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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement | Comics

J. Jonah Jameson is about to receive lifetime achievement award from Mayor Wilson Fisk and Spider-Man had to come to his rescue.

During his time at Daily Bugle as its editor in chief, J. Jonah Jameson had been publishing one hit-piece after another claiming Spider-Man to be a public menace to raise awareness, never knowing that one of his employee and young freelance photographer Peter Parker was actually the man behind that mask he hated for so long.

Most recently, Parker made a huge revelation of his identity to Jonah and entrusted him with responsibility of its secrecy. It made things awkward for both of them but JJJ is trying hard to make up for his mess. Although people are pretty skeptical about his abrupt change of stance on Spidey but Jameson is adamant that they all owe him.

Next thing he knows, Jameson received an invitation from Mayor Wilson Fisk to receive a lifetime achievement award from their mutual friend Spider-Man, which Peter saw him announcing on TV. He showed up at Century Club in a Limo and is greeted by Spidey but due to years of habit, started shouting at him immediately.

Parker tries to reason with him about not showing up at Fisk's party because of his criminal past but JJ believes that Parker owes him this, claiming Jonah has been trying to repair his reputation but Pete reminds him that Jameson himself has ruined it. Seeing no apparent way of convincing Webhead, he walks alone to the party.

amazing spider-man lifetime achievement nick spencer marvel comics ryan ottley
Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement | Comics

The Enforcers showed up out of nowhere to kidnap Jonah and engage in a brawl with Wall-Crawler. Having no luck at faring against him, these old-school mobsters try to shoot Jameson only for Spidey trying to save him next and get beaten. Waking up after a while, they find themselves among the company of Mac Gargan AKA Scorpion.

A mystery voice from unknown brought J. Jonah Jameson here to tell him his own story and starts projecting events from his life. It shows how he made Spider-Man a sworn enemy to how his insane obsession to take him down eventually led to Gargan being subjected to experiment, birth of Human Fly and creation of Spider-Slayer.

Then he met his second wife Marla and his father but they all died including Frederick Foswell, fellow Daily Bugle reporter and friend turned crime boss named Big Man. However, he Jameson turned out to be a traitor when he finally become pro-Spider-Man after year of rallying people into fight against "Webbed Menace", turning his back.

To punish him for his alliance with Web-Slinger, his unforeseen enemy unleashes Mac Gargan, Human Flies and a Spider-Slayer. Among a bunch of clones and LMDs, only Scorpion was the real deal and with a little help from JJJ, they managed to defeat them all until a giant-sized version of Big Man breaks in to crush them for good.

A ghost of his past came back to haunt him for stance he took lately but things are resolved over as he worked with Spider-Man. Meanwhile, a beaten up Gargan got his payday cancelled moments before he is kidnapped by Black Ant and Taskmaster. He wakes up to find himself captive alongside with Cobra, Tarantula, Stegron and Vulture in a cell.

Following his association with Big Man earlier, assassin-for-hire Arcade lost a huge sum of money and then Kraven the Hunter came to Arcade Industries with a business proposition. Peter and Mary Jane joined Dr. Curt Connors and his family for lunch when May Parker got caught between a Rhino chase by hired mercenaries.

shock jock j jonah jameson pro spider man nick spencer ryan ottley marvel comics
Jameson Goes Pro-Spider-Man

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Amazing Spider-Man V5 14

Amazing Spider-Man V5 15

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Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement

Marvel Comics
hired writer Nick Spencer (Ant-Man – Second-Chance Man, Doctor Strange – Damnation) on board to take Amazing Spider-Man back into his roots. Assisting him on his third consequent run will be artists Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man) and Ryan Ottley (Haunt, Invincible).

