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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Alexandria is thrown into turmoil as Rick, Dwight, Eugene and Negan have all lost too much in recent event of wars.

While sitting near Andrea's grave, Lydia approaches to a mourning Carl who tells her how he had to kill Ben after he become a psychopath and killed his own brother Billy (Fear The Hunters). In spite of learning that from him later, Andrea still loved him and he came to accept her as her mother by start calling her mom.

Walking through burial ground, Rick Grimes came across Maggie Greene and knowing what she wants to talk about, invites her in. She angrily asks him why Negan is free from his cell and after trying to compare how they both acted a lot alike by killing many, Rick states he cannot kill him but he won't be allowed within their walls either.

Eugene Porter has been working on something from even before when people of Alexandria and The Whisperers went to war with each other. When Alpha came visiting their community, he picked a CB radio when shopping and became busy with it after losing Rosita but surprisingly, he received a response from a stranger.

They talked, laid down some ground rules to establish trust among both parties and eventually the radio survivor revealed her name to be Stephanie. They came to share where they are from at one point before Eugene got involved in "The Whisperer War" to produce bullets for Dwight and his militia to help them fight an upcoming war.

the walking dead lines we cross comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Then waves of walkers broke into Alexandria, survivors took shelter in houses nearby and Siddiq got into his house along with Annie, seeing his equipments on table. Eugene tries to contact Stephanie to inform their state after they throttled an imminent danger of The Whisperers but Rick showed up at his doorstep to talk.

He obviously learned about the radio from Siddiq and knowing what has been going around, wants to talk with her now. Eugene vouched for him to his friend over radio and she agrees to talk to him even though reluctant. Rick suggests to her about building a route over to her community as they need help rebuilding a lot here.

He then plans to send a small scout team with Eugene but Dwight not only denies helping him out on this, he suggests running Alexandria instead of Rick. Michonne comes to volunteer for trip to Ohio and he suggests her presence is required elsewhere, maybe in Kingdom but she insists on going with Magna, Yumiko and Siddiq.

Seeing Hilltop residents packing their stuffs up, Carl wishes to go with them and Maggie asks him what if his father needs him here. He meets Rick to bid him goodbye and they hug before departing. Dwight keeps an eye on Negan as he picks up supplies before leaving Alexandria and Maggie asks Dante to have an eye on him.

On road, Michonne and her team were attacked by a small pack of walkers at night, which forced them to move camp and head to Pennsylvania. Rendered a ghost town, they settled for the night and Siddiq confesses to Eugene about something he was not prepared for at all but they both decided to keep it to themselves.

Next day, they come across a survivor named Juanita Sanchez, who wishes to be called Princess and wants to tag along with them. To start off a new life together, Aaron and Jesus decide to move to Hilltop colony but little did they know that Beta of The Whisperers quietly came to take his revenge on them with a pack of zombies.

the walking dead lines we cross image comics robert kirkman twd rick grimes dwight
Dwight Steps Up

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The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross

After Rick Grimes and his community of survivors in Alexandria has survived "The Whisperer War" and "A Certain Doom", creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) wraps up loose ends to start a new story arc for Image Comics monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead.

Collecting issues #169-174 from TWD comic-book series, current storyline titled "Lines We Cross" permanently closed off The Whisperers chapter. With that, a new chapter full of unknown events is just opening up. Michonne and a few others go on a lookout for another survivor community that Eugene has discovered earlier.

the walking dead lines we cross image comics robert kirkman twd negan
A Solitary Life

Even Maggie Greene had her closure regarding Negan after a confrontation that was long overdue. Things between Rick and Dwight start falling off slowly to a bitter end, where the latter sees both the former and Negan are alike. However, Laura tries to be a voice of reason for his recently changed viewpoints toward Grimes.

Introducing newest character Princess before meeting a new group of people will likely to cause some interesting turn of events and new people will be bringing up new troubles. Next storyline, "New World Order" is set to change some status quo for all parties and survivors may face something sinister than the threat of roaming walkers.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

The Whisperers have lost in battle but unleashed a sea of dead bring about a certain doom for all that is living.

