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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

When Circe and Ra's al Ghul teams up to transform their allies, Batman calls in a Trinity of mystical heroes for help.

When immortal witch Circe invited Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul to a secret location for forming their very own unholy Trinity to defeat their arch-nemesis, none of them were interested much. When she showed them three Pandora Pits, a beast made out of the likeness of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was unleashed on them.

Though Luthor left them shortly afterwards but Ra's remained interested to see what secrecy those Pandora Pits hold. A mysterious hooded entity made it to the island where they were but is quickly surrounded by League of Assassins. He revealed himself to be Jason Blood, alter ego of Etrigan, the Demon and let it loose on them.

After finishing them off, Circe approached him to join their cause since Lex has left but he jumped onto them only to be slashed by Ra's. His demon blood hits the pit and it reacts by sucking him inside to release his true demonic form apart from Jason, deciding to attack humanity with an army of demons with no one there to stop it.

In Gotham City, Bruce has called both Clark and Diana to one of his finest restaurants to spend time together without costume and find a human connection. Their hangout is interrupted by a Justice League distress call that needed their immediate attention.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth rob williams
Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

Before this unfortunate mishap, Jason sent them an imagery of an ancient painting of three of them being slayed by demons. The Trinity of superheroes arrives in time to fight off a demonic horde running rampant on Greece. Even the might of a goddess and a Kryptonian proves futile to fend them off, leading Batman to find an alternative.

He locates Blood and convinces him to take his demon back even at the costs of their lives but seeing her long-time enemy being taken away, Circe intervened and powered the spell with her dark magic before departing with Ra's al Ghul and Pandora Pits.

Weeks later, these two visits Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica to meet a Dark Trinity of Outlaws with a plan. Though they rejected to join them, Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood are soon overwhelmed when a group of Ani-Men and League of Assassins distracts them so Ra's can draw blood from them into those pits to suck them in.

Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna are called by Batman to seek their help with supernatural affairs now that Red Hood is possessed by a demon. Superman and Wonder Woman stand there barely holding him but both Deadman and Zatanna ended up being consumed within him, leaving Constantine behind.

Though John followed them to bring back and eventually met with the true conspirators but he sees through Circe and he is stabbed by Ra's. In a bid to save his life, Constantine suggests her to release Deadman and send him after Man of Steel.

She does so when Trinity was busy protecting Gotham from a demonic invasion led by Red Hood and the Outlaws. It worked as Superman has turned into a monstrosity that starts giving Diana a hard time teamed up with a possessed Bizarro, leaving The Dark Knight behind to somehow save everyone by solving a magical mystery.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth john constantine exorcist
Mystical Super Exorcist

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Trinity – Dark Destiny

Following up to previous events from "Dead Space" arc, iconic Trinity of DC Comics superheroes returns in 2018 along with a wide range of popular characters as part of the narrative with their third storyline "Dark Destiny" from brand-new second run of Trinity monthly ongoing series that collects issues #12-16 and Annual #1.

Comic-book writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad – Going Sane, Suicide Squad – The Black Vault) was hired to work with artists Kenneth Marion (Green Lanterns – Ghosts of the Past, Titans – A Judas Among Us) for interior illustration and Guillem March (Catwoman – The Game, Gotham City Sirens – Union) to fill in as guest penciler for two issues.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth phiip tan
Pit of Despair

Also brought in to deliver cover arts are Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero), David Finch (Wonder Woman – Resurrection, Wonder Woman – War-Torn), Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men – The Draco, Uncanny X-Men – Holy War) and Tony Daniel (Deathstroke – God Killer, Deathstroke – Gods of War) for issues involved.

Artists Ben Oliver (Ultimate X-Men – Cable, Ultimate X-Men – Sentinels), Bill Sienkiewicz (Daredevil – End of Days, Elektra – Assassin) and Jason Fabok (Justice League – Darkseid War, Justice League – Injustice League) did variants covers for five issues.

Aside from regular appearance of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood of the Outlaws showed up to cause trouble. Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna were then recruited to help them. Even Suicide Squad member Deadshot was featured on a story of his personal vendetta.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trinity – Dead Space | Comics

When an alien virus strikes Justice League Watchtower, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman takes it upon themselves to save and humankind.

