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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trinity – Better Together | Comics

A Trinity of world's most legendary superheroes is reformed only to stand opposing the power of White Mercy.

In their gloriously extensive superhero career, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have taken on various enemies like Bane, Cheetah, Doomsday, The Joker and Lex Luthor individually but together they are capable of achieving triumph over greater evil.

The Final Days of Superman has left the world without a protector to look after and then it turns out there is another time-displaced Man of Steel around them who's been living among them with his family for some time. He is married to reporter Lois Lane, with whom he has a ten year old son and they all are denizens of Prime Earth now.

When Lois Lane invited them, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince arrive on Smith Farm, Hamilton County. They decide to keep this simple but a brash young Jon Kent blasts them away when he got startled by seeing Bruce's costume underneath his dress along with Diana's Bracelets of Submission and a dead wild boar using his x-ray vision.

Returning home right after his regular world saving roundups, Clark discovers them on his land at the same time. All of them go inside after settling up to have a nice family dinner together and The Trinity then reunites in a nearby field afterwards recalling their old times from both worlds while something mysterious lurks near the barn.

trinity vol 1 better together rebirth francis manapul dc comics rebirth
Trinity – Better Together | Comics

Clark recalls of that one time from his early days, when Bruce wore a rainbow suit to draw everyone's attention and keeping them from finding out Dick Grayson's identity as Robin. Bruce then shares his first-hand experience of meeting a young Superman of this world who nearly killed him and Green Lantern Hal Jordan upon meeting.

So, he couldn't help but being curious about this new Man of Steel from another world is and came to find out who he really is. Diana took a little bit of private time with Lois to talk and she assures that she isn't here to steal Clark from her or rekindle her old relationship with him at all because he is not the same man she once loved.

Suddenly, Clark hears a call from inside their barn and goes to check out a mysterious mirror where he sees a reflection of his young self from past and his father Jonathan Kent. Following Clark, Bruce and Diana took on a journey where Clark has just discovered his amazing abilities and is scared to see The Trinity on Kent Farm.

In Gotham, Batman has witnessed his parent's death once again from over a rooftop as Clark and Diana stands by. With Alfred Pennyworth and Dr. Harleen Quinzel being at his side at Wayne Manor, his kid self is currently in shock and struggling to deal with issues when horrors like Man-Bat and Scarecrow constantly tries terrorizing him.

Their quest eventually lead them all to Themyscira, where Diana met with her mother Queen Hippolyta and her younger self, followed by three of them. These heroes are being tested for their skills and merit in games of Amazons. Meanwhile, Lois storms into the barn with a car to discover villainous Poison Ivy grabs a hold of her son Jon.

A night that started with a family-reunion soon escalates into a major crisis of illusion constructed by one of their dreaded old nemesis and an alien tyrant named Mongul, who is back with his daughter White Mercy. Together, this ruthless father-daughter duo is about to put an end to The Trinity inside a world full of illusions.

superman vs mongul comic dc comics rebirth francis manapul
Realm of Horror

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Trinity V2 01

Trinity V2 02

Trinity V2 03

Trinity V2 04

Trinity V2 05

Trinity V2 06

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Trinity – Better Together (Softcover)

Trinity – Better Together (Hardcover)

As DC Rebirth impacts entire world of DC Comics, a reunion of The Trinity is overdue, with a brand-new ongoing series from comic-book writer/artist Francis Manapul (Justice League – No Justice, The Flash – Move Forward), who was aided by artists Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero) and Emanuela Lupacchino.

The story arc "Better Together" is the first one that is set in Prime Earth continuity and collects issues #01-06 from second ongoing monthly volume of titular series. Whereas every other ongoing titles following DC Rebirth re-launch received a one-shot "Rebirth" issue to start with, Trinity took a slightly different path by not including one.

dc comics trinity rebirth francis manapul
Trapped In Nightmares

This is also the first time when an alternate version of heroes, who is from pre-Flashpoint era, has joined their little band of three and that actually gives a dynamic sense of diversity to this iconic team. While discussing about stuffs of two different worlds, references of Green Lantern from Prime Earth and Robin of New Earth were mentioned.

A few unresolved issues like what happens to Mongul next will be further detailed in "Action Comics – The New World". The plotline will be followed up with their next adventure titled "Dead Space", where these heroes will fight an alien invasion and will seek help from a mystic trinity later to save a few more in "Dark Destiny" storyline.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bane – New 52 | Comics

Born to a revolutionary father who was a prisoner of Peña Dura, a child who would become Bane one day took his father's place and lived in the imprisonment of a flooded chamber for 17 years. As he grew to hate the world, he got cunning and incredibly strong using the super-steroid known as Venom. He came to Gotham City in quest of power but is opposed by Batman, whom he did not see coming.

bane vs batman
Bane – New 52 | Comics

He teamed up with Scarecrow and White Rabbit but the Court of Owls came into their way (Knight Terrors). Bane believed that both Batman and The Court are connected but following Night of the Owls, he is proved wrong. With the unexpected aid from Sebastian Clark, Bane set out to destroy The Court and then went up against a former Talon named Calvin Rose (Scourge of the Owls).

