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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thanos – Thanos Wins | Comics

Thanos returns to his glory only to reach the end of time to witness his greatest glory and ultimate shame!

On Chitauri Prime, The Mad Titan has set foot in their gladiatorial arena a few hours ago and he almost forgot about the tyrannical Chitauri before that. He conquered their homeworld after decimating anyone who came in his way and crushed the skull of their king under his boot but was very disappointed upon finding no challenge here.

As he sits on the throne while his new army cheers for him, one of them pledges their entire armada for him and asks if he would ask his "God" to stop killing them now, causing him to wonder!

Since the creature appears like Phoneix and cuts through their defenses sooner than he did, they thought it to be his God. At that very moment, blood starts raining heavily from sky as Leviathans were getting slaughtered and Thanos started to smile after a long time, because it strongly stinks of Death.

Soon the mysterious being is revealed to be a cosmic version of Ghost Rider! Although he is all hellfire and brimstone, but neither Johnny Blaze nor Danny Ketch has become Spirit of Vengeance this time and he is from future.

thanos wins marvel comics
Thanos – Thanos Wins | Comics

The Rider asks Thanos to come along but he refuses to oblige and tells Mephisto to come and meet if he wants to. He is confused and explains that killing son of Titan will mess up timeline only to get punched on face. Before making another move, he is wrapped in chains by GR, which are made off the bones of Cyttorak.

The pawn of Hell also possess a fragment of Time Stone and teleports them both using it. Million years into future, he delivered an imprisoned Thanos to his master, Final King, who is an older version of The Mad Titan.

There are mightiest beings in existence that are superior to everyone else and there are heroes who protect the entire universe from major threats. However, deep down inside them all are afraid of one single thing, to see Thanos win! Unfortunately, it finally happened and sitting on the skull of Galactus, he tells to his younger self how the entire universe was doomed the moment he was born.

One by one, he took down every heroes of Earth with precise planning when they slowly grew old and when a group of Celestials came to judge, he vanquished them all with a thunderous scream of Inhuman King, Black Bolt.

Angry over dragging him through time and still in disbelief, Thanos knocks his older self but decides to align with him moments later, when he finally proves him to be the real deal. He brought his younger counterpart to this timeline for his help in killing The Fallen One, a former herald of Galactus and after killing every living thing in the known universe, he is the only one left to deliver to Death.

Despite once being a terror for everyone, the Final King seeking his help to kill a rogue herald doesn't seem plausible to Thanos.

marvel comics thanos ghost rider hulk
The Final King Reigns

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Thanos – Thanos Wins

The second monthly ongoing volume of Thanos have already shaken things up by revealing him dying in "Thanos Returns" and then restored to his old form in "The God Quarry" storyline. Now, Marvel Comics brings writer Donny Cates (Doctor Strange – Damnation, Doctor Strange – God of Magic) and Geoff Shaw (Buzzkill, God Country) to cook up the third plotline featuring another mad conquest of the Titan in 2018, which collects issues #13-18 and Annual issue #01.

Al Ewing, Christopher Hastings, Katie Cook, Kieron Gillen (Angela – Asgard's Assassin, Beta Ray Bill – Godhunter) and Ryan North joined as guest-storyteller, while Frazer Irving and Katie Cook joined to provide illustration aid.

thanos marvel comics
Twin Titans Clash

Following the past two stories, Thanos faced his son Thane and then allied with his brother Starfox and estranged daughter Nebula to defeat him before finally restoring his godhood. This very arc briefly explores how he continuously threatened reality over time during the events of Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade, Annihilation Wars and Infinity.

While invading Earth for the final time, he was opposed by Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, The Sentry, Vision and X-23, all of which fell before him. Cates brilliantly took a spin on the origin of Cosmic Ghost Rider and how he turned into Black Right Hand of the Final King.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

The "Siege of Asgard" led by Norman Osborn led The Sentry turning into his other persona, The Void, an Angel of Death who left Asgard in ruins like never before. In post-war, Odin All-Father sends Thor and Lady Sif in the furthest depths of Asgard to retrieve an ancient artifact called Worldheart; which is an immensely powerful cosmic heart giving birth to the world tree Yggdrasill, that later spawned the nine realms.

mighty thor galactus seed
The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

While retrieving it, Thor sustained injuries from the worm-like creatures defending it. His brother Loki came to his aid and they successfully retrieve the heart. The all-seeing Heimdall confronts Odin about the artifact and its origin. Odin discloses to him about an apocalyptic prophecy and then places the heart inside the Destroyer Armor for safekeeping. While the whole Asgard gathers to celebrate this feat, Thor remains mildly distracted with his gut-wound that glows instead of bleeding.

