heroes of the Marvel Universe as well as a valuable team asset to many superhero teams.

Over time comic book creator John Byrne (Alpha Flight, Uncanny X-Men), Steve Gerber, Peter David (Spider-Man – The Other, X-Factor), Dan Slott (Spider-Man – Dying Wish, Superior Spider-Man), Jeph Loeb (Avengers – X-Sanction, Cable) and Charles Soule (Civil War II, Death of Wolverine) has worked on the character’s development process.

she hulk marvel
She-Hulk Smash

She also played a role in the major crossovers like Marvel Super Heroes – Secret Wars, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and Fear Itself. During 2016's "Secret Wars" event, she formed Marvel's all-female super-heroines team; A-Force with including Captain Marvel, Crystal, Elektra, Emma Frost, Loki, Medusa, Phoenix, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Storm, X-23 and many others.
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