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Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics

messiah complex x-men
X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics
Mutant population has been drastically reduced and the remaining Mutants are left de-powered after the "House of M" event caused by a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch. She had flattened the slim chances of any mutant population to the future. However, recently a new mutant activation is detected in Alaska by Professor Xavier and Beast. Cyclops reaches the spot with the X-Men, only to find out a few lifeless bodies of The Marauders and The Purifiers, assuming they had reached here first and had a fight for the possession of the new born. Cyclops sent the team of Wolverine, Storm, Angel, Colossus and Nightcrawler to look for Marauders and Predator X is also seen looking for the baby and devouring the dead corpses of The Marauders.

Julio Richter AKA Rictor has joined the ranks of Purifiers to investigate and act as a double-agent for Cyclops, discovering that they don't have the baby yet but they have Lady Deathstrike in their team. Soon the team of New X-Men attacks The Purifiers and these two team battles with Lady Deathstrike initially taking down both X-23 and Rockslide. The X-Men engaged in a full-scale battle with Mister Sinister’s group of Marauders consisting Apocalypse's former Horsemen of DeathGambit, Sunfire, Scalphunter, Lady Mastermind, Omega SentinelVertigo and many other bad guys on Sinister’s Antarctic base. Finally it is revealed by Wolverine that Cable actually has the baby in his care, but a time travelling Bishop is after the baby too for his own reasons.

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messiah complex comics
Battle For Messiah Custody
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14. X-Men - Messiah Complex – Mutant Files

15. Marvel Spotlight – X-Men – Messiah Complex

cable marvel comics
Cable With Baby Messiah
Here is your links for "X-Men – Messiah CompleX" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Softcover)

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Hardcover)

"Messiah CompleX" is a Marvel Comics crossover event that ran from 2007-08, from right after the "X-Men - Blinded by the Light" storyline and followed from the "Endangered Species" event. Writer Mike Carey (X-Men – Manifest Destiny, X-Men – Supernovas), Ed Brubaker (Captain America – Reborn, Steve Rogers – Super-Soldier), Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle drafted parts of this event in various X-Titles. Artist Chris Bachalo (Generation X, Uncanny X-Men), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man), Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, The Darkness) and Billy Tan (New Avengers, Shadowland) took turns on the total drawing responsibilities. It is the first part to the two later parts of the "Messiah War" and "Second Coming" crossover.
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fatal Attractions | Comics

Fabian Cortez, the new leader of The Acolytes, attacks on the headquarters of “Project: Wideawake”, a recently developed sentinel program funded by the government at Camp Hayden. The government sponsored mutant super team of X-Factor intervenes and engages The Acolytes there. During the battle between these two teams, Quicksilver is approached by Cortez to be the new leader of the Acolytes as Magneto's rightful heir, to which Quicksilver declines.

x-men fatal attractions
X-Men – Fatal Attractions | Comics

Meanwhile, Exodus shows up to Cable's X-Force team to offer them all sanctuary from a mysterious greater power. Exodus in fact came to offer them shelter to Avalon, which was Cable's former headquarter Graymalkin in the past and the mysterious person with greater power is none other than a previously thought-dead Magneto himself, who has taken over the base and upgraded it with Shi'ar technology. Before teleporting with X-Force from Avalon, Cable nearly escapes death from the hands of the mutant master of magnetism.

Along with his team of Acolytes, Magneto came to meet the X-Men at Westchester during the funeral for Colossus' sister Illyana Rasputin, who died of the Legacy Virus that has crippled the entire mutant community for some time. After a brief fight between the X-Men and the Acolytes, Colossus switched his alliance with Magneto as he has lost his faith in the ways of Xavier and the X-Men.

