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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Justice League – Darkseid War | Comics

For eons, Metron has been an observer of events of the universe, destruction and rebirth of worlds while sitting in his Mobius Chair. Though he is never to interfere, he did it in past to prevent a great destruction to all in existence when Apokolips and New Genesis went on waging war against each other and arranged a pact between Darkseid and Highfather. They are to exchange their sons Orion and Scott Free respectively to each other, which will at least stop Izaya from going in war against Uxas and his planet.

He was a witness of that time when an otherworldly being known as Anti-Monitor caused a Crisis on Infinite Earths, then living fear entity Parallax ushered a Zero Hour in time, Infinite Crisis rattled the Multiverse and Zoom created Flashpoint paradox afterwards. When the dusts are cleared out and a new era begins, Prime Earth was threatened by Apokolips War and with all those crisis events over existence put reality into peril. He seeks and finds out Anti-Monitor on the ruins of Earth 3, preparing to consume another world and the observer tells him to stop, because another crisis can destroy reality as we know it.

By destroying Earth 3, the latter made a rift in Multiverse and exposing it to a Convergence of timelines. Seeing his reluctance in ceasing from his advance towards Earth, Metron reminds the destroyer that his actions may lead to Darkseid's wrath but it seems that the Anti-God actually wants a war with Dark God of Apokolips. As he states, only the demise of Uxas can unlock the key to change him back to who he once were, which the observer cannot provide him and in this war, he has a secret ally against the lord of Apokolips.

Justice League – Darkseid War | Comics

Highfather's own son Scott Free grew up in the fiery pits to become Mister Miracle by surviving the worst and escaping his captivity. Darkseid has never been thwarted back before from any of the worlds he invaded until he stepped on Earth and fought the Justice League. Sensing he has gotten some new source of power and preparing to attack once again, Scott decides to confront him. They confronted each other in throne room but he was forced to evade via Boom-Tube and ended up finding the mother of Uxas' daughter.

Meanwhile, assassin Kanto and Lashina goes to Earth looking for a woman named Myrina Black and their opening of a Boom-Tube alerted Cyborg, who brought Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Power Ring, Shazam and Wonder Woman to the scene to find a woman lying dead in her apartment as Steve Trevor arranged to clear out the area for investigation. Victor dotted the lines to figure out that these assailants are after some Myrina Black and Hal points out that whoever they are, they can cloak from his power ring.

Using Barry Allen as a dimensional portal, a gray-skinned woman suddenly arrives and headed towards the Caped Crusader as he is the most dangerous among his peers. Incapacitating him first, she then takes down Cyborg and Shazam before being stopped by Diana. She reveals herself to be of Amazon blood and holds herself pretty well against Wonder Woman. Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz quickly came to join the fight but she corrupts Hal's ring before using Jessica's one to bring the destroyer on Earth.

Superman was with Lex Luthor at LexCorp and as they are informed about the attack on their teammates, Lena Luthor shot her brother and left them both stranded on Apokolips using a Mother Box. Rest of the Justice League made a failed attempt to stop the woman named Grail and Anti-Monitor. Steppenwolf pledges to his master to allow him face the Kryptonian but he is ordered to ready their army to transport to Earth instead. What would happen when Anti-God and Dark God finally goes toe to toe against each other?

For more information on Justice League – Darkseid War, you can check out the link below.

Justice League – Darkseid War (Comics) DC Wikia

Darkseid Vs. Anti-Monitor

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Justice League – Darkseid War Part 01 (Softcover)

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Justice League – Darkseid War Part 02 (Softcover)

Justice League – Darkseid War Part 02 (Hardcover)

Justice League – Darkseid War – Power of the Gods (Softcover)

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Justice League – The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus

Exploring the aftermath of Injustice League and Forever Heroes storylines, while crossover events like Convergence and Forever Evil paves a new way for upcoming arcs, "Darkseid War" is a groundbreaking step stone for many of the future tales and a new status-quo of The New 52. Originally, the core plot of Darkseid War took place on issue #40-52 from the second monthly ongoing Justice League series from DC Comics and couple of other tie-in issues was added afterwards. Reference from "Justice League – Origin" was made and the story itself would influence "The Final Days of Superman" and beyond.

Twilight of the Gods!