Even though Bane snapped Rose's neck in Santa Prisca, he came back and defeated Bane's army. Bane then killed Sebastian Clark and left to conquer Gotham City once again with the malevolent Alfred Pennyworth of Earth 3 (Fall of the Owls). The Crime Syndicate took over the world and "Arkham War" broke in for taking control over Gotham.

Wearing his very own Batsuit, Bane fought against Scarecrow's army of Arkhamites and enlists a Talon named William Cobb to help him rule Gotham. He is eventually defeated by Batman, who locked him up in Arkham and he escaped to team-up with Scarecrow but got along with Poison Ivy instead, who betrayed him. Killer Croc met him in the sewers to settle some old scores and during Joker's Endgame, he fought alongside the Bat-Family to save the city from falling into any further chaos.

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bane dc comics
Bane to Kill

Here is your links to buy "Bane – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman V2 23.4 – Bane

Batwoman Vol 04 – This Blood Is Thick

Batman – The Dark Knight Vol 01 – Knight Terrors

Talon Vol 01 – Scourge of the Owls

Talon Vol 02 – The Fall of The Owls

Forever Evil – Arkham War

Batman Eternal Vol 02

Batman Eternal Vol 03

Batman Vol 07 – Endgame

Batman – I Am Suicide

One of the most dreaded foe that The Dark Knight has ever faced, Bane is most popular for his infamous act of "Breaking The Bat" in the Knightfall saga of DC Comics' New Earth continuity (also known as the "Post-Crisis" era). The idea of Bane's character was conceived by comic-book writer Chuck Dixon (Batgirl – Year One, Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle), Graham Nolan (Hawkworld, JLA Vs. Predator) and Doug Moench (Batman & Dracula – Red Rain, Batman Vs. Predator II – Bloodmatch).

bane dark knight rises
Bane Takes Gotham

However, following the "Flashpoint" crossover event and in the wake of The New 52, Bane set foot on the new rebooted era through the second volume of the monthly ongoing Batman – The Dark Knight. Therefore the credit of his Prime Earth persona development goes to the writer/artist team of Paul Jenkins (Batman – Jekyll & Hyde, The Darkness/Pitt), Joe Harris and David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Brightest Day).
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Batman – Arkham City | Comics

batman arkham city
Batman – Arkham City | Comics
Arkham Asylum is a mental institute for the lodging of criminally insane and Gotham's worst kind of villains. Recently, Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker has spread chaos in the inner circles of Arkham but Batman however, was able to finally put an end to the riot in time that left it all in ruins. The clown prince of crime formerly injected himself with the Venom like serum that super-powered criminal Bane uses to amplify his physical strength, called the Titan formula which had a bizarre effect on him, making him am enormous monster. Batman eventually defeated him in his gigantic form after quite a hard battle and The Joker is left in a dying, sickly state on Arkham.

In the heat of the situation, the administrator of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp takes advantage of the situation and becomes the mayor of Gotham City to control the power that runs the city. Meanwhile, two super powered thug siblings named "T&T" who were working as henchmen for Two-Face, secretly succumbed to the Titan formula and starts a murderous spree across town, which prompts a martial law in Gotham by Mayor Sharp. Batman is well aware of Sharp's intention and realizes that someone from the behind is orchestrating the entire plot to manipulate the entire series of events. Meanwhile, Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn decides to perform a rescue mission to set his lunatic lover free to spread limitless chaos together.

For more information on Batman – Arkham City limited series, you can check out the link below.

Batman – Arkham City (Comics) Wikipedia

Batman – Arkham City (Comics) DC Wikia

arkham city villains
Rogues of Arkham
Here is your links for "Batman – Arkham City" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Batman – Arkham City 01

Batman – Arkham City 02

Batman – Arkham City 03

Batman – Arkham City 04

Batman – Arkham City 05
joker and harley
Master of Mayhem

Here is your links for the "Batman – Arkham City" limited series from DC Comics.

