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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Walking Dead – Rest In Peace | Comics

Though Rick Grimes thought Commonwealth to be a sanctuary for humanity, it could also bring doom to every living survivor.

Defending their home during "The Whisperer War" and then surviving "A Certain Doom", entire community of Alexandria gets busy rebuilding. Eugene Porter makes a discovery of another survivors' group and Rick Grimes sends a scout team. They are welcomed in Commonwealth and Michonne finds her long-lost daughter Elodie there.

Governor Pamela Milton of Commonwealth meets with Rick to visit their home, Hilltop, Kingdom and Sanctuary. There is a class-based social system in Commonwealth that disgusts Dwight and he proposes that they liberate these people of their shackles but Rick refuses and even ended up shooting him to put a stop to his madness.

Governor Milton gathers everyone to address what happened and assures that Rick's group is still welcomed among them as he saved her life. Rick had spat with Michonne for involving Pamela into this, which has led to such mess but she argues that Dwight had always been a loose cannon and he eventually forgives her at last.

Magna sends Siddiq to go and check on Rick right after he stops by at Hilltop community to gather more people to go with him. Aaron, Carl, Dante and Jesus join him in his journey and they came across a herd of walkers. Juanita Sanchez AKA Princess met them on her way back home from Commonwealth and offers her help.

the walking dead rest in peace image comics robert kirkman charlie adlard zombie-apocalypse saga
The Walking Dead – Rest In Peace | Comics

Devastated by the death of her lover, Laura decides to turn things around and approaches Commonwealth Military leader, Mercer to discuss their similar interest in overthrowing Milton. He goes back to his fellow soldiers realizing a growing distaste for current establishment among them but is arrested by Lance Hornsby and his men.

Pamela meets Mercer at jail asking about his sense of loyalty and he showed her the hypocrisy of her ways. Back at Hilltop, Maggie feels worried for not sending enough men to Commonwealth as she doesn't trust Pamela at all. Brianna suggests that she should go there herself if she wants to while she can watch over little Hershel here.

Princess talks about how people are dangerous and Commonwealth reminded her just that but Carl was able to convince her joining them. They got out of hiding before that herd was being redirected to another direction. Meanwhile, Eugene and Stephanie were at an abandoned train yard with no guards, who didn't see those walkers coming.

Laura came visiting Mercer to get him out of his cell and she does so through an explosion with a bit of help from George. Everyone heard that blast going off, even Jesus and his expedition team from outside. Deducing what just happened; Rick heads over to Pamela's office to quickly get her to safety as a revolt starts growing against her.

On their way at back exit, Sebastian sees them and starts demanding to know what is up and laughs it off when Rick tells him what is going on. To which, he angrily reacted to the brat stating how everyone hates them for being jerks. Escaping town, they came across Rick's friends and he instructs Jesus to take Pamela to Greenville.

Even though people are fed up with Milton and her ways, they snap back hard at Mercer and his men when they arrest Lance. Seeing that people don't really trust his ways, he approaches Rick for help and asks him to take lead but he argues that people are not ready yet to accept him as their new leader and they will need time for that.

With much luck, Eugene and Stephanie were successful in escaping from derelict train yard after tricking the surrounding herd of walkers and made it to town, only to see it up in flames. When everyone was busy fighting for control and overthrowing tyrants, a massive swarm of undead army has found their way to Commonwealth.

For more information on The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core (Comics) Wikia

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The Walking Dead – Rest In Peace

In a shocking turn of events, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) finished up his zombie-apocalypse saga of The Walking Dead in "Rest In Peace" storyline with artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) on board. Instead of regular six issue format, this one is concluded in last seven issues of Image Comics monthly series.

It may seem quite shocking for readers for TWD ongoing series to end like this all of a sudden but Kirkman already foreshadowed his endgame at an early stage of the story. Commonwealth is a state of civilization that is almost close to what humanity had before being devastated by zombie-apocalypse and is a great point to make a stop at.

Many that have lived up till end were present and there were some hints of what happened to others who were not present in sight. Major characters like Carl Grimes, Maggie, Michonne and Sophia has quite lived up to their true potential. However, things didn't end up as nicely for someone who actually deserved a lot better ending.