After getting back to his regular superhero business in "Back to Basics" storyline and then opposing Odessa Drake leading a newly reformed Thieves Guild by teaming up with his former ally Black Cat in "Friends and Foes", Spidey is slowly approaching toward a new challenge set up by an old foe while a new one closely watches his every move.

amazing spider man j jonah jameson scorpion mac gargan nick spencer ryan ottley marvel comics
Saved by Webbed Menace

Peter Parker revealing his secret identity of being Spider-Man to J. Jonah Jameson is referenced through and through (Peter Parker – The Spectacular Spider-Man – Into The Twilight) and build premise of their latest misadventure. Hints of "The Clone Conspiracy" helped reflect on how Curt Connors has reunited with his formerly deceased family.

Webhead also faces Fancy Dan, Montana and Ox returning as The Enforcers from his early days of crime-fighting. A face-off between former Daily Bugle publisher, J. Jonah Jameson and current mayor of New York, Wilson Fisk was really unexpected. "Lifetime Achievement" collects issues #11-15 from current run and leads directly to "Hunted".
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Amazing Spider-Man – Back to Basics | Comics

Spider-Man goes back to basics with rekindled love with Mary Jane, a new roommate and a dangerous new villain!

After his latest victory over Norman Osborn as the Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker is trying to get back at his feet and what better way to do that other than hanging out with Mary Jane Watson, the love of his life? However, he finds him awake at 5 AM at the sound of his roommate playing Call of Duty: Latveria with all those speakers on.

The person, Fred Myers is also a known super-villain Boomerang, other than being his roomie who just moved in alongside his friend Randy Robertson. Lately, he robbed a museum and former Kingpin turned current mayor of New York, Wilson Fisk allowed him to escape. This made Spidey suspicious but he can now keep an eye on Fred from home.

The next thing he knows is Avengers, Defenders and X-Men are trying to fend the city from an alien invasion. Spider-Man jumps right in to help fight this army of insectoids and he sees Human Torch falling victim to one of those. Soon, he sees all of the assembled heroes were having their face swallowed up by those creatures except him.

He noticed a pattern in the portal that the biomasses were coming from and to see if he is right, Spidey leaps towards it, only to hit by a glass bubble. He sees master of illusions, Mysterio standing on the other side and quickly bursts in to subdue him.

The judge gets bored with Mysterio monologuing at his hearing and then Janice Lincoln, daughter of mobster Tombstone and former Beetle of the imposter Sinister Six team shows up to defend his case but before doing that, she starts puking bugs. The entire courtroom is swarmed with hordes vermin and everything around them starts collapsing.

amazing spider man back to basics marvel comics nick spencer
Amazing Spider-Man – Back to Basics | Comics

This looks a lot like those schemes Quentin Beck would put out and he seeks an exit while everyone else is seemingly being massacred but he instead finds himself surrounded in dark with an entity that has a history with him and sent Beck after the wall-crawler. Wrapped around in a huge centipede, this new foe heralds doom for the hero.

Peter thought he saw enough weirdness for then but didn't expect a sudden encounter with Fisk only a week ago. Even though very strict to all other vigilantes, Wilson seem to publicly accept him to separate him from his peers. Then he is accused of plagiarizing his doctoral degree and his entire academic credentials got literally trashed.

This fiasco has made him lose the job at Daily Bugle and in spite of him not being guilty; he couldn't come clean about it without revealing his secret identity and the time when Otto Octavius took control over his body. Though Mary Jane laughs it off for the ridiculousness of the whole thing but unfortunately, Aunt May didn't took it very well.

Tired of making the same mistakes again and again, Peter decides to turn his whole life around by going back to MJ and resume his relation with her. Things did started falling in line as Empire State University calls him in to give him a second chance to re-submit his doctoral thesis on recommendation of faculty member Dr. Curt Connors AKA The Lizard.

Though Parker is freaked out to see Connors in his reptilian persona, he assures that there is an inhibitor chip on his neck to make sure that he doesn't hurt anyone. He is also working on reverse engineering an Isotope Genome Accelerator to separate his two personalities. At that very moment, Black Ant and Taskmaster broke in to steal it.

Since he cannot stop them without blowing his cover, Peter causes a chemical explosion and Spider-Man arrives to rescue. Before leaving, he recognizes and greets Parker among the crowd. All of a sudden Peter and Spidey became two different persons moving ahead with their own lives, one with Mary Jane and other with crime-fighting.

