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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X | Comics

After saving New Work City and the life of the President of United States from Magneto’s attempted genocide, for the first time X-Men have found some appreciation from public. With Magneto out of the picture, Cyclops, Storm and Colossus travels to Japan to appear on a Japanese talk show as part of building public relations and improving their image to masses.

ultimate x-men
Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X | Comics

Wolverine also heads to track down Weapon X program to settling some of his old scores with them. A mutant-hating Colonel John Wraith, head of the barbaric Weapon X Program was hunting down the teleporter mutant named Nightcrawler, who ran away from the facility. Next, Wraith led his operatives on the X-Mansion to led an ambush attack on the X-Men and captured them all, sans Wolverine.

They released the Juggernaut who took down four of them and the rest also followed. The X-Men were all captured and later forced to act against their will for the threat of a forcible neural implant. Meanwhile, Wraith and General "Thunderbolt" Ross of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a meeting for rescuing Nick Fury from India.

John Wraith plans to use them for his own purpose of deadly covert missions led by his right-hand man Sabretooth. He tasks Sabretooth to find Wolverine out for giving him a terrible face scar on their previous encounter. But Wolverine has a secret plan of his own to rescue his fellow X-Men that he cooked up especially for them. While Ross planned to shut down all the funding for Weapon X, Wraith also kept secret of having Charles Xavier alive in his fold.

marvel ultimate x men
Ultimate Weapon X Recruits

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Ultimate X-Men 07

Ultimate X-Men 08

Ultimate X-Men 09

Ultimate X-Men 10

Ultimate X-Men 11

Ultimate X-Men 12

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Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X

Following the opening story of Ultimate X-Men series from Ultimate Universe of Marvel titled "The Tomorrow People", writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and artist Adam Kubert (Superman – Last Son, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine) returns with "Return to Weapon X" storyline that runs through issue #07-12 of the Ultimate X-Men monthly ongoing comic series in 2001.

brotherhood of mutants
Brotherhood To The Rescue

Lots of character development was on progress throughout the plot and there was an epic brawl between the feral mutant Wolverine and Sabretooth in the end that makes it even better for any fan. This spectacular storyline leads to the hit four part crossover limited series titled "Ultimate War" featuring The Ultimates.
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Age of Apocalypse | Comics

The mentally unstable mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier named David Haller A.K.A. Legion time travels to the past with an intention to kill the mutant master of magnetism; Magneto once and for all. Legion reached to the past and he actually appeared in a time when Charles Xavier and Magneto were still friends. When Legion attacked to take Magneto's life, Charles helped save his friend's life and died instead of Eric.

Legion got vanished from scene and a shocked Magneto was left with the corpse of his friend, who died trying to protect him. For the first time in his life, Magneto realizes the dream that Charles had of human-mutant co-existence and starts believing in it. Following this shocking event, a new alternate timeline was created from right that point. The time-travelling mutant from the future; Bishop was aware of the change of reality as he came following Legion through time.

age of apocalypse
Age of Apocalypse | Comics

The eternal evil mutant En Sabah Nur AKA Apocalypse has always been watching over the world to conquer it when the time to strike is right and as he observes this unexpected incident, he deems it as a perfect moment to start his agenda of ruling the world by conquering it all. Alongside his wife Rogue, Magneto assembles the team of Astonishing X-Men, his rebellion mutant army against the tyrant's genocidal campaign "culling", where many were slain.

Instead of all the effort, Apocalypse has conquered entire North America and hunted down all mutants with potent telepathic or chronal abilities, as well as other super-heroes to assure the durability of his evil reign. It's a timeline that is full of chaos, abnormalities and madness all over it, as it is ruled by the one who is the malevolent mutant Apocalypse himself.

While Nightcrawler was leding the X-Calibre team to locate Destiny, he came across Callisto, Juggernaut, his mother Mystique and Thunderbird of this reality. To retrieve a piece of M'Kraan Crystal that controls over time and dimensions, Gambit and the X-Ternals travels to space. Colossus and Shadowcat are a married couple who trains a group of young mutants from the original Generation X, who call themselves Generation Next.

