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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sinestro Corps War | Comics

sinestro corps war
Sinestro Corps War | Comics
The fallen Green Lantern of Sector 1417, Thaal Sinestro was an inhabitant of the planet Korugar and an honorary member of the Corps until he was discharged for his abusing the power ring. After leaving the corps, he has become one of the greatest rivals of the Green Lantern Corps and formed his very own Sinestro Corps, powered by the yellow colored rings made by the Weaponers of the Antimatter World of Qward, to oppose the green rings of The Guardians. The Multiverse was finally restored in the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis and the Anti-Monitor is also resurrected in the process as well. To instill great fear in the heart of their enemy, he starts recruiting powerful and malevolent individuals to re-build his own Corps, thus picking the villainous Anti-Monitor and Parallax.

Together, they all launched an attack on Oa, which frees the Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime, who eventually joined the Sinestro Corps, each wearing a yellow power ring after killing many of the Corps members. During this massive onslaught on Oa, Kyle Rayner is separated from his Ion Symbiote of the ring by Sinestro and is then possessed by Parallax. Even the combined efforts of Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner failed to rescue him. As Hal goes to fight with the Sinestro Corps, the Justice League are also warned about the return of Anti-Monitor. A secret ancient prophecy of an apocalyptic event called the "Blackest Night" is finally revealed, which will destroy all the existing Corps representing every emotional spectrum.

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green lantern war
The Universe at War
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01. Green Lantern – Sinestro Corps Special

02. Green Lantern V4 21

03. Green Lantern Corps V2 14

04. Green Lantern V4 22

05. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Parallax

06. Green Lantern Corps V2 15

07. Green Lantern V4 23

08. Green Lantern Corps V2 16

09. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Cyborg-Superman

10. Green Lantern V4 24

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12. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Superman Prime

13. Green Lantern Corps V2 18

14. Green Lantern V4 25

15. Tales of the Sinestro Corps – Ion

16. Green Lantern Corps V2 19

17. Green Lantern – Sinestro Corps Secret Files and Origins

Here is your links for "Sinestro Corps War" crossover event from DC Comics.

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War Vol 01

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War Vol 02

Green Lantern – Tales of the Sinestro Corps (Softcover)
green lantern sinestro
In Blackest Day

Green Lantern – Tales of the Sinestro Corps (Hardcover)

Sinestro Corps War

Absolute Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War

"Sinestro Corps War" is comic book crossover that follows the limited series “Green Lantern – Rebirth”. The creator team of writer Geoff Johns (Brightest Day, Flashpoint), Dave Gibbons (Green Lantern Corps – Recharge, Rann-Thanagar War), artist Ivan Reis (Aquaman and the Others, Justice League – New 52), Ethan Van Sciver (The Flash – Rebirth, Impulse) and Patrick Gleason (Aquaman, Noble Causes) is responsible for this story. This DC Comics crossover was published in 2007 and was quite a successful event in Green Lantern series; as it went under several re-print processes. Also the first issue of this saga was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infinite Crisis | Comics

infinite crisis comics
Infinite Crisis | Comics
Following the actions of an unstable Superboy-Prime, Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two came to Earth-One for recovering Lois' health and to look-out for his cousin, Power Girl. He seeks Batman's aid to replace the current Earth with Earth-Two but Batman refuses this offer and attacks him instead. Superboy-Prime is on Earth to team up with Alexander Luthor and came to Earth after he broke out of their realm. Alex starts restoring multiple Earths as well as founding a new Secret Society of Super-Villains of his own that is ambushed by the Freedom Fighters. Not only Superboy-Prime unknowingly resurrected the long-gone adventurer team of Doom Patrol and former RobinJason Todd through his actions but he also sparked a war between Rann and Thanagar.