After a failed attempt of ruining Alexandria and Hilltop in retaliation for the death of their leader, The Whisperers have managed to regroup for launching a full-scale attack on them. Though they are defeated, a furious Beta refuses to rest until Rick Grimes and his community members perished by a wave of undead march.

Eugene came back home with a huge supply of ammo for an impending conflict but soon collapses due to over exhaustion. Dwight and his group returned shortly afterwards bearing news of their victory but when he shared to Rick that they fought hundreds of Walkers, he freaked out because Alpha showed him thousands of them.

Just like a roaring ocean, a massive herd of countless undeads is led to Alexandria by Beta and his followers. Seeing an army of walking corpses marching towards them, Dwight rushes to lure them away like Eugene and his crew used to do. Andrea tagged along in driving parts of the herd from street and many falls into the trench they dug.

On road, Michonne decides to take down a few of them on foot to keep them following and then switches with Jesus. People in Alexandria takes a stand with weapons as Walkers passed the trench by running over their own. Negan was standing there without a firearm and he picks a knife to kill a few trying to push through their fence.

the walking dead a certain doom comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

Paula, Siddiq and other have joined him but then roamers eventually knocked it down and everyone ran. Amidst this chaos, Paula is grabbed by them and Rick fell down but just as he was about to get swarmed, Negan came back to drive him to safety. Just from afar, John and Tara of the Saviors watch over how they are holding up.

Carl, Lydia, Maggie and a few other Hilltop residents came to see that Alexandria has already been overrun. Michonne and Jesus join them shortly after a quick roundup to go together again for luring more zombies and dumping them into ocean. Annie and Siddiq bursts into Eugene's house to hide but discover his radio equipment lying there.

Inside their walls, Negan and Rick find an empty house to take shelter in from a rampant herd. Andrea came just in time to lead them away with a horn and they slowly start to thin out. When Rick wants to go out, Negan tells him to stay inside and cover for him by the door while he doo some stabbing as he might need some help.

When he is surrounded, Rick starts shooting to clear a path for him and then they try it on a different door. Soon, other survivors join them in taking out whatever roamers left and cleaning up this mess. So far, the idea of leading the herd to ocean was working great but Andrea and Eugene notice a part of them are still wandering around.

He decides to run those Walkers away on his own but fell off from horse when surrounded, leading Andrea to come back. Magna and Yumiko kept shooting to clear a small path but remained skeptical whether or not they would make it.

Knowing their defense would be weak, Carl and Lydia comes helping with a handful of survivors to help out getting rid of some zombies. Sherry leads a few Saviors to overwhelm a weary Dwight and his group to clean up whatever is left. Tensions are high on both sides and their leaders have come to an inevitable confrontation.

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The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom

Post-apocalyptic survival saga of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book from Image Comics has seen its biggest Zombie crisis yet in "A Certain Doom" storyline of 2017 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), collecting issues #163-168 from the series.

Rick and his friends are probably facing something even bigger than "All Out War" but it was a fight against the living back then. Of course, The Whisperers have helped escalating the whole situation when their attempt of destroying Alexandria and Hilltop failed miserably but a massive army of dead itself is a threat enough on its own.

Rick even allowed his former arch-enemy Negan to fight alongside Dwight and his militia, who has proved his worth out there. He saved Rick when their walls are compromised by a swarm of Walkers and helped him to find safe shelter. Also, he handled a tensed situation when they were outgunned by remaining Saviors led by Sherry.

Dead will perish and opposing rebellions will fall eventually with a heavy cost of lives from each sides. When all are going to be settled for good, a major character will bite the dust and nothing will ever be same for remaining survivors. TWD will take a major shift from this point and head to a new direction in upcoming "Lines We Cross" storyline.
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Rick Grimes have assembled survivors for an oncoming Whisperer War that could be their ultimate doom!

For long, Rick and his allies were living in peace and harmony in a post-apocalyptic world that was taken over by Walkers long ago. In between they dealt with cannibals, marauders and groups of Saviors but they always managed to come out on top but The Whisperers seems like a whole new level of endgame for these survivors.