So, when the Tri-Sentinel shows up next time wrecking the city MJ and Pete goes to a bowling alley, while everyone's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler goes to fight the murder-bot of mutants! One of them however become powerless, another one has thrown responsibility out of the window but how does Kraven the Hunter got mixed into this?

tri sentinel spider man marvel comics peter parker ryan ottley
Genocidal Tri-Sentinel Returns

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Amazing Spider-Man V5 05

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Amazing Spider-Man – Back to Basics

To shake things up from the core and getting a fresh new start, Marvel Comics hired a brand-new creative team of writer Nick Spencer (Ant-Man – Second-Chance Man, Doctor Strange – Damnation) and artist Ryan Ottley (Haunt, Invincible) in 2018 for "Back to Basics" storyline for the newest monthly ongoing volume of Amazing Spider-Man.

Collecting the first five issues of the series, Nick actually did a pretty impressive beginning as he laid foundation for upcoming arcs yet to come and Ryan was at his absolute peak as well. Going back to the roots, they bring back some of the old villains who, although are not Carnage or Goblin-level scary but troublesome enough, to get back at Spidey.

peter parker vs. spider man marvel comics
Peter Parker Vs. Spider-Man!

Aside from the regular folks in the life of the hero, Black Cat, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Gambit, Groot, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Old Man Logan, Rocket Raccoon, Rogue, She-Hulk, Star-Lord, Thing, Thor and Vision made a cameo.

Overall, "Back to Basics" really went back to the deep roots of Amazing Spider-Man legacy and nitpicking details to deliver another "Brand New Day" for the hero. The inclusion of penciller Humberto Ramos (Champions – Change The World, Extraordinary X-Men – X-Haven) for a bonus back-up story was also a treat for long-time fans.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Haunt Vol 02 | Comics

Former priest Daniel Kilgore joins The Agency and enters a new life of murder and espionage as Agent Haunt.

Following government agent Kurt Kilgore's death, his brother Daniel and wife Amanda was attacked by hired killers at their home. Kurt's ghost's timely merging with his brother created the ectoplasmic entity called Haunt and saved him from the assailants. Daniel then believes that he can actually see his dead brother who is part of his new form.

Then with help from his dead brother, Daniel calls a cleaner to clean the mess and eventually reaches to The Agency that Kurt used to work for. He faces a hard time convincing agent Beth Tosh and Director Stantz about what's going on until they saw him in action. A crime lord by the name of Mr. Hurg is after Shillinger's diary who orchestrated Kurt's death.

Meanwhile, Kurt's secret lover and a former special agent of the Agency named Mirage try to make a deal with Hurg, who apparently has the notebook everyone is so desperately looking for. However, the deal gets off and a shooting ensues between all parties involved but The Agency eventually gets hold onto the diary in the turn of events.

When a couple of other attempts of retrieving the diary with master assassin Cobra and other henchmen fails, Hurg finally calls in his mole inside the Agency to bring it back to him. Director Morgan Stantz is then shot dead and The Agency compound is blown up. Beth Tosh then takes charge as the new Director and Daniel is recruited as an agent.

haunt image comics
Haunt Vol 02 | Comics

Mirage played everything out just like Kurt has planned from stealing the notebook to upstage the selling and even got the money but now that her lover is dead, all of this suddenly has become meaningless to her. When she decides to opens up to her about everything that took place and pay a sudden visit, Amanda learns about her husband's past.

Kilgore goes to see a girl named Charity outside of their usual "appointment" and when her boyfriend Ronnie was being a real jerk about it, he made a mess of him and his boys by leaving them into pieces. Researchers working for Mr. Hurg were able to crack the formula from Shillinger's diary and Cobra has also recovered in the mean time.

Daniel works his way into The Agency as he intensely trains to prep himself up for dangerous situations. He then tries to push thing further by swinging rooftops with the suit on but then passes out from exhaustion before falling off the ground. Cobra decides to go after his attacker only for Hurg to discipline and remind him who is in charge.