On his very own Fortress of Solitude, Superman brings along Batman and Wonder Woman to share about his recent life events after his encounter with Mister Mxyzptlk. He also reveals about the mysterious hooded entity her was visited by earlier who goes by the name Mister Oz, whom he thinks knows more about his life than himself.

Lately, he was even having dreams of fighting against his younger self, Superman of Prime Earth who just wants his own life back. Only for the arrival of Bruce and Diana, they are finally stopped. Aside from Lois, Jon and Supergirl, Clark told no one about these visions and Bruce suggests him to keep it that way until they figure this out.

This Trinity of superheroes has reunited only a short while ago and has already gone through a lot when Mongul trapped them all within a dream world that they made out alive because of a sentient being called White Mercy. Clark takes his friends back in Smallville looking for her but then are teleported to Watchtower via Boom Tube.

What they used to call headquarter is now in complete ruins, signaling an unknown breach and they discovered Cyborg being torn into parts. As Victor was losing breath, he was being carried out to lower levels of the satellite to get powered up but is ambushed by alien parasite infected Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz in midway.

trinity dead space dc comics dc rebirth justice league batman superman wonder woman francis manapul
Trinity – Dead Space | Comics

Even under the influence of alien virus, Simon asks for help before Jessica blew a hole and sending them all to space. The Dark Knight and Victor's remains are saved by The Flash who came just in time. Barry reveals that it all started after a meteor shower that allowed these alien creatures to take over entire Justice League by storm.

Superman and Wonder Woman returns to Watchtower through an opening and comes across an alien Traveler who informs them about a deadly alien virus that has spread on board, which will claim Earth if not completely destroyed soon. Despite the threat of mass-infection, Clark and Diana are not willing to hurt their friends.

Batman and Flash gets attacked by an infected Aquaman out of nowhere, which forced Barry to take this fight away in spite of being slowed down by lack of gravity out there. Suddenly, the satellite starts moving from orbit and Man of Steel tries his best to somehow swing it past Earth when he is attacked by Jessica and Simon once again.

With a giant alien mother engagingly lashing her deadly tentacles at him, the Caped Crusader races against time in a desperate bid to get help for Cyborg and save his life. In his attempt of running from it, Bruce gets stabbed once but he totally ignores it in order to reboot Victor's system and regulate his heart before it is too late.

Arguing about lives of her closest allies, Diana eventually discovers a dark truth about the true origin of those extraterrestrial beings with a little help from her legendary Lasso of Truth when stumbled onto a locked chamber and turned into a monster.

Elsewhere, villainous witch Circe has lured Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul to form their unholy Trinity. Though reluctant at first, Luthor and Ra's both consider this assembly as a temporary alliance to know more about her plan after besting a vile amalgamation of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman emerging from Pandora Pits.

trinity dc comics rebirth batman superman wonder woman justice league watchtower simon baz francis manapul
Emergency on Watchtower

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Trinity V2 11

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Trinity – Dead Space (Softcover)

Trinity – Dead Space (Hardcover)

Following "DC Rebirth", Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman has gathered again for a new monthly ongoing Trinity series from DC Comics with writer/artist Francis Manapul (Justice League – No Justice, The Flash – Move Forward) spearheading it from start in "Better Together" storyline and continuing through "Dead Space".

Manapul was assisted by Cullen Bunn (Sinestro – Rising, Sinestro – Sacrifice) on script as he worked on illustration alongside guest penciler Clay Mann (Batman – The Rules of Engagement, Batman – The War of Jokes and Riddles) and Emanuela Lupacchino.

trinity dc comics rebirth batman superman wonder woman francis manapul
All Along The Watchtower

A reunion of three of world's greatest superheroes was quickly crashed by a former nemesis and now they face a challenge of saving all humankind from a fatal alien virus that claimed their dearest friends too. Their friendship and reliance on each other is put into test like they were in another major Crisis event of some sort for a while.

Collecting issues #7-11 from second Trinity ongoing series, "Dead Space" catches onto recent events of Multiverse from "Superman Reborn" crossover and involves Justice League in main story. It also builds path for upcoming adventure in "Dark Destiny", where few mystical heroes and their "Dark Trinity" counterparts will cross paths.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deathstroke – Family Business | Comics

In search for his missing daughter Rose Wilson, Deathstroke came to confront an old friend turned a powerful enemy.