Just from crossing territory, their leader Alpha slaughtered a dozens of friends and loved ones to put their head on stick, thus marking their border and sent a message. Thinking Rick Grimes is responsible for his parents' death; one grieving brat decides to free a prisoner named Negan who has been an enemy with Rick to take revenge.

Negan however sieges this opportunity not to exact vengeance but to earn trust and so he goes out his way to infiltrate among The Whisperers and even managed to kill Alpha. Dwight, Heath Laura and Magna spots him a week later after his escape, the former wanted to instantly shoot him on sight but ultimately took him to Rick instead.

Despite seeing Alpha's head on the table, Rick and Andrea are still unwilling to trust him but agreed to give him an isolated outpost to live rather than throwing him in prison once again. If anything from his end seems suspicious, he will be killed.

the walking dead whisperer war comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Beta finds a lifeless corpse of Alpha and he angrily informs other group members that there would never be another Alpha again and decides to launch an all-out attack on survivor communities. From Hilltop, Maggie sends over a large number of her people for war but Carl and Lydia are advised to stay there by Michonne just in case.

Dwight and his army take position while sending Gabriel to a nearby water tower to keep watch on way. Seeing a massive herd approaching, he panics and busts up his leg trying to climb down from there. In his pleading cry for help, Beta comes to him and slits his gut open, allowing Walkers to feed on him as The Whisperers march forward.

Laura comes rushing to report a movement and they prepare to open fire when a herd is closer. When they start shooting, roamers starts falling but hiding among them were Whisperers that caught them off guard and stabbed many. Magna and her team came just in time pouring more fire and more help arrives from Kingdom as well.

Beta manages to reach to Dwight by staying behind a wall of Walkers and almost gets the drop on him through sneaking only for Negan to intervene to settle their hatred for each other. He finally gets his hands on Lucille during an intense fight but it led to an unfortunate end for him but they all managed to clear out with teamwork.

Beta is taken away from battle and rest of their group is scattered and being hunted down by Alexandria militia. Dwight shoots a Whisperer with an arrow on his head and removes his skin mask to put on his own face. They managed a couple more for everyone and successfully infiltrated a herd to decimate from inside.

That night, The Whisperers attack Hilltop with flaming arrows and Carl wakes his people up warning about a spreading fire. Lydia takes a stand at frontline to fight her former group and shoots many as Carl goes to help others. Meanwhile, Sherry plans to round up her remaining followers in Saviors in opposition to Rick and his community.

the walking dead whisperer war image comics robert kirkman twd dwight
Forces Are Aligning

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The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War

Escalating threat for survival to next-level during a zombie-apocalypse, Image Comics monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead returns with "The Whisperer War" storyline, collecting issues #157-162 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files).

Survivors from Alexandria Safe-Zone and Hilltop face a savage enemy group unlike any other who call themselves The Whisperers. Wearing Walker skins to freely roam among them, these barbarians have already killed a couple of them and then used their heads to mark their own border with a warning not to cross it ever again.

the walking dead whisperer war image comics robert kirkman twd andrea beta
War Rages On

Not wanting to ruin everything they have built in a rushed decision, Rick Grimes struggles with leadership and Negan decides to step up. However, when he infiltrated their enemy only to decapitate their leader (Call To Arms) and her second-in-command Beta decided to lead a horde of roamers to those communities in retaliation.

A heavy action-packed journey is ahead of everyone who survived up to this point and an aftermath that follows will be even more devastating than anything they experienced till now. Just like the conflict of "All Out War", events of "The Whisperers War" is divided into two story arcs and will be concluded in "A Certain Doom" up next.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Walking Dead – Call To Arms | Comics

Rick Grimes and his people prepare to go up against The Whisperers but his former enemy Negan has some other plans.

Ever since members of Alexandria Safe-Zone has crossed paths with a savage group known as The Whisperers, Rick Grimes and his friends has not known peace. Their leader, Alpha has sent her daughter Lydia to live with them before killing off Ezekiel, Rosita and many more to mark a territory border with their severed heads on spike.