A strike team sent on a location of a secret laboratory goes missing in action and s the deadly secret from the notebook unleashes, Agent Haunt goes in for some bloody smackdown. He quietly entered enemy ground, kills off all the hired guards and discovered a huge pile of body parts of former agents before coming under heavy fire.

He sees them taking off after boarding all the test subjects and was able to latch onto a ledge of the plane at the last minute. When he was looking for a way to get inside, Daniel is caught off guard by Cobra and because of tiring out, he fell off the plane.

The merc followed him down as he fell from above and took him to his boss, where they beat the hell out of him to learn the secrets of his suit. Only Kurt taking over once again made him able to break out of his captivity and even managed to capture Hurg. However, the villain called in reinforcement during the interrogation in form of his war drones.

greg capullo haunt image comics
Drones of Death

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Haunt 09

Haunt 10

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Haunt 12

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Haunt Vol 02

From the creative team of Greg Capullo (The Creech, Violator), Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead), Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Invincible) and Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn) comes the second storyline of the uncanny hero Haunt in his all-new supernatural adventure under the banner of Image Comics.

Even though the origin of the ectoplasmic titular being is completely supernatural, it is very hard to deny resemblance to the character with popular Spider-Man antagonist Venom who is an alien symbiote latching onto its host and grant them superpowers. Probably that has something to do with McFarlane previously working on that character.

kurt kilgore haunt image comics
Espionage and Intrigue

Nevertheless, the espionage aspects of the overall setting are what make the ongoing narrative more interesting as it makes progress. Lots of sub-plots working underneath will eventually come to a close and make everything meaningful in time as well.

Collecting issue #06-12 from the first monthly ongoing volume of the series, "Haunt Vol 02" is a successor of its previous arc, "Haunt Vol 01" and is followed by "Haunt Vol 03". Released in 2011, the story takes into an even gory turn than it already was and opens up possibility of more development with Capullo and Kirkman spearheading it.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Haunt Vol 01 | Comics

Catholic priest Daniel Kilgore is forced to get along with his brother Kurt Kilgore, a government agent following an accident and becomes The Haunt.

Daniel Kilgore visits prostitutes on a regular basis, has an anger-management issue, leads a sleazy life and happens to be an associate priest. When he returns to church after his usual "appointment" with a hooker, he sees his brother Kurt is here to meet him. It seems that Daniel has a sort of abhorrence for Kurt who regularly visits him for confession.

Because of the distaste he has for his brother, Daniel asks Kurt to get it done with but the latter points out that it doesn't feel like a confession this way. So, the priest agrees to bear with him and they gets inside a confessional box for the sacrament. When he is asked how many people he has killed this time the penitent, Kurt begins his narration.

He states that, unlike always he went on a covert mission for The Agency as a government agent and was sent to retrieve a genetic researcher named Dr. Shillinger from a secret research compound in Bolivia. Pretending to be a dead body, he reached there in a body-bag and found himself on the middle of a dumping ground of rotten corpse.

He sneaks on a guard before the others see him and caught into a firefight while he made it inside. He found the man he came to extract here from but the doctor insisted that they have to retrieve his test subject as well. Upon finding him running horrible genetic experiments on living test subjects, Kurt ends up killing Shillinger on spot in disgust.

haunt image comics ryan ottley
Haunt Vol 01 | Comics

He prompts to rescue the heavily gross hostages and a young mutated boy from the guards of the compound and lead them out while a mysterious female figure and steals the knapsack from the dead Doctor, which has gone unnoticed by everyone. He walks out of the church at the end of his confession upon failing again to bond with his brother.

Kurt is kidnapped by an unknown party who ambushed on him and then is tortured to death during the interrogation regarding the notes of Dr. Shillinger. Daniel didn't know any of it and after attending the funeral, Kurt's ghost talks to him about go to see his widow Amanda. They argue over the matter and he thinks all of this is just in his head.

Even though he goes to visit Amanda, with whom he had a long-history before she married his brother, there is an awkward silence and they don't talk to each other much. She asks Daniel to spend the night here and so he stays anyway. Later, he wakes up on the couch at the middle of the night when Kurt's ghost came to warn him of intruders.