In a quest to find his missing daughter, Slade Wilson has confronted Joker's crazy girlfriend Harley Quinn, fought an army of Bizarros at LexCorp and then went after his contact Victor Ruiz only to encounter Red Hood in an alleyway. Deathstroke managed to find Rose Wilson, aided by a person from his past now calling himself Lawman.

During his recent search, Slade has been shot, stabbed and even stung by Snakebite, all of which has drained his healing factor. Rose is eventually found but sided with his foes; even she wants to kill her father now. When finally confronted, he recognized his enemy as a former mercenary partner named Wardell Chambers.

Five years ago, Slade went to Kahndaq with Wardell for a contract and when his colleague was fatally shot, he had to run. Not only did his associate survived, he developed power to bend minds when enemies revived him with meta-human blood. Thinking he was betrayed and left for dead, he returned as Lawman to exact his vengeance.

So, he came up with an elaborate plan to take D-Stroke down slowly and finally got to her daughter to amplify her hatred for Slade to make her switch side with him. He is also allied with mysterious Nova Council, who wants a piece of Deathstroke and after taking off his guns, Wardell faces him one on one in a knife combat.

deathstroke family business dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham
Deathstroke – Family Business | Comics

Meanwhile, Red Hood gains consciousness back in the chopper and decided give Slade a helping hand. It gave him an opening to slightly recover and had his enemies running for cover but Lawman quickly took over his mind, sending him off to see Batman calling him for assistance in finding The Joker and he then leaves.

Rose managed to break free of the mind link Wardell had over her and starts fighting back but got stabbed along with her father. As Lawman was about to finish them off, they both became invisible to his eyes and Slade sees his son Jericho standing beside League of Assassins' leader Ra's al Ghul, who cloaked them using his powers.

It appears that Jericho has taken sanctuary of Ra's at Nanda Parbat for some time and Slade has accepted to remain there for Rose as well. He continues to take down agents of Dead Bustards and waits to get his hands on Victor Ruiz. Although he is offered assistance from League of Assassins, he refused to be in debt to Ra's al Ghul.

Deathstroke has once chosen to be his successor but things didn't work out like he expected back then. So, he asks that Slade lets his extraordinary children to take that position to which, he claims both Jericho and Rose Wilson are off-limits.

Wardell still managed to get into Rose's head and successfully invoked her into attacking her father under his influence but in between this, Jericho peered into his mind using the same link to know his current whereabouts. Lawman and Snakebite then met Nova Council representative Mystasia to discuss how to apprehend D-Stroke.

Ra's al Ghul suggests that they should take a League of Assassins strike team to wrap things up smoothly but Wilson family decides to do it on their own. Even though Slade came prepared, Rose accidentally got injured so bad that saving her life would require him to be indebted to Ra's for life and pledge allegiance to his cause.

deathstroke slade wilson dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham lawman snakebite
End of The Gauntlet

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Deathstroke V3 19

Deathstroke V3 20

Deathstroke Annual V3 02

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Deathstroke – Family Business

With conclusion of fourth storyline "Family Business" from third monthly ongoing Deathstroke series, this publication volume has come to an end. DC Comics assembled writer James Bonny and Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Nightwing) to tie all loose openings for having a new beginning very soon with upcoming "DC Rebirth" crossover event.

Talented artists Paolo Pantalena (Red Hood/Arsenal – Open For Business, War of Kings – Darkhawk) and Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider) came on board to help portraying their visions in issues #17-20 from the running series.

deathstroke slade wilson vs lawman dead bastards ra's al ghul dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham
Dead Bastards' Showdown

Following affairs that took place during "Suicide Run" story, Slade Wilson goes on a wild goose chase to look out for his missing daughter. His former partner Wardell Chambers from early mercenary days lured him into an elaborate plan to exact revenge for leaving him behind only for his children to arrive on time to save him.

