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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic | Comics

Wonder Woman rallies up Detective Chimp, Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and Zatanna to reform Justice League Dark to stop The Otherkind.

During one of her stage shows, Zatanna accidentally unleashes a bunch of mystical creatures from her hat that started attacking people in audience and she was able to avert a major crisis only for the timely intervention of Wonder Woman. Diana came checking on her for not returning her calls ever since they came back from Colu.

Zatanna tries to burn them with her spell but it fires back at her and though it appears that magic is broken, she denies joining Diana. Shortly afterwards, when she came to attend an emergency meeting at Wintersgate Manor, John Constantine came to see her about that incident prior and suggested that she gets help.

Inside the manor, Jason Blood arranged a meeting of prominent magic users like Klarion the Witch Boy, Madame Xanadu and Morgaine le Fey to discuss an oncoming change. As he explains how a tear in Source Wall allowed access to some entity to step into this universe, Zee notices a small plant is eavesdropping on them.

Following its trail, she reaches to Tree of Wonder to find Swamp Thing sitting next to it and starts lashing out at him for doing absolutely nothing being a guardian of green. He believes keeping this problem in shadows like Jason Blood is not a good idea nor is forming Justice League Dark to punch it into light is the correct way.

justice league dark last age of magic dc comics rebirth zatanna wonder woman greg capullo
Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic | Comics

Failing to find answers, Zatanna wished to talk to Tree of Wonder and she has a chance to see spirit of her deceased father Zatara who warns her of The Otherkind and arrival of Upside-Down Man. Showing her a glimpse of what is coming, he reveals that one of them is powerful enough to fight back this crisis and urges her to find them.

Diana sits disappointed at Oblivion Bar beside Detective Chimp, wondering why every magical hero she approached to join her team has declined her so far. In the wake of a series of gruesome death of ordinary magic users lately, Wonder Woman realizes some powerful force is at work here and so, she kept looking for recruits.

Bobo also expresses his dilemma of being new "Nightmaster" for possession of Sword of Night, which makes him a defender of magical realm Myrra, now that his friend Jame Rook is no more. He offers his help investigating her murder mystery and they head to Hall of Justice, where Bobo Chimpanzee met former Batman villain, Man-Bat.

Diana recruited Kirk Langstrom to study the mutated cadavers from A.R.G.U.S. and suddenly, they start coming back to life. She told Langstrom to fly out with Bobo immediately but cavalry arrived in form of Swamp Thing and Zatanna. After regrouping, Zee suggests that they go visit Tower of Fate seeking answers from Doctor Fate.

Alec Holland stayed outside and Constantine came to see him regarding an approaching danger that they both feel coming. Once inside, Zatanna wishes to speak to original lord of order, Nabu and Fate agrees to arrange that but kept Bobo and Kirk out.

Langstrom accidentally breaks an artifact that gives away a dark secret about Fate which Diana and Zee feels too. Only then, they realize that it was Nabu himself who was posing as Kent all along. He admits of summoning The Otherkind to this world before leaving them in dark, from which crawls out the dreaded Upside-Down Man.

justice league dark dc comics rebirth alvaro martínez zatanna wonder woman
Nightmarish New Threat

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Justice League Dark V2 07

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Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic

Following major DC Rebirth events like "Dark Nights – Metal" and "Justice League – No Justice", a new incarnation of Justice League Dark is formed by Wonder Woman, which kick-starts from a six-part storyline titled "The Last Age of Magic" from second monthly ongoing volume of the titular comic-book series by DC Comics in 2019.

To rework it a new, writer James Tynion IV (Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen, Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate) and artist Álvaro Martínez (Detective Comics – A Lonely Place of Living, Detective Comics – Deus Ex Machina) were brought on board to create a fresh plotline that collects issues #01-03 and #05-07 from the series.

justice league dark dc comics rebirth james tynion wonder woman zatanna
What Lurks Within Dark?

After returning back to Earth from fighting Omega Titans on Colu recently, Diana of Themyscira starts looking for magical heroes she knew to prepare a team for an upcoming magic war. She eventually ended up gathering Detective Chimp, John Constantine, Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and her former teammate from Team Wonder, Zatanna.

In a quest to restore balance in magical sphere, they face unknown threat such as an extra-dimensional being known as Upside-Down Man. Though JL Dark was able to fend off The Otherkind for now, there are greater menaces lurking within shadows around then and more of that will be explored in "Lords of Order" story arc up next.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

When Circe and Ra's al Ghul teams up to transform their allies, Batman calls in a Trinity of mystical heroes for help.