Then he engages in a battle with Earth-One's Superboy, Conner Kent followed by destroying the Justice League Watchtower. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman rushed to the scene after discussing their possible roles in this Crisis. Batman suggests Superman to head for Earth to help and to held Diana back. With the Teen Titans totally decimated by Superboy-PrimeThe Flash and Jay Garrick tries to trap him into their Speed-Force after several heroes are killed by him. To stop the menace of this psychotic Superboy, the Superman of the two Earth teams up for the final battle against him. In the midst of this chaos, the Clown Prince of Crime decides to exact revenge on Alexander Luthor for not inviting him into his Secret Society of Villains.

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green lantern vs superman prime
The Corps Fights Superboy-Prime
Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Infinite Crisis 01

Infinite Crisis 02

Infinite Crisis 03

Infinite Crisis 04

Infinite Crisis 05

Infinite Crisis 06

Infinite Crisis 07

Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" crossover event from DC Comics.

Infinite Crisis (Softcover)
superboy prime comics
Superboy-Prime Unleashed

Infinite Crisis (Hardcover)

The Infinite Crisis Omnibus

"Infinite Crisis" is a major crossover comic-book event from DC Comics that took place in 2005 and is a follow up to 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths. This event was plotted by writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) along with some of industry's talented artists like Phil Jimenez, George Pérez (Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds, Infinity Gauntlet) and Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Sinestro Corps War). The core plot was formed with a seven issue limited series following "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" limited series. Artist extraordinaire Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained) draws the seven alternate covers of the limited series for this comic event. Infinite Crisis brought major historical change to DC's timeline and later it led to the "Final Crisis" event which was the main reason for all the Crisis themed events.
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Sunday, January 4, 2004

Crisis on Infinite Earths | Comics

During the Big Bang event that structured the entire universe, there also was created many others like the first one as a sort of imitation. Thus, they all have their own different histories from the other one. The same event that has caused this multiple universe has also produced two supreme beings called The Monitor and its evil counterpart; Anti-Monitor, both knowing the secrets of the universe.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Comics Cover,
Crisis on Infinite Earths | Comics

At the beginning of all, they both engaged in war without a result, where The Monitor tried his best to stop Anti-Monitor from destroying Multiverse but finally both rendered unconscious for millennia. When scientist Kell Mossa tried to witness creation at Dawn of Time in his anti-matter chamber, he instead accidentally witnessed the Anti-Monitor.

It eventually destroyed his world just like many other of the Multiverse, he was saved by The Monitor who renamed him as Pariah. The Monitor sends his assistant Harbinger to seek out some heroes from Multiverse to make a final stand and fight back against Anti-Monitor. So, Arion the Sorcerer, Blue Beetle, Dawnstar, Firebrand, Firestorm, Killer Frost, King Solovar of Gorilla City and Psycho-Pirate is recruited to fight back the evil anti-matter force of destruction.

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Crisis of Multiverse,
Crisis of Multiverse

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Crisis on Infinite Earths 01

Crisis on Infinite Earths 02

Crisis on Infinite Earths 03

Crisis on Infinite Earths 04

Crisis on Infinite Earths 05

Crisis on Infinite Earths 06

Crisis on Infinite Earths 07

Crisis on Infinite Earths 08

Crisis on Infinite Earths 09

Crisis on Infinite Earths 10

Crisis on Infinite Earths 11

Crisis on Infinite Earths 12

Here is your links for "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event from DC Comics.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Softcover)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Hardcover)

Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths

Released on 1985 from DC Comics, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is a twelve issue limited series that re-forged the then already 50 year reigning DC Universe. Writer Marv Wolfman (DC Universe Online – Legends, Deathstroke the Terminator) and artist George Pérez (Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds, Infinity Gauntlet) were tasked along with Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano and Jerry Ordway to create this series that served as a comic book crossover event at that time.

The heroes fighting the Anti-Monitor,
The heroes fighting the Anti-Monitor

The crossover also produced three sequels that was Zero Hour – Crisis in Time (1994), Infinite Crisis (2005–2006) and Final Crisis (2008). Crisis on Infinite Earths was not only one of the most influential comic book story of that time but it paved the pathway for the future "Crisis" titled events.
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