Blink, Morph, Sabretooth, Sunfire and Wild Child fought Apocalypse's son Holocaust under Magneto's command to stop the "cullings". Logan carries out his own missions as Weapon X, along with his lover Jean Grey for the Human High Council. Allegedly born from Cyclops' and Jean Grey's DNA, a new and powerful mutant Nate Gray AKA X-Man makes his presence known as the world's most powerful telekinetic.

For more information on Age of Apocalypse crossover event, you can check out the link below.

Age of Apocalypse (Comics) Wikipedia

apocalypse x men
Survivors of The Culling

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X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Prelude

X-Men – The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 01

X-Men – The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 02

X-Men – The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 03

X-Men – The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 04

X-Men – The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Companion

"Age of Apocalypse" is a major crossover comic event of 1995 from Marvel Comics, when all of the then ongoing series were temporarily replaced by their counter series set in a different timeline. A wide array of creative writers as Scott Lobdell (Alpha Flight, The Darkness), Mark Waid (Captain America, Fantastic Four), Jeph Loeb (Daredevil – Yellow, Hulk – Gray), Fabian Nicieza (New Warriors, Thunderbolts), Larry Hama (Venom – Along Came A Spider, Venom – Carnage Unleashed) and Howard Mackie wrote various limited series that built up the entire saga.

magneto vs apocalypse
Apocalyptic Arc of Tragedy

Industry legends like Joe Madureira (Inhuman – Genesis, Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body), Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine), Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man), Salvador Larroca (Heroes Reborn – The Return, Spider-Man – House of M), Andy Kubert (The Avengers, Origin) and Roger Cruz provided their drawing talents for the crossover. "Age of Apocalypse" is one of the greatest comic-book event by Marvel Comics and this event led to the legendary "Onslaught Saga".
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Friday, October 14, 2005

Blink | Comics

blink x men
Blink | Comics
A mutant with purple skin and the power of teleportation, Clarice Ferguson was orphaned as a child by evil geneticist Mister Sinister and is saved later by feral mutant Sabretooth. Clarice adopts Blink as her code name and joined the ranks of X-Men in the Age of Apocalypse reality. This young mutant was berated by leader of the X-Men; Magneto for her carelessness and disobedient attitude after she put Impossible Man out of his misery in Dark Beast's lab. She reached the place where Holocaust; Horseman of Apocalypse and Blastaar; ruler of Negative Zone were battling. Having an idea to convince Blastaar to help them fight against the eternal mutant Apocalypse, She easily escaped from patrolling probes and slipped through Blastaar's portal to the zone.

Blink reached to Negative Zone but also lost most of her memories as her journey through the portal to this dimension wiped it out. On Negative Zone, she met a brave rebel freedom fighter named Ahmyor, who plans to usurp Blastaar from his throne and restore Annihilus as the rightful ruler. But these two are soon captured by Blastaar’s army in one of their failed escape attempt. At some point, it is revealed to Blink by Blastaar that Blink's newly found love interest Ahmyor is not what he seems and he is none other than a de-evolved version of the malicious being known as Annihilus and what deadly threats he poses in the future for the people on Earth and cosmos as well. Of all people, Ahmyor doesn't even know what scale of destruction he's about to bring upon the galaxy.

For more information on Blink limited series, you can check out these links below.

Blink (Comics) Wikipedia

Blink (Comics) Marvel Wikia
blink marvel comics
Twilight of Angels
Here is your links for "Blink" tie-in limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Blink 01

Blink 02
blink age of apocalypse
Through The Negative Zone

Blink 03

Blink 04

"Blink" is a four issue limited series from Marvel Comics released on 2001 by writer Scott Lobdell (Alpha Flight, Generation X) and artist Trevor McCarthy (Batman – Gates of Gotham, Nightwing). The story took place during "Age of Apocalypse" but this series was released after several years of the event simply as a tie-in book to take place during the main crossover. Writer Scott Lobdell created the character Blink along with artist Joe Madureira (Inhuman – Genesis, Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body), who would later appear in the ongoing monthly series of Exiles along with other heroes. In a brief flashback moment the team of Fantastic Four from regular Marvel Universe also appeared throughout the story. Covers of this limited series are done exclusively by artist Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine).
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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Astonishing X-Men | Comics

astonishing x-men
Astonishing X-Men | Comics
In the wake of the eternal mutant Apocalypse’s rise in power and the untimely death of professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, now head of the X-Men in this newly altered dystopian timeline has taken charge, assembles his team of the gifted mutants, whom are now the potential threat for the ruler of the world, Apocalypse. While discussing their mission with his team, he is joined by Blink and Sunfire, who came through a portal after being chased by Apocalypse’s minion Delgado. They inform the X-Men about Apocalypse's latest culling of the humans, led by his son and one of his Horseman – Holocaust.