When immortal witch Circe invited Lex Luthor and Ra's al Ghul to a secret location for forming their very own unholy Trinity to defeat their arch-nemesis, none of them were interested much. When she showed them three Pandora Pits, a beast made out of the likeness of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was unleashed on them.

Though Luthor left them shortly afterwards but Ra's remained interested to see what secrecy those Pandora Pits hold. A mysterious hooded entity made it to the island where they were but is quickly surrounded by League of Assassins. He revealed himself to be Jason Blood, alter ego of Etrigan, the Demon and let it loose on them.

After finishing them off, Circe approached him to join their cause since Lex has left but he jumped onto them only to be slashed by Ra's. His demon blood hits the pit and it reacts by sucking him inside to release his true demonic form apart from Jason, deciding to attack humanity with an army of demons with no one there to stop it.

In Gotham City, Bruce has called both Clark and Diana to one of his finest restaurants to spend time together without costume and find a human connection. Their hangout is interrupted by a Justice League distress call that needed their immediate attention.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth rob williams
Trinity – Dark Destiny | Comics

Before this unfortunate mishap, Jason sent them an imagery of an ancient painting of three of them being slayed by demons. The Trinity of superheroes arrives in time to fight off a demonic horde running rampant on Greece. Even the might of a goddess and a Kryptonian proves futile to fend them off, leading Batman to find an alternative.

He locates Blood and convinces him to take his demon back even at the costs of their lives but seeing her long-time enemy being taken away, Circe intervened and powered the spell with her dark magic before departing with Ra's al Ghul and Pandora Pits.

Weeks later, these two visits Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica to meet a Dark Trinity of Outlaws with a plan. Though they rejected to join them, Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood are soon overwhelmed when a group of Ani-Men and League of Assassins distracts them so Ra's can draw blood from them into those pits to suck them in.

Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna are called by Batman to seek their help with supernatural affairs now that Red Hood is possessed by a demon. Superman and Wonder Woman stand there barely holding him but both Deadman and Zatanna ended up being consumed within him, leaving Constantine behind.

Though John followed them to bring back and eventually met with the true conspirators but he sees through Circe and he is stabbed by Ra's. In a bid to save his life, Constantine suggests her to release Deadman and send him after Man of Steel.

She does so when Trinity was busy protecting Gotham from a demonic invasion led by Red Hood and the Outlaws. It worked as Superman has turned into a monstrosity that starts giving Diana a hard time teamed up with a possessed Bizarro, leaving The Dark Knight behind to somehow save everyone by solving a magical mystery.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth john constantine exorcist
Mystical Super Exorcist

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02. Trinity V2 12

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05. Trinity V2 15

06. Trinity V2 16

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Trinity – Dark Destiny

Following up to previous events from "Dead Space" arc, iconic Trinity of DC Comics superheroes returns in 2018 along with a wide range of popular characters as part of the narrative with their third storyline "Dark Destiny" from brand-new second run of Trinity monthly ongoing series that collects issues #12-16 and Annual #1.

Comic-book writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad – Going Sane, Suicide Squad – The Black Vault) was hired to work with artists Kenneth Marion (Green Lanterns – Ghosts of the Past, Titans – A Judas Among Us) for interior illustration and Guillem March (Catwoman – The Game, Gotham City Sirens – Union) to fill in as guest penciler for two issues.

trinity dark destiny dc comics rebirth phiip tan
Pit of Despair

Also brought in to deliver cover arts are Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero), David Finch (Wonder Woman – Resurrection, Wonder Woman – War-Torn), Philip Tan (Uncanny X-Men – The Draco, Uncanny X-Men – Holy War) and Tony Daniel (Deathstroke – God Killer, Deathstroke – Gods of War) for issues involved.

Artists Ben Oliver (Ultimate X-Men – Cable, Ultimate X-Men – Sentinels), Bill Sienkiewicz (Daredevil – End of Days, Elektra – Assassin) and Jason Fabok (Justice League – Darkseid War, Justice League – Injustice League) did variants covers for five issues.