As expected, Kirkman never dropped a clue of how this outbreak started at the first place and neither did he disclose his origin for what virus has caused this. May be in future, he decides to do a side-story or a spin-off series like Fear The Walking Dead show based on same universe, where he explores that particular topic in more details.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

Rick Grimes meets Pamela Milton, governor of Commonwealth group and they take tours at each others' community.

After battling "The Whisperer War" and narrowly avoiding "A Certain Doom", Rick Grimes deems it necessary to rebuild their community. Meanwhile, Eugene Porter has been trying to reach out other survivors' community for some time with an old a CB radio that he fixed and eventually found someone named Stephanie.

She is from a group named Commonwealth and after some conversation between two parties; Rick decides to send a small scout team consisting of Eugene, Magna, Michonne, Yumiko and Siddiq. On way, they come across Juanita Sanchez, who prefers to be called Princess and tagged along till they reach the meeting location in Ohio.

A representative named Lance Hornsby welcomes them to a community of fifthly thousand members and Michonne finds her long-lost daughter Elodie there. She is greeted by governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton hearing she was a lawyer before. She even decides to stay back when everyone else going back to Alexandria with Pamela.

Rick was informed of their arrival a bit ahead by Eugene and following formal greetings, he shows her around. During their tour, Dwight spots a herd of roamers nearby and they all try to drive them away. Though Pamela and her men were told to stay put by her personal bodyguard Mercer, she ordered her people to move ahead.

Trying to look back at why the herd was breaking off midway, Princess got overrunned by walkers and Mercer quickly rushed to her aid. More members of their army joins in wearing armor before Alexandria militia group came to rescue. Both Princess and Mercer came out unscathed and she kissed him in a heat of the moment.

the walking dead volume 31 rotten core comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

They all go to Sanctuary where John is overseeing everything and welcomes them to show around. Next day, Rick takes the party to Kingdom before heading over to Hilltop community. Mercer talks to him about how they run things and learn how no one among their group has to stick to their jobs they held before apocalypse.

Back in Commonwealth, Michonne takes a tour to Greenville with her daughter Elodie and encounters a few walkers. On way back home, they see an officer getting attacked and rushed to the scene for aid. A community member named Anthony Keith attacked him for having an affair with his wife but was met with brutality.

Lance came visiting her to defend the accused officers and she finally realizes what she has gotten into. Next day, she learns that Anthony has died and a furious crowd goes on a protest that escalates quickly when it broke into her apartment. Rick and Pamela happen to enter Commonwealth in shock seeing chaos running amok.

Michonne got hurt by rioters but a timely arrival of Mercer has immediately put an end to this anarchy. Later on a hearing, she explains the whole debacle as a misunderstanding and later admits to Rick that she has sold her soul for this place.

Pamela gets on streets seeing Rick helping people cleaning up and when her son Sebastian was asked to help as well, he rejects to do so. Dwight notices a clear divide among people there as they were busy cleaning streets and some were eating on a restaurant above, which disgusts him and Laura suggests that they clean up Commonwealth.

He shows up Rick's apartment later to suggest a coup to liberate these people who he thinks are oppressed but his proposal got denied simply because it could led to a war and possibly death to many innocents. Dwight tests his theory by antagonizing patrol guards and ended up being arrested for trying to cause trouble in public.

When Rick goes to see him in jail, he is chastised for trying to stir a pot that in a way that was very dangerous for everyone. On his way getting out, he saw Mercer standing right outside who tells him that he is the leader Commonwealth needs.

For more information on The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core (Comics) Wikia

Riot at Commonwealth

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The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core

Following a devastating battle against The Whisperers, new possibilities for Alexandria survivors' community opened up and "The Rotten Core" has picked up from where "New World Order" concluded within The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, collecting issues #181-186 from the volume.

Also, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) has returned to narrate another new journey of Rick Grimes and his friends from Alexandria Safe-Zone in a post-apocalyptic world that is now focused on Commonwealth governor Pamela Milton and her way of running things.