His biggest silver lining came from a long-awaited reunion with his estranged children who used to despise him and finally came to accept him for who he is. Deathstroke has somewhat sorted out his problems at hand and now moving on from his starting point at "The New 52" timeline to a new beginning in upcoming "The Professional" storyline.
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Saturday, December 11, 2004

JLA – Tower of Babel | Comics

In Gotham, Batman arrives at his parent’s graves to pay a visit as billionaire Bruce Wayne to find it empty, leading him on hunt of it around the globe. Meanwhile in Europe, Martian Manhunter is ambushed with nanites and his skin is turned into magnesium that caused him to burn in flame bursts, which soon made him loose contact with the JLA.

jla tower of babel
JLA – Tower of Babel | Comics

Aquaman and Plastic Man are under attack by assassins, who dosed Arthur with Scarecrow’s fear toxin that developed aqua-phobia in him and broke Plastic Man into pieces after freezing him solid. Superman calls Batman for help the Leaguers but he ignored his call to resume his search. The Flash and Wonder Woman goes to check into Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who just lost his sight that morning.

Suddenly all of them are ambush attacked and taken down with ruthless efficiency. As Superman arrives at the scene to help, he too is instantly taken down with help from a chunk of Red Kryptonite, a modified version of the green Kryptonian rock that is lethal to him and is devised by The Dark Knight himself. All these operations are led by Talia al Ghul, daughter of the global terrorist Ra's al Ghul, simply indicating his involvement in this recent take-down operation.

All those plans to eliminate the powerful League members were designed by Batman as contingency for emergency situations, which Ra's have utilized against the JLA to succeed in his latest scheme of the reduction of the global population and it’s up to Batman to save the day and the rest of the Justice League.

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ra's al ghul
A Dangerous New Direction

Here is your links for “JLA – Tower of Babel" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

JLA 42

JLA 43

JLA 44

JLA 45

JLA 46

Here is your link for “JLA – Tower of Babel" storyline from DC Comics.

JLA – Tower of Babel

"JLA – Tower of Babel" is a storyline featuring the fictional DC Comics superhero team JLA, released by DC Comics on 2000 in the first monthly ongoing comic book series of JLA. It ran through the issues #43-46 of JLA monthly series. This story line was written by popular writer Mark Waid (JLA – Year One, Kingdom Come), with the strokes delivered by regular series artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam) and Steve Scott.

batman tower of babel
A League on Strings

The storyline itself is an acclaimed one in chronological importance on New Earth reality and its success led the story to be adapted in an animation feature; Justice League – Doom in 2012 as the 13th release in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line of direct-to-video projects.
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Monday, June 2, 2003

Batman | Comics

When Billionaire Bruce Wayne's parents were tragically murdered in the streets of Crime Alley of Gotham City by a common thug, the eight year-old Bruce was left alone and made a silent vow to avenge their death at his young age. From that day, Bruce dedicated his life to be a crime fighter and made it his life-long mission to fight crime. Also referred as "The Dark Knight", Batman is not only a skilled combatant; he also possesses a great analytic mind, which made him the world's greatest detective.

As a billionaire, he uses his vast wealth and access to advanced technology in his everyday crime-fighting as well to serve justice, while he also plays a dual life of a spoiled, rich Playboy to the society. Though he started this mission on his own, he was always aided by the loyal butler of the Wayne Family, Alfred Pennyworth. As he entered to tear apart the world of organized crime and established himself as the top-dog, soon competition starts to present themselves.

batman dc comics
Batman | Comics

Year One
He went on a worldwide journey after disappearing from public eyes to acquire knowledge and training to develop various skills that would help him in his lifelong mission and trained in every known form of martial arts and escape art. With sheer dedication and will, Bruce continued his inner-journey to reshape his body and soul for the upcoming war hhe is about to wage on Gotham. His hometown is a wretched place filled with numerous criminals and new-age super-villains, becomes his primary base of operation when he returned.

Bruce created his Batman persona, filled with darkness, to strike terror into the cowardly criminals and became the creature of night to them, while taking the alias of Bruce Wayne as his second skin. Becoming a creature of darkness to strike fear in the minds of criminal underground worked very well and in his war on crime, he acquired friends like district attorney Harvey Dent and police lieutenant James Gordon. Although he is often viewed as a dangerous vigilante who takes law in his own hands by the most.

The Man Who Laughs
Among the lore of petty thieves and common criminals he faced for some time, there comes the nastiest breed of psychopaths. The one who is fearsome of them all is commonly referred to as The Joker and apparently, no one knew the real alias of the clown. This maniac has debuted in Gotham by killing a reporter on TV. Then he publicly starts announcing his victims and even contaminated the water supply system of the city. Though Batman managed to take him down, Joker would become one of the most recurring enemies he has over the oncoming years.