Aside from regular appearance of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, characters like Artemis, Bizarro and Red Hood of the Outlaws showed up to cause trouble. Deadman, John Constantine and Zatanna were then recruited to help them. Even Suicide Squad member Deadshot was featured on a story of his personal vendetta.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trinity War | Comics

In the prehistoric era of 8,000 B.C.E., Pandora found a golden skull in the woods, that would unleash the Seven Deadly Sins onto the world and as punishment, she was granted an eternal life. In modern age, she approaches Superman with the box in hopes to open it and relieve her of the curse, considering him to be purest of heart. Surprisingly, the box almost immediately tries to corrupt Superman and Pandora then quickly vanishes with the box.

Batman informs Clark that Shazam is entering the restricted borders of Kahndaq and they need to stop him before it's too late. When their confrontation turns into a fight between Superman and Shazam, Steve Trevor's Justice League of America arrives to the scene to escort Justice League out of Kahndaq. Both teams get into a fight and in a sudden moment of confusion, Superman lost his control and kills Doctor Light after he accidentally blasts off Wonder Woman upon losing control over his powers for unknown reasons.

justice league new 52 trinity war
Justice League – Trinity War | Comics

This shocking development left everyone in awe and the Man of Steel then knocks off everyone around him. Superman then begs to be kept locked up and Col. Steve Trevor's team complies by taking him to A.R.G.U.S. While Cyborg and Martian Manhunter was analyzing Superman's autopsy to prove him clean, Batman pays him a visit. To uncover the secrets of Pandora's Box, Diana eventually approaches the smith-god Hephaestus and then finally recruits help from Justice League Dark, who was looking for their missing teammate Madame Xanadu.

When the mystery gets even more complicated, Phantom Stranger and The Question enter the scene to reveal the identity of the culprit responsible for all these chaos. Regarding the theory of what really made Superman gone berserk and Trevor's previous encounter with Pandora's Box finally made Batman lead a team of remaining heroes at his employ to stop Wonder Woman and it gets really intense inside the House of Mystery.

Constantine and Shazam go their own separate way out of the brawl of heroes to solve this mess by themselves. The Question busts out Superman off the A.R.G.U.S. facility to go after the evil telepath known as Doctor Psycho. While all of them were fighting each other, seemingly it was all planned out by The Outsider, who also kept Madame Xanadu captive and rallied the Secret Society of Super-Villains for his own nefarious end.

For more information on Trinity War crossover event, you can check out these links below.

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justice league war
War of The Justice Leagues

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00. The New 52 - FCBD Special Edition

01. Trinity of Sin - Pandora 01

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05. Constantine 05

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10. Justice League Dark 23

11. Justice League V2 23

Here is your links to buy "Trinity War" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Justice League – Trinity War (Softcover)

Justice League – Trinity War (Hardcover)

In 2013, DC Comics assembled the elite comic-book writer/artist team of Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer), Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth), Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War), Jeff Lemire (Beowulf, Essex County) and Mikel Janín (Batman – I Am Suicide, Superman – The Final Days of Superman) for plotting out the "Trinity War" crossover event, which has been building up from story arcs like "The Villain's Journey" and "The Grid".

justice league of america
Hunt for Pandora's Box

Since the "Flashpoint" changed the entire DC Universe like never before, the world's greatest heroes found themselves in Prime Earth. When the Justice League prevented an invasion of Apokolips and battled Darkseid (Justice League – Origin), the barriers of dimensions are weakened and using that lead, the story progresses towards a very interesting turn. This very arc will lead path for another big-one titled "Forever Evil" up next, which will sow seeds for one of the biggest event from the monthly Justice League series of The New 52 titled "Darkseid War".
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two | Comics

It was the time when Hal Jordan has saved the universe from the "Blackest Night" and went to have a drink with Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. Those were the good times when they were friends and had fun. Today, the world has divided among the two fractions of superheroes have gathered to pay their final respects to Green Arrow, who died at the hands of an enraged Superman previously.

injustice gods among us year 2 dc comics
Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two | Comics
Black Canary shuts down Hal as he still stands with The Regime. When Superman came to talk to her, she unleashed her "Canary Cry" on him, thus making his ears bleed and then reveals that she is pregnant. He then visits Commissioner Gordon looking for Batman with no success. Bruce wakes up on the Tower of Fate, to find out Alfred and Zatanna has moved him here.

Kyle Rayner was heading back to Earth after a long time but he was opposed by the Sinestro Corps and its leader, who takes his ring off and kills him. On Oa, Guardians of the Universe notices the massive shift of power on Earth. So, they appoint Guy Gardner to look into it and find Kyle, who has gone missing. Wonder Woman has been down from her last battle and Superman is beside her.