Though writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Jason Fabok (Detective Comics – Emperor Penguin, Detective Comics – The Wrath) was primarily responsible for creating this event from DC Comics, artists Kevin Maguire, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year One, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey), Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins (Legion of Superheroes, Superman/Batman) and veteran fan-favorite Jim Lee (Divine Right, Superman Unchained) also took part as guest-pencillers. By far, this one is one of the most expanded story arcs from post-Flashpoint era other than any major crossover events considering the number of issues involved.
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Justice League – The Grid | Comics

Someone hacked Justice League secret files while trying to frame Superman for murder and secret behind Pandora's Box is coming out.

An idea to recruit secondary members to their rank is proposed by Batman to his colleagues in Justice League. Since all of its founding members have their own priorities, they are looking for heroes who can dedicate their full-time to the team. Wonder Woman assumes that he has already discussed about it with Cyborg and they agree.

He showed them that he has created a database called "The Grid" to better respond to worldwide emergencies and super-human assistance. So, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Element Woman, Firestorm, Goldrush, Nightwing, Platinum, Vixen and Zatanna were all called in to Justice League Watchtower for an initiation.

They all came and were getting to know each other until suddenly, Platinum go haywire and starts attacking everyone. With the combined effort of Rhonda Pineda AKA The Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm, she is finally neutralized. Cyborg reveals when they were busy fighting her, someone stole their secret files from Watchtower.

Back in Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth and Red Hood were mourning over the recent death of Damian Wayne. Suddenly, Jason is knocked out with a high-voltage shock and Alfred is thrown away by a stranger in a black bodysuit. Despite Alfred's warning, he enters deep inside the cave to open a secret vault and a box marked "S".

justice league dc comics new 52 the grid
Justice League – The Grid | Comics

In Kahndaq, Superman and Wonder Woman go undercover to secure hostages held captive by a terrorist group named Sons of Adam. They saved the day but it was broadcasted worldwide, which prompts Batman to pay them an immediate visit to remind how the world sees them as a "Power Couple" and their public action matters a lot.

After revealing to them that he already knows for some time that they are dating, Batman suggests them to keep it under cover as the fact of two of Earth's most powerful being in a relationship might scare a lot of people. Then he breaks off the news of Batcave infiltration lately to steal a means to take down Man of Steel.

This gets Diana furious over Bruce but Clark talked her down saying he gave it to him for worst case scenario. In Watchtower, Despero came looking for Justice League but trashed down Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm. Was it not for the timely intervention of Martian Manhunter, these new recruits couldn't have survived.

Right after Cyborg detects that JL Watchtower is falling from the orbit and headed towards East Coast but Superman managed to catch it right before impact. J'onn J'onzz tells Atom not to tell anyone that he was here, leaving a knocked out Despero behind and a Kryptonite ring he was wearing all along starts giving Big Blue a hard time.

Madame Xanadu sees visions of a dystopian future in aftermath of a great war that is only defined by the word Trinity and deems it urgent to warn Justice League about it. Mysterious entity Pandora approaches Man of Steel to open Pandora's Box thinking he was the purest of hearts but it tries to corrupt him and she escapes.

He and his friends then rushes to Kahndaq to stop Shazam from trespassing there to spread ashes of Black Adam but it quickly sparked a fight between them that eventually escalates to a point where things get too ugly. Three Justice League teams go to war over confusion and misdirection created by a traitor from within.

batman v superman dawn of justice dc comics new 52
Friends Turned Enemies

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Justice League V2 18

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Justice League V2 20

Justice League V2 22

Justice League V2 23

Here is your links to buy "Justice League – The Grid" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – The Grid (Softcover)

Justice League – The Grid (Hardcover)

Justice League continues their run in its second monthly ongoing series with fourth storyline titled "The Grid", following "Throne of Atlantis". Set in The New 52 timeline, this five-part arc collects issues #18-20, 22 and 23 from the series released by DC Comics in 2014 and is penned by writer Geoff Johns (Brightest Day, Flashpoint).

In storytelling, artist Ivan Reis (Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis) assisted Johns with illustration for interior pages. Also, Doug Mahnke (JLA – Rules of Engagement, JLA – The Obsidian Age) provided art for final issue and Kenneth Rocafort (Superman – H'El on Earth, Superman – Psi War) worked on variant cover of first issue.

justice league dc comics new 52 geoff johns ivan reis
Clash of Leagues

At the very beginning, many superheroes are assembled to be added into prestigious roster of Justice League but only three of them; The Atom, Element Woman and Firestorm made it. All core-members of the League were given enough space to develop their own tale and the chemistry between the Trinity is explored even further.