Daniel brushes it off considering somewhere deep inside he still misses his dead brother but he then sees two assassins came looking for him and Amanda. When they starts firing at him, Kurt quickly jumps at his confused brother and transforms him into a white, ghostly apparition who lunges at the attackers and slashed their head clean off.

They go out taking down two more waiting in the van and then Kurt instructs Daniel to call for cleanup. Amanda goes to work next morning and Kilgore heads to church despite his ghost constantly urging to go after her to assure she is safe. He ran into a hired mercenary Cobra at church, working for some unknown party and had an intense fight.

The killer makes a quick escape knowing he cannot win and Kurt leads Daniel to The Agency to get help. They take him for interrogation to know more about the death of his brother and he turns into The Haunt when he is ambushed. With so many things coming at him, he still has to discover about rogue agent Mirage and a ruthless crime-boss Mr. Hurg.

kurt kilgore haunt image comics
Secret Agent Kurt Kilgore

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Haunt 01

Haunt 02

Haunt 03

Haunt 04

Haunt 05

Here is your link to buy "Haunt Vol 01" from Image Comics on Amazon.

Haunt Vol 01

"Haunt Vol 01" is the collectible of the first five issues from a brand-new monthly ongoing Image Comics title Haunt by comic-book creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead) in 2010. Artists Greg Capullo (The Creech, Violator), Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Invincible) and Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn) also helped along.

Artist Ottley does a fine job on the pages of this gory supernatural action series which tells the origin of an ectoplasmic entity of two brothers co-existing in a body. Capullo also delivered the exquisite covers for the series with series co-creator McFarlane himself.

ryan ottley haunt image comics
The First Transformation

The chronicles of Daniel Kilgore goes in a fast paced series of events following the death of his estranged brother and how he is forced to take a heroic path to save the lives of the ones he love. Though an action focused series, Haunt depicts the life of the involved characters riddled with love, betrayal and ruthlessness over and towards one another.

Because of his McFarlane's work on Spider-Man for many years in past, the titular hero bears a lot of resemblance and some of the characteristics of Venom as well. The storyline serves as a "Year One" type of story for the character that will meet new challenges and unravel more mysteries from the past life of Kurt Kilgore in "Haunt Vol 02".
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Haunt | Comics

Kurt Kilgore was an skillful special agent for The Agency where he worked as a covert operative, until he was deployed in a special operation to extract Doctor Shillinger, a scientist working on a top secret assignment. But Kurt killed him and he was killed in a plot by a crime lord named Mr. Hurg, with help from a secret betrayer in the Agency.

haunt image comics
Haunt | Comics

Kurt also had a brother named Daniel Kilgore, who is a priest but also regularly visits prostitutes and they both have a strained relationship between them. Daniel hated Kurt because he thinks his former love Amanda cheated on him by marrying Kurt. After Kurt's death, Daniel starts sensing his brothers presence as a ghost who kept him warned about possible killing attempts on his widow Amanda which he brushed off completely.

Soon, by a series of incidental events, Kurt's spirit is merged with Daniel and they became the uncanny ectoplasmic entity called as The Haunt. With his newly discovered amazing abilities, Haunt successfully defends Amanda from the attackers.

Daniel is soon summoned by the Agency where he met Director Beth Tosh and a former Agency operative Mirage, whom had a romantic relation with Kurt. Daniel is then recruited as an agent for the Agency and Kurt's unknown enemy Mr. Hurg hires an assassin called Cobra to destroy the Haunt. Daniel faces all the challenges of his all-new life filled with adventures and beyond while Kurt's ghost tries to make amends with his brother.

For more information on Haunt comics series, you can check out the link below.

Haunt (Comics) Wikipedia

greg capullo haunt
Haunted by His Own

Here is your links to buy "Haunt" comics from Image Comics on Amazon.