Batman – Arkham City (Softcover)

Batman – Arkham City (Hardcover)

As a tie-in prequel back-story to the 2009’s smash-hit game Batman – Arkham City, a five issue limited series of the same name was published by DC Comics in the same year. This comic book tale was written by famous Batman veteran Paul Dini (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited) and illustrated by artist Carlos D'Anda (Deathblow, JLA – Kid Amazo). This story is a link up to the first two games of the Arkham series; Batman – Arkham Asylum and Batman – Arkham City. Following the success of this limited series, a follow up monthly ongoing titled “Batman – Arkham Unhinged” was released by DC Comics in 2011, which was a continuation of the chronicles that took place in this book.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Superman/Batman – Torment | Comics

superman batman torment
Superman & Batman - Torment
 | Comics
Killer Croc climbs to the 52nd floor of the Lex-Com tower and breaks in to steal a yellow crystal like rock. As Gotham P.D. tries to investigate into the matter, Lex Luthor’s men has managed to stave them off while looking for Luthor’s missing property and Batman secretly hears their conversation on the situation. It appears that Croc was actually working for a gruesome being named Schrocken to whom Croc has shown a great deal of obedience as well as fear. When he asks for permission to leave, Schrocken got annoyed by him and sent him running by giving him a beating. Batman was chasing Killer Croc, who's acting all mindless recently and filled only with blind-rage.

Meanwhile, Superman is having some nightmares and cannot concentrate on work either. He feels jealous about Lois going out for an interview with his friend Pete Ross and later tries to peek on them which are not very likely of him. His abnormal behavior is been orchestrated by DeSaad and he has enlisted The Scarecrow to tap into Superman's primal fear. The evil god Darkseid is behind all these schemes who wants Superman to steal the staff of Highfather from Source-Wall to restore his own power, which has diminished since he is released from the Source-Wall (in Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance). Batman secretly follows Superman, only to be unexpectedly aided by Orion's beautiful yet dangerous wife Bekka, with whom he soon develops a brief but serious romantic relationship that will cause all sorts of trouble.
darkseid dc comics
Darkseid is Victorious!
Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – Torment" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Superman/Batman 37

Superman/Batman 38

Superman/Batman 39

Superman/Batman 40

Superman/Batman 41
superman batman comic
Oblivion of Reality

Superman/Batman 42

Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – Torment" storyline from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman – Torment (Softcover)

Superman/Batman – Torment (Hardcover)

DC Comics have hired writer Alan Burnett; the talent behind the DC Animation Universe (Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond), to pitch a plot for the Superman/Batman monthly ongoing comics series along with artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman – As the Crow Flies, Thanos – A God Up There Listening) in 2008. These two talented creators came up with this six part story "Torment", which ran from issue #37-42 of this series and helped linking between the previous events to the current course of action. The story somewhat delivers an aftershock of events that has took place in the series so far and of course a fine conclusion.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Batman – As the Crow Flies | Comics

batman vs scarecrow
Batman – As the Crow Flies | Comics
Batman is in a situation where he is facing a gangster named Thomas Alliaotto, better known as "Big Tommy A". A decade long experienced crime lord has just gone berserk and is carelessly shooting nonstop. Tommy has quite a murderous nature but he was never been a mindless creature. But right now he is hallucinating hideous monsters and demons all around him, which frightens the hell out of him. Batman tries to tranq him down but he is not giving up or slowing down for anything. Batarangs are thrown at him, his shoulder is dislocated, wrist is broken, but Tommy won't stop at nothing. Then all of a sudden he ran like crazy and jumped from the building, a maneuver that Batman failed to stop.

Next up, it's an ex-con and commercial club owner Ruben DeSoto went on rampage after three henchmen of Penguin pays him a visit. Batman quickly reaches the spot but had a very hard time subduing Ruben. Finally Ruben's heart gave up and he fell. Meanwhile, Penguin is berating his thugs for their irresponsible behavior that caused the recent incidents. When they were trying to explain what happened to Penguin, a person appears and it is revealed that the Scarecrow has joined Penguin and is now working for him with a vile plot. With no clue about the real culprit responsible for the incidents, Batman also starts suffering from a very old nightmare of his own.

For more information on storyline, you can check out these links below.

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scarecrow batman
The Vicious Adversary
Here is your links for “Batman – As the Crow Flies" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Batman 626

Batman 627

Batman 628

scarebeast dc
The Murderous Scarebeast

Batman 629

Batman 630

Here is your link for “Batman – As the Crow Flies" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – As the Crow Flies 

Written by Judd Winick and pencilled by Dustin Nguyen, As The Crow Flies is a five part storyline that ran from issues #626-630 from the first ongoing monthly series of Batman. This storyline features Scarecrow and Penguin, two of Batman's villain with a whole new scheme that will tie the story to the next upcoming tale of "Batman – Hush". It was published by DC Comics in 2004 and later came out as a trade paperback graphic novel.
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