Knowing these enemies can decimate them all if they want, Rick did not take any rushed action against them but it soon started creating a friction among his fellow survivors and made everyone doubt his leadership skills. Seeing furious citizens fighting each other over this issue, he decides to see his arch-nemesis Negan for advice.

Carl and Lydia are escorted to Hilltop for safety by Andrea while Rick plans on forming a military with help from Dwight. They gathered a group of people with guns to take out a Zombie horde and lead out a practice session. Though Dwight is reluctant at being a leader of Alexandria militia but Rick tells him it's too late and they need him.

Maggie leaves Jesus behind before heading back to Hilltop and promises to send ten or more. Gabriel expresses his wish to join their newly formed army to serve people's souls because being a reverend is not enough anymore. Back at home, Rick suggests Michonne to go back to The Kingdom now that Ezekiel is gone and they need her.

Later he came across meets Brandon, whose father he had to kill earlier in self defense when attacked and even though he tried to say sorry to the boy, Rick is thrown down. Though he knocks that brat down, Michonne had to come and break it up but he was extra mad because earlier back at Hilltop, the boy even tried to hurt Carl.

the walking dead call to arms image comics
The Walking Dead – Call To Arms | Comics

When Maggie and her group was leaving for home, Brandon sneaks away from them to steal keys to the cell Negan is kept in and offers him to escape, because he wants both Rick and The Whisperers to kill each other. Rick and Michonne are informed shortly about keys to Negan's cell are missing and finds an empty basement cell.

Though Siddiq and Annie at gate saw no one passing, Rick believes he escaped with Maggie and her group. Given he knows too much about their recent situation with The Whisperers, Aaron and Michonne decides to go out looking for him.

After making it out of Alexandria with Hilltop group, Brandon secretly slips out of crowd on their way to meet Negan and give him his old cloths back. They head over to Whisperers' border marked with spikes and as Brandon was crying about his mom, he is stabbed in his chest by Negan before walking alone into enemy territory.

On his way, he encountered a dozen of Whisperers led by Beta, second to their leader Alpha and they decide to take him upon learning he is alone. Soon as they arrived at camp and he declares that he is in love with Alpha when taken to her. His continuous effort to court her with sleazy lines ultimately led her to punch him in the face.

Deep within Whisperers' territory, Aaron and Michonne gets surrounded by a group and Beta stabs Aaron during confrontation. Only for a timely arrival of Dwight, they are saved and made their enemies quickly retreat under heavy gunfire. Beta goes back to camp charging at Negan after his recent encounter with Alexandria forces.

He simply admits of lying about being an escaped prisoner initially because he was intimidated by Beta at first but he has a lot to offer to them and then sticks with their group to earn his keep through working hard. Dwight tells his army to get back soon because they crossed enemy border to engage enemy, which is an act of war.

the walking dead call to arms image comics michonne and aaron twd
Into Enemy Territory

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The Walking Dead – Call To Arms

Heading towards a new direction with Image Comics monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) joins for their twenty fifth collaboration on "Call To Arms" storyline, collecting issues #151-156 from the series.

Long after a zombie-apocalypse has left ruins of civilization, former sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes and his group of survivor had come to a steady way of living among a world full of undeads. Trouble eventually found its way to their life and when it starts threatening too much, they start forming a rebellion to crush all oppression for good.

the walking dead call to arms image comics negan and alpha twd
Queen and King

Rick secretly discusses about his recent trouble with Negan, former leader of a rival group who has been long-imprisoned at Alexandria for his role during events of "All Out War". When opportunity presents itself, he decides to take things into his own hands to deal with problem at hand and do something to earn Rick's trust.

However, he took measures that have led things to escalate quickly between community of Alexandria and The Whisperers from what already was worsened from "No Turning Back" arc. A major catastrophe is now looming over on a dark horizon that will usher mass death and destruction soon in upcoming "The Whisperer War" story.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Walking Dead – No Turning Back | Comics

After Rick and his friends are devastated by a vile act of Whisperers, he takes a step from which there is no turning back.