Professor Xavier led the team of Jean Grey, Gambit, Quicksilver, Rogue and Wolverine to Avalon after Magneto unleashes an electromagnetic pulse causing havoc to Earth's entire electrical system, as an answer to "Magneto Protocols" by UN. After getting stabbed by Wolverine in battle, an enraged Magneto forcibly tore out the Adamantium out of Wolverine's body that led him to a near death experience as he was unable to heal himself from major injuries.

This sudden act of violence made Professor X snap and he mind-wipes Magneto in retaliation, leaving him into a vegetative state on Avalon. The X-Men took Wolverine back to their base for treatment as he was being unable to regenerate himself and Colossus left behind to look after Magneto.

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professor x magneto
When Psychs Collide

Here is your links to buy "X-Men – Fatal Attractions" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

01. X-Factor 92

02. X-Force 25

03. Uncanny X-Men 304

04. X-Men V2 25

05. Wolverine V2 75

06. Excalibur 71

Here is your links to buy "X-Men – Fatal Attractions" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

X-Men – Fatal Attractions (Softcover)

X-Men – Fatal Attractions (Hardcover)

Plotted out to lead path to an even bigger events by writer Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight, Avengers) and Scott Lobdell (Excalibur, Generation X), "Fatal Attractions" is a major crossover event with six part core story taking place back in 1993 and is published by Marvel Comics. The story arc continues in the "Avengers/X-Men – Bloodties" crossover and is the base plot that later caused the historical "Onslaught Saga", which changed the entire landscape of the Marvel Universe forever.

wolverine vs magneto
Wolverine Ripped-Off

Various artists like Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Avengers & X-Men – Axis), Andy Kubert (Captain America, Uncanny X-Men), Greg Capullo (Haunt, Quasar), Joe Quesada (Daredevil – Guardian Devil, Daredevil – Father) and John Romita, Jr. (Daredevil, The Sentry) has pencilled on the various X-Titles that chronicled in this crossover event. Most notably, Adam Kubert's art on the cover of Wolverine, Volume 2, issue #75 became one of the top covers of Marvel Comics from their first 75 years of publications.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

X-Tinction Agenda | Comics

The weather manipulating mutant superhero Storm is stuck in her child body and after some observation, mutant inventor Forge informs that her current state may even last forever. Jean Grey pays a visit to X-Mansion and Storm met her and rekindled their old friendship. Meanwhile, the missing X-Men member and Cyclops' brother Havok, who seems to be in an amnesiac state.

x-tinction agenda
X-Tinction Agenda | Comics

He came along with a bunch of Genoshan force suddenly raids in X-Mansion and kidnaps Storm, Boom-Boom, Rictor, Wolfsbane and Warlock from an underground complex for some yet unknown purpose. Outnumbered and outgunned, all of them are quickly teleported to Genosha and they learns that X-Factor's former ally Cameron Hodge was the one who orchestrated this attack.

Cameron Hodge has now turned into a cyborg (see Fall of the Mutants) and now is allied with the island nation Genosha. The captured mutants were somehow rendered powerless and were about to undergo a new mutation experiment. Realizing this, Warlock uses his last bit of energies to help liberate his friends out of their captivity.

Wolfsbane returns back to help him out of this mess but was unable to finally save his life. The remaining X-Men and X-Factor members assembles to rescue their abducted teammates in Genosha under the lead of Cable, his New Mutants, Gambit, Forge and Banshee, as they are the final hope for their comrades to their freedom from captivity. On their way, they are joined by their friends Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee to the same cause.

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cyclops vs havok
Brother Versus Brother

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02. New Mutants 95

03. X-Factor 60

04. Uncanny X-Men 271

05. New Mutants 96

06. X-Factor 61

07. Uncanny X-Men 272

08. New Mutants 97

09. X-Factor 62

Here is your links for "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

X-Tinction Agenda (Softcover)

X-Tinction Agenda (Hardcover)

Published by Marvel Comics, "X-Tinction Agenda" is a crossover comic-book storyline that was released back in 1990. This crossover event ran through the monthly ongoing Uncanny X-Men series and its spin-off titles, X-Factor and New Mutants.

x-factor marvel comics
State of Madness

Marvel's veteran X-Men writer Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II) was behind the plots' creation while artists like Rob Liefeld (Image United, Onslaught Reborn) and Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Divine Right) did the illustrations for the crossover in other related ongoing titles.