Silver Surfer has been a herald of Galactus for a long-time and his true intention of serving the destroyer of worlds is to let him feed onto barren planets that are dead for millennia, thus sparing the ones with sentient life forms in it. Now, he heads towards Asgard sensing the power of the Cosmic Seed and demands it from Odin.

This sparks a sudden heated confrontation between him and the thunder god until he explains his intention of using it to sate the hunger of Galactus forever. Warning the Asgardians that his master will come for the seed, Surfer leaves. For the final showdown, an elderly god must face the great devourer. It's Odin Vs. Galactus.

odin vs galactus marvel
Gods of Destruction

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The Mighty Thor 05

The Mighty Thor 06

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The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Softcover)

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Hardcover)

Taken place in the aftermath of Siege, "Galactus Seed" is a six part storyline from the first monthly ongoing series of The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics. Collecting issues #01-06, the story was written by Matt Fraction (Nation X, Second Coming) and he was assisted by artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, House of M) with illustrations, who also provided covers for all related issues.

mighty thor vs galactus
In The Name of Asgard

Though the plotline is of a story-arc, it has an ever-escalating premise of immense importance and it features a wide-array of characters from Asgard like Thor, Odin, Lady Sif, Heimdall, Brigade of Realms, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg of Warriors Three, Kid Loki as well as cosmic entity like Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk | Comics

After years of his destructive rampage and a recent incident in Las Vegas that killed several civilians, Hulk is proven too dangerous to stay on Earth. So, the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and the Inhuman king Black Bolt; members of a secret band of super powered figures called The Illuminati decides to send him off-planet. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. approached Bruce Banner to go on a mission to the orbit of Earth to destroy a satellite weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D. that went rogue.

Though he was meant to send in a distant planet free of any inhabitant but the shuttle carrying Hulk entered in a wormhole and he finally crushed onto the savage planet of Sakaar. As he had a long space travel, the Hulk was in a very weakened condition that allowed him to be captured soon with the help of obedience disk placed on him by his captors. He is then forced to battle as a gladiator to entertain the ruler of that alien planet, the notorious Red King.

planet hulk marvel
Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk | Comics

In the gladiatorial arena of Sakaar, various challenges were thrown at him but Hulk successfully smashed them all and remained victorious. A few survivors of the arena has banded together with Hulk to tackle the onslaught that was coming their way. He was about to receive a pardon from the Red King but instead an angered Hulk attacked him out of his hatred for him and sent to The Maw along with other captives as punishment.

He forms a team called Warbound with fellow gladiators Brood, Elloe, Hiroim the Shamed, Korg and Miek to face the Red King's second in command Caiera the Oldstrong, who was proven quite a match for Hulk's own strength. She even tries to buy him off on Red King's behalf but Hulk rejected the offer. The next day, Hulk took out a Deathfire Bomb dropped in the arena and then took out an entire troops of Imperial Death's Head alone, making him even dangerous threat in the eye of the King.

Later, Caiera decided to send one of the captive being with cosmic powers at Hulk and he faced a mind-controlled Silver Surfer in the intergalactic battle arena, with whom the jolly green giant had a savage fight that eventually freed the Surfer of his disks. He then frees every other person in the arena wearing an obedience disk. Bidding Surfer good-bye, Hulk and his Warbound went into the woods and even managed to receive support of the local villagers.

The Warbound takes care of the dreaded Wildebots, fend off the army of the Emperor and free the maw of its prisoners. The Emperor goes mad seeing the fall of his authority slowly to the rise of Hulk whom everyone now calls the fabled Sakaarson and this, along with a few other facts made Caiera a bit doubtful to her King. In order to survive against the odds on Sakaar and find his freedom, Hulk must find a way to defeat the Red King.