Haunt – The Immortal Edition Book 01

Haunt Vol 01

Haunt Vol 02

Haunt Vol 03

Haunt Vol 04

Haunt – The Immortal Edition Book 02

Published by Image Comics, The Haunt is a monthly ongoing comic series featuring the fictional character of the same name created by comic legend Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn) and Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead). Artist duo Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Invincible) and Greg Capullo (Batman – New 52, The Creech) provided artwork for the series.

kurt kilgore haunt
A Ghost in Hurg's Way

Initially, it was launched in 2009 and the series only ran for 28 issues. The concept of the series was conceived by McFarlane and Kirkman back in 2006 during San Diego Comic-Con.
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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Invincible | Comics

image comics invincible
Invincible | Comics
Not everyone on planet earth is born to be a superhero one day with cool superhero name and amazing powers. Not until you are Mark Grayson, son of Nolan and Deborah Grayson. Mark’s father was the superhero Omni-Man from Viltrum’s royal family who told his son that one day he will develop superpowers just like him and eventually he did developed his powers. So, he begins his journey with the name ‘Invincible’ which his principal suggested that he is not upon engaging some bullies and soon found other teen heroes in Teen Team around. He stopped an alien invasion of the Flaxans with his father and then along with Teen Team member Atom Eve, successfully foiled a sinister plan of a teacher in the school before fighting his fathers’ enemy Allen the Alien.

As Invincible, Mark is attacked by The Reanimen which caused his secret identity bust out to William Clockwell, faces an awry situation with Atom Eve regarding her relationship and then he learned that the Guardians of the The Globe are dead. He experienced many adventures and came to know from his father of a different heritage of their own which leads him to a battle with Omni-Man. The battle left him in coma for a brief time and upon recovery, he starts working for Government. As Invincible started to grown up in costume he start dating Eve and stopping alien invasion every other Tuesday became a common job for him until things got bigger to handle and Omni-Man had to step in.

For more information on Invincible comics series, you can check out these links below.

Invincible (Comics) Wikipedia

Invincible (Comics) Wikia
ryan ottley invincible
The Mighty Viltrumites
Here is your links for "Invincible" comics from Image Comics.

Invincible Vol 01 – Family Matters

Invincible Vol 02 – Eight is Enough

Invincible Vol 03 – Perfect Strangers

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 01

Invincible Vol 04 – Head of the Class

Invincible Vol 05 – The Facts of Life

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 02

The Complete Invincible Library Vol 01

Invincible Vol 06 – A Different World

Invincible Vol 07 – Three's Company

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 03

Invincible Vol 08 – My Favorite Martian

Invincible Vol 09 – Out of This World

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 04

The Complete Invincible Library Vol 02

Invincible Compendium Vol 01

Invincible Vol 10 – Who's the Boss?

Invincible Vol 11 – Happy Days

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 05

Invincible Vol 12 – Still Standing

Invincible Vol 13 – Growing Pains

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 06

The Complete Invincible Library Vol 03

Invincible Vol 14 – The Viltrumite War

Invincible Vol 15 – Get Smart

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 07

Invincible Vol 16 – Family Ties

Invincible Vol 17 – What's Happening?

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 08

Invincible Compendium Vol 02

Invincible Vol 18 – The Death of Everyone

Invincible Vol 19 – The War at Home

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 09

Invincible Vol 20 – Friends
mark grayson invincible
Invincible Fights Alien Monster

Invincible Vol 21 – Modern Family

Invincible – Ultimate Collection Hardcover Vol 10

Invincible Presents – Atom Eve & Rex Splode, Vol 01

Artist Cory Walker and writer Robert Kirkman (Battle PopeThe Walking Dead) had created the character Invincible which first debuted on the first issue of ‘Tech Jacket’ in 2002 and a cameo appearance in the third issue of ‘Noble Causes – Family Secrets’ later on the same year. The character received its solo ongoing series from Image Comics in 2003 from the same writer with artworks delivered by Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Haunt) and in publication from since. Other popular Image Comics characters like The Astounding Wolf-Man, Brit, Darkness, Firebreather, Pitt, Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Spawn, Superpatriot and Witchblade would also often make cameo in the series.
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