One of X-Men's old ally Cameron Hodge from Genosha returns to turn on them and it is one of the classic X-Tale till date. This event was later succeeded by “Inferno” and followed by “Muir Island Saga”.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Apocalypse | Comics

Born and abandoned at birth, the freakish gray-skinned boy En Sabah Nur was found and taken by Baal, leader of a nomadic group called the Sandstormers with them. He was raised by them in the unforgiving desert with “Survival of the Fittest” philosophy and this idea had shaped his morals as he grew up to be the one he is today.

apocalypse x men
Apocalypse | Comics

His entire clan was captured by the Grand Vizier Ozymandias and he ended up being killed for rebellion. It was the first time when his mutant power was discovered when he was revived by it. He forced the then ruling Egyptian Pharaoh Rama-Tut to retreat and turned Ozymandias as his slave in a stone-like form. Thus the new era of "The First One" has begun.

Over the century-wide period of time, he appeared in various civilizations, being worshiped by many cultures as Death-God, died and re-generated but he focused on conquering world. He got his hands on an abandoned spaceship of the Celestials and the key to unlock its technology becomes his obsession. He eventually finds it in time-traveling mutant Cable which follows to a fatal consequence for him. Nur resurfaced again in the modern century and was opposed by X-Factor and X-Men.

In time, he recruited Angel, Gambit and Wolverine as Horsemen of Death. Once he also abducted Hulk to be Horseman War. Namor, the Submariner has battled him on one occasion and following his choosing of "The Twelve" met his untimely demise. During "World War Hate" he manifested through Evan Sabahnur and fought The Avengers.

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x men apocalypse
Survival of The Fittest

Here is your links for "Apocalypse" comics from Marvel Comics.

The Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men – Apocalypse/Dracula

Essential X-Factor Vol 01

Essential X-Factor Vol 02

The Evolutionary War

X-Men – Books of Askani

Wolverine – The Jungle Adventure

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Softcover)

X-Men – The Fall of the Mutants (Hardcover)

X-Men – Wrath of Apocalypse

X-Men – X-Cutioner's Song

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Prelude

X-Men – Legionquest

X-Men – Dawn of The Age of Apocalypse


X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 01

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 02

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 03

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse – The Complete Epic Book 04

X-Men – The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

X-Men – Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Companion

X-Men vs. Apocalypse Vol 01 – The Twelve

X-Men vs. Apocalypse Vol 02 – Ages of Apocalypse

X-Men – The Blood of Apocalypse

Uncanny X-Force – The Apocalypse Solution

Uncanny X-Force – The Dark Angel Saga, Book 01

Uncanny X-Force – The Dark Angel Saga, Book 02

Uncanny Avengers – The Apocalypse Twins

Avengers & X-Men – Axis (Softcover)

Avengers & X-Men – Axis (Hardcover)

One of the most powerful super-villains of the comic-book world, Apocalypse is a Marvel Comics character who mostly appears to the X-Titles frequently released by the company. Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Jackson Guice, Apocalypse was first introduced in the 5th issue from the first monthly ongoing volume of X-Factor in 1986.

apocalypse marvel comics
Apocalypse Upon Avengers

Since then he became an arch-enemy for the mutant superhero teams, making appearances in crossover events like Fall of the Mutants, The Evolutionary War, X-Cutioner's Song, Age of Apocalypse, Onslaught Saga and The Twelve as the character has since evolved into an asset of the publication. Apocalypse had previously appeared in a few animated TV Series and in 2016, he’s about to debut in the cinema with the release of “X-Men – Apocalypse” with Oscar Isaac portraying him.
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