The Long Halloween
When Batman, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon took a vow of taking down the crime syndicates of Gotham, they started with the Falcone Crime Family. At the same time, a serial killer starts picking out major crime figures on holidays, earning the nick-name of Holiday-Killer. The mobs get worried and Carmine "The Roman" Falcone hired costumed freaks into the game. It was the first time when Batman faced a rogue's gallery consists of The Joker, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Scarecrow and Solomon Grundy.

Bruce Wayne met the beautiful yet mysterious persona Selina Kyle in a date one night and then her alter ego Catwoman at the same night as Batman. Sal Maroni is brought to custody but during the prosecution, he hurled acid on Harvey Dent's face, horribly disfiguring him in the process. After a surgery, Dent would later return as a deranged psychopath who calls himself Two-Face. Both Batman and Gordon loose a good friend in their crusade but decided to continue anyway for the sake of their beloved city.

Worlds Finest
Though there are debates on whether it was the first time when they went up against the criminal Magpie or the time when Deathstroke took a contract for Bruce Wayne and the Crime Syndicate attempted on their alter ego, Batman eventually met the greatest among them all; Superman. This two had trouble getting along but became the best-friends over time with great mutual respect for each other. In one of their early mission to stop Bizarro and Ra's al Ghul, they were accompanied by the Amazonian warrior princess Wonder Woman.

Justice League: Year One
Together, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman; the three of the heroes worked together to thwart great catastrophe and became The Trinity of superheroes of the world to serve justice. Following an invasion on Earth by the alien Appellaxian race, superheroes like Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter were recruited to the fold and they formed the Justice League. Over time, many other superheroes joined their ranks and they became part of the greatest symbol of hope.

Dark Victory
In order to get on the good side of Sofia Gigante Falcone by killing Two-Face, Sal Maroni's sons Pino and Umberto Maroni staged a breakout at Arkham Asylum. Afterwards, police officers started to die on holidays and their corpses were found hanged, which stirred a rumor about a Hangman-Killer on Gotham and many thought it to be Two-Face. Dent survives the attempt on his life and to eradicate the rest of the Falcone Empire, he assembled the costumed freaks once again with addition of Mr. Freeze.

At one point, when attempt of taking Gordon's life was made, Two-Face actually saved him and proved that he is not the Hangman-Killer. Then young circus acrobat Dick Grayson of Haly's Circus lost his parents during the war when gangster Tony Zucco shot tem dead and is taken as a ward by Bruce Wayne. With his keen intelligence and impressive acrobatic prowess, the boy quickly became a protégé to The Dark Knight and debuted as Robin ; The Boy Wonder. The dynamic duo fought side by side against the combined forces of evil and end the reign of terror introduced by the psychotic madmen.

Batgirl: Year One
Inspired by Batman's heroic deeds, Jim Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon decides to take the path of vigilantism when she is turned down by every other law-enforcement agencies for many nonsensical prejudices. When she single handedly managed to take down Killer Moth and his henchmen in a Masquerade Ball as Batgirl, she caught Bruce Wayne's eye for certain talent. Though discouraged by Bruce at the beginning, she managed to prove her worth to the Dynamic Duo and became one of Batman's protégés.

The Killing Joke
Barbara Gordon's career of crime-fighting finally came to an end shortly when The Joker shot and crippled her upon breaking into their house to drive her father Jim Gordon insane. The maniac took pictures of her naked body and showed them to her captive father just to taunt him. Batman managed to rescue Gordon in time who didn't gave up his sanity after subduing the clown but Barbara was left paraplegic, unable to ever walk again. Assuming the new identity of Oracle, she later started to assist the Bat-Family by providing valuable information to them whenever they needed it on field.

Nightwing: Year One
After years of crime-fighting together, Batman fires Dick Grayson for his disobedience and the boy adapted a new persona of a solo hero Nightwing. At around the same time, Batman came to meet a young boy named Jason Todd at Crime Alley, who was trying to steal the tire of Batmobile. Seeing potential in him, he took the boy under his wing and Jason became the second Robin. These two have faced Cornelius Stirk, Crime Doctor, Deacon Blackfire, KGBeast, Ma Gunn, The Ratcatcher and The Ventriloquist together and Batman notices the aggressiveness in Jason's nature.