Standing Strong Together

She effectively started running a police state when people got furious over a civilian death that involved a member of Commonwealth army. Dwight is pissed on a system that takes advantage of others and does not treat them equally but Rick is not on board with his proposal of taking charge by force even though he sees what is wrong.

Eugene and Stephanie eventually hooked up during his inspection of an old locomotive. Mercer and Princess had hit it off as well after he rescued her from a walker herd. Rick desperately tries to find a middle ground to settle things but is torn apart by decisions. What their actions will lead to will soon be explored in upcoming story "Rest In Peace".
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Walking Dead – New World Order | Comics

To rebuild their communities once again, Rick Grimes sends his friends to meet a new group of Commonwealth.

Even before everyone was dragged into fighting "The Whisperer War", Eugene Porter has found and made contact with another community while tinkering with a broken radio. He started talking with a woman named Stephanie and they exchanged about each other without revealing any vital information about their groups.

Rick Grimes eventually learns about this via Siddiq at one point and insists on talking to other party in hopes to seek help from them. He agreed to send a scout team to meet them on their turf at Ohio after initial discussion and when they finally arrived there at night, a small militia group, head to toe covered in armor surrounded them.

They are escorted to a nearby location where a representative named Lance Hornsby greeted them but Eugene demands to meet Stephanie first. Lance tried to intimidate their group by having his men pointing guns but none seem to work. Michonne suggests that they be done with asking questions fast so that everyone can move on.

Wrapping up initial interview, both group heads to see Commonwealth, the place where new survivors came from but came across a horde of walkers on way. It seemed like a small bunch at first but quickly turned out to be a larger swarm. Of course, their forces are well-trained to handle such situation and rest of them proceeds.

the walking dead new world order comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – New World Order | Comics

The group comes upon a stadium, which is part of a fifthly thousand strong community and showing at a billboard nearby, Lance suggests that they take a look at it to see if there is picture of someone they lost. Eugene notices one photo of Michonne over there, from a girl named Elodie looking for her mom and called her to see it.

Instantly getting teary eyed in emotion, she asks to be taken to the location mention in that photo and it took some effort for Hornsby to convince her that they will eventually get there. Inside Commonwealth gates, Eugene meets Stephanie but it was cut short when Lance tells her to go back to her work or get reassigned to a new one.

Michonne gets to see governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton when she said that she was a lawyer before but does show little to no interest in joining them. Sensing something is bothering her, Pamela asks what is wrong and learns about her missing daughter, only to rush to the mentioned location and had a mother/daughter reunion.

At Hilltop, Maggie and Dante starts coming close to each other but Sophia completely disapproves her being with him, calling her out for not ever loving Glenn. Despite her disapproval, Maggie assures Sophia that she loved her late husband and what she is doing right now could be a fling to feel happy after so long.

Outside Commonwealth border, a young man named Sebastian was trying to court a girl not noticing a couple of walkers came close. An axe hit them out of nowhere, causing Sebastian to throw a fit when his date angrily leaves. His guard Mercer came leaving a trail of a dozen of roamers behind that he dispatched to save him.

Going back, he was talking to a fellow officer about how they hate everyone in power as if they were willing to overthrow governor Milton before Siddiq walks in. Though he tried to brush it off as he heard nothing, Mercer explains to him about how they are simply blowing some steam off after having a rough day of babysitting Sebastian.

Alexandria group slowly realizes that besides everything nice this place has to offer, there is some secret hidden from outsiders and discovers a class system among citizens that upsets Magna. Pamela is very keen to visit their community and meet their leader Rick Grimes and soon, everyone else leaves with her except Michonne.

For more information on The Walking Dead – New World Order storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead - New World Order (Comics) Wikia

governor pamela milton commonwealth the walking dead new world order image comics robert kirkman twd
Governor of Commonwealth

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The Walking Dead – New World Order

Monthly ongoing The Walking Dead series from Image Comics takes a major shift of pace with its latest storyline "New World Order", where Rick Grimes sends a group of his friends from Alexandria survivors community to meet a new one that goes by the name Commonwealth and is ran by a female governor named Pamela Milton.