A loyal mutant follower of Apocalypse has brought him the news of Delgado’s failed attempt to apprehend the two X-Men members but the tyrant himself smiles about it. After bidding Gambit goodbye to his own separate mission, Rogue, along with Blink, Sabretooth, Morph and Wild Child sets off for Chicago to face the deadly horseman Holocaust. Sabretooth personally wants to settle some old score with the Horseman of Apocalypse. When they met him, Sabretooth quickly engages in a fierce battle with Holocaust and their fight creates mayhem in the battlefield. Just as they are trying to fight off the forces of Apocalypse, the tyrant himself is also seeking to meet the X-Men personally for purpose unknown.

For more information on the limited series, you can check out the link below.

Astonishing X-Men (Comics) Wikipedia

sabretooth x men comics
In Excess Holocaust!
Here is your links for "Astonishing X-Men" tie-in limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Astonishing X-Men 01

Astonishing X-Men 02

joe madureira sabertooth
A Savior in Peril

Astonishing X-Men 03

Astonishing X-Men 04

Here is your link for "Astonishing X-Men" tie-in limited series from Marvel Comics.

Astonishing X-Men (Softcover)

Released from Marvel Comics in 1995, the four issue limited series of Astonishing X-Men served as one of the core stories for the then ongoing crossover event "Age of Apocalypse" that drafted the foundation for the “Onslaught Saga” afterwards. Writer Scott Lobdell and fan favourite superstar artist Joe Madureira pitched up this storyline that is set in an alternate reality of Earth-295. It was a different take on the classic Uncanny X-Men series and Joe Mad delivered one of his finest artworks as usual.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Gambit | Comics

Due to his “Red Eyes” at childhood, Remy LeBeau was abandoned as an infant but later adopted by the Thieves’ Guild who dubbed him “The White Devil”. The boy grew up learning the art of thievery and soon met the patriarch of the guild Jean-Luc LeBeau. Later he left the guild and learned to use his kinetic mutant energy through various objects; mostly playing cards.

gambit x men
Gambit | Comics

Even after years of practice Remy still had trouble controlling his vast powers and he sought the aid of the geneticist Mister Sinister to help him up. With Gambit in the lead, Sinister formed The Marauders and orchestrated the “Mutant Massacre” on the Morlocks. His attempt to stop them proved fruitless and he barely survived from the feral mutant Sabretooth, along with a young Marrow.

Gambit joined the ranks of X-Men with the help of the then powerless Storm. There he met fellow mutant Rogue and they both fell in love. Later, Magneto held him on a mock-trial for his role in the infamous Morlock Massacre and soon Remy is met by his counterpart New Sun from another dimension, who came to destroy him.

When X-Man Bishop traveled to present from the future, he recognized Gambit as the fabled witness of the “Onslaught” event. Remy was tricked by the eternal mutant Apocalypse and become his Horseman of Death. Eventually he battled his former teammates and moved to Sinister’s Marauders with Sunfire. During Messiah CompleX, Wolverine stabbed him to learn Cable’s location and Remy left Sinister to retrieve Xavier’s recently deceased body.

For more information on Gambit comics series, you can check out these links below.