A Death in the Family
Unable to make the boy listen and change his reckless behavior, Batman stops taking his aid as Robin. In quest of his mother, Jason found a woman named Shelia Haywood, who was actually set up by Joker and led to the boy's capture. The clown mercilessly beat down Jason with a crowbar and then left him for dead in a warehouse rigged with explosives. Batman arrived at the last moment but before he could rescue Jason, the place blew up killing both Jason and Shelia. Jason's death made him a loner again and to cope with the loss, he became more violent.

Meanwhile, Tim Drake takes the mantle of third Robin and starts training new recruit Jean-Paul Valley, while Batman restlessly takes care of the criminal scum. A new mastermind criminal named Bane with extensive physical prowess entered Gotham City and decided to rule over the city upon destroying Batman by working in shadows. With help from his thug Bird, Trogg and Zombie, he caused a breakout at Arkham Asylum and Batman gets busy with putting the criminals back into the cells.

As Batman took down Amygdala, Cavalier, Firefly, The Joker, Mad Hatter, Mr. Zsasz, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and The Ventriloquist, he got physically exhausted. In his weakened state, Bane confronts him at Wayne Manor, savagely beating him down before finally breaking his back. He takes control over Gotham and Bruce Wayne seeks medical attention. Bruce's therapist Dr. Shondra Kinsolving and Jack Drake was abducted. With help from Bronze Tiger, Gypsy and Green Arrow, they were rescued from Santa Prisca.

In Bruce's absence, Jean-Paul Valley became the new Batman and successfully defeated Bane using advanced tech and superior tactics. To get back to his former glory, Bruce seeks out the aid of Lady Shiva and after rigorous training session with her for a certain period, he finally was ready to don the cape and become Batman once again. With Nightwing and Robin at his side, he confronted Valley in a final showdown to establish his reign and ended his menace for good.

New World Order
A rogue group of White Martians comes to Earth named Hyperclan, who claimed that they are here to save humankind from extinction. In their first step of healing the world, they start terra-forming the Sahara Desert into a paradise but Superman remained skeptical. When the Justice League satellite headquarters was attacked, Batman deduces this as a planned invasion. Though, their initial confrontation left everyone thinking that Batman has died, he secretly worked on finding their weakness and took them down before they took over the world.

No Man's Land
Following a massive earthquake that left Gotham City in ruins and causing many fatalities, U.S government have declared Gotham a "No Man's Land" and all the entry points were sealed. There is a breakout at Blackgate Prison that led to the escape of many criminals even after Batman reached there as soon as he could. Bruce Wayne goes to Washington to request the government about not shutting them down but he fails regardless of his best efforts to convince them. By the time he returned, many thought him to left Gotham behind and the situation worsens.

Huntress took the mantle of Batgirl for a temporary period and secured a small territory under her protection to retain order but then lost hold of it to Two-Face. Batman and Jim Gordon worked separately to restore law and order in the city. In course of the event, assassin David Cain's daughter Cassandra Cain joins the good fight by saving Gordon's life and later became the third Batgirl. Lex Luthor came to the city with a scheme of acquiring properties but Batman foils his plan and sends him back with a warning. In the aftermath of the crisis, Jim Gordon's wife Sarah Essen was killed by The Joker.

Tower of Babel
Because of his paranoid nature, Batman made a file of contingency plans on how to take down each of his Justice League allies if ever the occasion arises, when they cross the line. Unfortunately, his former mentor Ra's al Ghul gets his hands on the file and sends his League of Assassins with these plans to take down the League. Already busy with his parents' missing graves, Bruce Wayne figures this out way too late to warn his friends. They got over the situation by working as a team once again but Batman's membership in the team became questioned.

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive
Bruce Wayne's girlfriend Vesper Fairchild is found dead in Wayne Manor and he is framed for the murder along with and his bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux. This pitted Bruce into a situation where he couldn't defend himself without revealing his secret identity. The Bat-Family came into his aid to prove his innocence as he was taken into custody. He broke out and decided to abandon his Bruce Wayne persona and remain as Batman forever but in the end, the killer was discovered to be the assassin David Cain and Bruce was cleared of his charges.

It all started when Batman was chasing Catwoman for stealing, after apprehending Killer Croc for a kidnapping case. He suddenly fell from mid-air during the chase as someone had cut his batline. Huntress came to rescue a gravely injured Batman and he eventually survives the fall after his childhood friend Tommy Elliot performed a successful neurosurgery on him later. A new villain has entered the underworld food-chain and started manipulating various villains from Batman's rogue's gallery to go against him and acting out of their nature.

