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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn | Comics

Wolverine climbs to the Empire State Building of New York using his Adamantium claws to rescue a chained up Cloak. As Logan reaches to the top, Cloak speaks of the feral mutant Sabretooth before they both starts falling from there. As shocked he is hearing the name of his long-dead arch nemesis whom he decapitated years ago at his own hands, Logan managed to convince the boy to teleport them out of there at the last moment.

Before going to look for Cloak's partner Dagger, Logan goes to Canada with Ty Johnson to check on the corpse of Victor Creed and found it exactly where he left it. However, Cloak states that Sabretooth took Tandy hostage to force him to release Romulus from Darkness Dimension for her life but ended up becoming a pawn to lure out Wolverine. They both hear a scream from the cabin Logan and Silver Fox used to live and immediately head there.

wolverine sabretooth marvel comics
Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn | Comics

They found Romulus holding Tandy Bowen within his grasp, when Logan quickly engages his old enemy and orders Cloak to run with Dagger. As these two feral were fighting, a mysterious red headed woman intervenes by impaling Romulus with a sword. After sharing a passionate kiss with Logan, she tells him to look for answers in Weapon X facility and leaves before he passed out. He then broke into Weapon X and discovers a room with dozens of Sabretooth clones in liquid tanks.

Suddenly, the real Sabretooth breaks out one of the tanks and engages Wolverine in a fight, while dozens of other broke out of the tube to join the fight. Though they overpowered Logan at first, he manages to break out of the hold and that the mysterious red-headed woman appears once again to assist him fight the clones. When they depart after burning the place down, they kiss again and Wolverine asks for her motives. To which, she reveals that she is Remus, the twin sister of Romulus and she wants him dead.

Suspecting another manipulative ploy of Romulus, Wolverine violently confronts her and they both fell off the plane as a result of the struggle. Remus then tells Logan about the time when he and Victor Creed was led by her brother. Back then, he was just a loyal follower to Romulus's orders and actually been subjected at Weapon X by him. With Remus, Cloak and Dagger alongside, Wolverine arrives at Romulus's secret home to clear accounts with him and Sabretooth for good.

wolverine vs sabretooth marvel comics
Nightmare in Red

Here is your links to buy "Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Wolverine V2 310

Wolverine V2 311

Wolverine V2 312

Wolverine V2 313

Here is your links to buy "Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn (Softcover)

Wolverine – Sabretooth Reborn (Hardcover)

's greatest and thought long-dead enemy Sabretooth returns in the four-part "Sabretooth Reborn" story arc, which collects issues #310-313 from the second monthly ongoing comic-book series of the titular character. To bring back one of the fan-favorite villain of both Wolverine and X-Men legacy, Marvel Comics hired writer Jeph Loeb (Daredevil – Yellow, Spider-Man – Blue) and artist Simone Bianchi (Fear Itself – Uncanny X-Force, Thanos Rising) for the project in 2013.

wolverine remus marvel comics
The Remus Revelation

Going back to the Weapon X program days, Logan learns of many new information but he still is hesitant to rely on them completely. Throughout the story, the corpse of Silver Fox was once shown, Logan has mistaken Remus for Jean Grey and the creation of Captain America by the Super Soldier Program was referenced. Although, "Sabretooth Reborn" gave the history of Logan a new perspective, he refuses to believe any of it because of the involvement of the master manipulator like Romulus.
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