A major change in status quo is introduced by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). "New World Order" collects issues #175-180 from monthly TWD comic-book series and kick-starts a new era in post-apocalyptic world that head towards a conclusion.

rick grimes alexandria commonwealth the walking dead new world order image comics robert kirkman twd
A Whole New World

Though people are not largely threatened by walkers for most part, lead characters slowly start discovering many monstrous sides of human nature during their stay at Commonwealth. Most people living down there are fine with how things are run by authority but deep down inside, a grievance boils hot towards position of power.

Also, a meeting between governor Milton Rick Grimes gives spark to new level of tension because of their differing viewpoints on how society should run now. More interactions between these two leaders will lead to more trouble in horizon on upcoming storyline "The Rotten Core" as things escalate back in Commonwealth.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Alexandria is thrown into turmoil as Rick, Dwight, Eugene and Negan have all lost too much in recent event of wars.

While sitting near Andrea's grave, Lydia approaches to a mourning Carl who tells her how he had to kill Ben after he become a psychopath and killed his own brother Billy (Fear The Hunters). In spite of learning that from him later, Andrea still loved him and he came to accept her as her mother by start calling her mom.

Walking through burial ground, Rick Grimes came across Maggie Greene and knowing what she wants to talk about, invites her in. She angrily asks him why Negan is free from his cell and after trying to compare how they both acted a lot alike by killing many, Rick states he cannot kill him but he won't be allowed within their walls either.

Eugene Porter has been working on something from even before when people of Alexandria and The Whisperers went to war with each other. When Alpha came visiting their community, he picked a CB radio when shopping and became busy with it after losing Rosita but surprisingly, he received a response from a stranger.

They talked, laid down some ground rules to establish trust among both parties and eventually the radio survivor revealed her name to be Stephanie. They came to share where they are from at one point before Eugene got involved in "The Whisperer War" to produce bullets for Dwight and his militia to help them fight an upcoming war.

the walking dead lines we cross comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Then waves of walkers broke into Alexandria, survivors took shelter in houses nearby and Siddiq got into his house along with Annie, seeing his equipments on table. Eugene tries to contact Stephanie to inform their state after they throttled an imminent danger of The Whisperers but Rick showed up at his doorstep to talk.

He obviously learned about the radio from Siddiq and knowing what has been going around, wants to talk with her now. Eugene vouched for him to his friend over radio and she agrees to talk to him even though reluctant. Rick suggests to her about building a route over to her community as they need help rebuilding a lot here.

He then plans to send a small scout team with Eugene but Dwight not only denies helping him out on this, he suggests running Alexandria instead of Rick. Michonne comes to volunteer for trip to Ohio and he suggests her presence is required elsewhere, maybe in Kingdom but she insists on going with Magna, Yumiko and Siddiq.

Seeing Hilltop residents packing their stuffs up, Carl wishes to go with them and Maggie asks him what if his father needs him here. He meets Rick to bid him goodbye and they hug before departing. Dwight keeps an eye on Negan as he picks up supplies before leaving Alexandria and Maggie asks Dante to have an eye on him.

On road, Michonne and her team were attacked by a small pack of walkers at night, which forced them to move camp and head to Pennsylvania. Rendered a ghost town, they settled for the night and Siddiq confesses to Eugene about something he was not prepared for at all but they both decided to keep it to themselves.

Next day, they come across a survivor named Juanita Sanchez, who wishes to be called Princess and wants to tag along with them. To start off a new life together, Aaron and Jesus decide to move to Hilltop colony but little did they know that Beta of The Whisperers quietly came to take his revenge on them with a pack of zombies.

the walking dead lines we cross image comics robert kirkman twd rick grimes dwight
Dwight Steps Up

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The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross

After Rick Grimes and his community of survivors in Alexandria has survived "The Whisperer War" and "A Certain Doom", creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) wraps up loose ends to start a new story arc for Image Comics monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead.

Collecting issues #169-174 from TWD comic-book series, current storyline titled "Lines We Cross" permanently closed off The Whisperers chapter. With that, a new chapter full of unknown events is just opening up. Michonne and a few others go on a lookout for another survivor community that Eugene has discovered earlier.

the walking dead lines we cross image comics robert kirkman twd negan
A Solitary Life

Even Maggie Greene had her closure regarding Negan after a confrontation that was long overdue. Things between Rick and Dwight start falling off slowly to a bitter end, where the latter sees both the former and Negan are alike. However, Laura tries to be a voice of reason for his recently changed viewpoints toward Grimes.