For more information on Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk storyline, you can check out these links below.

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Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk (Comics) Marvel Wikia

hulk vs red king
Clash With The Red King

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05. Giant-Size Hulk 01

06. Incredible Hulk V2 96

07. Incredible Hulk V2 97

08. Incredible Hulk V2 98

09. Incredible Hulk V2 99

10. Incredible Hulk V2 100

11. Incredible Hulk V2 101

12. Incredible Hulk V2 102

13. Incredible Hulk V2 103

14. Incredible Hulk V2 104

15. Incredible Hulk V2 105

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Hulk – Planet Hulk Prelude

Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk (Softcover)

Incredible Hulk – Planet Hulk (Hardcover)

Planet Hulk Omnibus

"Planet Hulk" is a major Hulk storyline that took place in the second volume of the monthly ongoing Incredible Hulk comic series and was published by Marvel Comics during 2006 to 2007. The story ran through the issues #92-105 and had a prelude story that started from issue #88 and concluded in issue #91 (Planet Hulk Prelude). Writer Greg Pak (Iron Man – House of MMagneto – Testament) skillfully crafted this tale of Hulk with help from artist Carlo Pagulayan (ElektraEmma Frost).

planet hulk comics
Exile of Redemption

This arc is later continued in the significant World War Hulk crossover event and led to the creation of the characters; Skaar, Son of Hulk and Red Hulk throughout the upcoming arcs. "Planet Hulk" was later adapted into a direct-to-video animated film on 2010 by Marvel Animation. The story arc will also serve as major plot element for 2017's superhero film Thor: Ragnarok, where he will be fighting in an intergalactic battle arena much like the one in Sakaar.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Annihilation | Comics

marvel annihilation comics
Annihilation | Comics
Known as the living death that walks, Annihilus is the tyrant ruler of the Negative Zone dimension, who is always interested in new source of power. He had clashed with the Fantastic Four and The Avengers (Kree-Skrull War) before in attempts to conquer Earth but failed eventually. Recently, he has learnt of a great power source that is the opposite of the Cosmic Cube in Negative Zone called Opposing Force and he decides to expand his territory beyond the border of positive matter universe. He assembles a fleet of Annihilation Wave to invade the entire galaxy under his tyrannic lead. The Mad Titan, Thanos and his lover Death joins Annihilus in his full-scale inter-galactic invasion as Thanos has his own secret agendas to fulfill during the war.

Drax the Destroyer is killed and then revived by Cammi which passes him from the custody of the Nova Corps. As the wave is launched, it destroyed the Kyln on its way and the entire Nova Corps is slain in the process except for Richard Rider. Quasar faces Annihilus in a brutal fight with the cost of his own life. Nova returns from Earth empty handed as the superhero "Civil War" has divided the heroes who might have helped them. Super Skrull and Ronan the Accuser also engaged the oncoming wave, inflicting serious damage to them. Former heralds of Galactus; Air-Walker, Silver Surfer, Stardust, Firelord, Red Shift and Terrax the Tamer also joined the fight when the great devourer himself has became a prisoner of Annihilus.

For more information on Annihilation event, you can check out those links below.

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Annihilation (Comics) Marvel Wikia

annihilation marvel comics
Annihilation Day
Here is your for "Annihilation" limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Here is your links for "Annihilation" event from Marvel Comics.

annihilus marvel comics
Lord of the Negative Zone

Annihilation Omnibus

In 2006, Marvel Comics has published a full scale comic crossover event titled "Annihilation" featuring the cosmic characters of Marvel Universe. Writer Keith Giffen (Annihilation – Conquest –Star-Lord, Annihilation – Silver Surfer) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Civil War – House of M, Stormbreaker – The Saga of Beta Ray Bill) took charge of the core plot of six part limited series. Apart from the core six part limited series, several limited series like Drax the Destroyer, Annihilation – Nova, Annihilation – Super Skrull, Annihilation – Ronan, Annihilation – Silver Surfer and Annihilation – Heralds of Galactus were connected to the original event.
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