Returning back from Whisperer camp, Rick, Carl and Lydia finds heads of Ezekiel, Rosita and many more, impaled on a line of stakes. Andrea, Dante and Michonne arrived shortly to find that shocking sight in their disbelief. Michonne gets teary eyed seeing her dead lover thinking how she threw away her chance to be with him.

When she approaches to put down his reanimated head, Rick stops her offering to do it himself but she angrily pushes him back and bursts out in tears hugging him immediately after only for Andrea to do it instead. She then tackled Lydia to ground lashing at her but eventually gets off her when everyone was telling her to stop.

Lydia simply states that she never knew that her people would have done this, because they never did something like this before and her mother Alpha, leader of The Whisperers, is probably scared of their huge circle of communities.

When she decides to bury those heads there, Rick agrees but tells them to keep boundary of Whisperer territories where they are. She gets angry for him not willing to cross the line even when his friends are being killed but he most probably would have made an exception if it was Andrea or Carl, which Rick couldn't deny for a fact.

the walking dead no turning back image comics
The Walking Dead – No Turning Back | Comics

After picking themselves up, Rick and his gang went back at Alexandria bearing the bad news. Everyone within their community is in shock and they go to Rick after funeral service to know his next course of action. Some wanted war in retaliation and some volunteered to go against The Whisperers but he simply denies that idea.

Rick suggests not rushing things now because it can risk everything they have only to get called a coward by a community member, who suggests Maggie Greene should be in charge. When asked, she reveals that she executed Gregory and it made Rick angrily lash at her, which quickly escalates into them pushing and punching each other.

Back at his home, Rick Grimes sees Eugene waiting for him and wanted to talk plans to hurt them back to avenge Rosita's death. Clearly he is devastated and proposes that they try to get leverage over Alpha since they now have her daughter. He even goes further to suggest killing her to which, Rick obligates and Eugene angrily leaves.

Andrea deems it not safe for Carl and Lydia in Alexandria anymore and escort them to Hilltop until things settle down a bit. Right after their departure, Michonne sneaks in with her katana and come across Rick, who assumed that she came here to kill Lydia but she reveals that she came here to do what Andrea is doing.

On their way to Hilltop, Andrea asks a patrolman not to tell anyone that he saw her, which made Lydia question her action and pulled a gun on her. Carl gets confused and draws his gun at Andrea too but then he points it to Lydia before sorting it out. Elsewhere, a Whisperer saw Alpha crying and she quickly slits his throat.

Dwight decides to step out of leadership of Saviors but fellow Savior, Laura from Sanctuary still disagrees. Unable to rile up angered Alexandria citizens, Rick goes to seek advice from his former enemy Negan and is welcomed with a grin.

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The Walking Dead – No Turning Back

Continuing from previous storyline "Life And Death", monthly ongoing The Walking Dead comic-book series from Image Comics returns to its post-apocalyptic adventure in "No Turning Back", which collects issues #145-150 and winding up for a major conflict between survivor community of Alexandria and The Whisperers.

Series creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) returns with twenty fifth story arc of the series in 2016, which served as plot source for Season 9 of The Walking Dead live-action TV series on AMC and slowly builds up a premise for upcoming major events to take place.

Rick Grimes and his gang come across a savage mob of people who gave up civilized way of living in favor for survival among Walkers. Although they each got into wrong foot with one another in the beginning, things are taking a turn to be worse. So much so that Rick had to seek for advice from his former enemy turned prisoner, Negan.

Residents of Alexandria start questioning leadership skills of Rick Grimes when he doesn't take immediate action against Alpha after she massacred a dozen of their own. However, he is slowly preparing for a long game to deal with Whisperers and all of that will be unfold pretty soon when things escalates in "Call To Arms" storyline up next.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Walking Dead – Life And Death | Comics

Michonne has returned to Alexandria after long and Carl goes after the Whisperers looking for Lydia, leaving Hilltop behind.

When Jesus went looking for two of their missing patrolman, he encountered and then captured a member of the Whisperers, who wear walker skin as a camouflage. His captive turns out to be 16-year-old girl named Lydia and is kept in holding cells only for her people to show up with their leader Alpha, to retrieve her daughter.