Gambit (Comics) Wikipedia

Gambit (Comics) Marvel Wikia

gambit and marauders
Gambit Re-Joins The Marauders

Here is your links to buy "Gambit" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Wolverine – Tales of Weapon X (Softcover)

Wolverine – Tales of Weapon X (Hardcover)

X-Men – Gambit Classic Vol 01

X-Men – Wolverine/Gambit (Softcover)

X-Men – Wolverine/Gambit (Hardcover)

X-Men by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee Omnibus Volume 01

Gambit is a fictional mutant superhero of Marvel Comics who happens to be an honorary member of the mutant adventurer team of X-Men. The character was created by the creator duo of writer Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II) and artist Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Divine Right) in 1990 and he appeared on the Uncanny X-Men Annual issue #14.

gambit vs apocalypse
As Horseman of Death

Gambit soon became a very famous character from Marvel Universe and appeared in a few limited series of his own, a couple of monthly ongoing and many other comic book appearances. The character of Gambit was portrayed in a live action film by Taylor Kitsch in the 2009 film X-Men Origins – Wolverine.
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Mutant Massacre | Comics

A young mutant named Tommy and her boyfriend Richard Salmons of Hellfire Club were chased in Los Angeles, California by a mysterious group of hostile mutants who goes by the name Marauders. It appears that the Marauders were only looking for an underground group of mutants who call themselves The Morlocks.

Tommy is then killed by the Marauder named Scalphunter after Richard was taken down on a train yard and upon finding out the secret hideout of the Morlocks, The Marauders unleashed a massive carnage and slew hundreds of innocent mutants mercilessly. After witnessing such horror, Gambit who were leading one of the Marauders team under the order of Mister Sinister to the sewers unaware of their true intentions, fled with a mutant child who would later be known as Marrow.

x men mutant massacre
X Men – Mutant Massacre | Comics

On response to a call for help, the team of X-Factor and X-Men reaches the spot separately to battle The Marauders and help the remaining Morlocks alive. Angel of the X-Factor got pinned to the wall by Harpoon, leading to the amputation of his wings later. Trying to save RogueShadowcat got stuck in her phase form after being attacked by Harpoon. Nightcrawler and Colossus also got heavily injured by Riptide.

What came up next is a legendary battle between two feral mutants of Marvel Universe; Wolverine and Sabretooth when the former was wandering inside the tunnels looking for survivors. These two animals tore each other apart as they could in the heat of the situation. They went on to a second round but Wolverine left the fight to save the life of a Morlock. Sabretooth even reached to X-Mansion secretly and destroys Cerebro but there he was confronted by Psylocke before Wolverine could arrive and she took the fight outside so that Victor Creed couldn't hurt any other students.

The vigilante hero Daredevil and The Mighty Thor have also crossed paths with The Marauders during this massive slaughterous event. Thor's intervention is the only reason why X-Factor got out of the mess with minimum causalities on their rank and he later cleanse the sewer of the dead with his power, which also causes some to believe that Power Pack has also perished within.

For more information on Mutant Massacre crossover, you can check out these links below.

Mutant Massacre (Comics) Wikipedia

Mutant Massacre (Comics) Marvel Wikia

marauders x-men
The Genocidal Run

Here is your links to buy "Mutant Massacre" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

01. Uncanny X-Men 210

02. Uncanny X-Men 211

03. New Mutants 46

04. Uncanny X-Men 212

05. Uncanny X-Men 213

06. X-Factor 09

07. X-Factor 10

08. The Mighty Thor 373

09. Power Pack 27

10. The Mighty Thor 374

11. X-Factor 11

12. Daredevil 238

Here is your links to buy "Mutant Massacre" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Softcover)

X-Men – Mutant Massacre (Hardcover)

Considered as one of the top notch Marvel Comics crossover, "Mutant Massacre" is a major crossover that took place in 1986. The creative team of the events is writer Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II), who is famous for his run on Uncanny X-Men, Louise and Walter Simonson (Alien – The Illustrated Story, Star Wars). When Chris Claremont came up with the idea of the story then Walter Simonson suggested him to make the plot a crossover of the then three major monthly series so that it will not be overlong for the readers.

mutant massacre marvel
Introducing The Marauders

To do the artwork John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) along with Walter Simonson and Sal Buscema (Defenders, Eternals) joined forces. Also goes by the name "Morlock Massacre", this surprisingly successful major crossover has tied-in with a several monthly ongoing series of that time including X-Factor, New Mutants, Power Pack, Thor, and Daredevil apart from the regular Uncanny X-Men ongoing series.
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