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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Aquaman – Black Manta Rising | Comics

Previously, Black Manta attempted to publicly discredit Aquaman, when the King of Atlantis welcomed personnel from all over the world in Spindrift Station embassy. Manta is eventually subdued after a fight and taken into custody but was rescued by an unknown third party.

It was a secret global terrorism cell called N.E.M.O. who rescued him to use him as their pawn against Atlantis but he slays the Fisher King and immediately assumes control over N.E.M.O.

aquaman black manta rising
Aquaman – Black Manta Rising | Comics

With under-boss Black Jack at his side, Manta plans on his scheme of destruction against Arthur Curry and everything he cares for. Meanwhile, Aquaman returns to his kingdom after he had a scuffle with American government as a result of a serious misunderstanding and all his loyal servants awaits their king.

As Arthur was already thinking about Superman warning him to sorting things out, Elder Koah approaches him about Mera of Xebel, who has to undergo traditional rituals if she is to marry him, which angers Arthur but Mera agrees to do so anyway.

When learning of a apocalyptic prophecy from Widowhood, Mera comes to an inner conflict whether to marry her love. The surface world is attacked again by Atlantean force and Arthur suspects the involvement of The Deluge but Corum Rath believes otherwise.

N.E.M.O. secretly orchestrated the release of the monstrous Shaggy Man who laid waste of Atlantis and heavily bruised Arthur before he took care of him. Things went so bad this time that the entire Justice League came looking for Aquaman in his kingdom.

shaggy man dc comics
Unstoppable Shaggy Man

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Here is your links to buy "Aquaman – Black Manta Rising" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Aquaman – Black Manta Rising

Following the first story-arc 'The Drowning' from DC Rebirth wave, DC Comics presents the second storyline from eighth monthly volume of Aquaman that collects issues #07-12 from the monthly series.

Writer Dan Abnett (Annihilation – Conquest, Annihilation – Nova) who helmed the previous story also plotted this one with aid from artists Brad Walker (Action Comics – At the End of Days, Action Comics – Bulletproof), Phil Briones (New Suicide Squad – Monsters, New Suicide Squad – Pure Insanity) and Scot Eaton (Swamp Thing, Black Panther).

dc comics aquaman and mera
A League of His Own

Though the title of the story has the name of Aquaman's life-long arch-enemy Black Manta, he actually manipulated the entire plot from beyond the reach. Aside from Aquaman and Mera, the story features appearance of Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman in particular.
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