Introducing newest character Princess before meeting a new group of people will likely to cause some interesting turn of events and new people will be bringing up new troubles. Next storyline, "New World Order" is set to change some status quo for all parties and survivors may face something sinister than the threat of roaming walkers.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

The Whisperers have lost in battle but unleashed a sea of dead bring about a certain doom for all that is living.

After a failed attempt of ruining Alexandria and Hilltop in retaliation for the death of their leader, The Whisperers have managed to regroup for launching a full-scale attack on them. Though they are defeated, a furious Beta refuses to rest until Rick Grimes and his community members perished by a wave of undead march.

Eugene came back home with a huge supply of ammo for an impending conflict but soon collapses due to over exhaustion. Dwight and his group returned shortly afterwards bearing news of their victory but when he shared to Rick that they fought hundreds of Walkers, he freaked out because Alpha showed him thousands of them.

Just like a roaring ocean, a massive herd of countless undeads is led to Alexandria by Beta and his followers. Seeing an army of walking corpses marching towards them, Dwight rushes to lure them away like Eugene and his crew used to do. Andrea tagged along in driving parts of the herd from street and many falls into the trench they dug.

On road, Michonne decides to take down a few of them on foot to keep them following and then switches with Jesus. People in Alexandria takes a stand with weapons as Walkers passed the trench by running over their own. Negan was standing there without a firearm and he picks a knife to kill a few trying to push through their fence.

the walking dead a certain doom comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

Paula, Siddiq and other have joined him but then roamers eventually knocked it down and everyone ran. Amidst this chaos, Paula is grabbed by them and Rick fell down but just as he was about to get swarmed, Negan came back to drive him to safety. Just from afar, John and Tara of the Saviors watch over how they are holding up.

Carl, Lydia, Maggie and a few other Hilltop residents came to see that Alexandria has already been overrun. Michonne and Jesus join them shortly after a quick roundup to go together again for luring more zombies and dumping them into ocean. Annie and Siddiq bursts into Eugene's house to hide but discover his radio equipment lying there.

Inside their walls, Negan and Rick find an empty house to take shelter in from a rampant herd. Andrea came just in time to lead them away with a horn and they slowly start to thin out. When Rick wants to go out, Negan tells him to stay inside and cover for him by the door while he doo some stabbing as he might need some help.

When he is surrounded, Rick starts shooting to clear a path for him and then they try it on a different door. Soon, other survivors join them in taking out whatever roamers left and cleaning up this mess. So far, the idea of leading the herd to ocean was working great but Andrea and Eugene notice a part of them are still wandering around.

He decides to run those Walkers away on his own but fell off from horse when surrounded, leading Andrea to come back. Magna and Yumiko kept shooting to clear a small path but remained skeptical whether or not they would make it.

Knowing their defense would be weak, Carl and Lydia comes helping with a handful of survivors to help out getting rid of some zombies. Sherry leads a few Saviors to overwhelm a weary Dwight and his group to clean up whatever is left. Tensions are high on both sides and their leaders have come to an inevitable confrontation.

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The Walking Dead 168

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The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom

Post-apocalyptic survival saga of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book from Image Comics has seen its biggest Zombie crisis yet in "A Certain Doom" storyline of 2017 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), collecting issues #163-168 from the series.

Rick and his friends are probably facing something even bigger than "All Out War" but it was a fight against the living back then. Of course, The Whisperers have helped escalating the whole situation when their attempt of destroying Alexandria and Hilltop failed miserably but a massive army of dead itself is a threat enough on its own.

Rick even allowed his former arch-enemy Negan to fight alongside Dwight and his militia, who has proved his worth out there. He saved Rick when their walls are compromised by a swarm of Walkers and helped him to find safe shelter. Also, he handled a tensed situation when they were outgunned by remaining Saviors led by Sherry.