Yet, both Aquaman and The Flash had a very little to do over the course of the story but a large ensemble of many major characters were drew in finale. "The Grid" is a set-up for major upcoming crossover event "Trinity War" and its tie-in "Forever Heroes", where three Justice League teams will be on major conflict against each other.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trinity War | Comics

In the prehistoric era of 8,000 B.C.E., Pandora found a golden skull in the woods, that would unleash the Seven Deadly Sins onto the world and as punishment, she was granted an eternal life. In modern age, she approaches Superman with the box in hopes to open it and relieve her of the curse, considering him to be purest of heart. Surprisingly, the box almost immediately tries to corrupt Superman and Pandora then quickly vanishes with the box.

Batman informs Clark that Shazam is entering the restricted borders of Kahndaq and they need to stop him before it's too late. When their confrontation turns into a fight between Superman and Shazam, Steve Trevor's Justice League of America arrives to the scene to escort Justice League out of Kahndaq. Both teams get into a fight and in a sudden moment of confusion, Superman lost his control and kills Doctor Light after he accidentally blasts off Wonder Woman upon losing control over his powers for unknown reasons.

justice league new 52 trinity war
Justice League – Trinity War | Comics

This shocking development left everyone in awe and the Man of Steel then knocks off everyone around him. Superman then begs to be kept locked up and Col. Steve Trevor's team complies by taking him to A.R.G.U.S. While Cyborg and Martian Manhunter was analyzing Superman's autopsy to prove him clean, Batman pays him a visit. To uncover the secrets of Pandora's Box, Diana eventually approaches the smith-god Hephaestus and then finally recruits help from Justice League Dark, who was looking for their missing teammate Madame Xanadu.

When the mystery gets even more complicated, Phantom Stranger and The Question enter the scene to reveal the identity of the culprit responsible for all these chaos. Regarding the theory of what really made Superman gone berserk and Trevor's previous encounter with Pandora's Box finally made Batman lead a team of remaining heroes at his employ to stop Wonder Woman and it gets really intense inside the House of Mystery.

Constantine and Shazam go their own separate way out of the brawl of heroes to solve this mess by themselves. The Question busts out Superman off the A.R.G.U.S. facility to go after the evil telepath known as Doctor Psycho. While all of them were fighting each other, seemingly it was all planned out by The Outsider, who also kept Madame Xanadu captive and rallied the Secret Society of Super-Villains for his own nefarious end.

For more information on Trinity War crossover event, you can check out these links below.

Trinity War  (Comics) Wikipedia

Trinity War  (Comics) DC Wikia

justice league war
War of The Justice Leagues

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00. The New 52 - FCBD Special Edition

01. Trinity of Sin - Pandora 01

02. Justice League V2 22

03. Justice League of America V3 06

04. Justice League Dark 22

05. Constantine 05

06. Trinity of Sin - Pandora 02

07. Trinity of Sin - Phantom Stranger V4 11

08. Justice League of America V3 07

09. Trinity of Sin - Pandora 03

10. Justice League Dark 23

11. Justice League V2 23

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Justice League – Trinity War (Softcover)

Justice League – Trinity War (Hardcover)

In 2013, DC Comics assembled the elite comic-book writer/artist team of Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer), Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War), Jeff Lemire (Beowulf, Essex County) and Mikel Janín (Batman – I Am Suicide, Superman – The Final Days of Superman) for plotting out the "Trinity War" crossover event, which has been building up from story arcs like "The Villain's Journey" and "The Grid".

justice league of america
Hunt for Pandora's Box

Since the "Flashpoint" changed the entire DC Universe like never before, the world's greatest heroes found themselves in Prime Earth. When the Justice League prevented an invasion of Apokolips and battled Darkseid (Justice League – Origin), the barriers of dimensions are weakened and using that lead, the story progresses towards a very interesting turn. This very arc will lead path for another big-one titled "Forever Evil" up next, which will sow seeds for one of the biggest event from the monthly Justice League series of The New 52 titled "Darkseid War".
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