He soon returned to patrol by chasing an escaped Croc following an interrogation, then he saved Catwoman's life from the raging Croc, together they went up against a mind-controlled Man of Steel in Metropolis to apprehend Poison Ivy. Then in an opera, Catwoman was shot by Harley Quinn when the former has vexed the latter by interrupting in her robbery and Tommy Elliot was then shot outsode by The Joker. Nightwing tries to comfort Bruce and he began a relationship with Selina after revealing his secret identity to her, much to Robin's dismay.

Batman kidnapped Talia al Ghul upon suspecting her father Ra's al Ghul's involvement in the conspiracy, leading a confrontation between Catwoman and Lady Shiva, where the former is beaten with an inch of her life. Afterwards, Scarecrow made Catwoman and Huntress go against each other until Batman finally stopped him. A grown-up Jason Todd showed up to confront Bruce about his own death but then it turned out to be Clayface. All the deception is foiled when the mastermind revealed himself as the mysterious persona Hush but is shot down by a reformed Harvey Dent.

Under the Hood
Even though Jason Todd's appearance previously was a mere trick, he returns for real this time, revived by Talia al Ghul using a Lazarus Pit. Amnesiac and confused, he takes the alias of Red Hood and started terrorizing the Gotham City criminal underworld. Going up against crime-boss like Black Mask while keeping an eye on The Joker, who killed the boy in the first place, he ultimately confronted his mentor. The revelation of his return surprises Batman but in the end, he decided to take Red Hood down when he threatens to cross the line by killing The Joker.

Batman and Son
After returning from a spiritual journey of personal-rediscovery, Batman cleared out Gotham of major criminals and then went abroad. Bruce goes to London in a charity function, where he met ruler of an African nation and a beautiful fashion model Jezebel Jet, with whom he felt a spark. He is attacked there by League of Assassins members turning into a legion of Man-Bats, led by his former love Talia al Ghul. Bruce is taken prisoner by Talia, who reveals to him that he has a son with her named Damian Wayne. He took the boy under his wing to teach him in his ways whereas Talia wants to use the boy to bring Bruce to her.

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jim lee joker
Rogues Gallery of Gotham

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Batman – The Dark Knight Archives Vol 04

The Batman Chronicles Vol 09

The Batman Chronicles Vol 10

Batman – The Dark Knight Archives Vol 05

Batman Archives Vol 03

Batman – The Dark Knight Archives Vol 06

Batman Archives Vol 04

Batman – The Dark Knight Archives Vol 07

Batman Archives Vol 05

Batman – Year One (Softcover)

Batman – Year One (Hardcover)

Batman and The Monster Men

Batman and The Mad Monk

Batman – Lovers and Madmen

Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Softcover)

Batman – The Man Who Laughs (Hardcover)

Batman – Going Sane

Batman – Venom

Batman – Rules of Engagement

Batman – Gothic

Batman – Terror

Batman – The Long Halloween (Softcover)

Batman – The Long Halloween (Hardcover)

Absolute Batman – The Long Halloween

Batman – Haunted Knight

Batman – Year Two

Batman – Dark Victory (Softcover)

Batman – Dark Victory (Hardcover)

Absolute Batman – Dark Victory

Batman – The Gauntlet

Robin – Year One

Batman – Scarecrow/Two-Face – Year One

JLA – Year One

Teen Titans – Year One

Showcase Presents – Batman Vol 01

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 01

Showcase Presents – Batman Vol 02

Batgirl – Year One (Softcover)

Batgirl – Year One (Hardcover)

Huntress – Year One

Batman – Batgirl

Batman – Fortunate Son

Batman – The Cat and the Bat

Showcase Presents – Batman Vol 03

Showcase Presents – Batman Vol 04

Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol 01

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 02

Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol 02

Batman Illustrated By Neal Adams Vol 03

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 03

Batman – Tales of the Demon

Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 04

Batman – Strange Apparitions

The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told

Nightwing – Year One

Batman – The Wrath

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman – Trinity (Softcover)

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman – Trinity (Hardcover)

Legends – The Collected Edition

Batman – Faces

Batman – The Killing Joke (Softcover)