Though she goes back with her group willingly, Carl was rebellious of letting her go because of the ways her people treat her and even argues with Maggie for not giving her up to Whisperers but she chose to trade for her unharmed Hilltop members Ken and Dante. So, he decides to start following them on his own outside of their walls.

Sophia informs Maggie that Carl is not in his room and after conversing with Jesus, she came to a conclusion that the boy went after Lydia, which actually worries her thinking they might assume Carl as a spy sent after them. Alpha finds him resting under a tree and after exchanging some banter with each other, she takes him along with her group.

Ezekiel and a few of his men from the Kingdom were killing some zombies on their way of heading towards the coast. Rick Grimes and his group came across him to see a fishboat arrive, bringing Michonne. She apologizes for leaving without telling anyone talks to Rick for some time about her past life, abandoning her children for work.

Rick is a bit mad at her for the way she disappeared, because he could've loose people looking for her but she explains that despite she being happy with Ezekiel in his Kingdom, there was a calling she needed attending to. He informs her that there would be a fair they are arranging and states Carl would like to see her now that she is back.

the walking dead life and death image comics
The Walking Dead – Life And Death | Comics

Back at Hilltop, Gregory is imprisoned for attempting to kill Maggie by poisoning her to take her position in leadership. Though he appeals and begs to people saying he was framed, no one believes him. Maggie interviews bullies' parents to confirm whether or not they knew about Gregory plan to take her life and learns they were aware.

In Alexandria, Negan is taking a bath in a tub as two men holds their gun pointed at him and Olivia trims his hair. Andrea came to make sure if everything is going fine and keeps him locked behind his cells again. Moments later, he discovered that the cell door was actually left open contrary to what Olivia believed before leaving.

Back from his trip to coast, Rick meets Dwight at the gates that came here to talk about stepping down from the leadership of the Saviors and the former advised that they have an election. Andrea greets Rick inside and he goes to see the cell to find out Negan lying on his back, sarcastically joking at him with the door open.

Seeing Rick trying to reach for his gun, the maniac taunts him that he could have sneak attacked or booby-trapped their safe-zone but he didn't do any of that, because he want Rick to trust him a little. Negan then taunts him saying that he is only kept here to remind himself that Rick is better than him by showing him mercy.

On Hilltop Colony, Gregory is hanged for attempting murder of Maggie before she heads to Alexandria to attend the fair. Learning about Carl's disappearance, Rick decides to immediately go look for him, accompanied by Andrea, Dante and Michonne.

Elsewhere, Carl continues his journey with Lydia and the Whisperers to a place where a large group of their people was staying. Alpha reminds him that he is a captive here and brought here to carry out a message to his people about who these people are.

To learn more about the communities and know more of their ways, she then infiltrates the fair. Meanwhile, Rick and his gang enter Whisperers' territory but quickly surrounded by a group of them who took him to his son. An already stressed out session between father-son duo is interrupted when Alpha joins the conversation.

For more information on The Walking Dead – Life And Death storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – Life And Death (Comics) Wikia

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The Walking Dead – Life And Death

Returning once again to collaborate on The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) continues their post-apocalyptic journey in "Life And Death" storyline that collects issues #139-144 of the series in 2015.

One of the most popular characters from the series, Michonne returns after she went rogue following "All Out War". Her departure throughout "A New Beginning" and "Whispers Into Screams" arc was chronicled into 2016 episodic survival horror graphic adventure game The Walking Dead: Michonne by developer/publisher Telltale Games.

the walking dead comics whisperers war
A New Union

The Walking Dead TV series on AMC channel has adapted various plot elements from the story into Season 9. Unlike the show, few important characters are still alive and kicking as Kirkman is developing their roles to fit more properly. Negan seem to have been going towards a change from who he was all along, holding so much promise for a better future.

Rick Grimes and his survivor group of Alexandria has unfortunately come across one of the most ruthless group that would probably force their hand into a war against Whisperers and tensions are already building towards that conflict between leader of two groups, which will be explored further in upcoming "No Turning Back" story arc.
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