He sends The Flash and Green Lantern to convince the Congress from shutting down the U. S. Government. Meanwhile, Sinestro arrives to the Watchtower and Superman slams him to the moon. He informs Kal-El that the Green Lantern Corps are coming for him. Ganthet confronting Superman ended with a heated argument and the Guardians led the entire Corps to take down Superman.

green lantern hal jordan vs guy gardner
Crashing to Earth

For more information on Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two limited series, you can check out the link below.

Injustice – Gods Among Us (Comics) Injustice Wikia

Here is your links to buy "Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two Vol 01 (Softcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two Vol 01 (Hardcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two Vol 02 (Softcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two – The Complete Collection

The Man of Steel's tyrannical rule continues as DC Comics has brought back Injustice comic-book with "Year Two" in 2014, based on the massively popular fighting game "Injustice – Gods Among Us" of 2013.

The plotline is devised by writer Tom Taylor (Star Wars – Blood Ties, Star Wars – Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir), who is aided by artist Mike S. Miller and Bruno Redondo. Penciller Jheremy Raapack (Batman – Arkham Unhinged, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Origins of Eternia) provides cover for the issues.

injustice gods among us superman comic
Rise of A Tyrant

This entire story revolves around the Guardians of the Universe being involved with stopping Superman's dictatorship at all cost and it showcases some major causality, mostly on the part of heroes. Batman has been mostly absent from the fight and a different side of Harley Quinn is explored. The alternate reality storyline of Injustice will go on with "Year Three" up next.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DC – The New Frontier | Comics

dc new frontier
DC – The New Frontier | Comics
Johnny Cloud, William Storm, "Sarge" Gunderson, Gunner MacKay and Pooch belonged to a team called The Losers during World War II in 1945, staying in the Dinosaur Island to administer Operation Four Horsemen on behalf of Colonel Richard Flagg. Unfortunately, all of them died battling the prehistoric creatures of the isle. After the government has banned all the vigilante heroism, in Gotham City, Hourman dies by falling from a rooftop during a chase. These hostile reactions from the government caused the Justice Society of America to disband immediately and banish forever. Though Superman and Wonder Woman cooperated with law, the Man of Steel was greatly unsuccessful in apprehending Gotham's urban legend Batman.

Test pilot Hal Jordan is forced to kill a Korean soldier inn battlefield throughout The Korean War in 1953 where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen rushed to his rescue before Green Lantern Abin Sur passes his ring to him. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter is teleported to Earth by Dr. Saul Erdel who dies almost immediately. However, J'onn adopts Dr. Erdel's appearance as disguise and soon joins Gotham City Police Department as a detective who discovers a death cult worshiping "The Centre" while Barry Allen fights Captain Cold as The Flash. Richard Flagg formed Task Force X and he eventually discovered the Martian. An ancient being is watching the evolution progress of the humans and decides that it is time for the "vermins" to perish as they are a threat to themselves.

For more information on DC – The New Frontier limited series  you can check out these links below.

DC – The New Frontier (Comics) Wikipedia

DC – The New Frontier (Comics) DC Wikia
darwyn cooke dc
Golden Age Frontier
Here is your links for "DC – The New Frontier" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

DC – The New Frontier 01

DC – The New Frontier 02

DC – The New Frontier 03

DC – The New Frontier 04

DC – The New Frontier 05

DC – The New Frontier 06

Here is your links for "DC – The New Frontier" limited series from DC Comics.

DC – The New Frontier Vol 01
darwyn cooke superman
Heroes of All Ages

DC – The New Frontier Vol 02

DC – The New Frontier (Softcover)

DC – The New Frontier (Hardcover)

Absolute DC – The New Frontier

Published by DC Comics in 2004 as a six part limited series, DC – The New Frontier is solely created by writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman – Selina's Big Score, The Spirit) featuring many popular Golden and Silver Age characters. Even though this monthly limited series had no specific continuity in the regular DC Universe, it still received massive popularity and positive reception among the fans and critics, leading it to be adopted in an animation feature in 2008 titled, Justice League – The New Frontier. The series itself won the Eisner Award and Harvey Award upon release, also creator Cooke got recognition for his work in the series as Best Artist and Best Colorist.
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