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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Venom – Blood In The Water | Comics

Returning as "Lethal Protector" of dinosaur-people in New York, Venom becomes hunted by Kraven the Hunter.

Reunited with his Venom symbiote once again, Eddie Brock is back in action but realizes that something is wrong with his partner. It has become very aggressive lately and therefore, he seeks help from Alchemax C.E.O. Liz Allen to get a cure. She agrees to help in exchange for a job he is tasked with and gives him an experimental treatment.

When he sleeps, his symbiote watches news on TV and tries to learn what it means to be a hero. Next morning, they bond and swing across the city and head over to Alchemax to get their medicine from Dr. Steven. It influences Eddie into going out for patrol that night and takes out a small group of robbers inside a convenience store.

Observing its host when Brock is asleep, Klyntar reflects on his time of bonding with Spider-Man when it came to learn a number of complex emotions like guilt, agony and betrayal. For very first time of its life, it has been called a parasite and a monster. It also recalls bad memories of being attached to Mac Gargan and to Lee Price recently.

Klyntar realizes that while they both want to do heroic stuffs and feel loved, he disagrees a lot with Eddie and wonders if that makes it a monster! It had a better time with Flash Thompson, who helped it to become a true hero and gain salvation. Keeping its host in sleep, he visits the hospital to see a priest he brutalized earlier and have a pep talk.

venom blood in the water marvel comics 2018 eddie brock kraven the hunter sergei kravinoff mike costa mark bagley paulo siqueira
Venom – Blood In The Water | Comics

In a correction facility at New York, three inmates decide to carry out a hit on a known super-villain who is powerless and pick Lee Price. However, they all are single handedly beaten down by him even without help from symbiote. Venom sneaks up on a dirty cop and a drug dealer only to knock them both down without eating their brains.

In his apartment, Brock notices that his "Other" is acting hostile again as they almost ate the cop but his symbiote points it out that it's just hungry. He then showed up at the Fact Channel for a job interview but given their lack of enthusiasm for truth, Eddie leaves and heads toward sewers to meet dinosaur people in hopes to find some food.

They all rejoice to see Venom and took him to a bonfire where they were roasting a Moloid. Knowing these creatures always are in groups, he is worried and then a horde of Moloids came through bursting walls with a subterranian beast. Both parties clash and Venom gets swallowed by mole monster as he was trying to make peace between them.

Before his people were able to rescue him, Venom rips out of its inside and pleads to both sides to stop. He returns a dead Moloid to its people, asking them to leave in peace before starting to feast on the mole monster's flesh. Elsewhere, Kraven the Hunter was looking for a hunt that he can pursue and notices an article on dinosaur-people in sewers.

He eventually reaches there attempting to kill one of them but his prey managed to escape and reaches out to Eddie Brock by tracking his scent. Sergei Kravinoff prepares himself to go on a full-scale hunt and came across Venom when he arrived at the sewers to kill more of dinosaur-people only to set a hidden bear-trap on him during their chase.

Venom was able to free himself and got shot by Kraven before he leaves with a promise of a rematch. A heavily wounded Eddie goes to see Dr. Steven at Alchemax Tower seeking help and is stitched up. Meanwhile, Mayor Wilson Fisk of New York has appointed a task force lead by Sergei to take care of humanoid dinosaur community for good.

Seeing this on TV news, Eddie suits up and goes back to sewers to get even with Kraven and he blends in by impersonating as a NYPD SWAT team members. When he finally gets to Kravinoff, Venom is blasted by sonic attack from his old enemy Shriek. He is slammed in a wall and soon buried under rubbles as Kraven proceeds to begin his hunt.

venom vs kraven the hunter sergei kravinoff eddie brock blood in the water marvel comics 2018 mike costa mark bagley paulo siqueira
Square Off With Kraven

Here is your links to buy "Venom – Blood In The Water" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Venom 154

Venom 155

Venom 156

Venom 157

Venom 158

Here is your links to buy "Venom – Blood In The Water" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Venom – Blood In The Water

Marvel Comics brought back writer Mike Costa (Venom – Homecoming, Venom – Land Before Crime) to script his third storyline "Blood In The Water" alongside artist Mark Bagley (Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider – Back In The Hood, Ben Reilly – Scarlet Spider – Death's Sting) and Paulo Siqueira (Dark Reign – Skrull Kill Krew, Earth 2 – World's End).

Collecting issues #154-158 from third monthly ongoing Venom comic-book run in 2018, Marvel is bringing back original legacy numbering for current run. Eddie Brock has returned back to assume his role as "Lethal Protector" and he gets challenged by a new enemy right away, who has past ties with his arch-nemesis; The Amazing Spider-Man.

kraven the hunter vs venom sergei kravinoff eddie brock blood in the water marvel comics 2018 mike costa mark bagley paulo siqueira
Prey of Master Hunter

Eddie has been away from his symbiote for long and has reunited with his partner after it was recently found by a disabled veteran named Lee Price. Brock helped Anti-Symbiote Task Force to separate them and take lee down to bond with Klyntar. He then fought Stegron to save a community of dinosaur-people in New York underground.

Learning about them from news, Kraven the Hunter came looking for a hunt and tangled with their appointed savior. It soon gets ugly when they both collide and Venom had to take care of Shriek as well. From here on, things will lead up to "Venom Inc." crossover arc next story-wise and then over to "The Nativity" in terms of series continuity.
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