Dead will perish and opposing rebellions will fall eventually with a heavy cost of lives from each sides. When all are going to be settled for good, a major character will bite the dust and nothing will ever be same for remaining survivors. TWD will take a major shift from this point and head to a new direction in upcoming "Lines We Cross" storyline.
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Rick Grimes have assembled survivors for an oncoming Whisperer War that could be their ultimate doom!

For long, Rick and his allies were living in peace and harmony in a post-apocalyptic world that was taken over by Walkers long ago. In between they dealt with cannibals, marauders and groups of Saviors but they always managed to come out on top but The Whisperers seems like a whole new level of endgame for these survivors.

Just from crossing territory, their leader Alpha slaughtered a dozens of friends and loved ones to put their head on stick, thus marking their border and sent a message. Thinking Rick Grimes is responsible for his parents' death; one grieving brat decides to free a prisoner named Negan who has been an enemy with Rick to take revenge.

Negan however sieges this opportunity not to exact vengeance but to earn trust and so he goes out his way to infiltrate among The Whisperers and even managed to kill Alpha. Dwight, Heath Laura and Magna spots him a week later after his escape, the former wanted to instantly shoot him on sight but ultimately took him to Rick instead.

Despite seeing Alpha's head on the table, Rick and Andrea are still unwilling to trust him but agreed to give him an isolated outpost to live rather than throwing him in prison once again. If anything from his end seems suspicious, he will be killed.

the walking dead whisperer war comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Beta finds a lifeless corpse of Alpha and he angrily informs other group members that there would never be another Alpha again and decides to launch an all-out attack on survivor communities. From Hilltop, Maggie sends over a large number of her people for war but Carl and Lydia are advised to stay there by Michonne just in case.

Dwight and his army take position while sending Gabriel to a nearby water tower to keep watch on way. Seeing a massive herd approaching, he panics and busts up his leg trying to climb down from there. In his pleading cry for help, Beta comes to him and slits his gut open, allowing Walkers to feed on him as The Whisperers march forward.

Laura comes rushing to report a movement and they prepare to open fire when a herd is closer. When they start shooting, roamers starts falling but hiding among them were Whisperers that caught them off guard and stabbed many. Magna and her team came just in time pouring more fire and more help arrives from Kingdom as well.

Beta manages to reach to Dwight by staying behind a wall of Walkers and almost gets the drop on him through sneaking only for Negan to intervene to settle their hatred for each other. He finally gets his hands on Lucille during an intense fight but it led to an unfortunate end for him but they all managed to clear out with teamwork.

Beta is taken away from battle and rest of their group is scattered and being hunted down by Alexandria militia. Dwight shoots a Whisperer with an arrow on his head and removes his skin mask to put on his own face. They managed a couple more for everyone and successfully infiltrated a herd to decimate from inside.

That night, The Whisperers attack Hilltop with flaming arrows and Carl wakes his people up warning about a spreading fire. Lydia takes a stand at frontline to fight her former group and shoots many as Carl goes to help others. Meanwhile, Sherry plans to round up her remaining followers in Saviors in opposition to Rick and his community.

the walking dead whisperer war image comics robert kirkman twd dwight
Forces Are Aligning

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The Walking Dead 162

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The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War

Escalating threat for survival to next-level during a zombie-apocalypse, Image Comics monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead returns with "The Whisperer War" storyline, collecting issues #157-162 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files).

Survivors from Alexandria Safe-Zone and Hilltop face a savage enemy group unlike any other who call themselves The Whisperers. Wearing Walker skins to freely roam among them, these barbarians have already killed a couple of them and then used their heads to mark their own border with a warning not to cross it ever again.

the walking dead whisperer war image comics robert kirkman twd andrea beta
War Rages On

Not wanting to ruin everything they have built in a rushed decision, Rick Grimes struggles with leadership and Negan decides to step up. However, when he infiltrated their enemy only to decapitate their leader (Call To Arms) and her second-in-command Beta decided to lead a horde of roamers to those communities in retaliation.

A heavy action-packed journey is ahead of everyone who survived up to this point and an aftermath that follows will be even more devastating than anything they experienced till now. Just like the conflict of "All Out War", events of "The Whisperers War" is divided into two story arcs and will be concluded in "A Certain Doom" up next.
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