Batman – The Killing Joke (Hardcover)

Batman – The Cult

Batman – A Death in the Family (Softcover)

Batman – A Death in the Family (Hardcover)

Batman – The Many Deaths of Batman

Batman – Arkham Asylum

Batman – A Lonely Place of Dying

Batman – Dark Detective

Batman/Judge Dredd – Judgement on Gotham

Batman – Gotham By Gaslight

Batman Vs. Predator – The Collected Edition

Batman – Birth of the Demon

Batman – Sword of Azrael

Batman/Judge Dredd – Vendetta in Gotham

Batman – Knightfall Vol 01 – Broken Bat

Batman – Knightfall Vol 02 – Knightquest

Batman – Dark Joker – The Wild

Tales of The Batman – Tim Sale

Batman – Knightfall Vol 03 – Knightsend

Zero Hour – Crises In Time

Underworld Unleashed

Batman – Demon

Batman – Contagion


Batman/Deadman – Death and Glory

Batman – Legacy


Batman – Bane

Batman – Anarky

Batman – Cataclysm

Batman – Dark Knight Dynasty

Batman – Thrillkiller

Batman – No Man’s Land Vol 01

Batman – No Man’s Land Vol 02

Batman – No Man’s Land Vol 03

Batman – No Man’s Land Vol 04

Kingdom Come

Batman – Reign of Terror

Justice League of America – The Nail

Batman/Tarzan – Claws of The Cat-Woman

Batman/Huntress – A Cry For Blood

Batman – Haunted Gotham

Batman – Jekyll & Hyde

Batman – The Strange Deaths of Batman

Batman – Harley & Ivy

Batman – Joker’s Last Laugh

Batman – Scarecrow Tales

Batman – False Faces

Batman – Bruce Wayne – Murderer?

Batman – Bruce Wayne – Fugitive Vol 01

Batman – Bruce Wayne – Fugitive Vol 02

Batman – Bruce Wayne – Fugitive Vol 03

Batman – Hush

Absolute Batman – Hush

Batman – Absolution

Batman – War on Crime

Batman – Hong Kong

Batman/Aliens II

Superman – Red Son

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Hardcover)

Batman – As the Crow Flies

Batman – War Drums

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 02 – Supergirl from Krypton (Hardcover)

Batman – War Games Act One – Outbreak

Batman – War Games Act Two – Tides

Batman – War Games Act Three – Endgame

Batman – Hush Returns

Identity Crisis

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 03 – Absolute Power (Hardcover)

Batman – Year One – Ra’s al Ghul

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder (Softcover)

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder (Hardcover)

Batman – Under The Hood

Batman – War Crimes

Batman – Year 100

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Infinite Crisis

Batman – Batman and Son

Superman/Batman – Torment

Batman – Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul

Batman – The Black Glove

Batman – Gotham Underground

Superman/Batman – The Search for Kryptonite

Batman – Joker’s Asylum

Batman – Gotham After Midnight

Batman – Heart of Hush

Batman – Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?

Batman – Battle for the Cowl

Batman – Battle for the Cowl Companion

Batman and Robin Vol 01 – Batman Reborn

Batman – Unseen

Batman – Arkham Reborn

Batman and Robin – Vol 02 – Batman Vs. Robin

Batman and Robin – Vol 03 – Batman & Robin Must Die

Batman is a comic book character, which is created by Bob Kane in 1939 and the character first appeared in the 27th issue of Detective Comics, published by DC Comics. The series is one of DC Comics’ oldest publication and perhaps one of the most popular titles among all. The Batman monthly ongoing series concluded in issue #700 and the publication was later cancelled due to DC's new timeline reboot; The New 52 after the events of "Flashpoint". Writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, The Wake) and artist Greg Capullo (Angela, Haunt) taken the wheel of the second volume of "Batman - New 52' series for an all new beginning point for The Dark Knight on the Prime Earth reality.

bat family members
The Bat-Family

The popularity of Batman led to the portrayal of the character on Batman – The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows, many live-action movies in the 80's-90's by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher and there is Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), portrayed by actor Christian Bale. After the formation of DC Extended Universe, actor Ben Affleck took the mantle to himself and appeared as Batman in 2016's blockbuster superhero flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will also reprise his role in Suicide Squad (2016) and Justice League (2017).
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